11/30/2010 Log

15:25:26 Izzy-Iwamura was feeling the nerves again, now that he was back on the ground. Mostly it was the knowledge that he was no longer going to be 'that transfer student'. Izzy didn't like drawing attention to himself. Calcifer had been right, once he was in the air, nothing really bothered him. It was the before, and now the after, that were difficult to deal with. And, with his broom clutched to his chest like a mother with a child, Izzy's main goal was to shuffle off the pitch as quickly as he could and find a nice quiet place to cool off for the rest of the day. But, there was an old saying in the Muggle world, something about how the best laid plans of mice and men should always tie their camel. And, as the Head of Ravenclaw often said, life is what happens when you make other plans. With Izzy's - and likely many other people's - other plans made, life decided to happen. Today, life happened in a particularly visible form: a body fell from the air, and landed face-down on the Quidditch pitch, right in plain view >
15:30:07 Izzy-Iwamura < of, well, everyone. It wasn't a student, certainly, and even more certainly it wasn't a member of the faculty. The facts of the situation were simple enough: he was an older man, somewhat broadly-set but not exceptionally large, he was stark naked except for a pair of heavy brown hiking boots, and he was covered from head to toe in tattoos. He was also either dead or unconscious, which considering the recent fall from somewhere in the sky might not have been entirely surprising. As is usually the case in strange and unexpected events, there was a moment of abject silence as onlookers attempted to make sense of what they'd seen. Then, naturally, pandaemonium, the kind of pandaemonium where the pandas have chainsaws and are out specifically to breed chaos and ill will. The tattooed man, still face-down on the grass of the pitch, did not move or stir. The same certainly could not be said of the many people who saw him fall. Izzy didn't know what to expect from a crowd, and from the present >
15:30:32 Izzy-Iwamura < faculty, but he considered for the moment the better option was to stay back a bit and not get involved. It sounded like there might be a stampede. Or worse.

15:44:57 Harry had decided to hang around after the game long before any bodies descended from the sky. Hell, when chaos strikes and the roaring crowds fly like gazelles from a lion (a completely undignified response to falling people!), Harriette takes special care not to get stampeded while holding her ground to curiously catch a gander at the pitch… and move closer to the ground as to really get a good look and lock. She can’t help it – inquisition is in her nature (among other things)… and falling bodies—that’s not something you see every day! Her efforts earn her an elbow to the jaw which she replies to with a toe-kick to the balls and continues surfing and pushing her way down to the ground. A couple of her peers try to do the same, though their interest seems more in the ‘passing traffic’ way than the ‘let’s touch it’ sort. She imagines it won’t be long before faculty and staff try to organize this monstrous body of panic… but she hopes to get as far as she can in the way of her goal before she’ll
15:45:07 [Harry] have to slip and sneak (and likely, ultimately be herded away).

15:55:02 [Kaust] The final whistle was blown, the game was set, and the match would be recorded with the recounting of the glories those students who whizzed along the field created during that short period. When broom was lowered and she finally landed at the center of the field, breathe pulled from body not from the general excitement but the motion of handling a superior transportation device with the expertise of the experienced and worthy all the while keeping a look out for the unusual. At the moment, she was rather pleased. There was a definite lack of cheating and horse play this time around, and fingertips would eagerly reach within her quidditch robes to remove from their contents her ‘reward’, that being the churchwarden pipe. Yet, before she can grip the handle assuredly what comes crashing from the sky is a body, naked, exposed, and possibly dead. There’s a slow blink from the professor who actually removes the goggles used to protect her eyes during flight so that her mind can get a better understanding of what
15:55:05 [Kaust] is in the center of her field a few feet away from her, but as the situation registers and the fact that it’s without clothing sinks in the brain kicks the body into gear and she rockets forward. Broom all but forgotten she slides to a kneel beside the body, takes one gloved hand, and checks for a pulse. This was her field, her world, but as of that one moment she expected those other adults to take care in escorting the youth out of it. Since she was closest, she’ll take to seeing of this tattoo’d male, identified by a quick glance between his legs, is even remotely active, though she can’t help but utter out a bit of soft laughter at the situation, a twisted sense of humor stirred from under that professional guise in the form of a barely concealed and crazed giggle: “It’s rainin’ men.” Literally. None the less, whether she gets a pulse or not, robe will be taken off to reveal simple blouse and slacks beneath to be draped over the unconscious body. Nobody wants to see its butt, and with the students
15:55:12 [Kaust] perhaps, already in a panic, it’s best to cover it up before others find a reason to join in on the chaos. “Great…”

