Archibald Tolbein

Personal Information

  • Name: Archibald Frederick Tolbein
  • Age: 17
  • Blood: Pure blood
  • Birthdate: July 19th
  • Place of Birth: Liverpool, England
  • Occupation: Student [ 7th year ]

Physical Appearance

Archie is tall and toned; a swimmer’s body. His hair and tattoos are often the most pronounced things about him when they are in view. A little more on the pale side, his complexion is nigh perfect. Medium length hair on the stop of his head, he usually keeps the sides and back shaved or cut low. Around his neck is a pendant; a pendant housing a symbol of unknown origin—unknown to Archibald and unknown to his father; a parting gift from his late mother.

  • Height: 6'
  • Weight: 155 lbs
  • Distinguishing Features: Tattoos and lively style


Archie is a well rounded individual, managing to balance academics, athletics, and a social life. He is convinced it is the hard working people who make an effort to stand out that will be the ones to get fame and change the world. While he tries not to be the follower, he doesn't often stand out to be the leader; functioning group settings seemingly work best for him. Again, he is a hard worker, knows what he wants, and intends to get it, so he is studious, and has a serious side, but is typically down to earth, and easy going. But, depending on the person, he does show a tendency to be ambitious and competitive.

School Information

  • House: Gryffindor
  • Position: Gryffindor Quidditch Team Keeper
  • OWL Scores:
    • Charms: O
    • Transfigurations: O
    • Potions: E
    • Herbology: A
    • Defense Against the Dark Arts: O
    • Divination: A
    • Care of Magical Creatures: A
    • Ancient Runes: E
    • History of Magic: E
    • Muggle Studies: E
  • Classes
    • Charms
    • Transfigurations
    • Potions
    • Defense Against the Dark Arts
    • History of Magic
    • Herbology

Notable Skills

Archie is talented in a few muggle and wizarding sports—namely, soccer, basketball, and quidditch. However, while sports interest him, his love of magic and the magical world has driven him to aspire to achieve fame in the wizarding world, thus, he has solid study habits and skills…when he sets his mind to it. Aside from this, he's not too bad at chess (of both kinds) either. He certainly won't win the award for best game of chess ever played, but he can hold his own.

Magical Information

Archie’s physical prowess and love of the sport Quidditch has made him a vastly capable Keeper. His quidditch skills and broom handling is often flashy, but effective. Archie is also a talented duelist. With aspirations to become an Auror (Curse Breaker tossed aside after a dismal grade in Arithmancy), Archie is very talented in Defense Against the Dark Arts and Charms. He is good with non-verbal casting, and his reflexes and speed are superb, thanks by and large to his athleticism. One final talent that Archie has demonstrated is in occlumency. Through time and training, this ability has become less amateur and is capable of protecting against the average legilimen. However, he still cannot use legilimency (and unbeknownst to everyone but himself and the involved faculty member, his occlumency is being nurtured in his final year at Hogwarts).

  • Patronus: Corporeal. Beagle.


  • Wand: 10 ¾" – Holly and Dragon Heartstring
  • Broom: Cleansweep Bernier
  • Pets: Eurasian Eagle Owl named Mathias
  • Other Belongings: Hearing-Rings; earrings that allow for enhanced hearing of up to 20 yards (activated through name and proximity)

Brief History

Archie's parents, though they loved each other, were forced to split after a stark conflict of interest. Archie’s mother, though she'd have you believe she was more a pioneer in the magical world, was a dark witch – she was considered a bold woman who wanted to continue testing its limits. Her work was frowned upon, albeit insightful, and she was threatened by the Ministry several times with incarceration should she continue with the more ethically questionable experiments. However, she was generally seen as harmless, until she eventually cracked. The power of dark magic eventually corrupted her. Archie’s father, however, was her exact opposite. Opposites apparently attract, for despite Archie’s mother’s misplaced interest, Archie’s father, Byron, loved her. He turned a blind eye to her experimenting until it was too late and he was forced to kill her. She’d planned to use Archie in one of her experiments on bringing back the dead – luckily she was never able to accomplish the initial task of killing Archie before Byron killed her. The situation exploded in the headlines as Byron worked for the Ministry, and the scandal almost cost him his job. However, he was given mercy, largely because of how he had to handle his wife.
These home issues do not spill over into Archie’s academic life. He has worked hard to keep information about himself secret from the rest of the school, and thus far nothing has been leaked; not even his friends know. However, teachers are aware thanks to headlines they paid attention to after the incident, while other students have apparently failed to make any connections with him – and if they have, he has quickly denied them. Archie maintains a close relationship with his father, though he sometimes feels resentment towards him for killing his mother, and obvious resentment towards his mother for trying to kill him. His biggest question has always been “why”.

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