02/21/2011 Log

16:53:52 [Gloriana`Boulstridge] || Things were starting to look bleak for the weary Auror in charge of investigations at Hogwarts. She had yet to receive word from Ollivander about the Satyr that had donated his horn to the red birch wand. And her “captive” was still refusing to talk. She would obtain that veritaserum any day now, but the wait was still a long one. On the brighter side of things, she’d received a reply from the American authorities about the red birch. A small list of names was given to her, of the wizards and witches that purchased red birches within the past 80 years that were not yet deceased. That provided some comfort. A little, anyhow. But something much more sinister and unexpected was headed her way. Something she would not… could not have anticipated. Right now, she was seated at the staff table in the Great Hall. Dinner was to be served at any moment now, and the atmosphere of the room seemed contented (save for the scowls directed at the Patrol). Students seemed to be getting used to the rules <c>
16:53:55 [Gloriana`Boulstridge] well enough, but Piper continued to feel as if they were being oppressed by some tyrannical beast. Kaust wasn’t exactly that, but that didn’t keep Piper from hating her rules. She sat forward, her elbows on the table, and watched the Hall with passive interest. — Meanwhile, Gloriana was entering the Great Hall with bags under her eyes. She’d stayed up most of the night watching over Aedan and putting up with Professor Kaust. It was tolerable, but it had afforded her very little sleep overall. Instead of directly taking her seat at the Ravenclaw table, Glori chose to patrol the Hall; her red armband contrasting brilliantly to the black of her school robes. She kept a watchful eye on the students of each House, scrutinizing them as if they were products be packaged and shipped away, determined to find any flaw and rid them of it. ||

17:31:54 [Duncan] Poor old Kaust really LOOKED poorly, didn’t she—or, that is, LOOKED poorly before Duncan came into her evening. I mean, honestly, how could anyone remain in the dumps when this ray of sun was around? Look at her – she’s the MODEL of a sunny day. Disposition, perfectly bronzed skin, bright eyes, flowing and bouncy hair – hell, LOOK at that yellow pea coat. How could you be sad looking at something that looked like sunflowers? Anyway, Duncan had met up with Kaust on her way to the Great Hall. For those who need a Duncan-to-English dictionary, ‘met up’ means ‘Kaust looked like a suspiciously sulky zombie and Duncan felt the need to inject herself into the Headmistress’s day and figure out what the hell was going on with her’. SO… by the time they’ve reached the doorway to dinner, Kaust shall have been accompanied by not only Duncan’s long and slender legs but her ‘romantic’ and garble hybrid Brazilian-British accent as well. If that’s not soothing, what in this world is (not to
17:32:07 [Duncan] make her ego any larger – because really, she’s not THAT insufferable). What does Duncan have to say? Well she, for one, would love to hear about those crass Muggle weapons that go BOOM and BANG and pierce hearts (and lungs and livers and spleens and pop skulls an—it’s really unhealthy, isn’t it?) and there’s no better person – her stare and fixation would have you believe – to dole out this information than former-professor-and-current-headmistress Hayden Kaust. So… Duncan has a round-about manner of dealing with things, but damnit, she has a plan under all this amiable jabber.

17:37:45 Huian A blink, and she stood up from her seat, books being put away, and she ambled out of the library, paper folded up neatly and tucked in her shirt, before opening the compact and checking the clock on the inner face, and she blinked, before hauling ass to the Great Hall, skittering in a bout a minute before the deadline for dinner, skipping on one foot, she really didn't have brakes, after all. In some serious danger of tripping and falling straight on her face. No no, balance, little thing, balance. Eeehe, or gravity worked, because her precarious position on her feet just about gave out, and she flailed slightly, falling backwards and landing on her ass. Well, better than her face at least, even though it stung like a bitch.

17:40:22 Izzy-Iwamura || Some days are like that. Izzy had managed to run afoul of Judgment for the first time, and after class he'd been abruptly whisked away by his mother, and lectured heavy-handedly about many things, only a small number of which seemed remotely important. The Daily Prophet's top headlines were about the fall of the Ministry in Scandinavia, and the collapse of Brazil into civil war between government and renegade forces - forces that self-identified as Kalite. He had no appetite, but he'd come to the Great Hall anyway. Stoic face, steady demeanor. Hope the dragon in his satchel (Izzy had taken to calling the little thing 'Miho') didn't wake up and think it was a good idea to start peeking about, because that could end in utter disaster. As though today hadn't been completely disastrous already… || Kojima was worried. It wasn't typical for her to worry about things, at least not visibly, but the news from Oslo was troublesome, as was the news from Sivanpara. She'd known this was coming, but Haruhi >
17:43:12 Izzy-Iwamura < had expected to have a little more… time. The Kalites had moved quickly, and she didn't much like the idea of waiting for them to pick a time to strike at Hogwarts. It had been a long time since Kojima had felt uncertain about anything. Tonight, she was on edge. That tingling at the back of her neck was back. And she'd learned to expect terrible things when she was on edge. So, while she took her place in the Great Hall as she did most nights, Kojima was in no hurry to eat. At a glance, one might think she was looking for someone in particular, there in the Great Hall - she kept scanning the faces over, pensively, before looking down and muttering. Strange.

17:43:57 Kieran was in the Great Hall with the early crowd, wanting to finish his meal early so that he could have more time to help Huian study transfiguration/anatomy. He had the usual mountain of food right in front of him. Another fork-full of food mysteriously disappeared just before he caught the flailing Chinese girl in the corner of his eye. He stood from the bench, and made his way over to her. "What trouble gettink into, now?" He said it with a smirk as he offered her a hand to help her up. If she took it, he'd pull her up with his usual strength, nearly off of her feet, and see if she wished to sit with the Ravenclaw, or Slytherin. It was easy enough for him to simply move his giant platter of food, after all. "After you." Such a gentleman, he was.

