Battle Of Kurotori

The Battle of Kurotori was a major conflict in the Auror War, fought at Kurotori School of Sorcery between a Kalite cell led by Headmaster Junichiro Matsukawa and a Kijushou relief effort led by Haruhi Kojima.

The battle officially began the morning of February 7, 2064, when Matsukawa's agents detained the Kurotori professors known to be loyal to the Ministry cause. Kojima arrived approximately one hour later, along with her usual student entourage - Mazzy Lavine, Rebekah Addison, Ty Collins, Jade Black, Kyose Irokawa, Bridget Kinney, and Asami Ikko.

Driven by the knowledge that Matsukawa had a coup planned, Kojima had intended to preempt his efforts, but arrived late. The mission became a rescue, but things quickly spiraled out of control, as Matsukawa's agents put up stiff resistance against Kojima and her allies. With the school a battleground, Kurotori students quickly took sides - and a substantial majority of them fell on the Kalite side of the line. Overmatched and badly outnumbered, Kojima and her allies were forced to withdraw.

Most of the casualties of the battle were Kurotori students, though after the failed rescue effort, every professor suspected of Kijushou loyalty was put to death, as well as several upperclassmen.

Kurotori's fall to the Kalites prefaced a similar overturn at Kijushou, leaving most of both Britain and Japan under Kalite control.

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