11/26/2010 Log

17:49:49 Izzy-Iwamura || Despite Gloriana's noted distaste for RP starting on the nightly end of things, it was supper, and students were, in fact, filing quickly into the Great Hall. (Filing may not have been the appropriate word… indeed - rampaging, flooding, or even stampeding were all probably more appropriate.) Much as Izzy didn't care for crowds, he was naturally among them, as not caring for crowds usually lost out to his relatively friendly relationship with food. And, food was presented, as anyone might have expected - though the faculty, curiously, were absent at the moment. Some students, naturally, took advantage of that fact, and more than a few hexes were thrown on the sly. Others didn't notice that fact, assailing the presented food like starving rats. (No offense intended to any rats anyone may know and/or keep as pets.) Naturally, a Great Hall housing somewhere in the range of a thousand students was very noisy, and without any imminent threat of adult supervision it was far noisier, >
17:53:44 Izzy-Iwamura < which might have explained how someone who had been… disappeared… for more than a week arrived and took his seat at the head of the staff table without anyone noticing. Chester Flutey, rusty hair and sallow eyes and look of constant indigestion and all, cleared his throat. Not noisily enough to be heard, naturally. So he followed by lifting his glass, and clanging it with his spoon. Which, again, failed utterly to be audible. His third effort to draw attention to himself came with him rising, and belting in a rather overwhelming, resounding voice, "CHILDREN. This is not the proper path to achievement." Izzy winced. He was sure nine hundred others did as well at the mention of that last word. But, if nothing else, it did capture his attention rather effectively…

18:01:41 Archie was among the cavalcade of students to completely disregard the fact that Chester Flutey had returned; a realization that would have had Archibold running through a list of questions as to what sort of tomfoolery was going on in Hogwarts had he taken immediate notice. Instead, he was focused on a conversation between himself and the auburn haired, freckle-faced lad next to him. The loud humdrum of the thousands of students rushing into the Great Hall didn’t seem to bother him or make conversation difficult. In his many years there, he’d become accustomed to the loudness of the students when the Great Hall was full, and the reverberating echo that came with it. However, what he was not quite ready for was the loud call from the formerly M.I.A. faculty member. “Achievement” rang in his head, almost as irritating and difficult to bare as nails on a chalk board; better yet, the difficulty some had with watching characters in a movie or TV show embarrass themselves on an almost otherworldly scale that [c]
18:02:00 [Archie] had to be on purpose to make sense. But, regardless, it got his attention, and like other students, his head turned rapidly towards the origin of the call, and finally did his eye-brow-raising-shock look, ignoring the whispers involving Flutey and his disappearance up until now.

18:02:55 [Gloriana`Boulstridge] || She trudged into the Great Hall after her fellow witches and wizards, unable to shake the embarrassment of losing her place as Head Girl. Should she regain it, Gloriana hoped to be much less… abrasive than she had been before. Of course, that couldn’t exactly be promised, with her general dislike of rule breaking. In fact, she wanted, terribly, to stop the nonsense in the Great Hall during dinner, as students flung spell back and forth at each other in the absence of authority figures. She clutched the edge of the bench she had seated herself upon, not so very far from Izzy, and resisted the urge to scold her classmates for their disruptive and uncouth behavior. Gloriana’s thirst for order was, however, quenched when Professor Flutey announced himself to the room. She, like many of her peers, cringed at the word “achievement“, and gaped in the direction of the Headmaster. The Great Hall was abruptly silent, and even the slightest whisper of rustled clothing could be heard clearly through <c>
18:02:58 [Gloriana`Boulstridge] the quiet. Gloriana held her breath, alarmed by the Headmaster’s sudden return and eager to hear whatever it was he had to say in regards to his disappearance, if he planned to explain it at all.||

18:08:10 Aedan was one of those rare students who didn’t stomp their way into the Great Hall, no, his was much more a slinking movement. Weaving in and out of children, - both young and older- as he made his way towards one of the less crowded parts of the tables. He much preferred to have at least some solitude. Although, that was much easier said than done, especially with the whole school gathered like this. It didn’t really matter; he had intentions of taking his lunch and perhaps going outside to the gardens to eat. He wasn’t entirely feeling very sociable at the present time. Lost in his thoughts he found himself almost casually bumping into a student. Someone from one of the other houses as Aedan didn’t instantly recognize them. The much smaller child looked up in what could be considered ‘fright’ at the taller boy for a moment, and Aedan couldn’t help but smile, “Sorry,” he murmured, licking his lip and inching past the other boy, who had turned to his friend and forgotten about the incident at this -
18:08:13 Aedan - point. With a shrug of his shoulders he forgot too, and moved onto his intended destination. He’d chosen a seat right at the end of one of those long tables, and had been in the process of gathering a heap of food; - despite outward appearances he ate like….well a ravenous wolf – when the voice of the headmaster cut through his thoughts. A frown creased his slightly bruised forehead and he too snapped his head in the direction of the sound, resisting the urge to faceplam at that word… The word which made them roll their eyes and groan inwardly. Achievement… Alas, he groaned outwardly and then shook his head, content, for a moment to simply listen. Listen in on the headmaster, and also those whispered rumors which flew back and forth along the tables.

18:21:32 Calcifer was, of course, doing what every other student appeared to be: heading for the Great Hall. The petite girl had arrived at this British school of Magic only this morning, been sorted – as was the way – somewhat privately and somehow been dragged, none too gently, from her dorm room by the two girls she shared it with. Both of whom had been prattling on in English accents about something called ‘tea’, which confused Calcifer in more ways than one: firstly – wasn’t tea something you drank, not ate? and… why on earth would everyone need to go all the way to the Great Hall to acquire a cup of it? Nevertheless, after only a slight struggle, she’d followed behind the two and finally lost them in the stampede of hungry children. ’Fantastic’ she though bitterly to herself, those two were the only people in the entire school she knew the names of and now, well, now she was ducking for cover to avoid random spell’s hitting her as she made her way to – what she presumed – was the Gryffindor >
18:21:34 Calcifer ~table. By the time she made it to said table, almost no seat was empty and there certainly wasn’t anywhere to be particularly antisocial so she simply plonked herself down in whatever free space there was and stared at the food. One thing she missed about Japan? Sushi. Everything here appeared to be meat, starch or some variation on carrots and pees and it was only when the hum-buz of Hogwarts student body suddenly came to a halt that she managed to pull her attention away from the ‘doom food’ before her. Achievement… cringe, it was like the entire school were connected – everyone cringed, except Calcifer. Weird.~

18:23:08 Allerdyce had begged off dinner, choosing to stay in the confines of her office and grade essays instead. She'd been feeling under the weather for a few days, the stress of everything leaving her with an absent appetite and a migraine larger than the Black Lake. Rubbing her temples as another sharp spike of pain assaulted her, she swallowed hard and shook her head. “Only a few more to grade and than I'll be done.” Biting back a hiss as her temples throbbed in protest of the thought, the Australian would square her shoulders. “It's just four essays, and then I'll be free to go to the hospital wing and get a potion…I can do this,” she muttered as she ignored the pain as best she could and read through the first scroll left on the pile. Tap tap tap. “Door's open,” she called softly, not even looking up from the parchment. “Professor Allerdyce,” one of her snakes panted, looking as though they'd run all the way up from the great hall. -
18:23:16 [Allerdyce] “He's back, ma'am.” “Who's back,” she murmured in confusion as another wave of pain crashed over her. “The headmaster.” Without even voicing the question that was dying to roll off the tip of her tongue she shoved her chair back and rose, rushing out of the room with the prefect at her heels. Through the halls and down the steps the Head of Slytherin ran, gritting her teeth against the pain as she struggled to get to the great hall and find out what the hell was going on.