17:45:28 [Kaust] Something…. Something… After Aedan’s placement within the Hospital Ward the nagging sensation that she should have been doing anything and everything but watching over the boy had burrowed itself deep within her gut and driven her to action. Action as in, for the last few hours or so she’d been roaming the halls, pacing from her office to various other areas of the school with blank face and short of breath. Time didn’t matter, consciousness didn’t matter, her body seemed to move whether she was thinking or not, and slowly she came to the conclusion that most of the time she was on some sort of ride, backside to implemented urges and emotions. She might have driven further into this thought as she leaned against the wall had not Duncan appeared, gripping her attention and forcing her to nearly jerk away in irritated surprise. Though eventually she will be persuaded to accompany Duncan to the dining hall (though she’d had no plans of going before then). It wasn’t her sunny disposition, or her bright
17:45:30 [Kaust] clothes, or even those long tanned legs that Kaust often found her gaze dipping down toward with that same sadistic wicked hunger, but it was her interest in—“Firearms…” Kaust purred, more than willing to give her an extensive report in the subject. Nobody took an interest in Muggle culture like she did, but the way they took to protecting themselves with a technology other than magicology was just amazing. To have someone else who sought out that information was… attractive, but her body belonged to another (several others in a different context)… almost against her will and better judgment. “Meine favorite ist das shotgun, an amazing piece of equipment.” Upon entering she wouldn’t head toward the faculty table, she never did, and instead she’d motion toward her favorite corner, the one Wright now occupied. “If du vould like to continue this conversation…?” Well, she’d take them to the corner now shared by her number one tutor. Of who she would give a tired pale faced nod toward.

17:55:07 Huian She just sort of rubbed her rear, about to get up when a voice and a hand prompted her to look up, and take it. Granted, she knew she'd be pulled near off her feet, but that was a clear side effect of letting a very large man haul her ass off the floor. And it wasn't like it surprised her, because she was on her feet soon enough, and offered him a bright smile. "Why assume I get trouble?" She spotted Izzy at the Ravenclaw table from the corner of her eye, and a brief flash of worry crossed her features, before turning back to Kieran, even if her eyes still flickered to Izzy. But she gestured towards the Snake's table, after all, he already had his food there, and she didn't want him to have to move it. She flashed a smile, before heading to the Slytherin table, and smiled at the nearby people. Granted, she only god curt nods in return, but it was as much as she expected. Her hand found it's way into her shirt, pulling out the paper tucked in her bra, and unfolding it.

17:58:57 [McBride] || As much as she wanted to smile and greet the radiant ball of sunshine that was Duncan (and the sight of her accompanying a woman whose picture was posted in the dictionary next to the definition of depressing), Piper couldn’t find the will to do so. News that Ministries were in trouble around the globe (in addition to her other, more personal, problems) was enough to make her scowl through the rest of the day. The Daily Prophet spoke of many-a-conflict around the globe. Warfare had broken out in Portugal amongst the ministry and its Aurors. And in America, there was certainly political unrest. She had gleaned as much from a close, family friend. Things were looking grim for their own ministry, especially with that deceptive twat Erik Calutain heading the Department of Investigations. She was sure that things would not end pleasantly in Britain, either. Piper merely sat with that solemn look plastered on her face, without the slightest glint of happiness in her eye. — On the other <c>
17:59:04 [McBride] side of the Great Hall was Gloriana. Her eyes narrowed at Lee and Krum and she made her approach swiftly. “Take your seats,“ she commanded, glaring at the two intensely. To say she didn’t sort of enjoy her job in judgment would be a lie. She had made her dislike toward Krum perfectly obvious from day one. And Lee was a similar case. So, it wasn’t much of a stretch for Gloriana to be a jerk, to prove whatever it was she needed to prove to her fellow members of judgment. That was just a perk to the job. ||

18:01:30 [Ophelia-Wright] Contrary to the watchful gaze of the faculty and a handful of students, Ophelia continued to lean against the wall quietly, her attention shifting from student to professor and vice-versa. She was watching, but unlike those more attuned to their general surroundings, she was unsure as to what she was watching for. It didn’t keep her from doing her absolute best to ensure that this meal didn’t end as disastrously as those in the past, but whether or not she could truly be counted on to act quickly had yet to be seen. About to simply leave the corner and approach her table, she would turn and spot the Headmistress from afar. About to wave to her, she noted that she was in the company of another woman—one she hadn’t met. Mildly interested, she waited for them to approach before attempting a second wave. “Evening, Professor Kaust. Miss…?” She turned to Duncan, unsure of what to call her. Hand held toward her, she attempted to grin but would instead appear to almost grimace—Duncan <C>
18:01:58 [Ophelia-Wright] <C> would have to forgive her for that. “Ophelia Wright. It’s a pleasure to meet you,” she murmured halfheartedly, her gaze flickering toward Gloriana as she scolded a couple of familiars.

18:07:14 [Duncan] There’s a key to everyone’s heart and… the key to Kaust’s heart is apparently a Beretta 391 semi-automatic 12-gauge. Who could blame her, really? Who DOESN’T like making sure the head you just shot in was splattered all over the wall behind it (and then some)? She could see the appeal of muggle guns if… you know… she didn’t have a wand… or any magical aptitude. She greets Kaust’s young guest here in the corner. “Tsai,” she states and extends her hand to accept Ophelia’s noble gesture. “Miss Tsai. Pleasure is here.” Thereafter, it’s a bit hard to keep her attention on the cloudy corner. Though Duncan does her best not to let much dampen her spirits, she WOULD like to check up – via line-of-sight – with Piper to lend her fellow Auror a Duncan-brand smile. She'll return to the conversation with Kaust and reply in time: "I'd love to keep it up, yes! So tell me more about… what was it, the shotgun?" Excuse the menacing look, won't you.

