12/12/2010 Log

19:42:49 [Colman] After having so much on his mind all day (and feeling exhausted all for it), it’s relieving to have nothing except festivities cloud his brain and judgment. At least, he’d felt that way until he actually walked through the doors of the Hall and spied, by complete happenstance, the Head Girl—right there at the end of a paper plane, predictably lifting her nose out of her thoughts to address it. Perhaps it was his subconscious manipulating him, but either way, when he parts to find the Hufflepuff table… he finds it a bit odd that Haddon hasn’t found his way to join the party yet. Then again, considering the Head Boy’s aversion to crowds and social situations… maybe it wasn’t that odd at all. Colman couldn’t allow himself to enjoy the rest of the night until he had at least brought the behavior – and his concerns – to Gloriana’s attention… so hopefully he’ll be excused for interrupting the beginning of her night just a little. So the Irishman steers his course to the Ravenclaw table with
19:43:08 [Colman] the note-exchanging girl in his eager crosshairs. Once AT the table, Colman has all sorts of plans on how he’s going to start conversation with a smile and nudge into a ‘apologies but—‘ in true obtrusive fashion. However, his smile quickly fades when he almost belligerently pushes anyone over to take a seat across from Gloriana when the need arises—currently the only person he can recognize while he finds cognitive thought to be increasingly difficult. He struggles with his lips for some time before they cooperate with his tongue long enough to form anything legible and audible. “Take my hand.” He demands, shakily throwing his open palm across the table. “Take my hand.” The Puff repeats his demand, whether she has or has not actually given him the anchor he’s looking for. “Take my hand—“ the third repetition brings about a rather sudden, disturbing change where - if Glori has given her hand to him – his anchor will find his grasp tense and tighten and pull away from her (and
19:44:05 [Colman] towards his body) while keeping a vice-like hold. The immediate rudeness is followed by the strangest, most ghastly noise – as if his own body is strangling every last bit of air from his lungs. His relaxed collapse, face-first on the table (and anything on it) thereafter is a welcome change from the coiled bunch of nerves he had been two seconds prior and Gloriana’s hand gets some relief when his grasp goes limp. Surely, her (and by right, those who have witnessed up until this point) nerves don’t get a chance to rest, because for the next twenty seconds, every fiber of the typical mild-mannered Puff starts convulsing—and it’s safe to assume he’s checked out thereafter, if anyone’s brave enough to touch him. That is… until life floods in again (regardless of any outside efforts, if any have been made) and, in a voice not entirely his own, Colm speaks almost directly though whatever poor Ravenclaw happens to be in the direction of his absent-minded stare.
19:46:04 [Colman] “Three… three… nine… three… they are coming—the Thin Man will die at the Blue Man's hand—thr—no, thirteen. Thirteen. Thirteen candles.” The animation that’d possessed him flees upon an exhale and what those around him are left with is an unconscious Puff.

19:56:44 Archie continues to smile and just watch Gloriana’s reaction, pleased to see her responding shortly after. The plane glides back towards him, ripped from the air with a free hand once his wand has been put away. He opens it then, reading his contents with his head turned partially so that Gloriana would see the smile etched across his face turn slowly into a more intense grin. As usual, Archie remained oblivious to whatever whispers went around about him (at least he tried to). He shoved the paper into his pocket and stood up, picking up his plate and exchanging a few words with his mates, alerting them of his departure. Whether he’d be back to enjoy the rest of the feast was unknown. With plate in hand, chicken in mouth, and a smile on his face, he began a quick walk over to Gloriana only to notice her company stolen from him by someone else. He slows his pace, letting this deter him only for a moment before he picks it up again and moves to situate himself somewhere next to Colman if it is [c]
19:58:13 Graham exits from this room
19:59:03 [Archie] necessary. But, then again, maybe not. Standing just a few feet behind the prefect, he catches him goading Gloriana into putting her hand in his. He expects some kind of fortune telling….or this guy was just trying hard to be romantic and charming. "Gonna tell her fortune?" What happens next he wasn't prepared for.

20:22:35 Callisto ~ The feast! Halloween, black and orange… everything black and orange – or it should have been. The decorations she hadn’t bothered looking at, but the food which sprawled out across the tables around the hall were littered with the ‘native colours’, pumpkin pasties, orange jelly infused with chewy edible spiders – a theme which mimicked its self above: spiders ( fake of course ) hung from the ‘sky’ in their thousands, not close enough to freak any of the students… but certainly enough to worry the few hardcore arachnophobic’s in the school. Not that any of the teachers noticed – least of all Callisto. She was too busy being, well… Callisto. The ‘mystic woman’ who was forever in grey’s and white – normally grey toned jeans and a silky white gypsy shirt, but not tonight. No, tonight she wore something just a little bit more elegant. A form hugging dress, not too flashy, but enough that it made her stand out just a little – it’s long flowing material draped like a curtain of smoke from her shoulders,>
20:22:51 Callisto ~ highcut collar fitted snugly under her chin and the lightest spattering of ‘gems’ and pearls brought the almost old fashioned dress together. Not to mention the blonde hued locks which fell loose about high cheekbones, a blonde which had once been dazzling beyond belief but now dulled a little by age. The occasional white grey streak marred its perfect, but took nothing from the overall effect, and light as ever blue eyes scanned the hall from behind faintly mascara dashed lashes. Callisto wasn’t eating tonight, or so it seemed. She’d had the same plate of food in front of her for the past twenty minutes and done nothing but poke it gently with a fork. Something was disturbing her, something… she recognised from previous experiences, and that something would soon be affecting not only the Professor but a few chosen students as well. With visions came a price, Colman’s was an obvious one, one which showed physically and mentally – Callisto’s was not so obvious. >
20:22:52 Callisto ~ She did not fall and cause a scene as the child did, yet, those few adults around her recognised the signs: a stillness which seemed more attuned to reptile than human, the faintest rush of breath as all the air left her and finally that almost distant fog which blurred normally crystal clear eyes. It seemed, Colman wasn’t the only one seeing things tonight… which was never a good sign. One Seer having a vision was omen enough, but two at the same time? That could only mean trouble…”Thirteen candles…” throughout Colmans outburst Callisto had been silent, yet, those within earshot of both would find that those last two whispered words were in perfect sync with the boys – EeRiE. ~

