Azerbaijan Hopping Death Spider

A nonexistant, and supposedly extinct, magical creature referenced by Chester Flutey in one of his scintillating, unbelievably riveting speeches. Though there is no record of any such species actually ever existing, the mention of it in a speech invariably resulted in several students drafting theories about the beast. Among them:

  • The Azerbaijan Hopping Death Spider is a larger, less intelligent breed of Acromantula.
  • The Hopping Death Spider is so named for its ability to leap over one hundred feet vertically, and snatch unsuspecting witches and wizards out of the air.
  • The venom of the Hopping Death Spider is a hallucinogen so potent it can make Flutey's speeches seem interesting.
  • The Hopping Death Spider is responsible for more wizard deaths than any other magical creature ever known, and when wizards are unavailable, feeds primarily on Hungarian Horntails.
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