Battle Of Kordenjamr

The Battle of Kordenjamr was a major conflict in the Auror War, taking place in the wizarding village of Kordenjamr in Svalbard. Hostilities began on July 24th, 2064, and did not conclude until August 17th, 2064. Kordenjamr has the dubious distinction of being both the longest battle in the Auror War, and the one with the highest death toll, with over 1,200 belligerents perishing on both sides.

Following more than two months of relative quiet in the aftermath of the Kalite defeats in North America, many believed the war was coming to an end, and that it was just a matter of formalizing surrender terms from the Kalites. Ministry officials were emboldened by recent victories, and failed to see the signs of a Kalite resurgence until it was too late.

The Ministry of Magic for Scandinavia had kept a vault in Kordenjamr for nearly two centuries, buried underneath the village in a labyrinthine maze of icy passages guarded by devious traps and magical creatures - known as the Eddaset, this vault was used by the Ministry to store valuable objects and valuable secrets.

The Eddaset was the principle target on the morning of July 24th, when more than three hundred Kalites stormed the village of Kordenjamr, seizing control of every major public institution and ransacking the vault. The workers at the Eddaset quickly barricaded themselves inside the deeper recesses of the maze and contacted the Ministry for help, setting the stage for a long and bitter struggle.

Four Ministry attempts to break the siege by reclaiming the town of Kordenjamr failed. Lief Ragnarsson, head of the Scandinavian Ministry Auror Department, personally led a fifth, which found temporary success before Kalite reinforcements arrived. Ragnarsson was pinned down in the fighting between two superior enemy forces, and though he managed to escape, his entire detachment was killed.

On the evening of August 4th, the Kalites broke the defenses at the Eddaset, and stormed the deeper recesses of the maze. The fighting was stiff, and went on for six days - though not all of the defenders were accounted for in the aftermath, it is generally maintained that they all died in action.

On August 9th, near the end of the fighting in the Eddaset, Jade Black arrived with further Ministry reinforcements. Light fighting over the next week was largely inconclusive, and on August 17th, the Kalites withdrew completely from Kordenjamr, along with everything that had been stored in the Eddaset, including several notable artifacts.

The Battle of Kordenjamr is most remembered for the excruciatingly slow Ministry response time, the ineffective intervention by Ragnarsson, and the repeated failures in Ministry lines of communication. In the aftermath, free newspapers throughout the wizarding world printed stories of the unmitigated disaster, with many editors openly questioning the ability of the Ministries to win the war.

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