18:08:02 Izzy-Iwamura eyed the food in front of him, and after a few moments, ultimately decided that he should at least try to eat, even if nothing came of it. He took to nibbling on a bit of bread. It didn't really amount to much, though, as he simply didn't have a lot of time to contemplate before things… went wrong. Well, 'wrong' sort of implies that there was a 'right' alternative… things went south? Something like that. It started with a particular crowd at one end of the Slytherin table - a good fifty or sixty students, actually, rising all at once. Wands were drawn. A small handful of Ravenclaws and Gryffindors, and even one or two stray Hufflepuffs, followed suit. And Izzy, impulsively, slipped his wand into his hand, though he didn't rise just yet, keeping an eye on what was going down… || Kojima eyed the sudden, and well-coordinated, rise of some two hundred students between the four tables, close to half of them Slytherins. "Headmistress?" A meaningful glance pointed towards Kaust, just to >
18:11:18 Izzy-Iwamura < ensure she was aware of what was happening. What followed was something Kojima really wished she hadn't anticipated: the doors of the Great Hall burst open. Erik Calutain may have been a tad predictable, but Kojima - grudgingly - couldn't deny that he was effective at the work he did. And indeed, it was no other than Erik Calutain there in the door, with twenty or more others bearing the badge of the Department of Investigations flanking him. "Hayden!" Calutain spoke loudly, over the din of the Great Hall. "It's time!" What followed was the sound, light, and general chaos of some two hundred stunning spells firing off at the same time…

18:19:02 Kieran looked at Gloriana with a rather stone expression. It wasn't the indifference he had for her before she joined up with Judgment. She was the one that sent Huian to detention the first time. His eyes slowly rolled away from her, taking a deep breath to calm himself. She was the one who seemed so adamant about protecting Flutey, and now she was on their side. He turned back towards the Slytherin table, but paused when he saw the students stand up. He started to pull Huian behind him as he slowly drew his wand and held it tightly. He knew trouble when he saw it. He started backing her away towards the wall, and when Calutain burst through the door the hairs on the back of his neck stood on end. He saw the flashes of light firing off in every direction, and a Slytherin turned towards him and Huian to cast his own spell. Kieran reacted quickly just as the boy was opening his mouth. "Protego Bastum!" The stunning spell was batted away with accuracy by Kieran's spell right back into the »
18:19:03 Kieran <c> student. "Stay behind!" He shouted at Huian. The glowing protection spell still alight.

18:30:51 Huian ♥ The approaching of Gloriana had been met with a politely blank stare, and a bit of an eye roll. She wanted nothing to do with the female, and in fact, if she never talked to or looked at her again, that would be just perfect. Just disappear. Yeah. She entertained the thought of something else, before that instinct flared up, the rabbit ears in her mental imagining pricking up and quivering, because people were starting to rise, and this unnerved her. Her hand went to her wand, and she gripped it, before realizing she was being pulled behind Kieran and backed up towards a wall. When had she given up control so easily? She blinked, and nearly jumped out of her skin when people burst through the door, pressing her back against the stone when spells started firing…she flinched when one was shot her and Kieran's way, but he was clearly on top of things, blasting the spell back at the person who sent it. Stay behind? No need to tell her twice…it was like her sense for trouble was being overloaded —
18:31:06 Huian — …she needed to figure out what to do…but her mind wasn't working, even as her wand raised defensively. ♥

18:33:48 [McBride] || Piper’s grave stare was suddenly caught by the unexpected, and terribly synchronized, movement of the students. She, too, stood from her seat, her hand catching her wand as she made her way around the staff’s table and into the aisle between the tables. “What’s going on he-“ she’d managed to get out before Calutain and his men effectively barged into the Great Hall. Her chest heaved with breath and she made a run for it, occasionally firing off harmless spells at students, meant mostly for disarming them or preventing them from further casting spells. Things had gotten bad, and fast. Whatever was happening with the other ministries around the globe, was happening here sooner than McBride had calculated. But speculation and the actual time line in which things happened never seemed to coincide. Piper was determined to get to Calutain. He was at the root of this, she was almost certain. With that in mind, she began fighting her way toward the entrance of the Great Hall, where she’d last seen <c>
18:33:52 [McBride] Calutain before things erupted into chaos. — Gloriana stared after Lee and Krum, watching them carefully… or she had until the better half of the Great Hall stood with their wands raised and Flutey’s murdered arrived on the scene. A man who was now flanked with quite a few Aurors more than when he’d last appeared in the Great Hall. Glori lifted her wand to cast a shield charm when she was taken by surprise by a very harsh “Impedimenta“ which knocked her back quite a few feet and onto the floor. Well, so much for being any good at dueling or battles. ||

18:34:58 Hanna-Collins was apparently eating and doing her own jazz, ya know, just being Hanna the awesome. School wasn't feeling the same since she got sent to detention for kneeing a professor in the nuts. If she did say so herself, that was a tad too much, she was simply trying to protect her new friend. Anyway, she was looking around, and things were feeling a lot tenser than usual when things took a turn for the worse. People were taking up arms against, well, against the Aurors who had come the other day when Flutey had died. Hanna wasn't feeling so cheery anymore, she was changed, things were happening in the school that just felt wrong, at least from what she remembered, it just didn't feel the same, things felt wrong, she she as hell wasn't going to let others feel the same way she did!! She was taking a stand with Kojima and she was gonna kick some ass because things needed to change. (anyway just need to read more on what's going on).

18:39:20 [Kaust] With gentle smile she’ll greet Wright, sparing a moment to rub a hand across the top of her head before using it to adjust the position of her hat. When she turns back to Duncan to address her knowledge of the shotgun she can hear the sudden shift of rising students. Immediately, upon hearing her title called, she’ll glance toward the soon toward those rising students, nostrils flaring as she steps back so that she can be placed at Duncan’s side and a little to the back. It’s assumed that Duncan, too, is watching the uprising, perhaps more curious than anything else. As for Kaust, her face is pinched if only for a moment before… emptiness. It’s only once her eyes narrow and lips twitch ever so slightly that He bursts into the room. All she hears is her name and already she’s in motion, smooth like an efficient non-thinking machine she’ll twist behind Duncan (who may still be a little ‘wtf is going on!?’) and use what precious seconds of advantage she has to use those toned arms to grip Duncan’s wrists
18:39:23 [Kaust] from behind her and wrench both arms back. To keep her from gripping her wand and to keep her from further moving. A breath is spared, accent barely there to hiss past Duncan’s ear toward Ophelia: “Shield.” And, inwardly, whatever was within Kaust prayed she would follow through as those stunning spells behind to fly across the space. Using Duncan effectively as a meat shield, so long as she managed to snatch her up, she’ll use her weight and legs to part the other woman’s and force her to her knees, just in case Wright doesn’t throw up that shield in time. It’ll keep the bulk of those rapidly flung spells flying over both their heads as she carefully, but firmly, moves to further subdue Duncan to the ground. So long as Op is in front of them creating that oh so perfect distraction it’ll give Kaust the time she needs to work with the Auror. With a knee at Duncan’s back, by this point, she’ll take both those hands and place them within her one and taking wand she’ll place it against Duncan’s back
18:39:31 [Kaust] before learning over and whispering a few choice words… Only once and when this is done does she release the woman from her grip and wave the wand over herself: “Alica Verto” With that done, wand is held at the ready, as she patiently stands at ease, relaxed… for the situation.'

