12/3/2010 Log

15:53:04 Izzy-Iwamura || As days at Hogwarts go, this one started out ordinarily enough, with the usual degree of waking up, engaging in light-to-heavy eating, and trudging off to the morning classes. Breakfast passed without any achievement-related setbacks, or speeches concerning achievement by the esteemed headmaster, and everything seemed - at least initially - perfectly, pleasantly boring. As everyone knows, boring makes for a bad story, so as it happened, midway through the first class of the day (for Izzy, today, that happened to be Transfigurations), something less boring went down. It came with an announcement, thunderous in timbre, from Chester Flutey - rumbling through the halls of Hogwarts. "Attention, students and staff. We have had a minor to moderate situation originating in the infirmary, which may threaten the achievement of today's goals. At this time, I would like to ask the faculty, head children, and prefects…" This certainly didn't sound good. Izzy found himself staring up at the ceiling as >
15:57:26 Izzy-Iwamura < Flutey droned on, going over the possible 'minor to moderate situations' that Flutey could be talking about. The Tattooed Man was still in the infirmary, so far as Izzy knew. Though he had been unconscious as recently as last night, that could have changed. Or… "…to please escort your classes back to the commons rooms. I would like to stress that this is in no way an emergency, quite unlike the Duel at Downing Street, where the great and terrible sorcerer Garbanzo fought to the death against Keith Richards for the right to destroy the universe. Please remain calm, do not panic, and remain forward-thinking, with your eyes towards achievement. Thank you." As evacuation notices went, that one was probably far from ideal… not that Izzy had yet heard Flutey give a speech that could be called 'ideal'. If he wasn't so bloody loud, it was likely everyone in the school would have toned him out every time he parted his lips. Instead, the morning class promptly turned to chaos. After all, being assured >
15:57:44 Izzy-Iwamura < that this absolutely, one hundred percent was not an emergency naturally made most of the cannier listeners certain that it was.

16:25:58 [Gloriana`Boulstridge] || The morning seemed to be going pleasantly enough, and her plans with Mop were going swimmingly. Glori was fairly certain that asking Archie to assist them on their mission wouldn’t end as poorly as it might with any of the other students. They’d discussed as much at breakfast, an extraordinary sight to see if anyone had thought to pay any attention to them. Gloriana was really that disliked. She’d left Mop with the task of recruiting Archie, since very few students really warmed up to her. It seemed Mop and Colm were the only two students in the school that had approached her without any real agenda. So, she ambled off toward the dungeon for her first class of the day: Potions. Halfway through their lesson, things became decidedly less average as far as classes went. ‘Minor to moderate situation,’ brought Gloriana’s mind racing with ideas. The Hospital Wing meant only one thing: something had happened with the mysterious tattooed man. She wasn’t given much time to muse over <c>
16:26:03 [Gloriana`Boulstridge] possibilities as chaos inevitably followed. The professor and Gloriana joined together in an attempt to calm the ensuing discord, mainly caused by the more cowardly students present which, thankfully, was only a handful. She snapped at the trio of girls that had taken it upon themselves to instigate panic in the dank Potions classroom, “Will you please contain yourselves. Good gracious, you’d think you were a bunch of first years with the way you’re blubbering over there like a bunch of ninnies.” Pushing herself out from the long desk in front of her, Gloriana made toward the exit and removed her wand from within her robes. “Now, if you’ll all calmly and quietly follow me, I’ll direct you toward your common rooms,” she commanded, snidely. There were a few nasty whispers that escaped Gloriana, but that didn’t stop her from casting a glare at their source before exiting the room entirely. The Potions Professor saw to it that the Slytherins found their common room while <c>
16:26:13 [Gloriana`Boulstridge] Gloriana led her class up and made sure the Hufflepuffs were safely in their dormitories. When she approached the Marble Staircase she directed the Gryffindors up toward Gryffindor tower and continued on toward Ravenclaw Tower. It was lucky for her that Ravenclaw Tower was only a little ways from her Common Room, convenient even. She shuffled the last of her classmates off toward Ravenclaw Tower and paused in the second floor corridor, unsure as to whether or not she really wanted to investigate the goings on in the Hospital Wing further. ||

16:38:19 [Mop] Usually, Mop likes to sleep as late as possible as frequently as possible. He has to earn his title of most underachieved in Ravenclaw (and it’s really not difficult, all things considered). Today, he’d barely gone to bed before people started waking up… which drove him into at least LOOKING like he was going to fake going to his first class of the day. What he’d been roped into was breakfast (something he often forgets the school serves). Unfortunately, his nice breakfast with a housemate had come with responsibility: recruiting Archie. This is totally a quest he can open his log to! But all that’s in the past by now—anyway, when the headmaster’s voice rumbles through the halls, it serves as a rather rude awakening to a formerly-unconscious Meredith. The boy snaps up faster than his blood can flow, bringing him to a swoon before he startles up to attention. He slept in his clothes – still half-robed, half-casual with his iconic house slippers – from his sad attempt to at least LOOK like he would entertain
16:38:37 [Mop] going to class after eating. By the end of the headmaster’s speech, he understand that he should… at least look like he HAD been SOMEWHERE… so he flees the tower and heads… anywhere. Anywhere happens to be in the general direction of the Infirmary (perhaps due to muscle memory) as fast as he possibly can take himself without jogging. Someone will come along and usher him back to the Tower—but he’ll scoot around until someone herds him back. LOOK guys, he was totally up and doing things… like being in class. (What class had he even slept though? It escapes him.)

