Baidao College Of Witchcraft

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The Baidao College of Witchcraft (白刀學院魔術) is a wizarding school located in Chengdu.


The Baido College of Witchcraft is the oldest institute of arcane study in East Asia, and possibly the world, dating back to nearly three thousand years, and located a full hundred kilometers away from Chengdu, high in the mountains. It is a very traditional school, adopting very few of the western schools trademarks. Two of which, added roughly a thousand years after founding, was the acceptance of both females into the schools system, and a near year round education, where the College becomes the full time home of the students, with a month of spring to spend with the families, as well as the New Year celebration week, with leaves given for good reason.
Baido has an old dresscode, which has been altered with the years passing and fashions rising and falling, but remains fairly similar in all aspects. Female students wear either a blue or black underdress with a red and gold dresscoat, or a female pantsuit in same colors. Male students wear pantsuits only in same colors. Silk for spring and summer, canvas, cotton or wool for fall and winter. Students are required to wear uniforms from when the schoolday starts to ends, personalwear is worn any other time.

School Layout

Baidao is an old structure, a stone and wood castle perched in the valley between two mountain peaks, giving ample security from travelers without the additional magical charms, four floors in height, but expansive in spread and with rooms within the mountain itself, a stone wall surrounding the front courtyard to mark the boundries of the building, and two towers on either side of the castle. The ground floor is home to the kitchen and dining hall, teacher offices, and community rooms. The first floor is home to the first floor of the library, as well as the first floor entrance into the living towers, and half of the classrooms. The second floor is home to the rest of the classes, medical ward, the second floor of the library and the second floor entrances to the living towers. The third floor is home to the teacher's personal rooms, and remains off limits to students unless accompanied by a teacher. The mountain rooms include the potions storage and brewing room, due to the constant cool temperature, as well as rooms of worship.

Though the school itself is laid out in a very simple, easily navigable fashion, Baidao is not easy to navigate. To wander aimlessly around the castle can lead to the wanderer to simple traversing the same hallway over and over in limbo, or to rooms where they should not be, as the castle, like all things touched by old magic, seems to have a senile sense of humour. The navigator must have a clear and aware mind to traverse the halls.

The grounds outside the school are forest covered, the most notable tree being fruit trees, peach and plum, planted by the founders. A river is located at the bottom of the valley. Two places in the valley are artificially cleared, the first being the gardens and greenhouses, the other a fairly recent clearing on a nearby plateau, which operates as a recreational Quidditch Pitch. The entire valley is home to magical and non magical creaures, though most of these creatures are either secretive or benevolent, charms are cast on the suurounding mountains to keep malovent spirits out.


Baido does not have the concept of 'Houses' that the more western style schools do, instead, the school seperates only the female and male students into the seperate living towers on each side of the castle. The women live in the Ta Lo Shen, the men in the Ta Shui-Khan. Each tower is five floors, each of the ground floor of which is a communal washroom.

The Community Rooms

The Community Rooms are located on the ground floor of Baido, and used for anything between clubs, study halls, or punishment rooms.


Shuyang is a wizard village in the mountains between Chengdu and Baidao. Though it is some distance from Baidao, it is a favorite resort for students during holidays and monthly visits, as it provides both all the supplies needed for magical academia, and as a personal getaway. All Baidao students are permitted to visit Shuyang, but those under the age of thirteen are required to have an older student or teacher chaperone and remain in a group of seven. Students fourteen and above may wander freely, but those sixteen and above may spend the the night, given they have both the academic standing and permission to due so.

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