02/08/2011 Log

16:52:28 Izzy-Iwamura had never seen a dining hall so thoroughly subdued as the Hogwarts Great Hall was tonight. Perhaps it was the recent declaration that there would be no more weekends, perhaps it was just the Quidditch-related ennui that seemed to grip students so heavily (Gryffindor had just suffered one of the most terrible losses imaginable, and Slytherin had been officially eliminated from contention for the Cup by that harshest of all mistresses, statistics.) Maybe it was something else entirely - mob prescience? Science fiction double feature picture shows? That sort of thing. Regardless, Izzy found it somewhat unnerving. As much as he'd always disliked the noise and life of the mealtime crowd, he liked this mass of silent, terrified students even less. He'd managed to keep his nose above the water, stay out of trouble, despite his… penchant for violating rules in strange and arcane ways. He knew that many students had not been so lucky. Most of those who went into punishment were not the same when they came out. Some select few did not come out at all. Nearly everyone was arriving in the Great Hall early these days - you will eat at meals or not at all struck a chord even with the most obstinate of students, after all. So now, even six minutes before it was 'officially' mealtime, the Great Hall was crowded to capacity. Even most of the faculty had made a showing, uncharacteristic outside of feasts. Cassaday, of course, hadn't arrived alone - the Ravenclaw House Head naturally came dressed up in birds. Quite literally. A handful of lories and lorikeets - Thatcher, Nixon, Xiaoping, Kennedy, Jacqueline, and Khrushchev - accompanied him, and occasionally flitted to other people. They provided, at the very least, a little life and color in an otherwise listless and wary scene. Depressing…

17:06:43 Huian Eyes flitted up to the man next to her, and she raised an eyebrow. Sometimes, she had to wonder why he was a Snake, because there was no way he was gonna just…let this go. Not with the way he'd been acting. Like the other guy was a wolf zoning in on a bear's dinner, and the bear decided it was time to fuck shit up. But she figured nodding was the best answer, knowing Kieran wouldn't really need her to point him out. More than likely, he'd find the Lion himself. She almost felt like telling him that was the guy who punched her…but they really didn't need a death on the campus form an animal attack. Really, they didn't. But it was nice he cared. And she smiled, rubbing her hand on his arm with a laugh. Though, the Great Hall was a dim reminder, a snap back to reality. That's right…things were shit. She bit her lip, escorted over to her hous table, eyes searching up and down for…Meimei! Izzy as well…hmm. She looked up at him, and tugged his arm. 'Sit.' Not spoken, but clearly evident…after all, he was friends with meimei as well, and he could say hello.

17:09:01 Haruhi-Kojima was troubled. You wouldn't know it by looking at her, of course, that was just crazy talk… regardless, troubled. She'd taken her seat at the faculty table a good twenty minutes ago, and had proceeded to use it as a perch from which to study the student body. Impassively, naturally, because it was quite rare for Haruhi to look anything other than impassive. She didn't like how intimidated they looked. Nor did she particularly care for the announcement that classes would be added on Saturdays and Sundays, as it took away some of her valuable time for attending to business outside Hogwarts. Still, with the announcement, she had immediately set about planning an additional six courses every week, and made a point of including curriculum on 'Spells of use against the common sociopath' and 'The techniques of resistance against authoritarian rule'. Both strictly academic subjects related to her course, of course!

17:15:31 Kieran indeed likely would find that boy on his own. He certainly noticed when he entered the Great Hall, and even managed to catch his eyes for enough time to make him gulp. Huian seemed intent on keeping him at the Ravenclaw table, and when he saw that she found Charlie, he gave her an honest smile. She knew more about him than most of their little group - well as far as facts went. She was one of his first actual friends there, and wondered why he hadn't seen much of her around lately. It more than likely had much to do with everything that happened from Hogsmeade leading up until today. He wondered how much exactly Huian had been telling her while he wasn't around to stop her.

17:15:33 [McBride] || The Great Hall was excruciatingly quiet, a painful sight (and sound) to bear. Since the removal of the children’s weekends (and the recent quidditch losses), students were more than somber, they were almost zombie-like. Piper arrived only a few moments before the strict “now or never” meal time, but at a surprisingly leisurely pace. Not at all like someone would arrive if they were actually scared they might miss dinner. Then again, those rules didn’t apply to Piper. That didn’t mean she didn’t empathize wholeheartedly with the children. She strolled toward the Faculty table, Geoffrey trailing at her heels and tripping over himself as he watched Cassaday’s birds flutter around the place. Piper stifled a laugh, almost admiring Cassaday’s disruptive “behavior”. She took a seat at the very end of the table, offering whoever was seated next to her a cordial nod and a tight-lipped smile. — Meanwhile, Gloriana had arrived early, probably earlier than most students, patrolling the tables until meal time actually began. It was easier to ignore the whispers than Gretchen had made it seem. That was mostly in part to Gloriana’s previously… shaky standing with the students even before she joined Judgment. When dinner finally began, she had taken a seat at the Ravenclaw table, not terribly far from Izzy, but certainly out of range of anything he might say. She made a point not to sit close enough to be considered friends with him any longer, and the Scoobies… well… she’d already had to prove her allegiance once. And with the way children were acting after being sent to detention, she couldn’t purposefully do that again. In fact, she felt a great deal of remorse for Lee, who was the only student she’d sent to Detention thus far. Well, that was the price of being all double-agent-y, you had to live with assuming the responsibilities the other side placed on you.||