20:34:20 [Gloriana`Boulstridge] || She had returned to her book with a smile, eagerly awaiting the reply to the note. But concentrating on the words in front of her were a little hard what with a somewhat familiar Hufflepuff intruding on her attempt at reading. Gloriana turned from the volume and gazed up at him, a little curious as to why he was so keen on getting her attention. Her fellow Ravenclaws glared at Colm and then back at Gloriana, just as curious about what he wanted as she was and a touch disgruntled by the interruption and subsequent shoving. “Uhm… yes,” she asked tentatively. Sure, she was Head Girl, and she’d run into Colm at least twice if memory served correctly, but she didn’t exactly file him in the “friend” category (or even acquaintance for that matter). His request was even more disturbing than his unexplained presence. She chortled before responding, “What?” He asked again and her cheeks flushed with head, “This is absolutely obsu—.” Colm interrupted, and it seemed to be <c>
20:34:38 [Gloriana`Boulstridge] more of a demand than a request, now. Hesitantly, Glori reached out and put her hand in his. She stumbled across the table and gave a small cry as he pulled it toward him forcefully. Her cheeks turned an even deeper red as he collapsed and his grip loosened. The Ravenclaws were shocked and a little worried, recoiling from him in case he burst into flames or something unexpected (and completely irrational) like that. Her first inclination was to calm the students around her and go for help, but Colm’s unconsciousness didn’t seem to last for very long. Gloriana glanced at Archie, her face screwed up into a look of concern and uncertainty. She returned her gaze to Colm who was now in the midst of some violent tremors. It might have been fortunate that Gloriana was fairly skilled at healing, had it not been for her complete and utter bewilderment as to what had put him in such a state. She leaned forward and went to place a hand on Colm’s shoulder (though, what purpose that served <c>
20:34:53 [Gloriana`Boulstridge] was anyone’s guess), when he sat upright again and gaped at her listlessly. Her eyes fixated on his as he rattles off numbers and something about a “Thin man dying by the Blue Man’s hand“. And there it was: thirteen candles. So the Tattooed Man’s tattoo was, indeed, meaningful. Her eyes grew wide and she turned to Archie again, as if she needed reassurance that she hadn’t gone mad and she had heard what she heard. When Colm collapsed into unconsciousness again, she leapt from her seat and rounded the table (thankfully she had been seated near the end closest to the doors of the Great Hall). Her hand dipped into her robes for her wand and she approached Colm, casting Archie a brief glance that said she was more than a little worried about what had just happened. She leaned over Colm and whispered something and flicked her wand at him. It would seem that she was attempting to use Renervate on him to bring him out of his unconsciousness and she hoped <c>
20:35:05 [Gloriana`Boulstridge] against hope that it would, in fact, succeed. They didn’t really need any more of a scene than had been created and moving him would only draw more unwanted attention and talk.||

20:41:49 Izzy-Iwamura was late to the party, today. Blame it on his mother (who actually had nothing to do with his absence for a change), it was probably her fault indirectly. Regardless, Izzy had been busy with something, and arrived fashionably late to the feast. He'd also sort of forgotten it was Halloween, because he'd never actually paid attention to silly things like 'holidays', and his tendency to not notice what other students were gossiping about was truly legendary. As luck would have it, Izzy had been meaning to talk to Gloriana about something, seeing as how she was - despite her irritating tendencies - generally useful. Except when she decided to be afraid of acromantulas, but that was… anyway, he arrived on the scene a bit late, finding Gloriana and Colman and Archie and a few other Ravenclaws all in a little ball, apparently very panicked about something. It took him a moment before it occurred to him that the Hufflepuff wearing the prefect badge appeared to be unconscious. Furthermore, Gloriana >
20:45:58 Izzy-Iwamura < was brandishing a wand over him! A WAND! WAS SHE RESPONSIBLE FOR THIS HORRIBLE MISCARRIAGE OF JUSTICE? No, of course not, that was ridiculous. Like Flutey said, Glori was far too boring for such impropriety. Izzy simply slid his way up behind her, peering over her shoulder curiously. He might have shown a little more emotion, considering the state of things, but that wasn't really in his character. "What happened?" Nothing but curiosity. || The faculty table was, perhaps, a calmer scene than the Ravenclaw table where Colman had his vision, but certainly, Callisto's vision was not lost on the others there. Flutey nearly jumped when she spoke that last phrase, turning his head towards her, slightly shocked. "What was that, Callisto..?" Cassaday, being Cassaday, continued eating soup. As for the other professors and their reactions, that remained to be seen. Flutey, though, had that look on his face - the one that said 'I'm about to give a speech if someone doesn't talk me out of it.'

20:50:24 Xia_Lavine was late to the feast as well, and she came in looking fantastically worse for the wear, with leaves and twigs and dirt in her shockingly white hair (yes white was the flavor of the day). She had smudges of dirt on her face, her eyes wide, her lips parting a little in surprise as she looked around the Great Hall. She'd wanted dinner. instead what she got was a feast scene filled with a few clusters of people quietly panicing. Not the best time to come stumbling in looking like the forest had thrown her up, but she shrugged the thought off as she meandered toward the cluster of Ravenclaws, joining Izzy beside them and looking the group over curiously, just as Izzy asked about what had happened. She frowned, biting her bottom lip. Well this was odd. || At the staff table, Medicinebird glanced up from her own meal when she heard Flutey speaking to Caliisto, her eyes narrowing slightly. This couldn't be good. Especially when she saw that look on Flutey's face. Oh god. Not another one.