16:51:16 [Chloe`Violette] First class, first class. Chloe was a good little witch; attending her classes so faithfully. The morning lesson was Charms, something she was quite good at and enjoyed enough to apply herself; though she had found it less interesting as the material became more advanced. Never had been so good at tending to what didnt come easily. Today the morning lesson had been spent with considerably more time devoted to batting her lashes than plying her wand; it was almost a mercy it was cut short. Almost because, as not a soul will argue, to hear Chester Flutey speak at such volume could not ever by anyone be considered merciful, no matter the person, the situation, the context. "A situation. Remain calm." These phrases were, Chloe had learned, both grown-up code for the fit just hit the shan. Usually meant something interesting, and she liked interesting a great deal more than sitting about wondering what was so special from the confine of the Gryffindor common. She filed out of the classroom with -
16:51:33 [Chloe`Violette] —- the rest of her class at first, though did not remain with the group for long. Headmaster Flutey had kindly and thoughtfully told her just where the situation was, so that was where Chloe was headed. Snatching the nearest lad by the arm, for Chloe could go nowhere without arm-candy, she chose her moment to break and slipped away from the rest of the group. Let them worry about her when/if they did a head count, she would be back in the common just as soon as she and whatever unlucky boy got caught up in her scheme had a quick looksy around.

17:10:18 Izzy-Iwamura was hardly unique in his tendency to do bad, naughty things when told otherwise, and even as he hatched his own plot, Izzy was quite certain he wouldn't be the only one with designs on taking a look at what the 'situation' actually was. He also found himself in a rather advantageous position. If the situation had, indeed, originated in the infirmary, that seemed to be the place to start. And the infirmary was only a stone's throw away from the Ravenclaw tower, which meant he had more than a few minutes to plot out his course and the necessary run of possibilities before he split off from the rest of the group. He didn't inform any of the others in his class about his 'plan', it seemed more than likely that anyone he would have told would find their way all by themselves, thanks to the magic of fiber-optics. Or, at the very least, because they were all people who had shown a particular interest in mischief in the past. He broke away from the group not far from the Ravenclaw tower, making use >
17:14:51 Izzy-Iwamura < of the eternally convenient Lesley Cassaday to make his getaway. As a Head of House went, Professor Cassaday was rather unique in his talent for creating opportunities. This time around, the opportunity was created by the sudden and remarkably loud interjection of Captain, the ubiquitous cu sith that followed Lesley most everywhere, barking up a rather furious storm. It seemed to concern - and distract - Cassaday more than usual, and right in the midst of his head-counting of Ravenclaw. Really, couldn't ask for more convenience than that. Izzy made for the infirmary from there, keeping as much as he could away from the main hallways. He wasn't an expert on the secret ways and passages through Hogwarts, by any means, but he'd picked up enough from Xia dragging him every-which-way that he could certainly avoid the most likely sources of detection. Trust in good fortune, but don't tempt fate, and all that. Even with the chitter of students being quickly herded back to their houses, and >
17:15:09 Izzy-Iwamura < with the interdiction of animals here and there, Hogwarts seemed eerily quiet in the wake of Flutey's announcement.

17:19:56 Xia_Lavine had managed to slip off after her head had been counted, so to speak, disappearing down one of the numerous passages she'd come to know so well. The castle's secrets had long been known to her, including all the strange passages it housed. She paused, though, outside of the Ravenclaw corridor, and as soon as Izzy went traipsing along, she happened to join him, footsteps quiet. "This way is faster and more secure to get to the hospital wing." She murmured, lifting a hand and pointing to an opening behind a tapestry. How had she known Izzy would be on his way to the hospital wing? Well come on. This is Xia Lavine we're talking about. She had helped get Izzy started in all the rule breaking, investigating business…sort of. She'd at least made it a lot easier for him to. It was simply odd if she didn't seek him out in the midst of something crazy going on, and this "situation" taking place in the hospital wing was certainly one of those moments. Granted, she harassed Izzy anyway, but (c)
17:20:18 Xia_Lavine (c) at the very least she was useful in getting around the castle undetected. Or something.

17:27:26 [Gloriana`Boulstridge] || She clutched her wand tight in her right hand and sucked in a deep breath. Whatever was going on in the Infirmary was dangerous enough for Professor Flutey to send the students back to their common rooms, despite his claims about it being “minor to moderate”. If Gloriana knew anything about Professor Flutey, then she knew that that was definitely an understatement. Her interest wasn’t based on the desire to do Something had happened with the mysterious tattooed man, but Gloriana was still fighting with herself as to whether or not she would risk being punished for even coming anywhere near the Hospital Wing. In the end, her curiosity won out. However, she took great caution with her approach, which Mop’s sudden appearance was going to make difficult. “Mop“ Gloriana whispered…. Which couldn’t really be called a whisper considering it was loud enough to catch anyone’s attention in the close vicinity. She caught him by the arm and hid in a nearby alcove as a group of Ravenclaws shuffled <c>
17:27:41 [Gloriana`Boulstridge] past. “If you don’t call to much attention to us… you’re welcome to tag along,” she whispered. “Merlin’s beard, I hope I don’t regret this later,” she muttered under her breath. She peered out as the Ravenclaws cleared the hallway and rounded the corner toward the infirmary. A brief sighting of Izzy confirmed her suspicions that she and Mop were not the only students curious enough to risk facing punishment and possibly more danger than they could dream up by investigating the situation. She tugged Mop to follow as she traipsed after Xia and Izzy and followed their lead toward the Hospital Wing.||