17:32:34 Colman molded and adapted to Kaust Rules fairly easily. That wasn’t the problem—he could take the little things and he hadn’t had the severe judgment some of his classmates had when she ‘took the throne’, so to speak. He could take this and deal with that… but things were starting to become a bit too oppressive for his Irish soul (and no one liked how the Irish traditionally dealt with shit when they really got upset, now did they?). Taking away weekends and out-of-doors social time seemed a little stifling, even for him. Anyway, Quinn was running short on optimism and had started becoming more fatalist than his family would be proud of or comfortable with. Little things, however, pick him right back up. Little things like the colorful birds fluttering between this and that person as Ravenclaw (and their head of household) made their entrance. So a flash of life and happiness return to the prefect’s face in the form of a creeping smile when he views this whole affair from his seat at the Hufflepuff table.

17:41:05 Charlie_Gray had been sitting on her own at the Ravenclaw table, as she so often did. She'd been spending a lot of time helping Professor Valen recuperate, and not seen much of her small amount of friends recently. Particularly Huian and Kieran, she had never even seemed to bump into them. She missed them, interestingly enough. She was in clean and tidy uniform, robes as well, having been doing her best to observe all the new rules to the T. She had noticed the way some students eyes seemed to be different after punishments from Kaust. It concerned her, for obvious reasons, so she was doing everything in her power to keep under the radar. She offered a small smile to Huian and Kieran, "Hello." She said in a soft tone, reaching out to put a hand on Huian's forearm in an affectionate way. "It's been a little while.."

17:41:25 Izzy-Iwamura made little overture of noticing other students. He hadn't done much in the way of communicating of late, to be sure. Something about the draconian measures being implemented at the school. The last thing he'd told the usual suspects was to keep their heads down and avoid drawing suspicion to themselves. Naturally, one of the new ones took that as a sign that he should go and movie someone in the face. With his fist. Izzy found that annoying for more reasons than one, to be perfectly honest, but he hadn't expressed displeasure towards any of the other 'troublemakers'. Didn't plan to. Tonight? Tonight he was going to eat, and then try to talk to his mother. 'Try' being the operative word, since she wasn't a very hands-on parent or anything, and suddenly she was exceedingly popular with students who wanted to vent about things. Okay, Izzy was sulking a little. Be quiet. The sulking was dispelled just as quickly as the terrified, subdued silence in the Great Hall, and by the exact same thing. "Where! Where is he!" The voice was unmistakable - particularly for those students who had been at Hogwarts their entire career. Speech after speech, announcement after announcement - the voice of Chester Flutey was not one anyone could quickly forget. "I am going to FIX this!" The voice, loud and angry in ways Flutey had never been as headmaster, was followed shortly by the man himself, veritably exploding through the doors, wand in one hand, sledgehammer in the other. For a man in his late 60s to early 70s, Flutey was certainly spry. And furious. And apparently absolutely determined to find…. someone…

17:51:30 [Kaust] Another boring uneventful—Hello?! In comes crashing the former headmaster, who causes her to give a slow blink once or twice before pushing up and away from her corner. With gun strapped to hip and wand tucked behind her ear she’ll approach cautiously, closest to the door mostly due to her having been waiting to duck out at an appropriate time. Pale faced, bags under eyes, and yet suddenly so painfully aware. “Vhere is vho.” She states, more or less the question seeming more like a fact, a zombie said fact, lacking the emotion those words probably should of held. After all, this is an armed man, and even Kaust should have felt something. Though, carefully, she’s trying to maneuver herself slightly before the man and between the students. Can’t have this guy running through them and tearing them up with that intimidating sledgehammer.

17:52:39 Huian She sat down, tugging Kieran down next to her, actually giving him a look that begged for him to stay a bit, because Meimei was sweet, and he seemed to be on really friendly terms with her more than anyone else they knew. It would be good to eat with friends, after all. She let go of his arm and kissed Meimei on the forehead. Very sisterly, even brushing the smaller girl's hair back behind her ear, and smiling. "Meimei! How been, how Potion Master?" She knew what the girl had been up to, she made it her business to know, to make sure her Meimei hadn't gotten detention. She couldn't bear to see her Meimei in the same as her and Kieran. She smiled, before turning her smile to Kieran, only to jump at the sound of an angry former headmaster, with a weapon and a wand…personally, the sledgehammer was more intimidating, and she shrunk back with a squeak.