20:53:58 Archie stood transfixed; perplexed and somewhat afraid at what was happening. Colman’s actions were, in every sense of the world, disturbing. Even muggles shied away and were freaked out when someone started bouts of epileptic seizures; in the wizard world, a seizure brought on by prophecies and sights of the future was no less of an alarming sight. His gaze, however, never shifted to Gloriana as hers found his; he was instead roused by actions from the faculty, many of whom, instead of focusing on Colman, were just as fascinated and bewildered by Professor Accursio’s silence and cloudy-eyed moment. Archie’s attention moved back to Colman, not missing a single, chilling word. He eventually fell silent, and then into unconsciousness he went. Archie was quick, being behind him and all, to drop (fling) his plate and catch the Hufflepuff to keep him from facedesk’ing or, worse, ungracefully falling back. Gloriana is thusly left with little work as Archie has already moved up behind the [c]
20:54:28 [Archie] Hufflepuff and removed him from his seat to lay him on the ground. Gloriana’s worried glance wouldn’t be met by Archie who was just too focused on what had just happened, and processing the information to really respond. As such, Izzy and Xia went unnoticed too, leaving Archie caught up in his own head, Colman’s skull resting in Gloriana’s grasp.

21:00:07 [Colman] Lo, Archie and Gloriana’s efforts produce a groggy, yet conscious individual as floods of light start to fill Colman’s vision. The first thing he does is turn head and his eyes and nose into his shoulder to guard against any unwelcome distraction—as if he’s completely forgotten he’s dropped in the middle of the Hall and he’s fairly certain he’s rubbing sleep from his face in the privacy of his bunk. While the Ravenclaw table is spreading infective chaos, Colman has just about lifted himself – if he’s allowed – from his recline on Gloriana’s lap. Pieces fall into place soon thereafter—the missing frames, the noise (though that takes a while more to sort out)—and all he can summon for a reply to everything is a forced smile to imply his good health while his eyes search the faces around him without actually seeing much at all. “Did somethin’ happen? Did I say somethin’?” He feels it’s important to ask this of those in his immediate vicinity before he looks towards the faculty tables like he’s digging for
21:00:14 [Colman] a lifeline.

21:09:56 [Ophelia-Wright] It was called ‘minding her own business’, which she’d been doing up until Colman’s spectacle. Initially skeptical, she quickly retracted her original presumption upon noting the crowd beginning to gather around the boy. Nudged by a couple of her peers, she ignored them and stood. “What in blue blazes…?” She wouldn’t have thought much of it, had his outburst not garnered everyone’s interest, including the faculty. It roused more than a bit of suspicion from her and, ignoring her better judgment, she’d more-than-confidently stride toward the Ravenclaw table. He’d pass a sparing glance at the faculty table a second time before beginning to elbow past several students until she finally found herself standing relatively near the ‘inner circle’. Staring at Colman, she attempted to signal either Colman, Gloriana, or Archie before asking (quite hurriedly, in fact). “Ophelia Wright, nice to meet you all.” There, now they could skip the formalities. <C>
21:10:15 [Ophelia-Wright] <C> “And before the Headmaster decides to tell us we ‘need to remain calm’, would you mind telling me what just happened to your little friend?” Would it seem abrupt? Sure. Would she come off as rude? Probably. Did she mean to? Not at all. However, at a time when something was happening every other day, nothing could be taken for granted.

21:12:17 [Kaust] The mind was empty, currently void of any or most thought as the professor stood leaned against the far wall of the Great Hall. Between her lips hung that usually seen church warden pipe, and every so often lips would close to allow a long pull before the release of mint scented tendrils of smoke. This was probably the cause for her cloudy eyes, for her slack expression and general nonchalant presence in the hall. The happenings of the feast were barely considered, if even acknowledged by the German, and only the barest of twitches even gives away the fact that she’s breathing and reacting. It’s only when the first gasp rings out in the hall that eyes will slowly roll away from watching the spinning of the ceiling to the general direction the noise came from. It’s a small stirring, but obvious enough to note that a student has had some sort of accident. Eyes narrow slightly and slowly she’ll pull away from the wall, not to make her way to the collection of students, but to stalk along the outside of the
21:12:19 [Kaust] perimeter of children like some predatory beast craving the soft flesh of the weak within their circle. When she finally arrives at the teachers tables, all glares and sneering, it’s Cassaday’s question that draws her immediate attention. Well well well, don’t mind the German, who moves to slide into her seating and exhale a cloud of smoke, all the while giving off a mildly amused, albeit cold grin. Let’s see what sort of foolishness is going on this time.

21:18:43 Charlie_Gray was not much for festivities, hence her lateness to the Halloween Feast. Actually, it wasn't the festivities that she took issue with, but all of the people enjoying them. If possible, there's even more of a ruckus in the Great Hall during the holiday feasts than on normal evenings. And all the noise and excitement tended to make her sort of.. shifty. Though, she must admit, the decorations were always very lovely. But she had decided to join in this evening, even if she was late. Better late than never, right? She strolled into the Great Hall quietly, admiring the black and orange pretties all around as she made her way to the Ravenclaw table. She had even dressed up a little bit for the occasion, with a pair of black pin-stripped pants that cupped her little rear and had flared legs with an orange cropped top, a black illustration of a jack-o-lantern on her chest. A pair of black ballet flats quieted her footsteps and brown locks are pulled up into a wavy ponytail, with sparkly little orange and <c>
21:18:47 Charlie_Gray <c> barrettes decorating it. Yes, she looked rather adorable, if a little silly. Being Charlie, it took her a few moments to notice that everything was not quite right, including a huddle of her fellow Ravenclaws around another student. Her pace slowed as she walked over, standing a little behind Xia to watch as Colm was just rousing from his apparent unconsciousness. She had just missed his seizure, and so had no idea of what had happened before he momentarily left the waking world. But she found herself very interested in finding out, though not nearly enough to be so bold like the girl who had just approached. Evidently, her name is Ophelia, and she’s very pretty.