17:42:21 [Mop] “Woa—“ he almost starts to gasp when Glori takes his arm and all but FORCES (well, Meredith was pretty receptive to the whole ‘being yanked around’ thing) him into an alcove… where he realizes he’s supposed to be quiet. Silence falls over the younger of the pair while Gloriana explains the conditions of his ‘tagging along’, and suddenly, he’s MUCH happier he decided to go on this journey—the fates (or faeries) were looking out for him, weren’t they?? Mop looks Gloriana dead in the eyes for a second or so when she speaks—bleary-eyed from sleepiness: “Alright, alright. Sneaky. I can do that.” The current mission had to be done covertly. 100% Sync: do not be detected! So, keeping his eyes on Gloriana, Meredith practically tip-toes down the hallway after her, making sure, first and foremost, that they’re not being trailed.

17:54:23 [Kaust] The voice …. Head would snap up toward the ceiling, as if she thought, for a moment, that some greater force had spoken. Where was she? Out on the field, in quidditch gear, goggles being lifted from cloudy eyes, and immediately, when that statement finishes she twists on her heels and make’s haste out into the hall. Her broom held tightly in her grip she’d move toward the infirmary. She herself had no kids… so that meant she best get to the area of trouble least they appear there.

17:59:35 [Archie] Was it really a coincidence that Archie found himself the last person in the boy’s bathroom when the announcement was made? When students began to be rounded up like cattle and sent to the dormitories, Archie broke off (not unlike many students around the school already had, with the intention of beginning an easily arduous investigation), and slipped slyly into the bathroom where he’d wait it out until the halls were clear enough for him to saunter through without issue. Prior to this, he had been in his Charms class, being the always interested student he was, because every chance there was to learn something else to do with a wand, he was one of those kids glued to the lesson. It said a lot then that once Flutely began speaking over the schools intercom that Archie almost forgot the lesson entirely and shifted immediately into hatching a plan to allow him to break away from the classroom and head to the infirmary where he knew the ‘tattooed mystery man’ was that Benoit had told him about. Archie [c]
17:59:46 [Archie] might not have considered this worth actually risking safety and procedure for if he hadn’t known the peculiarities of the man’s physique. He was also hoping, perhaps, that he might run into some specific someone(s). How weird… For some odd reason, the danger and excitement almost seemed diluted by the lack of people with him. His steps were rapid as he power walked through the corridors, robes catching the passing wind currents and flapping in his fast stride towards the infirmary. And just like that, the excitement of his week continued.

18:13:14 [Audric] [[ - Unsurprisingly, he remained in the same spot. All too aware of the announcement given, he knew that there would be at least one student who'd take it upon himself to wander down to the infirmary anyway. The Nurse had probably locked the doors, although he hadn't bothered to check yet. Not a single disturbance occurred. Not a twitch of the muscle, not a heavy sigh, nothing. He might as well be made of stone. He rose from his seat to go wash up and eat of course, tend to some to his duties, but after all of that was taken care of he was sitting right there in the Hospital Wing again, on the bench that sat outside the door to the infirmary room that their new guest sat in. He refilled his flask twice today, fell asleep three times, and had four people approach him to see if he was in his right state of mind. He always just waved them off and said the same thing: "I'm waiting for something." They responded with puzzled looks, [. C .]
18:13:30 [Audric] [. C .] shrugged, and then walked off. Maybe he should be in the infirmary himself? Clearing his throat, he pulled back his sleeve to look down at his watch as the hands slowly flicked around the border. Reaching over for his cane, he took it firmly in his grip, lazily placed it between his legs and he tilted back, letting his head rest against the wall behind him. "Any minute now …" - ]]

18:17:43 [Chloe`Violette] "You arent afraid, are you?" The boy she had abducted might be traumatized by the matinee adventure, something Chloe was completely unconcerned about as she giddily whispered small-talk at him hoping to pry out some replies. "You should be. Horrible, horrible things happen to students who slip away like this. I should know. Last time I did this Professor Kaust had me flogged." Who cared that it was complete bullshit, Chloe had a little bit of a sadistic streak in her and that was a streak being magnified by the stunned silence of her abductee. She may even have been deliberately taking the long way around just so she could get a little bit more in on the boy. Still she and her terrified companion would reach the vicinity of the infirmary eventually and as they grew near Chloe slowed down to consider how she was going to get in. After all it wasnt like the place would be unguarded. If there was a situation there it might well be home to nine teachers and a squad of Aurors plus a detachment -
18:17:58 [Chloe`Violette] —- from St. Mungos and the Minister of Magic just for good measure; at least Chloe would have done that were she in charge, because situations at Hogwarts were never just a minor situation, history should have taught everyone that years ago.

18:25:45 Meelan has followed the rest of her house back to the tower, but saw Archie took another direction and she took, makes a beeline towards the girls' bathroom and hid there till it was clear. She has a aventrous streak about her when she wants to be, though if she has exams coming up, she would be in the commons studying, that or excersising in the pitch. She too, head for the infermary to see what the situation was, curious and intellegent, an usual nice combo, she could help her friends out of sticky and unplesent situation. If she can handle bludgers, she can handle anything, well as long as she doesn't get into too much trouble.