17:56:13 Kieran settled down at the Ravenclaw table, well aware that Izzy hadn't been too happy about what he did those few days ago. Of course, he didn't feel like he needed to explain anything as he had his own agenda in that regard. Izzy perhaps thought of it as crude loss of temper, but the relief he got from knocking out someone he didn't even know was only a plus to what he was looking for. When Charlie spoke of not having seen them for a while, he nodded in agreement. "Is true… Have hands full keeping Huian out of trou-." The shouts stopped him mid sentence, and he turned towards the doors to see their former headmaster bursting through. What day was today? Had he listened to the 'old hag' that read Izzy's fortune months ago, he probably would have been just a bit less surprised by the sudden turn of events. He became poised and alert as he fingered his wand beneath the table. If something happened, he sure as hell didn't want to be caught with his pants down.

18:00:13 Charlie_Gray was felt her smile brighten a little bit at the greeting from Huian. She called her Meimei, her sister. It was nice to have someone care so much, and she had gotten close to Huian pretty quickly herself. "I've been.. alright. Tired." She shrugged, canting her head. How did the Chinese girl know where she'd been spending her time? "Professor Valen? He's doing better. He is pretty bad at listening to the Nurse's instructions though." She gave a soft chuckle, shaking her head. He was such a kid sometimes. Charlie enjoyed the attention Huian gave her, and even sort of nuzzled into the other girl's hand as she brushed her hair away from her face. At Kieran's beginning words, she frowned at Huian, "You should be keeping yourself out of trouble. Can't take any chances anymore.." She looked around. But before she could say anything else, Flutey had stormed in with two weapons in hand, and was yelling crazily. Her eyes widened and her body tensed. What was going on?

18:00:15 Haruhi-Kojima took to her feet more or less immediately. Flutey's return was not unanticipated, but it was really, really inconvenient. She didn't know exactly what he was here for, either. Where is he… Kojima found herself, for a change, moving rather in line with Kaust, her intent being similar enough: keep Flutey separate from the students. Haruhi didn't think Flutey would do anything to hurt the students, she didn't think he was capable of it. Then again, she'd once thought exactly the same thing of a certain individual, a man of the Nuefield family who had betrayed her trust… war teaches you the perils of trust rather quickly. Neither wand nor sword were immediately drawn, not yet.

18:06:48 [McBride] || The sound of Chester Flutey’s voice echoing through the Great Hall was almost startling. Mostly due to the deafening silence that burdened them all, although the surprise appearance of the former headmaster (after his abrupt and devastating resignation) was not lost on her. She was sure that she wasn’t the only witch in the Great Hall that was bewildering and sudden presence. Reflexively, she lofted a curious eyebrow and stood to follow Kaust and Haruhi, obviously for similar reasons. Flutey couldn’t be allowed to become violent in front of the children. No matter how unjust his forced resignation might have been. She caught her wand, unsure of just how crazed with anger Flutey actually was, but opted to remain quiet for now. Kaust was already asking questions. It wouldn’t do to have Piper echoing them like an idiot. — Down at the Ravenclaw table, Gloriana’s head snapped in Flutey’s direction, her eyes wide with fear and surprise. What was Flutey doing back anyway? And who was he talking about? ||

18:16:20 Colman came across just as alarmed as the majority when Flutey’s voice precedes his appearance… not because Flutey’s VOICE precedes his appearance but… more because well—FLUTEY was here. Not only is he here, but he’s belligerent as well! While some of the adults fly up to keep the former headmaster at bay (because, well, he’s flailing around with a hammer), Colman does his best to keep the students around him relatively calm – all while biting back some curiosity on his part as well. This is a trial he fails when he can’t help but stand up at his seat to try and get a better view of what’s happening.

18:20:13 Izzy-Iwamura certainly was no longer sulking - his attention diverted, like just about everyone else's, to the former headmaster's crazed appearance. Izzy had always thought Flutey was a bit unhinged, but this was a very strange development. He was also painfully, painfully aware - three, three, nine, three. Unless he, and virtually everyone else in his inner circle, had badly misinterpreted that prophecy… well… this was the night Flutey would die. || "Hayden!" McBride and Kojima were both more or less ignored by Flutey, as he stared wild-eyed at his successor. He did nothing violent, not yet, though his grip tightened on the haft of the hammer. "Hayden, where is he? This is WRONG, you can't let this continue! Where is Theodore? Where is he?" Though he was being civil at this precise moment, it was a bit of a stretch to say he would stay calm and collected: he had just bashed his way into the Great Hall with a sledgehammer, screaming at the top of his lungs. But what he said, Izzy noted quickly. Theodore. Flutey had a brother named Theodore, didn't he? The one involved in the attack on Hogsmeade… the one that had predicated all this trouble with Kaust's regime.

18:26:30 Haruhi-Kojima maintained her place, a couple steps behind Kaust, observing Flutey impassively. The inscrutable expression was only broken momentarily by the slight wrinkling of her nose, a little twitch that could easily be brushed off as mere involuntary movement of a facial muscle. Except that it was followed by another quick gesture, the briefest glance towards McBride, followed by a quick series of neatly hidden hand gestures: outside. There was something outside, or so Haruhi seemed to believe, and she wished McBride to investigate - Kojima didn't dare venturing out herself, just now. It would draw entirely too much attention. The price, one supposes, of celebrity - one's ability to move about without people speculating wildly was greatly decreased.