18:31:23 Izzy-Iwamura didn't manage to touch anything on his plate. (Not even the pasties, which he'd discovered he positively loved shortly after moving to Britain.) He glanced about the table quickly, trying to pick out one of the Usual Suspects - Xia, or perhaps Hanna, or anyone he occasionally spoke to really, but he could pick out nobody who fit those general criteria in a quick examination of the students around him, which led him to simply - and perhaps a touch unhappily - turn his gaze towards Flutey. The headmaster, now that he'd effectively demanded everybody's attention, beamed proudly (though he still looked a bit like he was suffering from indigestion), clanging a piece of silverware against his glass once again and looking about the Great Hall. Once he considered it suitably quiet, well, Flutey did what Flutey did best - he started talking. The best one could say for Flutey's speaking voice was that he had no trouble projecting, and making himself heard. The slow, almost lazy drone could prove >
18:35:13 Izzy-Iwamura < infuriating after only a few seconds listening to it, the impossibility of actually tuning out something spoken at such a volume only made the situation more vexing. "Now, students… I know I've been away for some time. It was unavoidable, much like the extinction of the dearly remembered Azerbaijan Hopping Death Spider." There was no such animal, but facts would never disrupt a Flutey speech. "Suffice to say that my absence has not been unproductive: I have ensured that you will be well-protected, taken great and unprecedented measures in the security of our school. The darkness will wash against our walls as harmlessly as the tide lapping against the rocks. And when I say tide I certainly don't mean red tide, since I'm told that's toxic and can actually kill you, although I wouldn't know, as I've never been swimming in the Gulf of Mexico. Perhaps someday I'll go, I understand there's a top notch resort managed by a former student, where only nine percent of guests are brutally murdered." >
18:38:23 Izzy-Iwamura < He had grown very, very off-topic, a fact that did not seem lost on the student body, but just as quickly, Flutey righted the ship of his scintillating speech. "This is neither here nor there, of course, students. Well, I suppose it is THERE, but it certainly isn't here. There are dark forces at work, but remember, together we can achieve great things! And no dark wizard will penetrate these walls so long as I am your headmaster. Thank you. Please write letters to your parents explaining as much. About the headmastering and the protection, not the murders at the resort." He seemed, mercifully, to be done. Izzy, suddenly finding he had no appetite, pushed his plate forward, and a moment later let his head meet the table. This was probably the most unnerving Flutey speech he'd yet heard. Though, sadly, it wasn't the most pointless and meandering.

18:46:39 AvalonMarsh had made her way to the Great Hall promptly for dinner, because dinner meant dessert and there was nothing Avalon liked more. Sometimes she wondered if playing Quidditch was the only thing that kept her from swelling up as round as a quaffle, but didn't usually concern herself with the worrying because it usually occurred while she had sweets in her hands. If her bony knees and elbows were any indication, anyway, she didn't have much to be concerned about. However, even that wasn't entirely true. As she made her way through a treacle tart she realized she had a lot to be concerned about, and none of it involved weight or diabetes. The tart dropped from her hand at the sound of Flutey's booming voice echoing through the Hall, and her mouth hung open at the sight of him. Where in the seven hells did he come from? Probably the same place he had gone, to be honest, but she didn't know that either. Avalon, who transferred any emotion into food, grabbed her fallen tart and quickly shoved it in her mouth. (c)
18:46:57 AvalonMarsh (c) This may be the last thing she ever ate.

18:47:40 [Archie] A wha’?” asked a voice from next to Archie, who responded to the question with a shake of the head and a small rising off the shoulders. What kind of spider did Flutey just mention? And the school had owned one? Or was the man finally off his rocker? It was all obscure, and with Flutey, practically impossible to tell. Archie wouldn’t let it trouble his mind. He instead continued listening to Flutey’s ramblings, disturbed and perturbed by talk of toxic red tides, and violent Mexican resorts. Yet despite the awkwardness of it all, Flutey appeared to be normal – his normal self, that is. However, his diatribe outlining his expedition to achieve more solid magical defenses for the school had Archie slightly worried. He was surprisingly engulfed by Flutey’s speech, and as such managed to completely miss the red haired female who’d taken a seat next to him. It was only by the end, when he was contemplating just how much of Flutey’s words to omit from his letter home, that he noticed [c]
18:47:50 [Archie] Evangeline. His head turned towards her, and he smiled and nodded in greeting. He had never seen her before, and so he figured her new. Lucky for her Archie knew just how to start a conversation! “Be ready for more of those. His speeches get a little weirder everytime.”

18:53:19 [Gloriana`Boulstridge] || Though she abhorred the usage of the word “achievement”, and any variation of the word, considerably (thanks to Flutey’s commencement speech at the start of the term), she forced herself to listen to every last word that fell from Professor Flutey’s mouth. No matter how silly, or insanely enthusiastic they might be. His speeches seemed to veer off-topic quite frequently, and he made no attempts at marring his record for that. Gloriana found herself confused more than comforted by the announcement. Dark forces certainly had been at work, at least they seemed to have been the night of Flutey’s introductory speech. And what with his sudden disappearance, the school seemed to have been buzzing with rumors and speculation. His return, however, was looking more anticlimactic than any had wagered. Gloriana’s gaze fell to the full plate in front of her briefly before searching the faces of the students around her. She listened absent-mindedly as they began to discuss Flutey’s return. She could not, however, <c>
18:53:35 [Gloriana`Boulstridge] regain any appetite she might have had in the first place. Instead, she mused over the idea that Flutey was, perhaps, hiding some valuable information that the young minds before him could not bare to handle.||

18:58:47 Aedan couldn’t help but ponder on where exactly Flutey had been and what exactly the commotion of what had happened had caused. Of course, he hadn’t been present, no, he had been otherwise occupied on that occasion, but as Head boy of his house, he had quickly been informed and filled in by those few students who voluntarily spoke to him. As it was, when the headmaster began to talk, Aedan found himself drifting if just a little. The sound of the man’s droning voice was likely to send anyone to sleep if given enough chance. It was best sometimes to tune yourself in and out, but then you might miss something important. It was one of those catch 22 situations. Nonetheless, the boy sat where he’d paused, head resting in the palm of one hand as he listened to the headmaster speak. It was one of those typical Flutey speeches, going off into tangents every few seconds. Groaning again Aedan pursed his lips and casually plucked up a piece of meat from the plate before him, pearly white teeth crunching into the chicken
18:58:51 Aedan - flesh as he once again paid attention. He couldn’t help but think that the promise their headmaster had made wasn’t one that could entirely be kept. He was doubtful, yes, but with good reason. The walls of Hogwarts had been breached on more than one occasion in the past, no matter who had been headmaster at the time. Those thoughts were broken again, this time by the sound of a quieter voice. “Nothing, they don’t exist.” He murmured lazily to Archie’s not-actually-directed-at-him question. Yes, he knew that fact, because magical creatures were something he had a close affiliation for it seemed. While he’d been speaking he had been gathering food once more and preparing to leave the table.

19:10:26 Calcifer couldn’t stop herself from first glancing to the students around her, each and every one of them had flinched at this man’s words and more to the point – they all looked like they were ready to curl up and cry. How could a headmaster, who really didn’t have a bad reputation at all, incite such distain amongst so many people? This was something which had to be found out, sooner rather than later, but for now it would have to wait – the hall had grown so silent that Calcifer dared not ask for fear of being overheard. Instead she turned her azure hued eyes to the man who’d caught everyone else attention moments before and found her expression turning quizzical. In Japan she’d poured over magical creature books, and even before attending any sort of wizarding school she’d enjoyed biology, so the girl was pretty sure there was no such thing as an Azerbaijan Hopping Death Spider – magical or otherwise. “A non-existant breed of spider, ah’ belie—-.” Calcifer spoke without thinking, replying >
19:10:52 Calcifer ~ more or less instantly to the random person’s question, which hadn’t been directed at her, but at least she’d remembered to whisper so her voice could only be caught by those few students who sat close by, yet just before she’d finished, Aedan finished her sentence for her. Something that at least cemented her knowledge that she was right about it not existing, after that she followed suit with Archie and simply shrugged too before returning attention to Flutey’s amazingly interesting and completely cryptic speech. It was only through sheer willpower that she managed to stop herself murmuring something along the lines of: Water can cut through rocks given time and instead remained silent up until the strange anti-indigestion advertisement man was done speaking. Soon after the voices of students reclaimed the hall and Calcifer relaxed a little, even managing to throw a slight smile back at Archie before he spoke, which startled her. Why? She’d been attending a school were non-purebloods >
19:10:53 Calcifer ~ rarely qualified for classes, never mind attention and as such had become used to being ignored unless she were doing something awful – like talking back. Evidently things would be different at Hogwarts. “Honestly? I’m more worried about the unified flinching.” she replied as a somewhat amused grin tugged the corners of lightly rouged lips. “What was that about anyway? I swear, looked like someone poked everyone with a toothpick at exactly the same time.” Her voice was filled with curiosity, and the accent was…strange, a mix of Scottish harshness, Indian sleek and the gentle tones of Japanese. Not a mix that was common, that was for sure.~