18:43:40 Stella_Kira opened her eyes from her meditation, single feather earring jingling as she lifted her head. It's Time. It rang out in her bones when she heard it muffled through the golden earring. Yellow eyes were aflame as she grabbed her broom from the corner of her tent, and left the wizards space to the outside. The Hogsmeade refugee camp could hold it's own without her here. She looked up into the sky, and took a deep breath before mounting her broom and leaning forward. Her white robes were a silver streak in the dark sky as she headed at top speed for Hogwarts. "I'm coming, Kojima…" her wand was clutched tightly in her hand, a little leather strap attaching it to her wrist. Not enough witches or wizards did this, but wasn't it just obvious? She thought she heard something about them being in the Great Hall before all of that chaos erupted, and she flew high up before leaning forward on her broom to fly through one of the open windows. She knew the school well enough to navigate through the halls on <c>
18:43:42 Stella_Kira <c> her broom, and made her way down the flights of stairs towards the Great Hall.

18:47:21 [Ophelia-Wright] “Miss Tsai. Of course.” Increasingly put off by Duncan’s over-exuberance, she turned her attention elsewhere shortly after concluding their mutual introductions. Sighing heavily, she waited (impatiently) for Duncan and Kaust to finish their conversation. Following a prolonged moment, she debated simply leaving them to their discussion and fetching herself a well-deserved meal. Gretchen had been mistaken—Kaust didn’t appear to be in trouble; in fact, the brunette would’ve gone as far as to claim that the blond was behaving quite candidly. “Well, look at the time. I suppose I’ll leave you both to your enthralling—” Interrupted by the rise of some two-hundred or so students, Ophelia instinctively slipped a hand into her robes, fingers coming to preemptively clutch the end of her wand. Startled by Calutain’s arrival, she’d been about to spare him the effort of making a long and winded speech when he practically roared the Headmistress’ name. <C>
18:47:33 [Ophelia-Wright] <C> “Hayden?” No sooner had the first spell been cast that the Great Hall broke into a frenzy. It came as no surprise then that those that knew little of the conflict would instantaneously turn their attention to Judgment officers. “E-Expelliarmus!” A wand knocked from her nearest opponent’s hand, the student in question disappeared into the chaos long enough for Ophelia to glance over her shoulder. “Hayden,” she started, dropping formalities, “Are you alri—?” Shield. “…what? Hayden—what…?” She was confused. Brows knitting together, she turned to stare at the madness unfolding before her. She had very little time to think and, reluctantly, did as she was commanded. “Protego!”

19:04:32 Izzy-Iwamura reacted quickly, though his reaction wasn't to take part in the battle. His mother had warned him not to, just a couple hours prior. She'd warned him not to fight back in the event of a… for fucksake, how did Kojima always know these things? Regardless, Izzy more or less vanished the moment the curses started flying, along with his satchel - a mouse had an interesting road to travel, in the chaos of more than a thousand feet in the Great Hall, but it was better than being an immediate target. The doors were open - and it was Izzy's plan to get out. Kojima had told him where he should go, and as long as he could make it to the grounds, he could get there. And so began the process of dodging through the student body - a process he started by attaching himself to a robe, and sliding into the pocket of a fleeing Ravenclaw. The present situation said the girl would probably drop before long, but while she was standing, Izzy wasn't going to be trampled. Most likely, at least… || Too soon. She'd known >
19:08:08 Izzy-Iwamura < it was coming, but Kojima really could have used more time to prepare her students. Unfortunately, she hadn't realized how much of the student body Calutain's forces had gotten to. That presented the greatest impediment. She moved quickly - Kaust's attack on Duncan was immediate, and it quickly established to Haruhi where the Headmistress' loyalties lay. Who could she trust in this chaos? Nobody. Kojima darted from the faculty table towards the Slytherin table, keeping low and turning aside spells as they came too close - it was a dangerous game in here. A second off-guard and you could die. Nearly every student she could see was either down or involved in the fighting by now, and at a glance, it looked as though Calutain's minions had a decided advantage over those who weren't allied with him. "MCBRIDE." The other Auror was making a beeline for Calutain, and Kojima didn't like that. Had to put a stop to that. Particularly since Calutain had quite a contingent along with him, a contingent that was >
19:09:12 Izzy-Iwamura < now wading into the Great Hall, sowing chaos and damage of their own. And Kaust, and her faithful, on the other side. It was a no-win situation… had to do something quickly. A plan formed…

19:12:32 Kieran could see Gloriana take a hit from the corner of his eye. So much for there being any sides in this matter. "Come!" He had to shout over the casting of students. He didn't give her much option, his hand grabbing hers and pulling her along as he moved towards Gloriana "Stay low!". Some of the Slytherin turned towards them, and he lifted his wand, pointing directly at the Slytherin table. "Mobilito" It lifted and shifted around, knocking over several of the Students who weren't keen enough to duck. He knelt by Gloriana, eyes still looking out towards anyone who noticed them. " Bulstirdge" He butchered her name as he shook her shoulder to see if she could move. Maybe she at least had an idea of what was going on. She was, after all, the nearest scooby. If he didn't get an answer from her, he'd drag her over towards the wall. They had to get out of there. He eyed the entrance where Calutain and his Aurors were moving in, and tightened his grip on Huian.

19:26:48 Huian She was still too shocked to do much than keep frozen against the wall, her mind oddly blank from any sort of spells, and nothing but an odd fuzz in her ears…it was deafening…was it the blood she was hearing? The same thing happened in Hogsmeade…the only thing that brought her out of her shock was seeing Gloriana going down like a sack of sand…her heart was racing now, and she only realized she wasn't alone, because she felt terribly, horribly alone…until her wrist was grabbed and she blinked back to reality, eyes locking on Kieran, hearing the order to stay low. So she did, low, and alert, though all she wanted to do was run and hide…She blinked again, and kneeled next to Gloriana when they reached her, worry crossing her face. She didn't like the girl, but if she was hurt, she couldn't be neglectful. It wasn't in her nature. She felt the grip tighten on her and she almost winced…it was near painful, but she understood the stress, because her hand gripped his with an iron force-
19:27:00 Huian — before sending a spell over his head, stunning a person about to cast a spell their way. Quick, efficient…but she was terrified and it showed.