16:14:58 [Audric] [[ - Once a Ravenlaw, always a Ravenclaw. He couldn't help but let some brief form of a grin spread across the corners of his mouth when his former House was successful this game. He was a decent flyer, but he never thought he was good enough to play Quidditch. But, it didn't hurt to have a little pride, did it? Preparing to cart himself off to his hut to sleep while the stands were cleaned [ probably his job anyway ], he glanced up to the sky, and just out of coincidence, his gaze landed on the body that mindlessly flailed as gravity took it's natural effect and forced it to go plummeting to the waiting patch of ground below. He paused, and he felt his knuckles burn white while he clenched the head of his cane feverishly. While not as quick as Professor Kaust, he proved that even with his cane, he could still book it considerably, even if it looked like he had trouble. He closed the distance separating him from what he assumed to be a corpse, [. C .]
16:15:39 [Audric] [. C .] and when Kaust tried to cover the body, he gave a displeasured feh, and with the tip of his cane, flipped the robe off. He clutched his cane again, raised it, and then powerfully stamped it against the ground, causing a few blades of grass to snap, and a good amount of dust to over turn. "Obex Murus." On command, an adequate veil — a shield — would be erected, starting at their heels, and then moving in a wisp until it formed a smooth dome. If someone tried to look through it, they'd feel an image would be extremely hard to make out from the outside. Something that the staff could weave their way through, but the less inexperienced students would have some difficult with, if staff even managed to let them through that far. Apparently not giving Kaust any attention, the groundskeeper glared down at the tattoos that were etched into the man's skin, momentarily finding himself trapped in the complexities of his own thoughts. [. C .]
16:15:54 [Audric] [. C .] "… What do you make of this, Professor?" He asked, wondering if she knew something about the tattoos that he couldn't pick up. Or, if she might've had a name or something to identify him with. - ]]

16:25:53 [Archie] Archie sat in the stands, applauding the win of one of the four rival teams, though his mind was focused on other things. Probably his own Quiddith skills. He’d dropped the ball in the last game. The team had won, but he was little help in that. However, even he was ripped from his reverie as a body descending from the sky, silence befalling the crowds in the moments that passed between the body falling and its impact with the ground. Silence continued to exist amongst all until Professor Kaust made it to the body, at which point, a scream erupted. A single scream heralded another, and then more, and then more, and before Archie knew it, his wide eyed stare at the pitch was turned onto the crowds pushing past, trying to get from their positions to either leave the area entirely, or to get as close to the body as possible. A stampede of fearful students had indeed broken out – between exploding doors, Sarpans, and now this, surely everyone was on edge, and this was likely the final straw. How was Hogwarts at all safe when naked, tattooed men were falling from the sky, and students were being pelted by door shrapnel and Sarpan clubs? Chatter and screaming and astonishment saturated the stands, and Archie, [c]
16:26:12 [Archie] stuck in the middle of it, could only focus on not being trampled, or rendered deaf by piercing screams.

16:34:02 Izzy-Iwamura couldn't really hold off that fickle little bitch curiosity for long, though he did hold off for long enough that Professor Kaust and Groundskeeper Benoit got to the prize before he did. On the other hand, being on the pitch already, and not in the stands, Izzy did have a certain vantage. He didn't have to contend with the crowds to make a point of investigating. But dare he make a run at disrupting professors in the midst of an investigation? Izzy like to at least pretend to be well-behaved around professors! And before he'd met Xia, he had always been well-behaved, all the time, without question. She had done terrible, terrible things to his sense of propriety, terrible indeed. And with that in mind, Izzy's sense of propriety promptly lost out to his sense of curiosity, and he (silently cursing himself) made for that little bubble of obscurity that Audric Benoit had cast over the fallen body. He didn't disrupt - he stayed a few feet away from the bounds of the obscuring charm itself. It didn't >
16:37:49 Izzy-Iwamura < strike as a particularly good idea to dispel it, even if he was fairly certain he could have (unless Audric, former auror that he was, had used something more complex and awesome than Izzy suspected)… it was the sort of thing where, regardless of the intentions, he would probably end up on the wrong end of trouble. Observation would suffice for now. Where was Xia, anyway? And the other Usual Suspects in his ring of lawbreakers? They couldn't be far, not with naked bodies falling from the sky. Kaust's inspection, meanwhile, would find that the fallen man was very alive - he was merely unconscious, possibly with a severe concussion. Probably far more alive than he should have been, and with far fewer broken bones, considering how far he must have fallen. The tattoos, at close inspection, proved… interesting. They moved and shifted, a tapestry of figures and images melting together and flowing into new images. But across his back, one set of tattoos remained the same: thirteen burning candles, arranged >
16:38:37 Izzy-Iwamura < in a circle from the small of his back to the shoulder blades. The images within were murky, indecipherable. The images outside the ring were mutable and transient. But the candles, alone of all the tattoos, never shifted.