21:32:04 AvalonMarsh was thoroughly confused and a little nervous. With all the burning forests and things/people disappearing/being ransacked she wasn't really sure what to think anymore. She stood, leaning on the table, trying to get a better look at what was going on but couldn't see over the crowd. However, she wasn't inclined to get much closer. Who knew what could be going on? As the whispers spread through the students and she got wind that the Hufflepuff had woken up Avalon scrambled to see, pushing her way through the outer ring of students until she could get a peak between bodies. It wasn't every day a student rambled off prophecies at dinner and passed out. Sitting at the Slytherin table hadn't been the prime location to catch everything that had happened, but there was enough chatter going around to get wind of it.

21:50:46 Callisto ‘s composure, usually perfect, wavered for but a moment – once straight shoulders slumped and when, finally, she came ‘back to herself’ a sharp inhale of breath was taken, followed soon after by several moments of serene silence ( or, well, Callisto being silent, the rest of the hall – especially one particular gathering - was in shambles by now ) which was only shattered by Flutey’s strangled words. Even so, it wasn’t the man’s voice which snapped this blonde Seer ‘out of it’, rather, it was the expression which the non-too pleasant looking gentleman held. “A vision, Chester, do try not to panic.” Always the composed elder it seemed, even around the headmaster and directly after… well, after seeing all of that. “There is no need for worry, Headmaster.” she assured him abruptly. The fork she’d held was placed neatly at the side of full plate before she glanced past the strange man who liked to achieve so much. What was she looking for? Thornton or Quinn, both of whom were >
21:50:52 Callisto ~ on the womans radar for their abilities… and finally those deep ever seeing eyes found the huddle of students around one of ‘her students’. “I saw numbers: three, three, nine, three. A warning: They are coming, a death… The thin man killed by the blue man and thirteen candles… I would think it’s prime time to talk to the students, perhaps one of your delightful speeches could distract them while I try to decipher this?” with that said she rose, a little unsteadily at first, to her feet and brushed herself down before once again straightening up to her full ‘regal’ height. “and… the nurse ran with the tattooed man, chased by shadows…I don’t know what it means, I need time to analyse it, Headmaster.” and then, with a slight nod of respect, she departed from the table and made her way towards, yup – you guessed it!, Colman’s little group. As she got closer the ‘crowd’ parted, pushed aside by her mere presence – she wasn’t like the >
21:51:08 Callisto ~ ‘old mad Divination’ Professors, she was strict, precise and known for her harsh, but fair, attitude. “Quinn, get up, for goodness sake.” she was standing above him now, completely ignoring the others who surrounded the boy and with one elegant move she knelt down and took him from Gloria, moving him precisely and swiftly so he supported himself more or less without anyone’s help. “Please, children, give him some room.” for the first time she glanced up at the others, offering none so much as a smile… but, well, there was nothing hostile or dislikeable about the way she observed each and every one before returning her attention to Colman. The boy had now at least gained some strength and was, luckily, beginning to stagger to his feet – something which Callisto – surprisingly - helped with. Soon enough the boy was standing beside the professor, leaning only slightly against her arm. “The show is now over, go back to your feast, Students.” dismissed? Yeah. >
21:51:20 Callisto ~ They were dismissed, and without another word the Teacher and Student headed for the exit.~

22:01:21 [Gloriana`Boulstridge] || Her mouth fell open at Colm’s apparent obliviousness to what had happened. The Staff didn’t seem to be in any hurry to assist the student that had just made a rather violent display, which left Glori wondering momentarily what had captured their attention. But she didn’t bother herself with that train of thought for very long before she glanced over at the newly conscious (and somewhat amnesic) Colm. She was so immersed in the puzzling nature of what had happened that she hadn’t noticed Izzy or Ophelia’s appearance. In fact, she pretty much ignored them purposefully now. Her eyebrows knit together and her shoulders slumped as she continued to gape at Colm. She finally recovered from the shock of it all and cleared her throat. Narrowing her eyes at him she asked, “You…. You don’t remember what happened?” Well you couldn’t blame her for asking, she was so confused about it all and she’d never actually seen a Seer before. So her brain wasn’t exactly firing on all cylinders. Her question, however, <c>
22:01:24 [Gloriana`Boulstridge] went unanswered as Professor Accursio broke through the crowd in her strangely graceful way and spurred Colm to his feet. She watched silently as teacher and student exited the Great Hall and then gazed back at Izzy, Ophelia, and then Archie again, hoping to catch his gaze for something, anything.||

22:08:58 Izzy-Iwamura arrived just in time to see the whole thing turn into a right old scene, which lasted exactly long enough for him to get no answers at all as to what happened, because the crowd attracted other attention - Professor Accursio whisked off with the Quinn boy and promptly dismissed the hell out of them. Bamf. Izzy, for his part, looked momentarily perturbed, but his immediate resolution was to just let well enough alone and enjoy the Halloween Fe- "Attention, students!" Oh, no. Oh, no, no, no… "As you may have noticed, our dear prefect Colm Quinn suffered a minor achievement related setback, which came in the form of a…" Flutey's droning voice was exactly the last thing he wanted to hear right now, and it looked like even at the faculty table, he was starting to get dirty looks. (Surely Accursio would be subject to the same, as she had actually ENCOURAGED him to speak.) It was sheer dumb luck that Flutey's speech was cut short - not by any student or faculty, who by now it was clear >
22:11:55 Izzy-Iwamura < had no power to silence Flutey, but by the one thing he had no pre-written answers for: unexpected events. Someone - no, not someone, two someones - fell from the… ceiling? Two people fell from the ceiling of the Great Hall and struck the floor with a rough sort of splotching sound - the sound a femur makes when it snaps, or something like. A scream of pain followed. There were two of them there. One was the nurse, who had vanished from the infirmary two weeks earlier. And the other… well, it didn't take a master of deduction to piece that puzzle together.

