Abigail Treslyn

Abigail Treslyn was a ranking Kalite in New England and the professor of Muggle Studies at Rosecross Academy of Invocation from 2054 to 2064. She is most notable for her failed coup in the Battle of Rosecross, when she unsuccessfully attempted to seize control of the school from Jaina Marquette.

Cut off from her main source of intelligence, Deimos Arbelle, Treslyn decided to go ahead with the plans for revolt. Her second-in-command, Maya Sevella, objected on the grounds they were no longer in contact with their agents in the Wizard's Congress, but Treslyn feared they would lose the opportunity if they waited.

After Sevella's defection, Treslyn realized she could no longer win her battle, and after a short confrontation with Haruhi Kojima, she yielded to the Auror, and ordered the surrender of her followers.

Because of her willing surrender and service as an informant, Treslyn was allowed to go back to teaching after the war, and she continues to teach Muggle Studies to this day, currently at Red Bells Academy of Enchantment.


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