19:35:58 Hanna-Collins was taking cover behind an overturned bench(do we still even have those in the Great Hall?) Anyway, all this was pretty confusing, or at least it would be a lot more confusing had she not know the type of shit that was going on in detention. That stuff was really putting a damper in this place, which used to be fun. On the plus side, professor Kojima seemed to be kicking ass. She kind of wished her parents were here too, so they too could kick ass , like they had once did along side who was supposed to be an old lady, what was up with that anyway? Anyway, she noticed Izzy moving toward the door, and then she noticed Kieran and Huian, rather than being alone she decided to move that way, staying low (and tripping some people on the way) she made her way to where they were. "Hey guys… anyone know what's up?" She kept both eyes out to repel anything that came their way, while Kieran tried to do some questioning to one of the Judgment or whatever they were. She ducked her head when -c-
19:36:33 Hanna-Collins -c- Huian sent a spell flying. Things were crazy, she never thought that the school would ever see war within it's walls again.

19:45:20 [McBride] || She aimed countless spells at Calutain’s men, some of them people that Piper had been well acquainted with and none of them hesitant to attack her or the students in the Great Hall. It was a horrifying sight to behold, that much was certain. Before she had the chance to approach the onslaught of Aurors, Piper heard her name being shouted by a very familiar voice. She halted in her tracks, parrying spells as she watched (out of the corner of her eye) Hayden Kaust use her pretty friend, Duncan, as a human shield! Well that about did it for McBride’s threshold for being “perpetually nice”. Piper slowly made her way toward Duncan, Ophelia, and Kaust, shoving through students and firing spells almost at random toward the hoard of Aurors. — Gloriana groaned and sat up on her elbows, her wand still clutched tightly in her hand. “Ugh,“ she scoffed. “Get your hands off me,“ she grumbled, pushing herself up to stand and wrenching her arm away from Krum. She backed away, toward Kaust, Duncan and <c>
19:45:23 [McBride] Ophelia, positioning herself just so, that she could probably be considered one of Kaust’s protectors. “Confringo“ she shouted at the table that Kieran had only just moved. The thing exploded and shot debris toward Krum, Collins, and Lee. It wasn’t meant to kill or maim beyond repair, and she couldn’t be sure of the effect it would have on the other three, but she had to prove her worth to Kaust now. Desperate times called for desperate measures. And, despite the fact that Gloriana was not, inherently, an evil person, she knew her duties. Kaust’s trust was of the utmost importance. Get close to Kaust, and she would be better informed of what all was going on, and who was to blame for it all. ||

19:51:39 [Kaust] “Questions will be answered in due time.” She mumbles, or less at Ophelia’s ear as she keeps her gaze upon the chaotic surroundings. There’s no spared glance toward Him or anyone else, just a constant and focused sweep. It’s during this sweep that she’ll catch the approaching McBride, and lips will no doubt twitch into the faintest of smiles as Duncan shifts, almost dreamily, to stand somewhat before herself and Ophelia, wand at the ready, looking aware but… something is off, definitely off, about Miss Kneeshocks—er Miss Legs.”Keep me safe, hm? And do as you are told.” Another hushed whisper, as wand remains held in loose casual grip and she motions for Op to come closer to herself and Duncan. She wants them an arms length apart… but her eyes, they search for one person in particular, of which she hisses under her breath suddenly a harsh: “Where is that Kojima…” She swore she heard her voice carry over the chaos but… “Quickly, who is that?” The girl scooting closer to them.
19:51:45 [Kaust] Of course. She expects Wright to answer it while she searches for Haruhi and the reappearance of Him from the chaos.

19:57:53 Stella_Kira grimaced as she hovered outside of the Great Hall, wand in one hand and broom in the other. Both gripped tight. Her golden eyes scanned from beneath her hood, and looked for Kojima. As she entered and saw the slew of adults whom she could only assume weren't there to learn, she directed her wand towards them. "Avis Oppugno" a flock of birds springing from her wand and moving to peck at the Aurors annoyingly as she swished past them. She leapt from her broom, sending it over into the faculty table as she landed a few feet behind Kojima. "Looks like a bit of civil unrest." She'd promised the woman she would come when she was needed, and here she was. Now what?

19:59:02 [Ophelia-Wright] With Duncan successfully restrained by Kaust, Ophelia became a bit less concerned with what was going on behind her and a bit more concerned with what was going on in front of her. Forced to cast Protego a second time, she would almost buckle to the spells being flung in her general direction, but not quite. “Hayden,” she called, unable to face the Headmistress, “This isn’t your fault, is it?” The lack of an instant response would cause her stomach to twist and tie into several smaller knots. “Is it?!” Before her question could be answered, Duncan brushed past her and, much to her surprise, stood before them protectively. Falling back, she appeared visibly shaken as Duncan went on to deflect the spells leaving Ophelia to stare at Kaust disbelievingly. “Hayden, don’t do this. I don’t even know what this is, but stop it.” She trusted Kaust; she’d defended her against Kieran’s accusations, and yet there she stood, <C>
19:59:13 [Ophelia-Wright] <C> clearly against her own co-workers. With Gloriana approaching, Ophelia was stuck in a half-daze until she was called upon once again. “Gloriana. Gretchen—she approved her.” Into Judgment. Ophelia didn’t trust her, but that had been mostly due in part to the semi-bad blood between them. “I don’t know her very well.” But if she was so willing to side with Kaust, did she know more than Ophelia did? “Hayden, please.” She turned to her, wincing as a spell flew past her ear and crashed into the nearest wall. “We—we need to think this through, don’t we?!”