18:26:32 Izzy-Iwamura grinned, and wordlessly ducked behind the tapestry after Xia. It was rarely the smart move to doubt her knowledge of Hogwarts. Then again, Izzy was fairly sure there was nobody who really knew all the secrets of the castle - neither this one, nor the one that had stood on this site before. It wasn't as though the castle was designed to be easily navigable or anything. For the most part, it was built to function like a maze, to trap those poor lost souls who dared venture without knowing where they were going… truly, a sadist had designed it! The passage, hidden doorway and all, came to its end in the hospital wing, in earshot but not eyeshot of something rather interesting. It seemed Audric Benoit was already there, waiting outside the doors to the infirmary, and Izzy stopped as he caught what sounded like the beginning of a potentially interesting conversation. || That conversation, it so happened, started with Chester Flutey's arrival on the seen - he did not look stressed, as Flutey never looked >
18:32:09 Izzy-Iwamura < stressed, but there was a distinct look of frayed edges. He hadn't had time to comb his rust-and-salt hair, or to properly affix his necktie, or any number of other small details. "Benoit! Merlin's retching goldfish, Benoit!" The colorful expression alone probably identified that this was not a Flutey in the mood for rambling, florid speeches about achievement. "What are you waiting for? He's gone missing, didn't you see the… the infirmary?" Flutey spared little time at this point in shoving the infirmary doors open, which showed a thoroughly ransacked, and thoroughly abandoned scene within. Neither the nurse, nor the guest, were anywhere to be seen. Scorch-marks trailed along one of the walls, and marred the floor in several places. Which brought up several questions, though most immediately pressing would be when that had happened, how it was that nobody had been alerted before Flutey's announcement, how it hadn't made a sound.

18:47:54 [Gloriana`Boulstridge] || After giving Mop another brief once-over, she began to doubt the merits of bringing him along. Mop was shaping up to be the most troublesome student she’d ever met, which was ironic since she was Head Girl. Maybe if he hung around her long enough, some of her better habits would rub off on him. It wasn’t likely, and it seemed as though Izzy’s mischievous tendencies had already grabbed hold of Gloriana. She justified her rule-breaking with the excuse that she thought she deserved the truth behind everything that had been going on of late. Gloriana had pulled Mop behind the tapestry and whispered, “Lumos.“ A small bluish light appeared at the edge of her wand and seemed to pulsate in the darkness as they trailed after Xia and Izzy. If it hasn’t been for that little light, she’d have run straight into the two, but instead halted abruptly just behind them. They didn’t need to announce themselves and, as it was, it wasn’t wise to do so with the Headmaster and Benoit conversing on the <c>
18:48:16 [Gloriana`Boulstridge] other side of a statue that currently hid them all from view. She turned to Mop as he approached and put her fingers to her lips to keep him from making any noise that might reveal their presence. For some reason or another, Gloriana had the feeling that Mop was not only a terrible slacker, but lacking in grace or tact. That wasn’t for certain, but that didn’t keep Gloriana from assuming it anyway. They needed to get closer, to see exactly what it was that Flutey was showing Benoit, but Gloriana didn’t have the slightest idea of how exactly they were going to do such a thing.||

18:53:47 [Kaust] The walk was brisk, cut short only by the sudden vision of extra company. While, she had not planned on viewing the stationed area of avoidance without some sort of partner, the fact that Audric was there gave her a purposed walk a hesitant sort of stumble. She didn’t fear that the male would deny her entrance, so much as she wondered how long since she’d last seen him had he sat outside the walls? Never the less, her steps would pick up pace again only to be halted with the appearance of the headmaster. Immediately expression would shift from one of obvious concern to mild disdain. It was one thing for Audric to be here, but for the male who had made the announcement, that man who seemed to rub her the wrong way for reasons she swore she wasn’t entirely wrong for having. Though she’d pause in the hall it’s not long before feet are carrying her forward once more, broom still held at her side but now tucked under arm as she folds them underneath her chest. Yes, she’s bringing up the rear, lifting on tip-toes
18:53:49 [Kaust] to peer over Audric’s shoulder. “Hmph…”

19:05:11 [Audric] [[ - "…What?" He couldn't believe the Headmaster's words — he'd been sitting out there all day. How could something have happened? He was quick to stand, cane being snapped straight to support his weight, and he followed closely behind Flutey, stepping through the doors and letting his eyes take in the room that'd been torn asunder. Beds were over turned, objects were destroyed and laid in fragments on the ground. How could someone not make a sound, but leave an entire room run amuck? He found himself chewing down on his bottom lip, and the back of his knuckles burned white as the grip he had on his cane tightened considerably, fingernails tearing into the expensive material. He didn't care if Kaust arrived on the scene — he didn't even give her the required attention for a passing glance. He found himself stepping over to the wall, laying his palm flat against one of the scorch marks. "Fire …Candles …" he muttered, [. C .]
19:05:27 [Audric] [. C .] more so to himself over letting the other two hear, although it was very much possible. "Well, we have to leave the room as it is. Don't clean anything, don't repair anything … Could undo the potential we have for any evidence." - ]]

19:11:34 Mop is totally an obedient follower… for the most part… and even when they meet up with two familiar faces he’s EXCRUTIATINGLY excited to see out and about and rule-breaking, Meredith doesn’t say a word. That doesn’t mean he won’t engage in some enthusiastic ‘you’re here; look, I’m here too!’ jazz-hands and mouth-agaping. How’s that for graceful and silence, HUH? In fact, he looks a little jilted when Gloriana turns to him to imply – with all her gesticulations – that he’s going to be the one to open his mouth first! Dramatically huffy in his complete silence, Meredith’s mouth draws to a stern, unimpressed line- that’s all before his attention turns and converges on the adults on the eclipsed side of their current hiding place. From here, he can’t really eavesdrop well, se he can’t imagine anyone else can… but that doesn’t stop him from leaning in on Gloriana’s shoulder and whispering (sweet nothings) in her ear. It’s not long before he’s distracted again—his attention can never be
19:14:11 [Mop] continually ahead of them (not when Glori & Co. are surely attentive to the developments in Infirmary-land): he's gotta be a LOOKOUT, damnit—he knows his place: best served protecting others from taking the fall.