22:33:48 [McBride] || After some lengthy packing and paperwork, McBride was finally on School Grounds. She touched down just outside of the Main Entrance and stood staring at the establishment she hadn’t seen in quite a few years worth of time. House Elves popped into existence before her and hurried to collect her things and apparate back to the room that had been made to accommodate her for the duration of her stay. She thanked them, though many would have just ignored the creatures altogether and removed the thick leather gloves from her hands, gazing up at the large doors that barred her entry. Piper reached a slender hand into her stylish coat and retrieved her wand, giving it a good flick at the entrance. The doors creaked and parted just enough to allow the thin woman into the Entrance Hall. Stuffing her gloves into the pocket of her coat, she made for the Great Hall, her mouth drawn up into a smile. Piper knew very well what the current date was and that meant festivities in the Great Hall. But before she could open <c>
22:33:55 [McBride] the twin doors into the Dining area, a Professor glided through them with unmatched grace, pulling a student along in her wake. Her eyebrow lifted quizzically before she turned to enter the Hall. She had apparently just missed all the excitement. Professor Chester Flutey was attempting the beginnings of one of his infamous Long-winded speeches when the idea that she’d missed anything had been shattered completely. Two bodies fell from the ceiling, one male and the other female. She snapped her wrist and their bodies suddenly went stiff. “Well, it seems I’ve arrived just in time, wouldn’t you say Professor Flutey,” she asked, an impish grin upturning the corners of her mouth. Her wand fell to her side as she approached the two and briefly examined them. ‘Well if this isn’t a juicy scene for the books. You wouldn’t mind terribly if I requested the help of one of your other fine Professors to assist me in relocating these two to the Hospital Wing for further interrogation, <c>
22:34:09 [McBride] would you, Headmaster,” she quirked a brow and glanced from the Nurse and Tattooed Gentleman back to Flutey.||

22:41:11 [Archie] Colman’s inability to remember anything that had happened was perplexing, but in this world where the astonishing usually went forgotten by the astonisher, especially if it wasn’t unintentional, and came off as seemingly menacing and malicious, Colman forgetting what had just happened couldn’t be all that surprising. I mean…come on. This is an RP adaptation of a film – there is no way in hell the character would have any recollection of the fact that he’d just managed to freak the hell out of everyone in the grand hall. In any case, Professor Accursio was quick to pull Colman away and out of the spotlight. It was clear to Archie whatever it is she wanted to find out, she wanted to keep out of the ears of students would immediately begin (resume) their own amateur investigations. While that happened, Archie simply looked at Gloriana…he was as clueless as she was. He had absolutely nothing. Flutey stood and prepared a speech, and it would seem then that he and Accursio were in cahoots. Like [c]
22:41:34 [Archie] others, Flutey was the last person he wanted to hear speaking. Flutey’s voice and beginning portion of an undoubtedly mind numbing speech were Her tactic nearly worked, but how ironic that she would leave the room with Colman in an attempt to bring the excitement level back down only for two people to drop from the ceiling. While It’s Raining Men didn’t come to mind for obvious reasons, it would appear The Weather Girls were onto something. Of course, when they made the song they undoubtedly didn’t take into consideration the literal implications of what ‘raining’ meant…It meant falling. And they certainly didn’t add the sounds of breaking bones in the music either. No, the nurse and the tattooed man falling from the ceiling brought a few real world realities into perspective for those unfortunately close enough to actually hear the bones break in their fall. It was as disturbing as Colman’s previous seizures, if not more so, and it showed on Archie’s face, coupled with his shock. [c]
22:41:50 [Archie] Now he was the one running his gaze between Gloriana and the bodies before he actually stood to began taking steps towards them, likely unwise, but he’d do it anyways. He was of course halted, however, by the spell thrown by the random individual entering through the doors of the great hall, inducing a pseudo-rigor mortis over the bodies before he could get to them, and likely for the best. He stopped dead in his tracks, head swiveling around quickly to watch the mysterious female saunter in as if she hadn’t just witnessed to people falling from a ceiling he was sure was only charmed to look like an endless night sky.

22:57:25 [Ophelia-Wright] She was being ignored. She was being ignored. Purposefully. How troublesome! A bit of her capricious nature beginning to emerge, she placed a hand on her hip while becoming visibly annoyed by the painful lack of an answer. “I can’t be the only person that wants to know.” Wanting to confirm her suspicions, she turned and stared at the group of students still murmuring behind her, Ophelia glaring at them disapprovingly while sighing exasperatedly. “They’re too shy, but I know they’re just as curious.” Within earshot of Colman’s confession, she scowled. “How can you not remember? You looked like death.” That wasn’t meant to be offensive, but it was true. However, she was forced to step aside before she could prod for more answers, Ophelia staring at the back of Professor Accursio’s head, she remained obediently silent while the boy was carted off, leaving them with nothing to go on. Figures. Attention, students! Groaning audibly, she <C>
22:57:42 [Ophelia-Wright] <C> turned and stared at the Headmaster before waving dismissively. Thanks, but no thanks. About to turn away, she noticed that she was being watched by another person—a Ravenclaw girl. She didn’t quite glare at Charlie, but she did make it known that she was onto the girl’s rude behavior. “Can I help y—?” However, she was interrupted by the falling of two bodies from the imaginary skies of the Hall, Ophelia quick to begin shoving past the students (again) to obtain a better view.