19:14:19 Allerdyce had, thankfully, slipped into the Great Hall unnoticed as Flutey began to ramble on about some resort the crackpot's old student ran. Pinching the bridge of her nose to ward off the vicious throb that seemed to worsen with every word that came out of the headmaster's mouth, she'd quietly order the prefect to return to the table and make her way up towards the head table, using the shadows and a notice me not charm to camouflage her until it was safe. Gracefully sinking into her seat as the headmaster began to wind down, she'd wait for him to finish before politely clapping along with her colleagues, attempting to look as though she'd been there the whole time. Several of the more observant members of her house gave her inquiring looks, while yet others looked as her in askance, begging her to tell them he wasn't serious. Alas, all she could do was subtly shake her head at them. Now was not the time for such questions, even if she knew the correct answers. -
19:14:29 [Allerdyce] Absently beginning to fill her plate with an unhappy expression, she'd turn to the professor nearest her and began a hushed conversation that yielded absolutely nothing she didn't already know. Not that anyone knew much of anything, really. Flutey had been there one minute and gone the next, and no one was quite sure what to make of it. Still, even after his attempt to reassure both students and staff alike, Tegan felt uneasy. Making a mental note to begin filling out the appropriate paperwork for any of her snakes that wished to transfer, the Australian began to push the contents of her plate around in an attempt to look like she was eating.

19:35:38 Izzy-Iwamura didn't spare long once Flutey had finished his reintroduction, as it were… it failed to reassure him much, as he was not far removed, on a personal scale, from the attack that had destroyed Hogwarts… he'd heard every gory, unpleasant little detail about that, and about how an eminently competent and fiercely devoted Headmaster, Winchester Andres Nuefield, had proven entirely powerless to stop it. Izzy had far less faith in Flutey's ability to serve as a protector. It was much of why he'd taken up that proud tradition, earlier in the year, of student-led rabble-rousing for self-defense and/or general curiosity. (Hmm, that gave him an idea for a name, and a formal organization…) Flutey, apparently done with his announcements, curious considering one would think he'd have a great deal to say following a long absence and such a rough start to the schoolyear, had turned aside to converse merrily with one of the other teachers, though most of the faculty seemed every bit as disquieted by the >
19:40:12 Izzy-Iwamura < return of Flutey as the students. Izzy wasn't entirely sure where his usual suspects were, but he aimed to find them, since there was mischief to be done. Xia was first on his list, and when he found her, it was just a quick pass, a tap to the shoulder, a nod. He picked out a few others in a roundabout way before making his exit - Aki Sparks, Ryan Rosell, and Avalon Marsh. He didn't know any of the three personally, but he had some past experience with all three, and more importantly, they could pick out further students to attend. (In fierce defiance of his mother's advice, Izzy was extending his circle not just to friends of friends, but to friends of distant acquaintances.) With those three, who knew him somewhat less than Xia, he simply mentioned the word, "Lake," then moved on, trusting he'd manage to get a crowd. He had been rousing the rabble for long enough to know how to get a crowd to form, after all… it was quickly becoming his specialty. Unwanted specialty, but specialty >
19:40:15 Izzy-Iwamura < never-the-less.

19:43:34 [Archie] Aedan and Evangeline seemed to be on the same page in terms of recognizing as fake animal when they heard one, but then again, the Lovegoods often believed in magical creatures that few people believed in (and then some turned out to be real!). Archie didn’t pay it much mind; it hadn’t been the first time the man had come up with something perplexing and completely outrageous if not something to make the students and faculty question the competence of their head. He laughed at Evangeline’s joke, glad she had a sense of humor despite her reserved appearance; that is to say, he knew she was new, and he was glad she appeared easy to warm up to. In relation to her question, he smiled, brought a fist to his mouth, cleared his throat, and prepared his version of Flutey. “Flutey has achieved the achievement of making the word “achieve” into something of a taboo; achieving to use any one of the achievement related variations may achieve ridicule, and as you saw, flinching. We, the students of Hogwarts,[c]
19:43:59 [Archie] have achieved a level of awareness in which achievement has achieved a level of pain. If anyone can achieve the achievement of listening to Flutey use achieve as many times as he can…they’ve achieved the highest achievement.”

19:47:30 Xia_Lavine had been on her way to eat when Flutey had appeared and given his…rousing speech. She'd taken a quick seat, but immediately whhen he was done she'd begun looking for Izzy. As fellow rabble-rouser and generally curious student, she knew he'd be forming something. Somehow, though, he managed to sneak up on her. Maybe because he wasn't prone to wearing loudly yellow scarves like she was…or turning his hair a violent shade of magenta. When Izzy tapped her on the shoulder she grinned at him knowingly and hopped to her feet, moving out into the Entrance hall to wait for him until he'd collected the students he wanted to talk to. And then she headed off beside him, frowning faintly. "Jumping…death spider?" She mumbled as they walked, frowning harder than ever before. "Flutey cites strange creatures in his speeches." She murmured thoughtfully, glancing at Izzy. "Merfolk?" She asked curiously.

19:53:53 AvalonMarsh was halfway through a small cherry pie by the time Flutey finished his speech, and she didn't feel any better. This didn't seem like the best situation, and all this talk of dark forces made her nervous. There was no way she trusted the castle to keep out the baddies, as it had hardly succeeded before, and though she understood the need to reassure the student body she didn't believe a lick of it. She was untirely unsure what to do with herself, until a Ravenclaw boy passed by, apparently calling for a meeting down at the lake. She had seen him around before, though he was a year older than her, and she was glad someone else was taking control of these things. She would much rather follow in situations like this. She hated duty and responsibility. Standing, she piled a bit more food into a handkerchief and stowed it in the pocket of her robe before taking off to follow the small group making their way to the lake. Jogging a little to catch up to Izzy, she fell in stride beside him. "What's this all about?

20:00:29 Aedan found himself chuckling quietly as he ended up finishing someone’s sentence. Pale eye shifting to land upon the girl for a moment. New student? Perhaps, yes. Aedan hadn’t seen her about before, but that didn’t necessarily mean much. He didn’t seem to know very many people other than names. None of whom he really knew personally. “Nice to see someone else knows the facts.” He mused aloud smiling at Calcifer for just a moment. He’d been going to leave, but it was Archie’s impression of Flutey which gave him pause then, and he groaned, rolling his eyes. “No more! No mooore!” he waved a hand theatrically. This was quite possibly the most he had spoken to other pupils before now. He wasn’t much of a talker in most senses, but Flutey’s speeches were enough to make anyone break their silence. “That was pretty good though. I’d have to say it was a top notch achievement.” The smile which had lingered on pale, slightly chapped lips widened into a smirk at that, and he shook his head at his own bad reference. -
20:00:33 Aedan - See, even the loners could be dragged into things sometimes! He had noticed a bunch of the other students leaving, but none of them from Hufflepuff, which meant he didn’t really have to pay much attention to it. He knew that…meetings took place, after all, when most people didn’t talk to you, the only thing you could do was watch and listen, he seemed to find a lot of things out that way. Shrugging to himself he turned his attention back, - for the moment – towards Calcifer and Archie, he’d paused in his gathering of food, settling instead on munching on some potatoes.

20:10:56 Ryan-Rosell stared at Flutey. Just stared, frowning intensely at him as she mulled over his speech. "Crazy bastard." She muttered finally, turning back to her mostly empty plate when Izzy came by. A small smirk formed on her lips and she lifted a hand to him, rising to join the small trickle of students heading his way. She glanced around her table, nodding to a few people in particular in invitation if they felt so inclined. Some came, some stayed, but it made no difference to Ryan as she headed for the door, catching up to the group that was already on their way toward the lake. She moved to catch up, falling into step beside Aki, the one of the group she knew best. She shoved her hands into her jean pockets, having changed into muggle clothes after practice earlier that day. Everyone seemed to want answers from Izzy, but Ryan was fine waiting until he had explained himself. She had been with him on the diavolera incident, so she figured she may as well continue down her path of rebellious student and general irritant to the professors.