19:27:55 [Archie] He peered from around the corner of a corridor, looking down the hall to see the infirmary in sight. He was close. Flutely arrived and apparently had words for Benoit, who had seemingly been there a while. He mumbled a little something something, and with a glancing finger over an earlobe, the earrings there began to send feedback like a microphone too close to a speaker directly into his ear. It wasn’t deafening; merely the sound of it honing in on the voice of Flutely, Benoit, and now Professor Kaust. He cold hear them clearly, of course, unless they had some form of magical obstruction to his relatively mundane magical toy. His brows furrowed, surprised upon hearing that the ‘thirteen candles’ man had escaped without Benoit’s notice. It said a lot about him if he could elude Benoit – or maybe Benoit was just deaf on top of mobility challenged? Naw. Benoit was one of the sharpest he’d ever met. This mystery man was just that good it seemed. Flutely and Benoit walked into the infirmary, [c]
19:28:03 [Archie] Kaust likely close behind as they conducted their investigation. He began running through his options. He had to get in. Damnit…maybe he should get outside, grab his broom, and look through a window? Maybe. There had to be a better way, though. THINK.

19:33:36 Meelan reaches the infermary and looks to Archie. She was a 'by the rules' kinda gal, unless you face here in Quidditch, then she's brutal. She taps her teammate and whispers to his level so the adults don't hear " Come on Archie, no need to get caught by them, we got a game coming soon..why don't we head back to the commons and work over some plays?" She has some cool moves for the team, but it was mostly a last minute must should the team needs it. She has heard about the tattoo man and wonder if it's another dark wizard roaming around, but for now, she just want to get her teammate and friend back to the commons safely.

19:39:05 [Chloe‘Violette] It was turning into quite the clustercuss by the time Chloe and her thoroughly unwilling companion arrived; unlike the other groups Chloe ultimately decided that the best course of action was to simply throw caution to the wind and be the sacrificial lamb. "Its been fun talking to you. Now we are going to make some noise." Precisely what she did might or mightnt have been brilliant, that was for history to decide. Chloe simply marched towards the still open doors of the infirmary, and just before arriving she promptly shoved her companion forward through the doors before chasing after him crying out loudly, "Hey, wait! You could get hurt! We’re supposed to be in the common!" Oh that utter bitch right? But aside from being kind of vindictive and cruel it gave Chloe a pretext for running into the infirmary; allowed her to catch a good look at the scene. Maybe the distraction caused here would even provide some opportunity for the others surely with similar ideas; Chloe didnt really know -
19:39:20 [Chloe`Violette] —- if they were even here but it helped her conscience to pretend she had altruistic motives. She caught the poor boys arm again, clucking fretfully; "Dont scare me like that!"

19:49:33 Izzy-Iwamura was startled to attention rather abruptly by the show Chloe put on. It was, actually, kind of difficult not to break out giggling just watching it, but through a herculean effort he managed. Izzy also made a mental note to start inviting her to the meetings again. He hadn't pulled her along the last couple times, after she'd been… obnoxiously distracting the first time out. Well, regardless, he glanced back at Xia, Gloriana, and Mop, giving a little grin. "I don't think we're going to get a better opportunity. Lead the way, Miss Lavine?" He really was eager to get a look inside the infirmary, especially after Flutey and Benoit had made such a big deal out of what had gone down there. He knew a little about Benoit, and it struck him as unlikely someone would get the drop on him easily… which brought up a whole fresh set of questions on its own. || Flutey, along with Kaust and Audric, looked about the infirmary quite cautiously, careful not to touch anything along the way. The scorch-marks were the most >
19:53:52 Izzy-Iwamura < obvious sign of a magical struggle, but hardly the only one - melted, twisted glass and metal littered the floor, along with lengths of wood and steel from bedframes misshapen and horribly twisted by some unknown force. "Benoit, I want to defer to your expertise on this, but I need to know, how could he have done this wi-" Flutey's question was interrupted by the nameless Gryffindor that Chloe shoved into the fore, causing the headmaster to whirl about, wand at the ready, with an outburst of: "What the flying fuck on a broomstick?" Once again, Flutey made obvious just how much he could project his voice. There was no way anybody within ten rooms of the infirmary could have missed that.

20:01:56 Xia_Lavine bit her bottom lip to suppress laughter as she witnessed Chloe's display, fighting oh-so-hard not to give their location away. She glanced at Izzy, smiling brightly and shaking her head ever so slightly before she stepped out of their little hiding spot. She inched across the floor quietly, staying out of view of the professors while she could. She was thankful for the distraction, but all the professors were turned to face the doorway now…So while Chloe got a good look at the infirmary, it would be decidedly more difficult for the rest of them to. She slipped up to the side of the open infirmary doors, standing just so she could see part of the infirmary but not the professors…and hopefully the professors couldn't see her. She was examining as much as she could as quick as she could, but right now it was their only option…until her eyes widened and she looked to Izzy. She glanced at him, then at the infirmary doors, then back at him. "Mouse!" She mouthed. All of this attempt at quiet may (c)
20:02:26 Xia_Lavine (c) have done them no good, however, and for a moment she considered just flinging herself out into the doorway like Chloe was and getting a good, long look at the infirmary before the professors could haul them away.