23:04:17 Charlie_Gray was the first to step back when Callisto swept through the group of students huddled around Colm. She recognized the professor only vaguely, obviously not being in any of her classes. There was a strange and sort of eerie fluidity to the way she moved that made Charlie wonder if she was entirely human. She took Colm from the floor and hustled him out of the Great Hall, her dress flowing methodically. Charlie found herself dazed for a moment. She hadn't known what had been going on, and everything happened so quickly.. She shook her head slightly, looking around at the people who had gathered around Colm, the people who now remained when he had left. She knew some of them, the Ravenclaws mostly. Xia the best probably, though she'd left moments earlier. Archie though, she knew him a little bit. Next thing she knew, people were falling from the sky, or, from the cieling more accurately. Two of them, and landing rather unpleasantly, Charlie cringed and looked away for a moment. When she turned her gaze <c>
23:05:30 Charlie_Gray <c> back towards the two fallen people, she noticed Archie moving toward them. Something she thought was fairly ill-advised. And she was actually about to step forward and take his arm to stop him, when he paused of his own accord, due to the appearance of a strange woman who seemed much too comfortable with the sight of falling peoples. Between all of this crazyness, Charlie had been caught in the less than friendly gaze of the girl who had previously introduced herself as Ophelia. Her eyes widened slightly, shaking her head while looking at the ground. She was intimidated, yes. It wasn’t much of a feat to intimidate Charlie. “M’sorry.” She muttered before Ophelia’s attention was diverted to the fallen one’s, and she began pushing through other students once more. Charlie exhaled a breath of relief once she was no longer under Ophelia's harsh stare.

23:08:24 [Gloriana`Boulstridge] || She rolled her eyes as Flutey began yet another of his boring speeches. There was no doubt that it would be filled with unnecessary rambling that had little or nothing to do with the events that took place only moments ago. Thankfully (though it was arguable that what happened next was anything worth being thankful for), he was disrupted by a pair of bodies that fell from the enchanted ceiling. Gloriana let out a brief cry, fearful that they were unsavory creatures and very possibly dead. The resounding crunch that followed was sickening, to say the least. Her eyes grew wide as she realized that the bodies that fell from the sky weren’t creatures, but people. And not just any people, it was the Tattooed Man and the Nurse! She clamored to her feet and followed after Archie, as curious (if not more) as he was about the pair. But both were thwarted from their attempt to examine them as a strange woman entered the Great Hall. Her fingers coiled lightly around Archie’s wrist, tugging <c>
23:08:27 [Gloriana`Boulstridge] him gently back into the line of students that now parted to allow the woman to pass and examine the bodies. She didn’t pay any mind to the other students, that’s just not how Gloriana worked. Instead, she kept her focus on Archie, Professor Kaust, and the woman that had just entered the Great Hall.||

23:23:57 Izzy-Iwamura was a little caught up and frozen by just how much was happening just now. Chaos. Bodies falling from the ceiling. And… someone bursting through the doors into the Great Hall. Izzy didn't know quite what to do. One might call his expression a state of catatonic shock in point of fact. He just kind of stared at the bodies - one, the Tattooed Man, was quite still, while the nurse was writhing in obvious pain - and the adults who were now swarming over them. Maybe he had finally snapped! Maybe. Regardless, there were now people inspecting the two fallen - the nurse was clearly and obviously alive, though she hadn't landed gracefully, and both her legs were splayed out at an ugly, obtuse angle. Splintered bone protruded through one of them. The other, the Tattooed Man, naked save for the clinical shift he'd been dressed up in when he was first carted there, lay face down on the flagstones beneath him. He was still, cold, had no pulse - and he was bleeding, slowly, out both of his ears. By any >
23:28:55 Izzy-Iwamura < other words, he was very, very dead. The nurse promptly lost consciousness, at this point, likely overcome with the pain, finally. The Tattooed Man was much as he always was, his tattoos shifting and changing, though those who had seen him before - namely, the sadistic German who had been there when he first fell - would immediately notice one key difference. The tattoos within the stationary ring of candles were entirely still, frozen in place. The scene was simple enough - it showed a village burning, with dark eyes looming in the sky overhead. Now, right around this time, Izzy managed to snap out of his stupor and joined with the jostling and shoving with the other students, seeking a place with a view. He was a little late to the game… tonight wasn't really his night for that, was it? He looked about quickly. The Rat Pack, where was the rest of the Rat Pack? (Okay, maybe Scoobies was a better term, it inspired fewer thoughts of racism and homophobia… damn you, Sinatra!)

23:46:40 [McBride] || She cast the austere-looking blonde woman a sidelong glance. “Dear, would you mind doing that elsewhere, it makes it terribly hard for me to work when pipe smoke is clouding my senses,” she requested. Although… with the expression she was wearing, it wasn’t so much as a polite request as a polite demand. Her position pretty much trumped any sort of seniority the woman had here and she was already feeling a great deal of dislike toward her. Call it woman’s intuition if you’d like, but whatever you wanted to call it, Piper’s not very fond of this Pipe-smoking broad. The bodies that lay before them were a gruesome sight to behold, but McBride was in no rush to obscure their view. If the children were interested, let them see. She glanced at the students crowded around them and smirked. Inhaling a sharp breath of air through her nostrils, she murmured, “Ah, the good old days, when curiosity abounds.” She nudged the blonde with her elbow and her grin only widened, “No use stopping them <c>
23:46:53 [McBride] from seeing the bad stuff now, eh?” McBride preferred honesty with the young, when it was warranted. They needed to be fully prepared for the horrors of the world and what better way to introduce them to it than by allowing them full view of a corpse and another mangled body. Flutey stood and raised a friendly hand in Piper’s direction and subsequently motioned in Kaust’s direction, “Professor Kaust, you won’t mind at all, will you? Good, Good.” He didn’t wait for a reply from Kaust or any objection either. “Now, boys and girls, due to our most recent achievement related setback, I’m going to ask the Heads of House and Prefects to usher you to your common rooms immediately. There you will finish this fantastic feast, brought to you by the wonderful house elves from the basement. Incidently, if you’re wondering wh—.” “Thanks Professor Flutey, I think we’ve had enough excitement for the evening without one of your famous speeches,” McBride interrupted. Flutey, looking a <c>
23:47:13 [McBride] little flustered and more constipated than ever, nodded and quickly excused himself from the Great Hall and made himself scarce for the remainder of the evening. She turned to Kaust and smiled mischievously, “If you’d be so kind.” With a wave of her wand in the direction of the Nurse’s stiff body, the woman’s body lifted from the ground and McBride “carried” her along the corridors toward the Hospital Wing. She could probably mend the broken bones with a little Skel-A-Grow, which she was sure to find in the Nurse’s stores. And later she’d have a long talk with the woman to find out exactly what had happened in her time spent with the (now dead) Tattooed Fellow.||