20:03:46 Haruhi-Kojima || Izzy's escape from the Great Hall continued! And we'll leave his excellent adventure in the background for now, as it isn't immediately relevant. Meanwhile, Kojima shouted again - "MCBRIDE." Tsai was out. Rose was nowhere to be seen. Benoit was… Kojima wasn't sure what had become of him. She had precious few allies in this melee, and it wasn't helpful having the one person she was sure was on her side playing Rambo all off on her own. Fuck, this was a bad position. The Kalites had every advantage here, and Haruhi knew it. The best option was to get out with as many as she could bring with her. She wasn't sure she could pull it off, though. Calutain had her pinned down pretty expertly. Which meant it was time for a desperate gambit. "McBride, the doors!" Sword now in hand, Haruhi pressed that way herself - the arrival of Stella was a valued addition, but met without the barest of acknowledgment. No time for acknowledgments just now. And just what in the hell >
20:06:28 Haruhi-Kojima < was the faculty doing? She could only catch a quick glimpse, but it confirmed an unpleasant suspicion - most had already gone down. She didn't see Cassaday or Tiger, but she could see a handful of others down, and at least two who were in clear support of Kaust. Fuck. || And then came something… unexpected. Wholly unexpected. By everyone. As somebody - no, two somebodies - simply vanished, flickered out of existence with a puff of violet smoke and a sound somewhat akin to a clap of thunder. Huian was gone - and Kieran as well, because they had been holding onto each other so firmly.

20:15:12 Kieran looked up at Hanna as she approached them, and immediately pulled her down against the wall with the rest of them. Gloriana, ever appreciative didn't seem too keen on anyone helping. In fact, she seemed to be approaching Kaust. They weren't in the immediate vicinity of the exploding table, up against the wall as they were, so as he turned to cover Huian and Hanna with his bulk, he only felt intense heat. Debris splintered the back of his neck and arms, some of it hitting him like fists and knocking the breath out of him for a moment. He pressed his hand into the wall, and slowly turned to look back at the chaos. It was all so confusing. He was still holding on to Huian tightly when he felt… saw everything go dark. He wasn't in the Great Hall any longer. No, he knew where he was. He could still feel Huian's hand gripped in his. It was a relief to know that she was with him, but when he saw that there were several adults around them, he became more tense. He held a golem expression and as could be <c>
20:15:14 Kieran <c> expected, tried to place himself between Huian and the several adults there with them. Over a dozen in pale violet robes.

20:17:12 Cyrus`Valen fingertips sealed the tightly stuffed envelope he’d been painstakingly laboring over for nearly a week now, slipping the heavy parchment into the center drawer of his desk before rising. And then it overcame him, white hot pain sparking at the base of his neck and sending its black tendrils crawling down his chest, consuming him, drawing the man away until only his mission remained. The ability to feel stripped away, spittle flying from the corners of his mouth as he gave a labored grunt and cast his cloak aside, wand held between right fingertips as he strode from the office and made his way along. The sounds of chaos, fighting…spells being hurled and exploding met his ears, almost like music for the deranged. A grim smile neatly tucked his lips inwards as he strode into the thick of the battle, wand raised momentarily, a violent flash of green light having launched towards Kieran’s general direction…only for the intended target to vanish and the spell to collide harmlessly with the wall in a sudden
20:17:16 [Cyrus`Valen] spray of crumbling stone and mortar. Disbelief and stupor momentarily seized the Potions Master before he had the good sense to quit making a target of himself, stealthily hastening his pace until he’d wormed his way to Kaust’s side, wand at the ready. He gave her a curt nod as eyes darted from side to side, “Mistress.” The one word, even his voice had changed, disembodied…floating.

20:30:02 Huian Okay, okay, okay, calm down, she needed to calm down and see what was going on, and what was going on was chaos. Whimpers escaped her throat, and she was trembling. Gloriana getting up and seeming attacking them with an exploding table wasn't helping. More than ever, she wished the woman would just vanish. Whether she died or not wasn't specified, just…gone. Who tries to attack people that only wanted to help? But her thoughts were blanked out by being shielded with Hanna, and she shut her eyes tightly, trying to pretend this wasn't…this couldn't be happening…her hand tightened on Kieran's, somehow, but her eyes opened at a distinct lack of sound, and a cold breeze. It was dark, and she blinked, trying to figure out if she'd officially gone crazy and this was her 'happy place' (which it could be, because Kieran was with her, what a relief.), but casting a scared look around confirmed, no, this was not good. Not good at all. She was pulled to standing, and —
20:30:19 Huian — and Kieran was trying to place himself between the robed people (really, purple? Not very intimidating. Powder pink was the only color that was least frightening.) and their wands and her. And she complied, making herself small and pressing into his back, looking around, terrified again. She felt like her heart was about to explode from the way it was beating.

20:35:56 Stella_Kira didn't exactly expect much acknowledgment from Kojima at the best of times, let alone now. Her normally sunny disposition had been overtaken by a cool seriousness. "I'm taking your lead, Kojima." she followed the defense against the dark arts professor. There was a crack of lightning, and if she knew better, there used to be people against that wall over there. This was almost as bad as she could have imagined. Worse would have involved tentacles, and hot pokers everywhere. She covered Kojima at her back, deflecting any spells that came their way, and disarming whatever students or faculty decided to look at them in a threatening manner. They were making their way out of there, it seemed.

20:39:37 Hanna-Collins oh shit, she was covering herself from an exploding table and next thing she knew, Huian and Kieran were fucking gone up in smoke, literally. Well, at least she got to see that they were okay. Now she was on her own, and she was guessing she had to get the hell out of there quick because they seemed to be becoming targets. The best chance she thought she had was to hide among the Slytherins so she lost her robe and started to on her way towards the door, hiding wherever she could and screwing over anyone who wasn't a friend (which funnily enough she wasn't sure who was what or anything since a professor had just tried to kill a student). Newayyyyys, she used some sludge to make people slip so she could sneak on out of there, she needed to get a message out!!!! And that's when she did it, she located a small hole and gave it a go to blow the door apart (I'm not really sure if it's open, if it is, Hanna is taking a dive on out of there!).