20:15:31 [Gloriana`Boulstridge] || From the sounds of things, the Tattooed Man had made a rather large mess out of the Hospital Wing and Gloriana was just itching to see what it was that he’d done. She’d heard the voices of Professor Flutey, Benoit, and Professor Kaust but where was the nurse? For all their attention on the unruly state of the Infirmary, they had neglected to mention where the nurse was in all of this. Questions, questions, and more questions, but never an answers to accompany them. This left a very vehement and confused Gloriana, which never boded well for those around her. As if she wasn’t intimidating enough on her own, the additional stress of this little mystery that had presented itself in her final year at Hogwarts was more irksome than anything she’d endured in her entire life… not that she’d been around terribly long. But it was enough to make her a great deal more irritable than usual. She swatted at Mop as he leaned in and whispered the terribly obvious fact that he couldn’t see anything, rubbing at her ear <c>
20:15:36 [Gloriana`Boulstridge] to rid herself of the tickling sensation he’d elicited. Witnessing Chloe’s little display didn’t give her quite as much pleasure as the others, seeing as how she’d pulled some innocent boy into things from the sounds of it. She inched out from behind the statue and Mop followed shortly thereafter. Chloe had distracted them enough to allow them the smallest view of the Hospital Wing, but they’d need to get a lot closer than all of that. She glanced back at Mop and nodded toward the Infirmary, obviously looking for further distraction. This was his chance to cause the chaos he’d been so adamant about before, when they’d first planned their mission to investigate the tattooed man. He curtseyed awkwardly and broke into a run, practically careening into Chloe and her friend as he flailed his arms in the air, “Professors, Professors! Th’ nak’d man’s been spotted on the grounds! COME QUICK!” Mop seemed to play frantic very well, panting and jittery like a drug addict. Gloriana hoped against hope that the <c>
20:15:48 [Gloriana`Boulstridge] professors would fall for it. She didn’t catch whatever it was that Xia mouthed to Izzy, nor would she have understood it if she had. But, if all else failed, her plan for Izzy to revert to his animagus form might be the only way of knowing what the inside of the Hospital Wing looked like after the Tattooed Man‘s assault on the room.||

20:22:52 [Kaust] The greeting that she would have received from Audric is not missed, attention and gaze instead tossed toward the destruction of the room. With a slow exhale she would squeeze past the headmaster and Audric if possible, only pausing to glance toward the male seemed to examine against the wall. And in her own silence, she would take inventory of the room, only to twist on her heels at the sound of the headmasters curse. There’s… students here now? There’s no real power in trying to hide the sneer that crosses her feature, the expression of absolute disgust that twists lips away from teeth in a nearly inhumane snarl. They were everywhere weren’t they? Like festering rats or roaches, popping up at the absolute worst times. A quick glance is given to Audric before she begins to stomp toward the doorway of the room, each clomp radiating her general annoying and agitation with the pair there. Children were so hard headed, so incapable of following simple command, and maybe that was what made them worthless on the
20:23:07 [Kaust] field. Never the less, the German sporting her soldiers hat will, if the poor child hadn’t gotten himself up(if he’d managed to follow on the ground), reach down to grip the pushed student and yank him to his feet. “Explain.” Of course, she might not get her explanation from the student accused of entering, since another just appeared, yelling something rather important. Well, one of them would have to check that out wouldn’t they? But could they all leave the area behind to be raped by some other overexcited teenager? She waits to hear something from Audric. He was groundskeeper after all. Security and smarts was his talent, being creepy was hers.

20:34:22 [Audric] [[ - At first, he was unresponsive to the interruptions that plagued him and his peers. But, when Mop entered the room and staged his performance, that was when his shoulders rose, only to slouch with a powerful sigh. He slowly canted his head over his shoulder first, casting the small group of a students a dreadful, piercing glare. Shuffling in a complete circle, he stepped forward, steadily closing the gap, and when he got close enough, he rose his cane, only to slam it against the floor board. With a miniscule display of what magic he was capable of, the doors were swung shut with a harsh bang, being strong enough to cause a few tresses of his thick hair to sway this way and that, settling a few moments later. By now, he was face to face with Mop, looking down at the boy, making sure to force eye contact. His eyes — usually worn and tired — were not lit aflame with anxiety and irritation. "Students ought not to try to stick [. C .]
20:34:44 [Audric] [. C .] their noses in places they do not belong, aye?" He asked, and after that quick stint of dialogue, that was all he needed. All he needed to probe the weaker minded student and extract what little information he needed: If he was lying or not. Legilimency at it's most basic sense of execution. "The boy is lying." He murmured, glancing over to Chloe and her tag along. "I doubt this is a coincidence." He glanced to the door, let his lip curl in a small frown, before he turned back to his work of inspecting areas around the room. This time, he picked up a piece of contorted metal, actually cutting into the base of his palm by mistake. He didn't care how punishment was distributed. He didn't care what the Headmaster and Professor had to say to the students. But, he made it steadily obvious he wouldn't speak a word on his observations until the students left, and he was finished going over every inch of the infirmary. - ]]