23:52:53 Archie didn’t have to be hovering over either the nurse or the tattooed man to know there was a lot of blood on both, and that the tattooed man was bleeding from somewhere on his head, which was a good sign he was dead, or at least never going to wake up again. The nurses screams, silenced eventually by her falling into unconsciousness, was difficult to listen to. Pained screams were not pleasant in any way, shape, or form. At least to Archie. Any manner of sadistic asshattery could be circulating in the grand hall at the moment beneath all their noses. After all, everything else had. Gloriana’s attempts to keep him from wandering towards the bodies was immediately seen as irritating, but he didn’t show this, and he’d likely remember later to probably thank her for keeping him out of trouble. Yet, for now he was overcome with a profound desire to get as close to the bodies as possible just to catch a glimpse of something. But with everyone causing him considerable grief with their pushing, and [c]
23:53:05 [Archie] Kaust’s decision to act as a wall between the bodies and curious students, Archie gave up on the endeavor, instead just turning to Gloriana to make sure they’d both seen that the tattooed man was dead. “The tattooed man is dead….thirteen candles is dead.” Yes; he’d opted to calling the man “Mr. Thirteen Candles”. Flutey made it clear it was time to go back to their dorms, and the mysterious woman who had walked in and taken the hall by storm was now practically giving orders to Kaust of all people. Archie half suspected a second death to happen in Hogwarts tonight.

23:56:40 [Ophelia-Wright] Her efforts to obtain a better view of the falling bodies were interrupted by Kaust’s interference, Ophelia staring at the raised end of the Professor’s wand while several students began to disperse, some of them clearing away from the bodies’ immediate vicinity while others attempted to flee the Great Hall altogether. Ophelia was not among those students; instead, she foolishly remained within earshot of Kaust and the other woman, the brunette crouching low against the ground to obtain a better glimpse of the tattooed man’s body. “By Jove,” she murmured, taken aback—but nothing would’ve prepared her for the sight of blood, Ophelia staring blankly at the red liquid beginning to ooze from the man’s ears (luckily, she had yet to witness the nurse’s splintered legs, but her screams did little to ease her nerves). Feeling the contents of her evening meal beginning to bubble back into her throat, she’d quickly turn away while beginning to slowly back away from those brave enough to press <C>
23:56:55 [Ophelia-Wright] <C> onward in spite of the gruesome imagery. Sadly, Charlie wouldn’t be able to catch a break as Ophelia, stuck in a small bit of shock, would bump right into her. Nearly falling over, she’d stumble back and glare at the Ravenclaw girl. “Bloody Hell, what’s wrong with you!?” Naturally, it wasn’t long before she realized that the girl wasn’t deserving of her contempt and would, amidst the chaos occurring around them, hurriedly begin to dust off her robes. “Crud. Sorry. I didn’t mean that.” She was pale and visibly shaken; blood wasn’t something she appreciated very much. Assuming Charlie hadn’t run away, she’d half-listen for some sort of response while hearing Archie’s assumption. “Y-you have no idea.” About to ask the Charlie for a glass of water or something of the like (seeing that she was, at the moment, the closest thing Ophelia had to an acquaintance for the evening), she turned and stared at Kaust and the strange woman from a distance, but appeared none too pleased to see her <C>
23:57:11 [Ophelia-Wright] <C> scold the former for her habits. “I wouldn’t have done that,” she murmured weakly, color beginning to return to her pallid features.

00:07:45 [Kaust] Words were spoken in her general direction and lifting gaze from the floor to the nameless woman who was apparently making it her duty to take over another long pull will be taken from the pipe before released from parted lips, left to shape and form like small plum clouds that split off into a shapeless mass of tendrils and wisps. What’s this? Slowly a brow is lifted, and another long drag is taken on the pipe, even as the woman who carries with her that political type f power demands of her the simplest of orders. Does the pipe find its way from between Kaust lips? With narrowed eyes she’ll remove it from her mouth, only to tip it over and dump the empty used ashes between her feet, and all too soon, as Herr Headmaster begins his speech, she’ll remove from her robes a small paper roll of herbs, which are dumped out and packed into the pipe with the grace and experience of someone who was able to do the action without much thought or effort. Pipe is then placed back between teeth deliberately, slowly, while
00:08:03 [Kaust] Herr Headmaster begins more speech toward her, and with a mumble and a flick of empty fingertips –igniting a flame at the tip—the German professor keeps to her name… by taking another long drag of her now refreshed smoking tool. Nien… The mind whispers, lips twisting into that definite but somewhat interested smile. Certainly it was not unusual for Kaust to do as she pleased, and this was her territory, the school she roamed with the disposition of the old and hate-filled. Nevermind the newcomers rank, or the respect Herr Headmaster seemed to devote… Kaust knew her not, and it took a Master to control order this dog. There’s no need to voice her reason for continuing to smoke, one can see it in her expression, in the depths of those cloudy eyes, that that request is just too large for the professor to follow from a stranger. Though it would do well for McBride to follow those instincts, this German doesn’t seem all there.
00:08:06 [Kaust] “I trust in your ability to function in all conditions, Frau Slender.” Ah, that was her nickname, until she found something more appropriate to call her. Then she was nudged, and it wasn’t so much the nudge that caused her to frown but the suggestion that they not waste the effort in keeping the students from seeing the remains of the corpses. For a moment it appears as if she might protest, but the mouth remains closed and her expression smoothes out. It was not her concern whether the student’s mental health was in proper condition. So long as they continued to do her classes and obey her commands when given they could get themselves killed risking it all for some frivolous adventure. “I suppose.” She’ll chuckle, taking a step from the nurse more or less toward the tattooed man. She had her orders, for now, and wand held in her other hand would be lifted while eyes stray downward to catch a glance at the tattooed man’s back. A twitch then, as she makes note of the flesh and then…. Then… she
00:08:20 [Kaust] watches McBride lead the nurse to receive her much needed medical attention. “Sure sure.” Kaust casually mumbles, only waiting until the woman relieves herself from the area before scowling at the Headmaster and waving wand over the body. It rises, as expected, and out toward the hall she moves, only sparing a heated glance of barely held back aggression toward Ophelia, face flushed and teeth digging into the expensive wood of the pipe. However, once out in the hall and clear it’s not to the Hospital Wing she takes the exposed nude male… Oh no, but no worries, it’ll get there soon enough.