20:11:15 Calcifer allowed her jaw to drop ever so slightly as Archie spoke, the word achievement successfully thrown in to achieve effect that it was supposed to, which was quite an achievement on Archie’s ability to mimic the Head Master. After Archie was done, Calcifer said nothing, she simply stared at him with that dumbfounded expression fixed to lightly tanned features. As if in slow motion she came back to life and for comical effect used her right hand to push her open mouth closed again, a movement which brought her wrist – and the tattoo upon it – into clear view of anyone who happened to glance at her then. Proud to be a MudBlood, indeed. A hint of laughter glittered behind icy blue eyes then, and when Aedan’s discomfort showed in the form of a truly terrible joke she couldn’t help but laugh, managing simply to mutter: “That was so bad, it worked, don’t worry.” before finally regaining some composure. >
20:11:24 Calcifer ~ “Thanks for the warning, I’ll be sure to read up on ‘make me temporarily deaf’ charms asap! I’m Calcifer by the way and if anyone ever says that word in front of me again… I revoke responsibility for my actions.” a playful threat, of course, nothing serious – Calcifer wasn’t violent in the slightest, unless pushed. “So, ‘tea’ is dinner then? I was kinda confused as to why my English dorm mates dragged me down here for a cup o’ tea.” and, here starts the small talk, which would at least be more proof to Archie that she wasn’t particularly hard to get to know – or quiet, reserved or anti-social. Much, anyway. “You both in Gryffindor?” she questioned, obviously interested, but her eyes were following the group of students who looked like they were on a mission, which was never a good sign. ~

20:22:02 Callia had risen from the table without a word to her yearmates and slunk off after Iwamura and his gang of merry miscreants. The Ravenclaw was almost always at the heart of everything going on, and Callia wanted in. She knew he wouldn't turn her away…he hadn't minded her help when he summoned the diavolera, had he? Shooting Thornton a rather dark look when he made to open his mouth, or worse, follow her, she sped up her stride and fled the Great Hall in the direction of the lake. Being careful not to get too close to the group she was following – as she was a Slytherin, and self-preservation said she could at least pretend to be going for a walk if they got caught – she'd make her way to the lake without incident, settling comfortably in the back of the group as they all waited on Iwamura and his explanation.

20:27:19 Izzy-Iwamura had never set out to be at the middle of anything, it had just kind of… happened. He supposed it could really be traced to Xia, on the grounds that she had a pathological need to insert herself into the middle of everything, and also had a tendency to drag Izzy along. He'd gradually fallen into the thick of things even without Xia. It's hard to close the Pandora's Box of intellectual curiosity, after all… regardless, he found his way to the lake, where he awaited the other students. He'd give them a good ten minutes, as he knew it would take time for everyone who was going to come to come around. Regardless, he did give a response to Xia when she posed her question, which was certainly an indirect response to Avalon as well, given she asked a 'what's all this then?' type question at precisely the right moment. He nodded: "Merfolk." A glance towards the other early arrivals, from one to the next - he wasn't sure if he should have been heeding his mother's warning about trusting too many people, >
20:29:27 Izzy-Iwamura < but it seemed entirely counterproductive to 'only trust his friends' when the number of people he identified as friends could be counted on one hand, after amputating four of the fingers. He'd brought up the possibility of inquiring the merfolk about what they'd seen on that night before, and with Flutey's reappearance, it seemed there would never be a better time. Not just because Flutey's reappearance was kind of strange and anticlimactic, and felt wrong, but also because most of the faculty would be THOROUGHLY bogged down in dealing with the many little irritants Flutey showered upon them. Cover of a distracted faculty was the best cover one could ask for in late-night mischief.

20:37:17 AvalonMarsh raised one ginger brow, thoroughly confused about why they were searching out mermaids, but didn't think her question was worth asking as everything was about to play itself out anyway. Pulling out her kerchief full of food, she selected a single cookie and munched on it, returning the rest to her pocket. It was entirely possible that she was a total cow, but she had missed most of her dinner and wasn't about to go without. She shivered a little, her socks dampening from the moisture collecting on the grass. It wouldn't be long before it started frosting, which saddened her because she enjoyed outdoor adventures and didn't like the weather impeding them.

20:42:16 Archie gave a faux-bow in jest at the end of his impersonation, laughing then at Aedan’s response and Calcifer’s expression. “Despite his longwinded-ness, I find myself trusting him. I mean, who else can we trust?” That was a little foreboding wasn’t it? An accident, to be sure, but something in the back of Archie’s mind was telling him something was up, and was completely out of Flutey’s hands despite his attempts. It was a blind faith, then. Introductions began being exchanged, and Archie followed suit. “Archibold Tolbein; Gryffindor. Nice to meet you both.” He didn’t, however, have much time to stay and chat. Apparently, Aki Sparks would come up behind him and tug him off somewhere. With a tap on the shoulder, and a whisper in the ear, Archibold was looking at the table perplexed before rising to his feet. “Sorry I can’t stay, I guess. Looks like I’m being summoned. It was nice meeting you both.” And with that, the Scouse was sauntering off behind Aki Sparks and the rest of the group to…wherever.

20:44:10 [Gloriana`Boulstridge] || It was only natural for Gloriana to assume that Flutey’s sudden disappearance from the grounds had something to do with the strange incident involving the destruction of every door in the castle. The real question was: did he leave his post by force, or of his own free will? And, what exactly had he gone to do, if he’d gone away on his own? More importantly, if he’d left of his own accord, why was it that none of the other members of the Faculty knew his whereabouts? Most of it was speculation, but she imagined that the staff hadn’t known much, or anything really, about where he’d run off to. The only fact alluding to that idea was the general frenzy the Professors had been in when his absence had been announced. She watched Izzy and a few others excuse themselves from their respective House tables and leave the Great Hall altogether, something Gloriana was, admittedly, a little curious about their destination. However, the idea that Izzy might find her snooping around his group of friends held her <c>
20:44:21 [Gloriana`Boulstridge] back, if only for a few moments. I didn’t deter her for too long, seeing as how she’d exited the Great Hall shortly thereafter. She crept after them in the darkness, careful not to light her wand to alert the others to her presence. Gloriana didn’t kid herself that the other children didn’t exactly approve of her methods as Head Girl, and tended to dislike her straight off due to her strange personality and obsessive need for order and cleanliness. It was oddly coincidental that he’d stopped near a tree, a tree that Gloriana took advantage of by hiding behind (thanks fate). She listened quietly at the discussion at hand, not entirely intent on deviousness; although, if caught, that might be the first assumption to cross someone’s mind.||

20:48:10 Xia_Lavine nodded at Izzy as he answered her question, looking to the lake curiously before looking back at the others, eyebrows rising as she watched people trickle in. It was a decently sized group, she supposed, but that also made her uneasy. She wanted to bind them to a secret, or something…this many people almost guaranteed there would be tattle-tails…and Xia hated tattle-tails. They'd been quite detrimental to some of her plans over the years. She gently gripped her wand in her pocket, weighing the possibilities of binding students to their late-night wanderings. But she supposed it didn't matter. People would find out if they found out. She watched more people filter down from the castle, counting. It may even swell to a more robust number than the diavolera incident. "Seems we have a cult." She mused, grinning and shaking her head. She was oddly quiet and calm for the evening, but then Xia had her moments like that. Usually when things were getting more serious than playful.

20:52:26 Aedan was wrong; it seemed, in his notion that none of his housemates were in that group which had left, because soon Ryan had joined them. He nodded almost casually, should she be looking. He’d spoken to her once or twice, mainly regarding head of house duties, but she’d always seemed pleasant enough. That done he turned back slightly to the two he was conversing with and chuckled again at the look on Calcifer’s face. Ah yes, she was definitely new, that proved it. And what was that one her wrist? A tattoo it seemed a rather…unconventional one at that. Keen eyes traced the words for just a moment and he smirked, unable to help himself before it vanished from sight again. A brow rose slightly, but he said nothing on the matter, it wasn’t his business, but it made a change to see someone who was proud, instead of being ashamed of what they might be. As she laughed though, he smiled again and playfully hung his head, “I solemnly swear not to make another bad joke like that, so long as I live.” He murmured, -
20:52:29 Aedan - amusement sparkling in pale eyes for a moment before he glanced back to Archie and grinned at the bow. However, the grin was short lived as the other spoke of Flutey. “I guess you have a point there.” He said, although he wasn’t entirely sure. was there even anyone they could truly trust? Would the adults trust them enough to divulge the truth? It was a matter of time would tell. The introductions were met with a slight smile, and he shook his head a little. “I’m not in Gryffindor; I’m a Hufflepuff for some strange reason…. Name’s Aedan.” He shrugged then, perhaps fearing a comment about the ‘feminine’ name. But it was then, of course, that Archie was somewhat dragged away, and Aedan could only blink before turning slightly to Calcifer. “Want to go see what that’s all about?” he tilted his head just a little, she was bound to be curious, and he didn’t want to bore anyone.

