Battle Of Lindenwell

The Battle of Lindenwell was a major conflict in the Auror War, taking place at Lindenwell School of the Supernatural. The Ministry victory at Lindenwell, coupled with the victory at Rosecross, effectively ended the Kalite presence in North America. Unlike many of the battles that preceded it, Lindenwell was not the location of an attempted coup, but the location of a pitched aerial battle.

On April 29th, 2064, a Ministry force led by Mazzy Lavine and Rebekah Addison arrived at Lindenwell. With the conflict at Rosecross Academy of Invocation showing no signs of a quick resolution, Lavine was instructed to take a position at Lindenwell to intercept any Kalite reinforcements that might have moved from the north. This proved to be a prescient move on the part of the Ministry leadership, as at 7:44 PM, several dozen wizards mounted on Suisei brooms were spotted overhead.

Lavine, Addison, and their retinue moved to intercept, and what followed was a pitched aerial battle that lasted several hours. Though the death toll was comparatively light when matched with the fighting to the south, there were some thirty-one dead from the battle. The Kalite reinforcements eventually withdrew, with Lavine's retinue holding out long enough for a resolution at Rosecross.

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