00:21:57 Charlie_Gray had purposefully stayed back when everybody else surged forward to see what was happening. But when Kaust and her wand scared off a number of students, Charlie managed to get a good, unintentional, look at the two bodies on the floor. Blood was pooling around the man's head, the tattooed man that she'd heard about but been absent for his original appearance. And the nurse. The nurse that Charlie actually almost had a relationship with. In her first and second years, Miss Gray had made many trips to the Hospital wing, more often than not trying to avoid contact with other human beings if she could. And the nurse had always been kind to her. Warm, even when scolding. Her eyes were fixed on the Nurse's strangely positioned legs, the bone protruding. It made her sick to her stomach, but she knew she wouldn't throw up. Charlie was transfixed in quiet revulsion, and therefore unable to avoid the approaching Ophelia before she collided with her. Charlie fell on her butt, picking herself up quickly and quietly.<c
00:22:12 Charlie_Gray <c> She was about to apologize when Ophelia beat her to the punch. She shook her head, “Things are rather chaotic. Not to worry.” She looked at the pale complexion of the other girl, brow furrowing. “Are you alright?” Right now, she’s trying to keep her mind off the gruesome scene over yonder. She grabbed an empty goblet from the table nearest to her, pointing her wand at it (which she pulled from.. Somewhere) and murmuring “Aguamenti(sp)” before handing the now water-filled goblet to Ophelia. “You look like you could use this.” The body of the naked man, and the injured nurse were being taken out of the Great Hall now, so Charlie didn’t have to worry about shielding her eyes. She hoped the nurse would be alright. “I’m Charlie.” She said in that oh-so-soft voice.

00:25:10 [Gloriana`Boulstridge] || Her lip curled beneath her teeth and her eyebrows furrowed at the sight. The nurse’s screams had prompted her to tighten her grip around Archie’s wrist, more for comfort than an attempt to hold him back. She watched the commanding woman chide Kaust, her jaw dropping in response. Her reaction to the woman and Kaust was interrupted as Archie suddenly turned to face her. Gloriana nodded solemnly, “Yes Archie, it…. Seems that way. And I’m not sure who the woman is but… the way she’s… the way she’s giving orders… I’m inclined to think she’s… an Auror.” The conclusion didn’t come very fast, and she seemed to be in the middle of that particular train of thought when Archie had interrupted it originally. She didn’t exactly mean to ignore Izzy. Although, it was just desserts for his purposefully avoiding her when she had something important to say to him. So, it was unlikely that she’d end of being too terribly remorseful in the end. She let go Archie’s hand and made to lead her Housemates <c>
00:25:25 [Gloriana`Boulstridge] back to Ravenclaw Tower. There was so much that needed explaining, and she imagined that she, Archie, Xia, Izzy, and any number of the others would be exploring possibilities the next day… hopefully anyway. But for now, she was focused on getting back to her dorm. Where she would, upon arrival, pour over her books and notes again just in case.||

00:45:40 [Ophelia-Wright] She didn’t quite catch the exchange that followed McBride’s scolding, but she was certain that Kaust wouldn’t allow her to leave with the final word. Staring blankly at the body of the unconscious nurse being carted off, she caught sight of the woman’s mangled legs and quickly felt her own begin to grow weak. Luckily she was capable of remaining on her feet, Ophelia regaining her composure shortly before Kaust shuffled by. Catching the full brunt of the Professor’s aggression, she held a, ‘who, me?’ expression while pointing to herself confusedly. However, she’d refrain from staring at the body she was tugging along, waving her off half-heartedly. Her apology accepted by the Ravenclaw girl, she sighed heavily while pressing a palm against her cheek and rubbing it gently. “I’m fi—I could be better,” she admitted. Receiving the goblet, she stared at it strangely before bringing it to her lips and taking a generous sip. “Er.” Unsure of what to say (she had, after all, expressed kindness to her <C>
00:45:55 [Ophelia-Wright] <C> after Ophelia had so rudely called her attention. “Charlie,” she repeated. Strange name. “Uh. Ophelia. Right.” Shaking her head, she set down the goblet on the nearest table. “Ophelia Wright. Nice to meet you.” Still feeling somewhat frazzled, she’d offer a weak grin (proving that Slytherin students were, in fact, capable of more than just smirking) while bowing courteously. “I… think a bit of rest is in order. I’ll be seeing you later,” she murmured, waving to her before beginning to rigidly make her way to the exit.

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