20:57:37 Ryan-Rosell glanced over her shoulder as they headed off across the grounds, frowning at the small clumps of stragglers following them. She noted a few in particular, such as the Head Girl of all people. Her lips pursed and she turned her attention back ahead of her, not commenting. She'd never spoken with the Head Girl personally, so she couldn't say anything, but she wasn't sure what to make of her coming after their ragtag group of many houses and years and whatnot. She'd heard certain rumors about Gloriana, but as she couldn't be 100% sure of anything, she just shrugged the thoughts away. Xia asked Izzy something, and Ryan turned her head toward them, eyebrows rising curiously. Merfolk? Curiouser and curiouser.

21:10:49 Calcifer ~ “Ourselves, mostly.” was her honest and simple answer to Archies comment, Flutey had not made a very good impression on the girl and in comparison to the Head Mistress of her old school Flutey seemed positively inept, but she was never one to judge on first impressions so, for now, he remained an un-judged wizard. “Good to hear.” she grinned half heartedly towards Aedans comment before Archie announced he was leaving, nay… he wasn’t leaving, poor guy was being dragged, another thing she could only laugh at. “Been a pleasure, Archibold.” she called after him before her attention returned to the quieter and more reserved boy who remained. “Nothing wrong with Hufflepuff, although… if I could have chosen a House to join it woulda been Slytherin, can you imagine their faces? I hear they’re worse than anyone for pureblood related discrimination.” she shrugged, glancing around at the food for a moment while Aedan spoke again. >
21:10:54 Calcifer ~ “Sure, let’s go follow the group of people who look like they’re about to break rules.” another grin lit up that baby face of hers as she swept a sandwich onto her plate and grabbed a glass of whatever juice was on offer. “You’ll have to lead the way, I’ve no idea where anything is… only been here a few hours.” and if he moved, she’d follow beside him. “Go on, ask away, I know you saw the tattoo, most people can’t stop themselves from saying something.” there was nothing in her voice which showed hostility, hell, it was more amusement which came through – apparently Calcifer wasn’t the nervous type, about anything – including her ‘disgraceful’ family line.~

21:16:16 Callia regarded Iwamura tiredly, her green eyes guarded as he spoke of the merpeople. Her first thought was it's too cold to go swimming, followed quickly by I'm not dressed for it, and who knows what's in that lake? Such thoughts quickly began to multiply into things like this could be far more dangerous than I'd prefer, Iwamura's clearly lost his mind, and I don't speak Mermish, even if we knew were the merfolk made their home in the lake. Shaking her head to rid herself of those niggling, and ever increasing doubts, she'd cross her arms and tilt her chin up, squaring her shoulders. If the others could do it, so could she. Of course, they might not even be going into the lake. For all they knew, Izzy had something up his sleeve. Perhaps he knew a way to contact the merfolk and have them meet him without having to seek them out. Maybe they'd have their conversation right here and he'd tell them what he found out. To be honest, she wasn't quite sure what to expect tonight. -
21:16:31 [Callia] She certainly hadn't been expecting the diavolera, that was for certain. Nibbling on her lower lip, she'd pull her robes tighter around her shoulders and draw her wand, quickly casting a warming charm before tucking it away once again and waiting for the Ravenclaws to elaborate on what exactly they planned to do.

21:19:13 Anthony‘ was pressed for thought. Time was passing rather slowly today. His meeting had gone expected but now pressure rose too the rim of the glass. His mind was swirling, the fringe of a coming storm. He was capable…wasn’t he? Yes, he was of course. This mental attack from himself must stop. Just like a paid actor his mood changed in moments. His smile formed in perfect time. Sliding with a certain grace across his face. His eyes lit up as he spotted a few of his chums walking about. He was sure he was special thats why it happend. He was done with the thought now, his mind cleared and he took a stroll toward the lake. A meeting without him present? That just wouldn't do, the Slytherian brushed his fingers through his hair and listened as his mates went on and on about the events that unraveled today. Why was this such a big deal anyway? It's not like things were bad. In his own personal life things had been going very well. He was without his second half for the time being, which was very odd considering. -c-
21:19:27 Anthony‘ -c- Though he expected no love from the other students, his attitude left him few friends. Not that he minded really, he only needed a few but things could always change. He seemed in a rather chipper mood. He has a bounce in his step as he waved pleasently and flashed a smile here and there. Passing people he was in a straight shot for the group meeting. It was "good" to meet with your fellow students. Did he just think that? He tried to force the smile to stay a bit longer as he pressed on awaitng interaction from his fellow learners. He wasn’t going to force anything, they could come to him. At least that's how it would start. " Rejoice a little meeting of minds. " His sarcasm sneered between his lips as he delivered a fake clap a couple times, standing a little off from the gang.(E)

21:26:34 Izzy-Iwamura crossed his arms and watched the last stragglers approach. Among them, apparently, at least one heckler, standing alone a few meters removed from the rest of them. Well, whatever. Izzy wasn't all that concerned. Indeed, he didn't even spare an extra glance towards Anthony, considering it entirely more dignity than he deserved just now. If he hadn't wanted to take part, after all, there was no obligation for him to come about… either way, Izzy took a few deep breaths to prepare himself. Speaking to a group was still highly stressful for the boy, and it probably wasn't going to improve any time soon. "Ah. I don't know all of you. It would stand to reason that some of you do not know me. We should, we should start there. My name is Izuyo Iwamura. This is my… partner in crime… Xia Lavine. Some of you helped us before, helped us to beat a diavolera into submission, more or less. What I… what I want to ask today is nothing quite so dangerous, at least not on the surface, though I would be remiss to >
21:31:00 Izzy-Iwamura < suggest the Black Lake is devoid of perils. Something happened the night of the Sorting Feast. I strongly believe it is at the root of the Sarpan herd, and Flutey's disappearance. I also suspect the merfolk may know something." He paused here. Felt like he was doing a lot of talking. Oh well, couldn't be helped. "Ah, unlike Steve, the merfolk probably won't eat our faces if we go about this wrong. But, the Grindylows might, and there are worse things than Grindylows lurking beneath the water. Ah, our first move… obviously, our first move will be to reach the middle of the lake, where the merfolk make their home." He stopped here - Izzy planned to do this tonight, indeed immediately if he could manage. "…are there any questions so far?"

21:37:37 Xia_Lavine smiled at everyone and waved when Izzy introduced her, though she did briefly shoot a frown at Anthony. She ignored him after that, though. Rudeness wasn't necessary here. She sighed softly, biting the inside of her bottom lip as she looked around at everyone, curious. When Izzy began reading off his plan and his reasoning, Xia glanced sideways at him and then nodded, looking back at everyone else. "Remember, Grindylows have extremely brittle fingers. If one gets ahold of you, you can break its hold." She said, giving a small shrug. "I'd also suggest any heat related spells. They'll boil the water directed at the grindylow." Yeah. She hadn't done this before or anything. Neeever. She shut her trap, glancing back to Izzy in order to let him continue speaking once more, fidgeting a little with her scarf as she pulled it from around her neck and twisted it in her hands…she was ready for action!

21:43:28 AvalonMarsh listened intently. I seemed this group had met before in a way, and she had missed it! That was unfortunate, it sounded as if some exciting things happened. However, she was here now and this was beginning to sound like a worthwhile venture. There was nothing she loved more than adventure, and if that meant diving into the Black Lake she couldn't have been more excited. She raised her hand briefly, a reflex conditioned by years of answering question after question in class. "So, to clarify, we're going into the lake in the middle of the night in the dark to hunt down mermaids who may or may not welcome us?" She didn't sound accusatory, strangely, but very excited, as if each element of danger only made her happier. Perhaps she should have been a Gryffindor after all.