18:28:34 [Kaust] Theodore…? For a moment there’s silence from her, as she stares toward the crazed male (whom she always assumed had been trouble from the start) with narrowed eyes and half open lips, then she blurts out: “Your brother?” Of course it was his brother! But why would he be here, and why would Flutey come looking for him here? A hand is lifted to rub at an eye before she grunts and shakes her head, “That fellow hasn’t been around here, Herr Flutey.” She growls out, more than a little annoyed at the dramatics. Here Flutey was, all dressed for war against some invisible force. “Calm down, before du hurt the children.” That would be the last thing she needs, “Low your arms und ve vill talk about dis in meine office.” Away from prying ears. Whatever Haruhi and McBride are doing slightly behind her goes unnoticed, her attention is clearly on keeping the solemn atmosphere she’d worked so hard to create, to not inspire excitement or curiosity in the drained and controlled. After all, curious children were dead children in her book.

18:30:35 Huian Her eyes narrowed, and her hand gripped Charlie's protectively under the table. Theodore…Wasn't that the name of one of the Hogsmeade killers? She frowned, twitching in her seat…she wanted to stand to get a better look, her streak for trouble kicking in full force, and she actually rose from her seat, letting go of Charlie's hand and about to step away from the table, wanted to get closer…wanting to hear better, but with the quiet restlessness of the Great hall now…it was rather easy. What was going on? Her eyes looked and locked on Izzy, who had an almost odd expression on his face. The voice of Kaust…and she frowned, wanting even more to get up and get closer.

18:38:35 Kieran would stare and listen, his eyes narrowing when the name Theodore rung harshly from Flutey's voice. He had no interest in getting any closer, and when Huian stood like a few of the other students to get a better look, he rose as well to step in front of her. Apparently he was making himself the line for how close he was going to let her get. Any more, and he wouldn't hesitate to force her back into her seat. "Don't get self killed. Will never forgive." he whispered rather forcefully towards her. Huian was something of a moth to flames, and two obviously crazy dangerous headmasters were burning bright. He indicated to Charlie to help him keep her from getting closer - in a less angry way that she perhaps would have been capable of.|| Meanwhile far off in the Hogsmeade refugee camp, a Seer and former Divination professor sat in her tent. Listening. It was muffled, as she hadn't the sense to charm a necklace or something that didn't require piercings. Probably should have just snatched one of those pretty hair accessories right from the boys head.

18:42:32 Charlie_Gray looked over at Huian as the older girl took her hand. She squeezed Huian's hand back, trying to give her a comforting look. Theodore, she'd heard that name before. Someone involved in the Hogsmeade attack, wasn't it? But there was more significance than that, she was sure. When Huian stood up, Charlie's brows raised, and she reached out to take the other girl's wrist, trying to hold her back, though gently. "No.." she murmured. And, in Huian's interest of course, Kieran stood too to stop her. Good. She didn't need to get any closer to that scene. Kieran's threat might have been a little over the top, but it was probably needed to get the point across to Huian. Still holding onto the other girl's wrist, Charlie grasped the locket around her neck in a nervous manner.

18:43:59 [McBride] || Piper worried her brow, baffled by Flutey’s outburst. She glanced to Kaust, assuming she would answer his question. No, assuming wasn’t the word. Hoping. She hoped that Kaust had the answer to Flutey’s query. “Sir, perhaps we should take this conversation elsewhere. I’m sure Professor Kaust would be more than happy to answer your question in her office, or outs—,” she had begun to suggest. That was, until Kojima began gesturing in that direction. Outside? Haruhi was known for her keen… senses. So, of course, Piper took her direction without question. She glanced between the three of them and inhaled sharply, waiting until Kaust suggested that they take their discussion to her office (see, she knew Kaust would oblige him with a polite conversation in her office) before piping up. “Yes, Professor Kaust’s office, that sounds like a fine idea. However… if you’ll excuse me,” she muttered, sliding past Kaust and Haruhi. She ambled out of the Great Hall at a quick pace, her trench coat doing it’s cape-y flow thing behind her. Down the steps of the Entry Hall she went, until she came to the massive front doors of Hogwarts. Flutey’s flustered entrance into the school left these doors wide open, which gave McBride no cover whatsoever. She cautiously peered out of the “totally awesome castle”, gripping her wand tight as she began to scan the grounds. — Gloriana hadn’t thought about it all day. She didn’t know why she hadn’t come to this conclusion earlier. She’d been writing the date on her notes in every class, March 3rd, 93. But she thought they sounded vaguely familiar. 3-3-9-3. They rang in her mind again and again, until finally… she made the connection. Swallowing hard, she cast a furtive glance in Izzy’s direction. This was the night Flutey was going to die. And he was here. At Hogwarts. And they’d sworn to keep that from happening, hadn’t they? ||