16:48:11 [Ophelia-Wright] It wasn’t her sworn duty to attend every Quidditch match, but Ophelia did so nonetheless. Predictably, the match lacked the charge that often accompanied games between Slytherin and Gryffindor, but that was probably due to the lack of tangible animosity between Ravenclaw and Hufflepuff (that’s what she believed, anyway). Upon reaching the end of the match, she would’ve stood and jeered along with the rest of her House had they not been interrupted by the falling of a body onto the field. Sitting in stunned silence, she was alarmed by the chaos that magically (no pun intended) erupted within the stands. Palms pressed against her ears, she was almost immediately knocked from her seat by the multitude of students attempting to either approach the railings or flee the scene altogether. Among those curious enough to take a peek at the field, Ophelia stood and stared at the body laying motionlessly on the grassy floor. “What in Merlin’s—?” It wasn’t long before a couple of Prefects attempted to <C>
16:48:25 [Ophelia-Wright] <C> place a cap on the chaos by herding the students elsewhere, preferably back into the school. Ophelia, noticing that Kaust had already taken command, quickly slipped into the crowd and headed downstairs, at which point she broke away and headed toward the field. Spotting another boy approaching Kaust and the Groundskeeper, she kept a fair distance.

16:56:42 Harry thought things were looking up when she’s descended enough benches and rows and battled enough crowd to get a good look at the field. All her dreams are temporarily stomped on my some lame-o who thought it was a good idea to keep prying eyes out of the know, however, and in that moment of disappointment and distraction, Harriette spies something a little more concerning—a Gryffindor in peril not too far off! Or at least… threat of being stomped by people far less familiar (and far less attractive… and far less sporty… an—well the list could go on)! Anyway, it’s time to act so his face doesn’t get all punched in like her poor jaw has (a fate worse than death sometimes, you know)! This is done after she’s produced her wand from… up the leg of her shorts… and conveying a couple harmless jinxes with repeated use of "impedimenta" muttered under her breath. It’s really all hit-and-miss, but at least she’s managed not to hit Archie in the process—but there you go, she’s totally helped
16:56:58 [Harry] out. Archie is likely to be trampled by far less people in his immediate area for the next couple minutes as they are much more likely to be going my less quickly! Hopefully MORE than long enough to escape a fate that would see him plastered all over the floor. She’s sure he’ll thank her later—NOW… back to that cockblocking obscuring blind. She has words for you! Maybe… oh, wait, better stuff that wand back up her shorts before someone connects any silly dots… and then? She’s back on course and finally OUT of the flow of the crowd before anyone can tell her where the hell to go (just barely, really).