20:50:23 Archie cringed. THIS was why he needed to tell Gloriana and Xia what he’d learned, because now their cover was practically blown. Archie had been the first of the mischievous students to get his mind violated by the master Legilimens. He watched in horror, trying to gauge how fast it would take Benoit to lose his cool and rip the Gryffindors new ones; unfortunately, to make matters worse, Mop ran in yelling about seeing the culprit. Archie couldn’t tell if he was lying, however, by Benoit’s reaction, slamming the doors shut, he took that as a cue to split, though, not without warning the students he figured Mop was covering for. He sprang from his position around the corner, bolting for the adjacent hall that he’d seen Mop run out of. Hopefully catching Izzy, Gloriana, and Xia wouldn’t be too difficult a task, completely forgetting Cassandra by now for the others. “Benoit’s a Legilimens! Get outta here before he rips their minds open and finds you!” Archie wasn’t about to wait around [c]
20:50:35 [Archie] for Gryffindor to lose more house points by him getting caught – even worse, Kaust might keep him from playing in the next Quidditch game. No, he figured he’d better cut his losses at the infirmary and take a new approach. He knew the mystery man was running loose in the school, and he’d also heard enough of Benoit and Flutey’s conversation to know that their common concern was capable of bringing about destruction without making a single noise. No. He was good knowing that – he didn’t need to see the infirmary. However, was it enough he performed his civic duty to warn the rest that they were on the verge of being found out? He wondered just how much any of them really cared. But, his conscience would at least be clean.

20:58:23 [Chloe‘Violette] Could have gone more smoothly. Specifically Chloe could really have done without the copycat intrusion which only served to annoy the staff members there. Mop also served to annoy Chloe as he came within a hairsbreadth of colliding with her; she was luckily nimble enough to slide out of his way as he dashed in or Mop might have been beaten to death with her Gryffindor companion who would naturally have gone stiff with shock and terror by then. Or rigor mortis. The groundskeeper glared at Mop and declared promptly that he was lying but Chloe took exception to what he said next, implicating her with that, unthinkable. "I can honestly say I have no idea what this idiot was trying to do." Truth every word of it! "I’d like to get this great lump of failed foresight back to the tower before he gets hurt." She waved to the other housemate of hers currently entrapped by Professor Kaust, to identify he was the one she was talking about, not that there could have been any doubt there. -
20:58:38 [Chloe`Violette] -
Real beauty was it was all true, every word of it, even if the main reason he would get hurt was Chloe herself.

21:06:46 Izzy-Iwamura caught Xia's mouthed word, mouse, and nodded slightly - just a moment before the infirmary doors slammed shut. Which provided complications, but not so many as it could have, as the word mouse could amply explain. Few and far between were the rooms a harvest mouse couldn't find the space to squeeze into, after all. Still, Izzy was nothing if not patient. He was more than willing to bide his time. After all, hadn't the doors just slammed shut with students inside? He would have a chance to get in without a great deal of trouble, if he was patient. In any case, he yawned, stretched, and midway through that motion, melted out of his human shape and into one far more diminutive, skittered out from behind the statue, and took up a waiting position hidden just under the hem of Xia's robes. || Flutey lowered his wand almost immediately upon realizing it was just students, probably overcurious. The addition of a new student to the mix didn't draw nearly the same outburst the initial intrusion >
21:11:41 Izzy-Iwamura < had, either. "I could swear it's become the student body's favorite game to find creative ways to ignore my very explicit instructions." Pausing momentarily, Flutey looked from Kaust to Benoit. "Really, it was barely two weeks ago that I asked them to clear any rule-breaking with me first! I'm not an ogre, I understand sometimes th-" He cut himself off, cleared his throat profoundly. "Ahem! I think ten points from Gryffindor and Ravenclaw should suffice. Kaust, would you be so kind as to escort these fine students back to their dormitories, and see that they don't escape along the way? I would like to hear Benoit's thoughts on the infirmary. Particularly, Audric, what you would propose we do from here."

21:18:33 Xia_Lavine smiled as Izzy transformed, watching him shift from human to mouse always kind of made her giggly. Something about people becoming cute, fuzzy animals just made her all warm and fuzzy inside. Once Izzy was on the ground and scurried up beneath the hem of her robe, she leaned down, gently picking him up while she had a moment. "Soon as the doors open I'm slipping back inside the hidden corridor and moving to a new location. Just to keep the rest of us safe from the grumpy bears in there." Her voice was very, very, very soft, but she was still worried she was too loud for Izzy's tiny mouse ears. She set him back down, straightened, and looked to Gloriana, smiling impishly and then shaking her head. Her eyes moved to Archie who…ran to them and told them the groundskeeper was a legilimens…and then Xia moved forward, quietly catching Archie's arm and nodding at the secret passage, silently pointing him up it and away. "There's another one back there, around the corner. Leads down to the (c)
21:21:15 Xia_Lavine (c) dungeons…This will put you closer to Gryffindor, though." She turned back to the doors, mindful of Izzy's tiny form, and then waited…as soon as the doors began to open she turned, heading back for the safety of the statue and the secret passage beyond. Just because Mop and Chloe and her little…abductee were seen didn't mean the rest of them had to be. "C'mon. We can meet up with Izzy as soon as he's done investigating." She said, so softly that she may not have been heard. Xia was overly loud sometimes, but she was also a self-proclaimed master of stealth and stealthy arts. The only thing that would have made her more awesome would be an animagus form…but let's face it. A platypus waddling around campus would be much, much more conspicuous than a girl with violently fuschia hair.