21:45:18 [Gloriana`Boulstridge] || She couldn’t keep quiet for very long, especially now that Izzy was suggesting that they go swimming in the middle of the night, in not-so-many words. Gloriana slid out from behind the Tree and behind Izzy, rounding his side. “I hope you think every one of these children is capable of this little adventure you’re proposing, Iwamura. Because you’re putting a lot on the line for a hunch,” she admonished. However, she wasn’t against joining, if only for the sake of preventing any terrible mishaps. “I suppose the bubble-head charm is in order. Anyone not familiar with that charm should remain here or return to the castle, I think,” she glanced at the others, “And I’m not saying that to be haughty. The merfolk live very deep in the Black Lake. I don’t care how good of a swimmer you may think you are, you won’t be able to hold your breath that long.”||

21:53:05 Anthony‘ listened as Izzy spoke. He’d never met the man but he was very interested in what he had to say now. Dive into a puddle for information? What a idea, this Izzy character was of note. He'd keep that name in mind. He was sure this was nothing to worry about but he decided he should stick around a bit longer. Let things unfold if you will. His deep brown eyes stared a hole through Izzy, digging and dwelling into his soul. For some time it seemed blank, almost drifting off into some other world. Then the smile came back and he moved his eyes around realizing what he had been doing. He was watching everyone, as if hunting. Looking for the right time to pounce. Though it was pure intention of course. He listened as Xia spoke up, he knew her a bit better but she seemed to feel the same way about his presence. His voice broke his silence again as he look at them trying to hold back a laugh. " So what makes you think this is what we should do…jump in the lake and search for some maybes. " -c-
21:53:31 Anthony‘ -c- His voice rang out above the crowd and he stopped to wait for an answer. His eyes searching the others for a moment or so then he’d speak up again. " Listen I love adventure but this is just silly, wasting our time with this! We could be training…we could be studying. Preparing ourselfs for whatever may happen! Playing like children in the muck won't solve anything. " finishing his speech he sighed softly, shaking his head he remained planted. He didn't expect to sway the crowd just plant seeds. Really what else did he need to do. If people were doubting, they could speak to him. He could fill them in with more then they could every imagine. He said no more, standing amongst his peers.(E)

21:56:36 [Archie] It was a bit nostalgic. Archie had been in attendance to aid in the subduing of the Diavolera. However, he found it odd Izzy considered that more dangerous than swimming in the middle of the night in the Black Lake where Merpeople and Grindylows awaited them. Again, while it was only marginally reassuring that the merpeople wouldn’t impale them on their tridents, the same could not be said of the swarming and drowning tactics of the grindylows who, though it wasn’t apart of the normal diet, did in fact eat people. Yay… He wanted to speak up, though Avalon seemed to be on the same page he was…and faster at expressing it. She, however, didn’t have any tinge of concern. Was she excited? Oh gawd…a thrill seeker. Gloriana’s diatribe was not only warranted, but appreciated by him. He had no problem throwing himself into danger, but he didn’t want to be the reason someone else not fit for the task died…especially on a hunch he was really only indulging. [c]
21:57:03 [Archie] “I agree with Gloriana’ (they were in the same year; of course he knew her name) “Though, the issue of the grindylows will be largely fixed by us just staying together…with a really bright lumos charm.” Slight joke. Probably inappropriate. And, also, for the sake of being that guy… He turned his attention then to Anthony who decided to perk up with something actually worth listening to…and deftly refuting. “I also agree with that one there. He’s right. We should sit around and wait for horntails to storm the castle, and for the walls to start closing in on us next.”

21:58:32 Ryan-Rosell stretched her arms over her head and then clasped her hands at the back of it. She glanced around, listening to the different voices as people spoke their opinions. Gloriana caused her to roll her eyes…Anthony made her frown. "Training, studying. Have you ever thought practical application of these spells in this type of setting may be good training and studying, Grippah?" Her voice rang out, calm and amused with his arguments. She stepped forward, hands coming to rest on her hips as she gazed at him. "What you're suggesting is not questioning, not wondering, not seeking answers. Just because you think it's a bad idea doesn't mean the rest of us do. So go on. Run back up to the castle and stick your nose in a book, or practice some hexes." She smiled, giving a slight shrug. "Blindly deciding that "oh well these creatures won't have any answers" when they might, is worse than the danger posed by swimming through the lake." She shrugged. "Seek, know, wonder. Sitting and studying(
21:58:46 Ryan-Rosell (c) with your tail between your legs may be less dangerous, but it's also somewhat cowardly." She smiled and pushed her hair back from her face. "Let's do this."

22:03:22 Callia narrowed her eyes at her fellow Slytherin. “Aww, sugah, it was a down right party up until yah came along,” she drawled, flicking a strand of green streaked hair out of her face and smirking. “A'course, this kinda party probably ain't yah style, what with it requirin' manners and all. So if yah don't like it, feel free ta leave…” Her voice was soft but steely, the tone most Slytherins would recognize and associate with Thornton and their ongoing battle of wits. Clearly, if no one else was going to step up, she would. Callia wasn't exactly popular amongst her housemates for a variety of reasons – her temper, her accent, her outspoken nature, her foreign heritage, her muggle hobbies – but mostly it was her attitude that stuck out like a sore thumb. That said, she'd turn to Izzy, quietly shaking her head. “It's too dangerous, Iwamura. There's more of us this time, and it's a lot harder to explain a bigger group disappearing for hours only to reappear in the school much later,"
22:03:31 [Callia] "every single one of us soaking wet. Even if we used drying charms, there are too many of us for any excuse to be plausible…” she murmured, shooting Anthony a look. <I> “Perhaps a group should be chosen an' the rest a' us should take Grippah's advice an' go study. Some o' us can try and research the lead the diavolera gave us y'all an' y'all can fill us in on what the merfolk had ta say, trade information…if ya will. The more ends we pursue, the more chances we have o' findin' answers. An' I know it seems like I'm jus bein' a Slytherin, but think abou' it. We can't all go…the staff ain't that distracted that they'd miss a couple of dozen students all missin' curfew. ”

22:11:06 Calcifer ~”Kurotori, and before that Katshasan… er, Japan and India.” she added the last part because, well, no one could expect everyone to know where all the different schools were located, especially not ones so far out of Britain. “Stick? Eh, I suppose, never really bothered me though, I kinda like the word and to be honest… once they realise using it doesn’t do anything but amuse you, well, it loses its effect.” she shrugged again and tugged up her sleeves, thus uncovering the tattoo completely and allowing anyone to see. “Besides, I was dubbed ‘MudBlood Princess’ at my last school, if I hadn’t already got this done, I’d have had that instead.” she grinned softly as they approached the group of rather noisy students, a group which contained absolutely no one she knew. As per. “o0o, arguments… cute.” she whispered, so only Aedan would hear. She remained next to him for a spell, keeping to the back of the group – this wasn’t her school, she didn’t know what was >
22:11:19 Calcifer ~ happening, not really, but when everyone stepped up to give their opinions and failed to think of the most obvious problem, she couldn’t stop herself from speaking. “Delightful as this argument is, that… er, girl has the best point…too many people, and… well, even if you do survive going in there how, exactly, are you going to sneak back unless someone distracts the staff so you lot slumping in late, soaked and probably injured will go unnoticed?” valid point? Hopefully… and maybe one which could stop everyone and make them think about something other than arguing. ~

22:13:41 Izzy-Iwamura actually grinned a little, at the responses he got. They ranged from cautiously supportive, to pathologically optimistic, to fatalistic, to derisive. If nothing else, this larger-than-usual gathering had sparked discussion. That was good. He waited for the questions, the comments, and the back-and-forth to die down before he addressed again. He started with a look towards Gloriana: "There is no need for concern. I wouldn't consider chasing shadows with anybody I thought incapable of handling themselves." It was really more a dismissal than a response, but it was true - he had no plans of dragging green students into the bottom of the lake. He followed with a glance towards Anthony. "I'm not certain who you are, but I would not dream of compelling you to something you do not wish to do. Suffice to say, it is a fool's errand. I will not pretend otherwise. But I have sources that tell me to look here. My mother… pointed me this way. I do not often get along with her, but I was not the first and will >
22:19:34 Izzy-Iwamura < not be the last to learn that… when Haruhi Kojima points, it is a fool's errand not to look." There it was, out in the open. He'd made a point of not mentioning his mother ever since she'd taken up her new/old post at Hogwarts again. It was relevant now, though. Lastly, he glanced towards Callia, and then Calcifer, clearly much more impressed with the two of them. "Quite astute. Lehane, you're really very intelligent, I think you could credit me with actually having a plan, yes?" He didn't really wait for more input from the others - though he really wanted to make a comment to Tolbein, about how the kid obviously had a deathwish between trying to go Indiana Jones on the Sarpans and this, he refrained. "I will need four volunteers to accompany me into the lake itself. A larger group would not only be noticed by the faculty, it would likely be seen as threatening by the merfolk, and… threatening them in their own home would be ill-advised, to say the least. I will need a further two to wait for >
22:22:17 Izzy-Iwamura < us on the lake's surface, in a boat, so as to provide a means of escape should things take an unpleasant turn. And I will need others - as many as care to contribute - to ensure that our absence is not noted. This will very likely mean a loss of points, along with other possible punishments - again, only volunteers. Anything you can do to hold the attention of… anybody who might prove disruptive to the investigation. As I've said at least four times already - there is no obligation, not to any of you. If you have reservations, please, return to your commons room, and have a pleasant evening." Smile. He always did get more into the swing of handling a crowd after a little debate and therapy.