18:53:45 Izzy-Iwamura was in a conundrum. Here, there was a John Woo style standoff right stat in the middle of the Great Hall, and he couldn't do much of anything. Kaust was right in the middle of everything, and of course, Judgment wouldn't take particularly kindly to him just up and wandering off somewhere else. But some things were not lost on him: McBride's conspicuous and sudden exit, Flutey's particular demand, Kaust's counter, Kojima's rather pointedly not touching any of the weapons at her disposal. The picture it painted was… interesting, to say the least. But what could he do? How do you save Flutey, when you don't know what's there to kill him..? Flutey, for his part, reacted badly to Kaust's response - "He is HERE, Hayden! I know he is here!" This was punctuated by abruptly slamming the sledgehammer into the floor. It clearly wasn't an ordinary sledgehammer, as the enchanted cobblestones buckled and cracked beneath the impact, shaking every table in the dining hall… So much for not exciting the students, hm? "This is WRONG! It needs to be made right!" Perhaps it was the shaking of the tables, perhaps it was the sound of flagstone cracking, but the stroke of the hammer pushed Izzy out of his silence. He glanced about the table quickly, to see who exactly he could round up in short order. And he gave a quick nod. Body language, nothing else, but the message was clear: We're going to bloody well do something. He would have used the baubles, but there was too much risk some Judgment member would see them, and start asking questions. No, a conspicuous nod would have to do. || Outside, McBride was greeted by something… that can't possibly have been good. Or, more appropriately, someone. Nine of them. At their lead was one Eric Calutain, whom any Ministry employee would recognize as the head of the Department of Investigations. And behind him, eight aurors, all clearly badged, armed, and grim-faced. "Hello, Auror McBride. Enjoying your meal?"

19:02:44 [Kaust] The sudden motion of violence in surprising and certainly rocks the Headmistress back a few paces in an attempt to regain her balance and composure. She won’t relinquish anymore ground, or allow him to swing that large sledgehammer toward the student body, but there’s no doubt that she is concerned for the situation. I can’t have anyone die. That much is clear in her mind, but to reveal her weaponry at this point seemed a bit premature. “Du are scaring das children, Herr Flutey, have du lost your mind? Are du going to hurt them?” She hisses, eyes somewhat narrowed before she tosses a glance behind her to… Haruhi. Though she knew some staff had come to keep the crazed man at bay she only had noticed McBride upon her exit. Toward the woman she’ll flinch, as if the sight of her triggers something within, but otherwise she’ll look back to the crazed man. Could she trust this woman? Could she trust any of these people? The students that seem to be preparing for the worse are ignored in favor of keeping the former headmasters from them for their protection. “I need to know vhat is wrong, Flutey, so it can be properly solved, but du swing that thing in this room one more time—“ You dirty motherfucker ” Und you vill be removed.”

19:04:46 Huian Something was wrong. She hadn't been there for the prediction…she was transferred during the winter holiday, and she had no clue, so she glared up at Kieran, who seemed determined to get in her way from the sight that was unfolding…it was insane. Her wrist was grabbed, and she looked down at Charlie, biting her lip, and looking back out at the scene. She wasn't the only curious person around, and she stepped forward, tugging her wrist gently from Meimei's grip, and around Kieran, just as the sledgehammer hit the ground, and she jumped, heart beating erratically, looking around to spot Izzy's nod, and she had the feeling they had to do something. That much was certain. But what? What in the world could they do, especially with Kaust and the teachers there?

19:10:35 Kieran didn't think his threat was over the top in the least, and when he felt the floor shake beneath his feet at the smashing of the hammer, Charlie might not have either. I want one of those. Perhaps a strange for him to think, and quickly his mind moved to the task at hand. He quickly looked back at the table, and out of the corner of his eye he saw that Izzy was standing. He caught the nod, and quickly grabbed Huian's wrist to get her attention on to something that might just be more important. He knew they wanted to protect Flutey, but how were they going to protect themselves from him in this kind of state. Izzy had his ear, as he kept one eye on the unfolding scene and the other on Huian who was just asking for a world of trouble to explode in her face. || The other person that was listening to Izzy's silence rather intently was now outside of her tent, broom in hand and breath misting from under her white hood. She looked at the castle from her vantage point. They all knew that today would come.

19:11:15 [McBride] || The sudden appearance of Calutain had Piper floored. What… what was he doing here? And… why? For a few moments, she couldn’t find words to express… well anything. “Mr. Calutain. What a pleasant surprise,” which was an outright lie. Despite all he’d done to attain redemption, Piper didn’t trust him even the slightest bit. Which, was partly because of Geoffrey, who had quietly snuck out of the great Hall to join her. His hair stood on end and a low and chilling growl fell from his lips. She paid the creature no mind and continued as if his snarl were as common as the passing wind, “I wasn’t aware that you were paying us a visit.” Of course she didn’t. That’s how scum like Calutain worked, they just showed up at your doorstep to rape you with a smile on their faces. However, despite her massive dislike for Erik, she put on her best act, smiling as if it was the most welcome surprise. — The tables shook violently and Gloriana’s drink toppled into her lap. Something that, normally, would have sent her screaming and flailing as if she were on fire. But tonight, it found her just sitting there, letting it soak into her robes as she gaped at Flutey, Kaust, and Kojima (and wondering why McBride had made such a hasty exit). Another of her furtive glances was directed at Izzy. The Thin Man will die by the Blue Man’s hand. Erik Calutain could not be far off, now. ||