20:43:49 [Kaust] There’s a blank stare given toward Wright, a spared glance and slight hesitation as a cheek twitches before that smile returns, displaying canine teeth. “Oh… oh this is cute. We’re on a first name basis?” The accent has been replaced, sounding somewhat English, her voice husky and low and frighteningly chilling, if not amused. The head tilts slightly as she sends her eyes back across the area, still searching for those rebels but mostly the object of her main desires, “I’m not sure if you are in any place to tell me to stop…” She mumbles, almost curiously, before gripping her arm tightly and yanking her close. “Just do what your told, hm? To many questions, we don’t really have time for them.” And v- didn’t’ really didn’t expect to answer them. “Gretchen?” AN eyebrow quirk as she hears the loud call of someone being called: McBride…. “Ah, the niece, yes. Alright.” With the girls name in memory she’ll lick black tongue against the back of her teeth.
20:43:51 [Kaust] “Let her come.” She best be here to work, least Glory find herself in an uncomfortable situation. The sound of thunder almost distracts her from Haruhi’s sword wielding appearance. There she is. And when Valen comes to her side she’ll chuckle. “Good boy. Your on protection duty.” As for the whining girl, well, Kaust will keep her grip on her, “Let me tell you a little something….” Of course, as soon as she had finished saying it… “RUNNERS!” When had Stella shown up?! Who knew, but Haruhi and the broom woman were trying to skip out~!

20:50:41 [McBride] || Again, McBride was stopped in her tracks. Something about Haruhi’s voice always had that effect on her. She clenched her fist, and pointed an accusatory finger at Hayden before following Kojima’s instructions. There was a puff of smoke in the air and a loud noise to accompany it, effectively capturing the attention of those around her just long enough to allow her to cast a few stunning spells. No time to be curious as to what happened, none at all. She pushed through the crowd and made for the door where she finally met up with Haruhi. Piper met the woman with a knowing look and nothing more. Besides the fact that Piper couldn’t put her thoughts into words (as many of them as she was having at the moment), it was almost certain that Haruhi knew the specifics of what was going on. She was “intuitive” that way. Whatever the case, she was ready to follow her orders no matter what they were… just as long as they didn’t involve murdering students. — On the other end of things, Gloriana was intent <c>
20:50:44 [McBride] on keeping Kaust safe. She kept repeating it to herself that, in the long run, what she was doing was going to help out Izzy’s cause. With that in mind, she made sure to protect Kaust’s life at any cost, now. She cast spells left and right, exploding a table or two in the process. If anything was worth doing, it was worth doing right… wasn’t it? ||

20:53:56 Haruhi-Kojima was grateful for Stella's aid, not that she would have shown it at any point. She just hoped McBride would get the message and not sacrifice herself pointlessly there. Haruhi needed people she could trust, and if McBride was caught, it would be a rather severe blow to her plans. And she wasn't even completely sure what those plans were just now… Hanna was among the first students to make a break for the door, but she was hardly the only one - most didn't make it past Calutain's Aurors, falling to the floor, mostly stunned, some wounded, all incapacitated in some way or another. Only a few made it through. Hanna was among those who did, at the least… McBride finally snapped back to reason, and Haruhi without a further word pressed the assault on the Aurors. It was three against fourteen or so, but with the chaos, and with the students who were fleeing now coming at Calutain's aurors in waves, it might have been the best chance they had. Perhaps half the student body was already gone in some way or <
20:56:21 Haruhi-Kojima < or another at this point - stunned or wounded, vanished or escaped, the Great Hall was quickly becoming a grinding wheel of attrition. Get as many out as possible… || Meanwhile, somewhere else, Huian and Kieran were subjected to somewhat confused glares and stares from a cadre of lilac-cloaked wizards. Several quickly raised their wands as though to attack, but one - taller than the others - waved them off quickly. "No, don't hurt them. Take their wands, I'll deal with them." The others moved to comply quickly, as the leader made one more audible comment: "We got the wrong ones. I want to know who they are, and what went wrong…"

20:58:10 [Ophelia-Wright] Struggling to form a coherent thought, it was clear that Ophelia was having trouble coping with the Headmistress’ bold betrayal. Her breathing was shallow; her attention transferred from Gloriana, to Duncan, and, finally, to Huian and Kieran. Concern flickering across her features, she was unable to observe them for long as Cyrus had stepped into her line of sight. Neither Huian nor Kieran were her friends, not by any means, but that wouldn’t keep her heart from skipping a couple of beats upon witnessing the all-too-familiar green glow emerging from Cyrus’ wand. However before she could even begin to scream a futile warning, the two disappeared in an unceremonious burst of violet smoke. “Wh—” Her knees felt weak; she could barely focus on the task at hand and would’ve probably lost consciousness had Kaust not begun to chastise her. “Wh—what do you…?” Immediately, her varying accent was noticed. “O-of course I am. You’re not—this isn’t something you’d do,” she reaffirmed, <C>
20:58:32 [Ophelia-Wright] <C> attempting to convince herself of that more so than the woman standing before her. Her arm gripped tightly, Ophelia’s gaze widened considerably. “Let me—let me go!” Attempting to wring her arm away from Kaust’s grasp, she was completely dumbstruck by her reference to Gretchen as ‘the niece’. Let her come. Were they leaving? Going somewhere? “Hayden, I can’t,” she took a deep breath, “I can’t go with—” She was, as expected, interrupted by a whisper against her ear. The light seemed to escape her eyes. Suddenly, everything made sense. She didn’t quite say anything, but whatever it was that had been whispered into her ear had left her unable to do little more than raise her wand and join Gloriana in keeping Kaust safe.

21:03:03 Hanna-Collins knew she had to get away from the school. But she really wasn't sure where else to go. She guessed that she would have to figure it out as she moved along. She called for her broom and got on as she took off with a few other students from different houses. They'd have to stick together to survive, looking out for each other. It was funny how things didn't always work out all planned out ahead of time and they were all pretty much just dependent on their wands and skills for survival now.

21:04:20 Kieran was just about ready to try and apparate when the tallest of the unintimidating cloaked individuals stopped what looked like impending attack. He could feel Huian at his back, and didn't seem to let his guard down, but didn't try to resist against 15 wizards when they moved to disarm him. He doubted they stood much of a chance if they fought, and for now it looked like they weren't being killed. He had blood dripping from his earlobe, and the back of his neck, some splinters sticking out visibly from his exposed skin. Everything.. all of it was just too much. He wanted his own answers, too. "Will ask who you are, as well." Were they the enemy? Furthermore, who the hell were they trying to bring that they missed so terribly.