21:49:10 [Kaust] Nostrils flared as the doors to the room slammed shut, a proper and well done move by the groundskeeper. They should have privacy during the punishment session, correct? No need for curious eyes to see the stripping or the— “Eh?” She snorted, drawing gaze off that of the three figures, toward the headmaster. He’d already suggested the punishment, and while that hadn’t been what the twitching eyed German had in mind, it’ll suffice. There’s a slow lick of her bottom lip by black stained tongue before she gives a hesitant bob of her head to the headmasters suggestion. It’s clear that, by the tension that runs through her shoulders and the audible exhale of displeasure, that she wants to remain for the analysis portion of the investigation. Yet, perhaps, it was best get the kiddies back to their proper rooms, where it was determined ‘safe’ and all that. She isn’t letting go of the nameless boy that belongs to her House, no matter the expression worn as she directs her irritation to his person, lips now
21:49:25 [Kaust] pressed thin in guarded aggression. Instead, grip would tighten and she would grunt toward the remaining two, Mop and the girl. She’s literally going to drag the Gryffindor boy from the room once she opens those massive doors, and despite whatever complaint or squeal of discomfort might come, she’s not letting go of her firm hold upon his clothing. It’s assumed that, once she steps past the threshold, the other two will follow, and she’ll step off to the side with her captured prize so that they can walk in front of her, and she behind them. Best to drop off the girl first, then the liar… then her prisoner. It’s just a shame this interruption will, in turn, keep her out of the room as well. What a cruel twist if irony, all that metaphorical power and still, gaining a piece of that information based pie, was nigh impossible.

22:10:56 [Audric] [[ - He waited until Kaust turned to escort the students out of the infirmary. Afterwards, he slowly turned back to Flutey, making sure to balance both arms on the head of his cane as he let his shoulders slouch, weight being edged forward a bit. "Well, let's see … Obviously, we need to find out just how whoever is responsible for this, managed to do so without making a single sound." He lowered down onto a nearby window sill and stared forward at a scorched portion of the wall. "I don't know how anyone got in without me noticing. I've been sitting in that same spot outside for three days straight. It's impossible to Apparate on school grounds. The windows and doors were magically locked to prevent students from barging inside. The only thing I can see happening is … Maybe the Nurse. She disappeared, too. If I may, I'd like to request any and all background information you have on her. I'd also like to search her quarters, [. C .]
22:11:17 [Audric] [. C .] and talk to any of the staff that she might have been close to." He stood, wandered back over to the wall, and pressed his fingertips to scorched surface again. "The flame was controlled if it didn't burn down the entire room. Whoever is responsible for this knew what he or she was doing. And the way the metal is bent — I'm not sure what spell is responsible for that. Like I said: Leave this room exactly as it is now. I don't want anyone else coming in and out of it. No one can move anything, no one can fix anything." - ]]

22:14:07 [Archie] As surprised as he was to see Izzy scurry off as a little mouse, he couldn’t let it deter him too long from telling Xia and Gloria the necessary info. He got his message across, and lucky him that Xia already had an escape route prepared. He made a note of it to remember Xia’s knowledge of hidden passages for when he needed to get around Hogwarts unnoticed; he’d also remember the passage his eyes followed her pointing to for future use himself. Lucky, lucky! Knowing that Izzy would get the visual was reassuring – he’d only overheard a little information anyways. He didn’t know the full extent of the damage, merely what Flutey and Benoit decided to verbalize out of shock. But, all in all, he was going to follow Xia’s lead and book it down the secret passage she’d pointed him to so he could be deposited right next to the Gryffindor common room, and all before Professor Kaust ever found out about him. Lets hope Izzy gets some good dirt.

22:19:55 [Chloe‘Violette] Delightful really how Chloe had mostly avoided any trouble directed at her particularly. Ten point off Gryffindor was a small price to pay for the first rate view she had gotten out of the deal, and what was even more awesome was someone other than her got to take Professor Kaust’s notoriously infamous wrath. She followed along back to the Gryffindor tower like the good student she liked to pretend to be, head down and face serene. The real issue now was deciding how to prepare for the upcoming match. "Thank you, Professor Kaust! Please dont be too hard on him, he's just curious and a little stupid. I worry about him." At this rate Chloe was going to invent a whole new personality and history for this poor boy, but thats what he got for not managing to speak up and stand up for himself the entire time.

22:40:09 Izzy-Iwamura was small as a mouse, and had small mouse ears, but they were hardly so delicate that Xia needed to whisper to avoid crippling him! Regardless, Xia's instructions were received, and he picked his moment. An open door provided ample opportunity to flatten himself, slide through, and pick a nice out of the way vantage point to observe from. Considering the disarray and chaos of the room, it really wasn't that hard to stay out of sight, things were strewn about like the aftermath of a tropical storm. || Flutey listened to Audric's thoughts, recommendations, and requests in turn - occasionally nodding, uncharacteristically silent. Then again, the face Chester Flutey put on in the Great Hall was not exactly the face he always wore. He hadn't won the position of Headmaster by being an incompetent blowhard, after all. "I agree, we were dealing with someone exceedingly competent. I will turn over what information I have on the nurse - she kept little in the way of company." Flutey crossed his arms >
22:41:48 Izzy-Iwamura < pensively, the look of indigestion that always seemed to grace him growing somewhat more prominent. "We will close off the infirmary until a full investigation has been concluded. I would like Professor Kojima's opinion on this as well. Just remember, the anti-apparation jinx protecting Hogwarts has proven fallible in the past. An inability to apparate has never prevented a determined wizard from finding a way in - or out."

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