22:24:03 Xia_Lavine simply listened, and waited, arms folded over her chest as she tapped her wand gently against her arm, regarding the students in the circle as they argued, presented ideas, all that good stuff. She shook her head slightly and looked toward the lake, then back at the group as Izzy responded to everyone's statements and such. She nodded as he brought up Kojima, looking from one person to the other. She listened to Izzy's plan and then nodded, stepping beside him and nudging him gently. "I'll go with you, if ya want, Izzy." She said simply, smiling. She'd been to the bottom of the lake more than once, and had seen the merfolk on a fair few occasions. Maybe a familiar face to them wouldn't be a bad thing. She shrugged, though, waiting for Izzy's response and also looking around at the others, waiting for volunteers and the like.

22:34:35 AvalonMarsh was practically bouncing, she was so excited. She hadn't done any decent risk-taking since the school year began, and she was ready for some good old fashioned magic danger. She was instantly on her toes, pulling out her wand. "Oh, I am so going in the lake." She had taken swims in the lake before, but never out so far or down so deep. There was a part of her that was not looking forward to swimming at night in September, but another part just couldn't resist. It was probably the insomiatic sugar-crazed part that was so excited to dive straight into black, cold waters filled with girl-eating aqua-monsters. Nonetheless, she grinned with the thrill of risk and was already loosening her tie.

22:35:03 [Gloriana`Boulstridge] || Anthony was only proving to be more annoying than helpful and it was grating Gloriana’s nerves. Izzy hadn’t expressly demanded that anyone join him in their gathering, nor had he made it a requirement for anyone to accompany him. Those who did, did so of their own free will. Gloriana knew nothing would come of telling them not to go. In fact, that idea might elicit even more rebelliousness. It helped that she, too, was curious about what had been going on that needed clarification from the merpeople. “I don’t think any of us asked for your opinion, Grippah. You don’t have to be here if you don’t wish to be. I’m sure we’d all appreciate it if you shut your mouth,” she replied. She was through being hassled by Slytherins, and she wasn’t going to listen to Anthony any longer, especially if she could help it. Her gaze turned to the pixie-like female and nodded, “Take the girl’s advice and escort the rest back to the castle, if you want to be useful. Those of us that remain will decide <c>
22:35:09 [Gloriana`Boulstridge] how to return to our houses when the time calls for it“ She couldn’t help but feel sympathetic to Izzy’s cause, so the fact that so many pessimists remained, was little more than exasperating. “If anything, I’ll accompany you, Iwamura. I’m a little curious about all of this, myself,” she replied, regarding his request to join him in his adventure into the Black Lake.||

22:37:38 Aedan nodded as she spoke, “I’ve heard some pretty good things about both of those schools, and a couple of others. Must be pretty different here, huh?” He mused arching a brow just slightly. But then the conversation shifted and he found himself more than a little surprised. He had had a feeling she was not ashamed, but she was more than that, she was proud, something which left him slightly awed. “You’ve got a pretty good point there actually, and I think I wish more people thought that way. There are still a lot of things in this world of ours which are taboo.” He murmured with a slight shrug of his shoulders. But then he smirked just a little. “You’ve got another wrist.” He pointed out with amusement, but then it seemed the conversation had turned topics again. He nodded as she spoke of the arguments, “It’s bound to happen. Everyone wants to get in on what’s going on, only a lot of the time; no one knows the best way to do things.” Not that he did either. As his new acquaintance spoke up, he blinked, -
22:37:44 Aedan - cocking his head just slightly. “I think that’s pretty valid.” But the only people who’d hear were those stood closes to him. He certainly wasn’t one for much public speaking.

22:40:15 Anthony‘ shot a glance to the lad(Archie) who had agreed with him. That one was worth keeping, he questioned the flock. His eyes then shot toward the girl(Ryan) who seemed to think he was a coward. " Ah, the dreamer. Lovely lets run wild through the woods just because it seems like it could help! " He barely had the patience to even deal with her responses but she seemed to want to slander him. " It makes perfect sense for you all to go wild and jump in the water because one man stood up and said so…I just fear following orders from every charmer is how so much trouble has become us already. Training and strategy doesn’t hurt anyone. " he paused to glance around. " I feel for the fool who doesn't take that advice. " He said dropping his eyes, shaking his head. His distrought look flashed in the eyes of everyone present now. His eyes slid to now to the girl who said he pooped the party! Popular fellow tonight, but he was just looking at it from a logical point. Not -c-
22:40:41 Anthony‘ -c- everyone can be a jump in and die fellow. We’d all be dead. He nodded softly. " That could be reasonable…some take the dive. Others come with me and train a bit, look into things. Better way to learn that way. " He said playing to the voices in the crowd. His eyes fluttered across the group and he pondered how they'd take is advice. He wasn't asking to give up there souls. He was just making a point, having them question for once. It was healthy. He felt a smirk fall his lips and he shrugged. " Everyones right, be a real shame if the staff caught on to all of this. " He said trying to work this out before jumping in. He nodded toward the new comer. A peacemaker(Calcifer), that was worth keeping in mind. " Appreciated. " he said softly. Now his attention would return to Izzy, the man of the hour. He listened as he went on about his mother and she told him to eat his veggies or some nonsense. The look on Anthonys face could say it all. -c-
22:41:01 Anthony‘ -c- " Well I don’t know how to argue that. Your right, this could be a very important mission. I wish you the best of luck. " he forced the genuine smile and nodded softly. " I'll do a bit of looking of information inside, try to keep those pesky teachers from snooping around your plans. " He said softly turning on his feet to turn and walk away. He hoped they all enjoyed the little trip they were headed on. His smile rose up and never seemed to fade as he was almost to the point of humming. As for Gloriana? She was just bitter, risky undergoing this activties so close to her cheating scandal. Brave girl. He was ready to get back inside. Good Day.(E)

22:48:31 Archie would have naturally been very embarrassed if Izzy had commented on that. He was very glad he didn’t. They all had their less than…glorious moments. Vainglory saturating their decisions in the heat of the moment. Archie was certainly not immune to this. He was, after all (loosely, I suppose), human, prone to human folly. However, his efforts were valiant, and damnit if he didn’t look cool trying to magically drop kick a Sarpan, even if it did land him in the hospital wing for an extended period. If you can fall with that much style, you deserved the time off. So, in light of NOT DREDGING UP LESS THAN EXEMPLARY PASTS, THANK YOU, Archie remained silent after his comments, leaving the situation to eventually resolve itself. Proactive students and the ability to resolve conflicts themselves; the plan may very well work out. “I’ll sit on the boat.” Archie wasn’t actually too keen on jumping in the water. Now that it appeared there was a third option of sitting dry in the boat to act as the quick rescue team; that seemed optimal.

23:02:06 Callia grinned wickedly, an idea dawning on her face that made her eyes glow. “I can do tha', but I think I have an idea about how ta distract the professeurs. If th' rest o' us all kept tah th' halls, I think we might be able to keep their attention, non? There's a muggle game called man hunt back home..people run aroun' and hide, and they play to try and tag out th' otha team. If we split up inta two groups and run around, acting like we're playing a game, they won't think tah check the grounds. They'll think th' othas are jus' hidin' somewhere else. It'd certainly give the professeurs the run around, and there's no way a' verifyin' who is an' ain't there. Even if each professeur stops us once, they won't know who th' other professeurs have already caught and sent back ta their common rooms…we can even try and make it a battle simulation, or a stealth exercise, or somethin'…” -
23:02:10 [Callia] Biting her lip uncomfortably, she'd drop her gaze to her high heeled ankle boots, “jus' an idea,” she finished quietly.