19:20:16 Ophelia-Wright was, as difficult as it may be to believe, just as terrified of Flutey’s reckless behavior as everyone else. Nevertheless she stood her ground, going as far as to stand alongside a couple of her classmates. Slowly sidling along the wall toward the end of her table, she quietly surveyed the situation from a distance. Quite frankly, she couldn’t understand why they weren’t hexing Flutey to oblivion and back—former Headmaster or not, he was standing there holding a dangerous weapon and acting completely out of order. She understood the hatred many seemed to hold for Kaust, she really did, but they couldn’t very well let her die, could they? Reaching the north end of her table, she just barely achieved a better glimpse of the unfolding scene. Briefly turning her attention to the rest of the Great Hall, she vaguely recognized a couple of familiar faces—suddenly, the school felt very small to her. However, that was of little importance. Slowly slipping a single hand into the folds of her robes, she took the end of her wand. The perks of being a member of Judgment weren’t something she usually acknowledged, but she would make an exception—just this once.

19:23:42 Izzy-Iwamura he had the attention, at the least, of a few nearby students, people he was reasonably sure he could trust. That was something. Izzy didn't know what was coming, nor did he know how to stop whatever was, but that hadn't ever stopped him from putting together plans based on wild conjecture before! "Flutey… I think today is the day he dies. Or the day… they said he would. Be ready to stop anyone who tries coming through the door." It was a simple plan, but weren't simple ones the best? Just stun the hell out of the next person to walk through the door, and hope it wasn't McBride! Kaust's threat was not well-received by the former headmaster. "I will not be INTIMIDATED, Hayden. This is wrong! What you're doing! What HE'S doing! What he's DONE!" Flutey's voice was rising again, in the sort of spectacular crescendo he often employed to no useful effect in his speeches. The hammer was raised again. "I know he is here, Hayden. I will break the walls down if I have to." Rational… not precisely. But then, Flutey hadn't ever been rational. He'd always just been harmless. The wild-eyed, over-animated man in the Great Hall tonight was anything but harmless. And outside, a man likely even less harmless cooed gently at McBride. "I am here in pursuit of a dangerous criminal, Auror McBride. You would do well to stand aside and allow my department to perform it's duties. It would be a shame to lose such a valuable asset in our next purge." The threat was thinly veiled; Calutain had already ruined the careers of a dozen or more prominent Aurors with little more than a word or two questioning their loyalty. There may have been others with higher authority than Erik's, but he had a remarkable influence over the Ministry, at almost every level.

19:29:37 Huian She was focused on the scene before her, focused…and she snapped her attention to the man who grabbed her wrist, surprise flitting across her gaze before it settled into one of understanding. She needed to think, and not go rushing into danger…she heard Izzy, but barely…and that sense of understanding grew. This was bigger than she knew, and her free hand slid to her thigh for her wand, flinching at the crazed former headmaster. Yelling never sat well with her…and that weapon…this spelled bad, bad bad bad…she had to get a hold of her bunny heart, the need to run or to get closer fighting with the urge to stay still…something was wrong…it was that same feeling she had before the events at Hogsmeade…like something terrible was going down, besides the obvious in front of her.

19:31:30 Hanna-Collins was in awe of what was happening. As much as she loved just being in the middle of things, she was finding it a bit, chaotic at the moment. She pulled out her wand, thinking on the words that Izzy was speaking. Something about hexing whatever was coming through the door of the Great Hall. Well, that was interesting. She had no idea what people were talking about, but the former Headmaster seemed to be getting rather aggravated. And not his usual crazy aggravated kind of aggravated, it was just scary aggravated. There was a point to all of this. Her eyes moved around, and moved closer to the entrance, if there was something going down, she was gonna kick some ass with major awesome!

19:36:19 [Kaust] There’s a slight twitch to her lips, a sudden and cruel contrast to the mild concern she’d displayed before. On any other person the smirk might have looked desperate, even tired, but for the narrow eyed German it was something darker entirely. One leg is spread before the other in a spacing most might have recognized as being meant for rooting, it was obvious she was preparing to halt Flutey’s continued madness by any means necessary and hands that were already limp at her side would twitch ever so slightly at Flutey’s raised volume. Now, her left hand is effectively close to the butt of the shotgun strapped to her side, while her right remains relaxed but at the ready. The arms of the male raises, the threats of breaking down the walls are heard clearly, and black stained tongue risks discovery by peeking out and brushing across sharp canines. Now there’s just silence, eerie and unsettling, as if she’s waiting for the perfect moment, or something else entirely is going on in that head of hers. Eyes, cloudy but filled with something… off, remain stationed on Flutey’s own. Now she’s waiting, for the drop of that hammer or something else is unknown but when the signal is given, if the signal is given, she’ll make her move then.

19:37:08 Kieran nodded, his grip loosening a bit on Huian's wrist and returning to his wand. It remained half hidden under his sleeve for the moment, the dummy wand in plain sight strapped in a holster. He continued to stand and examine the entire room for anything that might be of use. He had a clear view of the entrance, as did the others whom were sitting closer to the end of the table. Izzy spelled it out for everyone. This was the day they'd been talking about. The day in the prophecies since the beginning of this year that marked Flutey as a dead man. He really hoped they forgot about the hammer so he could have it after all of this. Flutey's back was the one still facing the door. If somebody came through, he would be the first thing they saw. Could they even be fast enough? If it was the man that they had been talking about coming to kill Flutey, he would have been with the Aurors. People well above their magical talent.