16:59:00 [Kaust] “I’ll try to explain vithout cursing.” She hissed, but she couldn’t repress the twisted excitement she experienced. This was different, dangerous, new, better than the mundane normal endings to a hard day of keeping kids from killing each other on brooms. Her attempt to regaining some semblance of proper control was a failure at best. It wasn’t until the realized the man was actually alive that her savage smile lessened to blank curiosity. Immediately, her mind spun through several possible scenarios. Wizard or not, no normal being could have possibly survived a fall from that height, never mind the fact that he shouldn’t have fallen in the first place. Was he an older student? A random male? She hadn’t bothered to turn over the body, and her hands had now returned to lingering over it when Benoit had rid them of her robe, of which she didn’t want to retrieve so soon… now that she thought about it. Eyes would remain on the body even when Izzy approached. It would be up to the groundskeeper to shoo him
16:59:11 [Kaust] away if he wished, she was too absorbed in attempting to figure out the markings inscribed on the backside of the unconscious… thing (as she’d given up on thinking it anything remotely human). They kept… changing shape, and in a curious motion she’d let, just barely, her fingertips trace the various merging patterns, only pausing when she found those unchanging candles. “He’s not dead. The tattoos move. These stay static.” She’d whisper, more or less to herself, but she’s taking off these notes in a voice loud enough for Audric to hear. “Can’t make sense of the moving ones. Static is thirteen candles, burning, arranged in a circle.” Here she wet her bottom lip, black tongue peeking out faintly before she leaned up and away from the body. “Should get our gifts from the heavens to the infirmary as quickly as possible…” Now she’ll glance up, hopefully in time to catch the company hovering outside the dome if Benoit hadn’t shooed them away already.
16:59:14 [Kaust] “Gotta get rid of the peanut gallery though.” Taking those gloved hands, she’d slowly, and gently as possible (should something important actually be broken within that body) she’ll attempt to flip him over and lie him down on his back. Nevermind his package, she’s trying to see if there are anymore oddities upon his person and get a good look at that face. Was it youthful? Older? Peni—Er, odd in anyway? She’ll also take the time to lift his eyelids too. Nurse she was not, but she did have some medical training. After all, children fell off brooms all the time; you had to know what to do. Only thing different here was this guy probably didn’t just fall off a broom.

17:20:03 [Audric] [[ - The moving tattoos weren't all that peculiar to him: In the world of magic, almost everything moved. Statues, food, pictures, you name it. They all were granted some form of motion. What had him intrigued were the tattoos that didn't move at all. Thirteen candles? Audric made a quick mental sketch to put onto paper later. Well, the man should be kept alive. As long as he was alive, Audric should be able to probe his mind for information. Or at least that's what he assumed — he never tried it on an unconscious body before. He lowered down, pulled Kaust's robe over him — especially the part of his body that hosted the candles — and with another stamp of the cane, the body was pulled mid-air, causing it to trail close behind the Groundskeeper and Professor. A second later, the veil was dropped, and the pair were given passage, Audric glancing over his shoulders at the swarms of students that still flooded the field, watching in awe as the corpse was escorted, [. C .]
17:20:29 [Audric] [. C .] although the length of the robe was sufficient in keeping the features masked for anyone who tried to sneak a second look. "We'll get him to the infirmary. Keep him alive. Then, I'll question him. If he doesn't give me information, well … There are always other methods." He said the last part underneath his breath, shoulders hunched, almost like he detested resorting to whatever "other methods" meant. - ]]

17:33:35 Izzy-Iwamura || Once turned over, the man proved to be… not precisely youthful, though he didn't look exactly elderly, either. He had the sort of hatchet features that might have been forty years old or sixty, and it was rather impossible to tell where along that continuum he fell by sight alone. On his front, he was every bit as tattooed on his back, and the tattoos had the same liquid, transient nature as well. They shifted in form and color, sometimes slowly enough that a few images together might tell a story - a white tiger on his left leg pursued a man with stag's horns through a forest of snakes. Most changed too quickly to be read so readily, though, or changed in such ways as to make no sense as any sort of continuity. There were few places on him, front or back, that were not elaborately tattooed, though - everything from his slightly hollow cheeks to the inside of his arms to the package that a certain German professor was so interested in. There was no defining feature on his front so recognizable >
17:38:16 Izzy-Iwamura < as the thirteen candles on his back, though. No scars, no birthmarks, really no natural distinguishing points at all - as though a man so tattooed really needed any. || Even as the veil fell, and the pair of professors began moving the still, unconscious body (now conspicuously covered with a robe, and largely obscured by that) to other quarters - presumably the hospital wing - Izzy kept a certain distance. He trailed after the professors at a distance, more attempting to gauge their mood than anything. He could do his usual diligence on the fallen man another time. Either when there was less secrecy, or when there was darkness to cover up his tracks, and less of a crowd of gawking students to make maneuvering so very, very difficult. It seemed that, once the initial shock and panic had worn off, everybody in the stands had made a mad dash for the pitch, to ogle and stare. And to think Izzy sometimes wondered why he didn't get along with most people…

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