23:11:00 Calcifer found herself listening intently to the apparent ring leader of this group, an amused smile creeping over deep crimson lips ever so slowly as he got into the flow of things. Young, but smart – pretty much what she expected from all students considering she’d spent the best part of five years at Kurotori. Nothing below excellent was acceptable there and as such… no one bickered the small things, unlike here. Mind you, it was a little refreshing to be around actual teenagers for once, instead of career driven, study constantly assholes. “Wood’s are nice, not such a bad idea to go for a run… how about you go first and we’ll catch up later?” she grinned again, but this time it wasn’t exactly pleasant, but her attention was soon caught by another: Gloriana. “Talk about uppity, here was me about to offer to take whatever punishments your school had to give, and help keep the teachers off your back till you were safe… but I guess my help ain’t needed, Ms. Smarty pants.” >
23:11:41 Calcifer ~ her words weren’t vicious or angry, not even close, they were playful. All of them including the ones to Anthony, she wasn’t trying to get in on an argument, her tone and words would hopefully incite amusement, not bitterness. “Either way, I’m new, none of your teachers know who I am really, except the two who actually brought me through the front gates…so, how am I to know what time curfew is? Or that I’m not supposed to, say, practise charms and hex’s in the corridors… I mean, honestly, I can’t imagine how I’d know not to do any of that stuff… and I’m pretty sure it’d distract the teachers on watch for a few hours.” true enough, they would work as valid excuses for a while. “The impervious and fervensium charm might be useful to anyone going into the water, and if you.” she glanced at Izzy, obviously directing her words before this and especially now, towards him. “Don’t have enough volunteers for being out here, I’ll help, if you do… I can help grumpy over here distract >
23:11:43 Calcifer ~ the teachers, likely by punchin’ him mind you.” it was then that Callia mentioned ‘man hunt’, a puzzled expression took over the girl for a moment before it clicked… “Tag!” she squeaked, but not too loudly, as it dawned on her what the other girl meant. “That’s ingenious, really. That and it’d take a while to actually explain the game to them, it being mostly muggle related after all. Sumato on'nanoko!”

23:22:44 Izzy-Iwamura obviously hadn't convinced Anthony as to the necessity of the journey - which, he supposed, wasn't surprising. When someone came to leer and mock, invoking your mother was rarely a way to change their tune. It didn't matter - history bore it out, Haruhi had an unnatural tendency to be right in her hunches. Perhaps there was something sinister to it, or perhaps she just really enjoyed pulling strings from behind closed doors… it didn't really matter at this point. He nodded off, one after another as the students who were with him gave their contributions - either pledging support or offering ideas or both. That was why he brought so many in. Izzy was very bright, and very aware of that - but he firmly believed no single person could ever anticipate everything. He grinned at Callia, an outright, bright and cheery grin, the sort of outburst he rarely exhibited. "Lehane, I love it, I love it. Good hunting." He almost had a mind to ask Xia to go with her, as Xia's encyclopaedic knowledge of the >
23:27:30 Izzy-Iwamura < secret passages through the new Hogwarts would probably be very useful in that plan, but he found Xia to be a very calming presence, on the grounds that she did crazy things so he wouldn't have to. Towards Evangeline, a wrinkle of his nose and a bit of a motion with his hand. "You, um, I don't know your name. But. I could use you, either on the boat or in the water. We're a little short. Oukini…" Since she'd made the offer, and they were still two volunteers shy of the full seven. Well, now just one shy. He paused. "Everyone who's coming along, we should go now. The longer we wait, the less time we'll have to manage this. Take a moment to prepare, and… let's be off."

23:44:24 AvalonMarsh tapped her head with her wand, muttering "Fervensium" and shivering as she felt the warmth spread right down to her toes. She may have had a joy for risks, but she still went about them with a certain amount of care. Tying her long ginger hair into a ponytail behind her head, she deemed herself prepared. All she could do was cast a bubblehead charm in the boat and make sure she kept herself warm. She removed her shoes and knee-high socks, the charm keeping her feet warm. They were already wet from the damp grass near the lake and uncomfortable. "Well, I'm as ready as I'll ever be. Is there any sort of plan with how we'll communicate with the merfolk when we get down there? I've never really tried to talk with a bubblehead charm and I don't know if merfolk speak English." She was only just realizing now this might be something they would want to discuss.

23:50:40 [Gloriana`Boulstridge] || “The other side of your argument being, Grippah, that nobody ever got anywhere by sitting around and twiddling their thumbs until it was too late,” she snarked to Anthony. He didn’t seem to pose any immediate threat to Gloriana or the rest, but she admittedly disliked him because of his association with one of the possible two Slytherins that were to blame for her loss of her status as Head Girl. The other was in attendance and didn’t exactly seemed perturbed by Gloriana’s presence. “I’m not exactly keen on the idea of putting the Faculty on edge like that, especially after what’s happened previously,” she chimed in after Callia submitted her idea, “However, if we’re going to go through with this, we will need a distraction. And nothing works quite like a game of hide and seek after hours. Though I wouldn’t be throwing spells at one another to make things interesting. You might incur a far more severe punishment than without them.” Calcifer’s reply only added <c>
23:51:09 [Gloriana`Boulstridge] fuel to the fire, but Gloriana refrained from snapping at her about common sense regarding the use of spells in the halls and the obviousness of a set curfew by the pure fact that she would be alone whilst roaming the castle if she were out after hours. Instead, she kept her mouth shut and turned back to the few that had volunteered to join Izzy in his hunt for the merfolk and any answers they had as to what exactly was going on lately. She nodded in response to Izzy’s suggestion that they make haste. What they needed to do needed to be done soon, long before the Staff began to wonder where their students had run off to. And by now, the feast was over and students clamoring to return to their respective houses for a good night’s rest. “Marsh has a point, Izzy. Unless you know Mermish, I doubt we’ll be getting much information out of them,” she declared. Then again, Gloriana didn’t know Izzy that well. So, for all she knew, he was well-versed in multiple languages, including the very rare <c>
23:51:17 [Gloriana`Boulstridge] Parseltongue. It occurred to her just then that he probably wouldn’t have suggested the idea of speaking with the me people, if he didn’t have an idea of how to communicate with them. But she’d deal with the consequence of letting herself fly off at the mouth when it came back up.||

23:51:27 Aedan had to amid those last few ideas; the ones from Callia and Calcifer were both damn good ones. See, it only took a few people to really bring things together. “I think it could work.” He murmured, piping up for a change so he could be heard. But it was then, of course, that his keen eyes caught sight of movement by the door of the castle. “Company.” He hissed, nose wrinkling slightly before he smiled. “I’ve got this.” He was, after all, head boy of Hufflepuff, no teacher would expect him to get into trouble, so he could easily lead them back to the castle. He cast a small grin at the ensemble group, muttered a quick and quiet, “Good luck.” Before moving quickly towards the castle and up the stairs. The teacher which had appeared there lingered for only a moment. Aedan explained he thought he had some saw something outside but it was nothing and with that, both student and teacher vanished back inside of the castle. In truth, this was opportune; it had given him a chance to be part of -
23:51:30 Aedan - something, - however small, - and yet given him chance to escape the crowd at the same time.

00:15:53 Calcifer ~ “Douitashimashite.” she shrugged, her accent and pronunciation was immaculate, not surprising considering how long she’d visited and lived in Japan. Without much more than that she moved forward, bringing herself closer to the group of people, before she’d stood on the outskirts. Observing and nothing more, but now it seemed she was part of this in a more physical way. Tsk. “If anyone does catch us, well… where I transferred from, there was no curfew, students were trusted, so I have that excuse, which won’t help you guys but it means I can probably intercept anyone before they find all of us and buy you some time to run.” again there came a shrug, the playfulness which had been mistaken for ‘meanness’ by a few choice members was gone now, replaced by a seemingly serious side. “Name’s Calcifer, mind tellin’ me everyone elses? I got Xia and Izzy… but no one elses. Oh, and I can sit on the boat or go for a dive, don’t much care which. Is only a bit o’ water.” >
00:15:54 Calcifer ~ after that she simply waited, her wand was kept – as was the custom in Japan – in a ‘holster’ of sorts at her hip, somewhat like one would imagine a samurai sword to be, and she wouldn’t actually draw it out unless she had reason to use it. No point in waving it around without anything to do after all! ~

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