19:48:08 [McBride] || Despite her mistrust in Calutain, she hadn’t been barring his entry for any particular reason. Piper was well aware of his position in the Ministry. After all, the Department of Investigations was a subdivision of the Auror Office. And the fact that he’d deposed quite a few Aurors already hadn’t slipped past her memory. “I’m sure you wouldn’t mind indulging me if I inquired as to who you’re speaking of, before you go needlessly frightening hundreds of students,” she replied. Of course, the children were already needlessly frightened, presumably by the same man Erik was referring to. But, that didn’t mean she would allow Calutain to barge into the Great Hall and scare them any further. They really didn’t need anymore of this nonsense and Calutain had no right to be there. Not without informing McBride or any of the other Aurors who occupied the grounds. And, for some reason, she felt like stalling Erik was the right thing to do. Which, honestly, could have been personal satisfaction. ||

19:56:18 Izzy-Iwamura had thought on the… relative skill of their probable opponents. He'd thought on that rather intently. And it didn't matter. An Auror was every bit as vulnerable as anyone else, if you caught him off guard. Maybe none of them could have done a thing in a straight fight with the people about - that was why you didn't fight straight, yes? Somewhere along the line, his wand had migrated from the holster at his forearm into his left hand. It was hard to say when. Izzy was good at that one… but nobody came through those doors. Nobody yet, at the very least. Unless you counted the increasingly angry Flutey. "Step out of the way, Hayden. I'm not after anyone here." What struck Izzy particularly was the old man's stamina, in holding that hammer aloft, and swinging it about like it was nothing. It certainly looked to heavy for a man of his stature to swing, let alone flail about like he was. "I won't let you protect him." His grip tightened visibly about his wand now, the knuckles on both hands were deathly pallid already. Haruhi crossed her arms, the first movement she'd made in several seconds, still appraising Flutey, looking… impassive. Go figure. And Calutain? Well… he wasn't particularly happy that McBride was still standing there in his way. "Your belligerence is noted, Auror McBride. Misplaced loyalties, perhaps." Calutain motioned idly with one hand, four of the Aurors in his tow broke away and moved out of sight. "I'm afraid I don't have time to play your games. Stand aside."

20:01:28 Huian She was scared. She wasn't even joking with herself, she was scared again, because this was something shew was lacking information on…and the lack of info had her unprepared. 'Hex anyone coming through the doors.' She peered at the Great Hall doors, a smile settling on her features, but anybody who knew her would know it was one of nerves, not pleasant feelings. Had she broken her habit of frowning? Yup, and at the worst possible time…when frowning would express what she was feeling. Her wand was warm, and her fingers slipped around the handle, flicking open the strap that held it to her thigh….her other hand twitching, and she moved closer to the larger man, biting her lip and still, that awkward smile on her face. What would happen would happen…and there wasn't much that they could do to stop things…but changing things would be different…right?

20:04:22 Hanna-Collins continued to watch people, and what was transpiring in these moments of question. This was the most excitement she had had since Kaust had become Headmistress, which was sad, because well, it just was. Truth be told, she really missed Flutey and his rants. Her eyes darted from Flutey to the door, her fingers resting perfectly still as she waited for something to happen… dum dum dum.

20:04:56 [Kaust] “He isn’t here.” She speaks, carefully, body still ready to act soon as he made another violent motion. This was really the last time she would tell him. “Turn back.”She could not risk the children to his wild actions, no matter his delusional reasons. Let it be known that she tried to be nice first.

20:08:24 [Duncan] It JUST so happened that Duncan was passing by this part of the castle at this time of night because… well, it’s the thing to do. It’s totally not because she’s been sneaking around – she’s an Auror, after all, look, she’s EARNED her sneaking around privileges! Anyway, none of what she’s been doing outside the castle to warrant walking back IN the front doors… really matters. What matters is that she’s here RIGHT NOW and, thanks to happenstance, she HAPPENS to be coming up behind the Calutain and his entourage of Auror flunkies who happen to be harassing her dear friend Piper—all very troublesome! The Head of the DoI will certainly not be pleased to find Duncan (naked as ever with her legs and her coat and her boots and all) interrupting after he’s expressed his problems with McBride: “oh, apologies, am I interrupting??” She speaks up to garner the group’s attention from behind. It’s not as though she’s been sneaky until now, however, so her presence may very well have been noted by any one of the entourage previous to her introduction.