21:12:59 Huian At least they weren't being attacked, because one of the people had stopped the others, although this wasn't really the most comforting of situations…her wand was taken from her, and she resisted slightly, actually sending a slight shock to the other person…nothing more than what would be felt from static shock…but her distress was to blame for that…she wanted her wand, because she wanted to have a defense…but it was indeed taken from her, and she pressed closer to Kieran, eyes flicking up, and feeling a pang of concern for him…that's right, he'd acted as a human shield. She wanted to tend to him right there, but the pressing matter at hand had her looking around again. They weren't dead, they weren't dead. Yet…they also weren't intended targets…so…was that a good or bad thing? She couldn't decide. Another whimper left her, near silent, and she clutched his arm with her other hand. eyes locked on the person that had halted the attack. The Leader? He wanted to know who the
21:13:10 Huian — who they were, well, he was out of luck for answers with her…her English skills went 'poof'…until she calmed down, they wouldn't be returning.

21:19:26 [Kaust] In the chaos it’s suspected that with all the hectic spell flying that one cannot so easily put down the fleers. To this, she’d scowl, as if severely disappointed in the quality of good subduing these days. With a snap of her finger and a motion point Duncan would raise wand and begin to fling various stunning spells in the general direction of Stella’s person (whether airborne or not), most of which were probably deflected along with the rest of the spells cast their way. With the girl properly obeying her orders, Glory doing work, and Cyrus her position was secure from those that might cause her harm, but she still wasn’t all that sure about letting that ‘McBride’ and especially Kojima escape. With some of her people a little more spread out she’ll quirk her head to the side before flinging a spell toward the door. “Expulso~!” The spell was aimed at the space before the doorway, meant to force cement and other various elements of the archways makeup up and inward, causing shrapnel and dust to be
21:19:45 [Kaust] thrown up toward the fleeing party. Maybe the rumbling concussive force would cause Haruhi’s party to stumble or at least slow down a bit, but ultimately, inwardly, a piece of Kaust knew preventing them might be an impossible task from her immediate position.

21:29:14 Stella_Kira advanced behind Kojima, holding her hand out towards the faculty table and summoning her broom towards her. She eyed McBride briefly before looking towards the direction she'd pointed and her yellow eyes lit up as several spells were shot in her and Kojima's direction. She was prepared to deflect them, unfortunately unable to send any back in the Headmistress' direction. Her aim was never that great when it came to weaponizing the protection spell. What she couldn't deflect, however, was the expulso spell that was causing the entrance to the Great Hall to begin crumbling down. Debris were striking student and adult alike. "Deprimo!" the debris would be blown outward towards the hall by the powerful gust, though it was still crumbling. "Kojima, hurry!"

21:32:05 Haruhi-Kojima hadn't really expected the blast at the doorway, nor was it welcome - on the flip side, it was also a highly unwelcome distraction to Calutain's Aurors, and seemed to be one distraction too many for them to hold the line. The onslaught of fleeing students overwhelmed them. Many still went down, stunned or wounded or dead, as the Aurors desperately fought to maintain their position, but a crack had burst in the dam, and the flood could not be contained. The chaos of more than a thousand people engaged in magical battle in one place had greatly abated - less than a third of that were still about and standing now - but that was still more than enough to create an unpleasantly hectic scenario. And, indeed, there was something to be said for the distraction to the Aurors, as it provided pretext for that trio to slip past. Blasting spells were not, exactly, the best way to reinforce a human wall. Stella's use of wind was, as well, more distraction than actual aid… Haruhi did not go far, though. She instead >
21:35:55 Haruhi-Kojima < just barked an order to McBride and Stella: "Get the students out. As many as you can take. Head north. I'll catch up with you." The way she said it didn't really leave room for argument, nor did the fact that she was heading back into the Great Hall. Calutain's Aurors had more than recovered by now, and only a few small handfuls of student resistance remained - amidst the many still (and twitching) forms strewn about the Great Hall, only some hundred still appeared to be standing and functional, most of them from that original group of Slytherins that had announced the beginning of the incident. "Here I am, Nuefield." And what did Haruhi do? Well, she surrendered herself without a fight. Her value as a prisoner was rather high, after all. || In the forest clearing, Huian and Kieran were stripped of their wands and searched rather roughly, before being ushered off to a large tent and pushed inside. There were bits and pieces of conversation to be overheard - at one point, >
21:38:24 Haruhi-Kojima < there was a mention of… "The girl is named Lee, the boy is-" before the speaker trailed off out of sight. They were provided food - of a sort - and water, and kept under constant guard, though little else was done to them. Other students would join them over the next several minutes (PCs are free to place themselves here), though the lilac-robed captors continually seemed frustrated with the individuals they'd taken. || And anything further tonight? PLAYER DRIVEN. More stuff over the next few days.

21:48:22 Kieran didn't seem to appreciate the lack of answers from their captors. Still, there was little that could be done about it. They took his decoy wand, his knife, and his real wand which he tried to slyly tuck in his sleeve when they went to disarm him. For now, He and Huian were fine. He looked up at her, eyes softening. He was glad to see that she was safe. Who knew what was still going on in the Great Hall? Before he vanished, he was almost sure he saw a green light headed for him. They were being guarded, but before long food would be brought to the tent. He assumed that whoever they were, they didn't want their presence being made known to anyone back at Hogwarts. Finally he spoke up. "I make sure nothink happen. Huian does not need worry."

21:57:14 [Kaust] The dust died down and in the end they had remained in custody of one Haruhi Kojima. The escaped students, though bothersome, weren’t too much of a priority, and the rest of the faculty that hadn’t escaped was properly unconscious or controlled. A glance is given to the dreamy Duncan before she motions her forward and together they walk up to Glory and Wright, who is now doubt to shocked to move or do much other than listen to order. A uninterested gaze is given toward Gloriana before she huffs softly. “You can stop crawling now, dear.” And with that said she’ll move toward the surrendered Kojima. “So nice of you to be a good girl for me, eh?” Hand without her wand will move to pat across her chest before revealing that expensive church warden pipe. Lighting it up she’d walk right past the woman as she was apprehended by those left behind Aurors. Ah, time for a bit of a clean-up hm?

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