20:18:04 [McBride] ||Piper was burdened with the sudden inclination to growl. An urge she bit back… literally, gnashing her teeth to keep from outright lashing out at the man. Her chest puffed up with a deep breath, a breath that she released in a defeated sigh. She stepped aside just as Duncan approached. “You haven’t interrupted anything, Duncan, I was just welcoming Calutain and his friends into the castle. They’re apparently here to apprehend a dangerous criminal,” she recapped, obviously not convinced that their reason was good enough. Not when she’d spent months here and found no shred of proof that anyone was actually involved in the bizarre events transpiring at the school. And she was still nowhere close to having found out who was behind the Hogsmeade attack. Rest assured, though, wherever Calutain was headed, McBride would be following close behind and with a gesture that Duncan follow as well.||

20:24:54 Cyrus`Valen A gaunt figure emerged, wand held steady as slightly clouded eyes held upon Flutey, never wavering. The remains of his left arm were carefully concealed beneath his coat as he spoke, his voice strong despite his somewhat malnourished and weakened look, “The lass asked ye to back away, Professor. I suggest ye do so…” Despite the current situation, he still treated Flutey with respect and would continue to do so until the man forced his hand. No doubt his appearance would send gaps through the students remaining in the Hall…he hadn’t been seen since he’d been savaged during the siege of Hogsmeade, and one of the few people to visit him had informed him many rumors had swirled about his injury, be it caused by werewolf or by dark wizard, “Ye hired me Flutey…and ye know better than any that I don’t like to fight…but I won’t hesitate to do so to protect our students. This isn’t a good place for ye…”

20:25:09 Izzy-Iwamura tensed just a little bit: the sound of footsteps in the hallway alerted him. There was someone new making for the Great Hall. Someones, by the sound of it, several sets of footsteps. Who was it? Was his hasty plan ill-advised? Was everything about to go completely to hell? He didn't know. It was too late for second-guessing or a change of tactics now, though. There was only the bleak reality that he'd committed to a course of action, in a situation where there may well not be a good outcome no matter what anyone did… Flutey stared at Kaust, in a semblance of what appeared to be shock. Complete, utter shock. "He's gotten to you. He's gotten to you. Hayden! He's…" And then, whatever was holding Flutey to his fragile and tenuous grasp on sanity snapped. He let out a spectacular cry, and swung the hammer in a high overhead arc. It traveled entirely too quickly to be natural, but then… the hammer had already proven some magical utility. Here, at last, Kojima made a move, wand springing to hand - a shielding charm, or some variation thereof, though she didn't seem to have time to pull off an incantation. The hammer collided with the nonverbal spell. It deflected aside, but the result was cacophonous, deafening. Possibly even permanent ear damage. And it threw Kojima a good twenty feet back, even with the glancing protection provided by the charm. Cyrus, clearly, had arrived a little too late to mediate. And now? Now things got, shall we say, interesting. || It was probably fortunate that McBride allowed Calutain past when he did: eight Aurors seldom have trouble outmaneuvering two, after all, and he had moments before given an order to suppress… but McBride instead chose, abruptly, to cooperate. And Calutain led the way, flanked by a pair of Aurors, the other six now spacing themselves in such a way to ensure there was always one at both Duncan and Piper's backs. Calutain, clearly, did not trust them all that much, either. And he arrived at the doors of the Great Hall, pushing the doors open precisely in time to see the hammer fall against the shield charm. And precisely in time for a small handful of students to start throwing hexes…

20:37:37 Huian The man had snapped, and despite the imagining of her own mind, she did not want to see a skull flattened infront of her. The casting of a shield charm, that's the reason she liked Kojima so much, that woman was amazing, and the hammer, and she actually covered her ears, flinching from the sound, but her eyes had locked onto the doors flying open, and her wand went out, ready to cast an unheard spell, but her favorite. Deprimo. She wasn't a duelist by any means, but she was always good at casting something quickly, but she wouldn't cast the first stone…

20:40:45 Hanna-Collins ducked as she heard some horrible sound, from behind the closest table, which she used as a barricade, she started to throw spells around at the door as people walked in. She started with an Expelliarmus, she thought that that would give them all the best opportunity to land some hexes on whomever walked in the doors, since, theoretically, they would be without a wand. Hanna was trying to it was walking in through that door, and in the beginning she had thought that it had been them who had made that sound, but looking around, she saw Professor Kojima and she knew that it hadn't been them, but Flutey. She hoped that she wasn't the the one dying tonight, she was one of the greatest witches to ever live. At least, at lot of people seemed to think so.

20:46:35 [Kaust] It’s the hesitation that forces her hand, that slight pause before the mind relinquishes it’s control on proper sensibility and common manner. She’s seen it before, she’s felt it before, and she’s more than ready to act in response as he begins to swing down that hammer at an alarming speed. The gun at her side is swung up easily enough, shifted so that the opening is pointed at about mid-thigh, as that’s all she has time for. It’s just her luck that the sheath had an opening at the end to allow rapid firing, should the situation call for it, and this situation was definitely calling for it. Trigger is pulled and bullet shaped capsule is released from the chamber at the speed in which a normal human crafted gun is able to fire it. It’s possible that around this time that shield has been thrown up and the hammer finally collides, the force more or less easily lifting Kaust from her feet and backwards. The bullet however, having been fired earlier, will have more than enough agility to pierce the opposing force directed toward it after the initial blast, only for it to sloppily open up and release a tangled net, which won’t have the time to fully expand considering how close Flutey was and the angle it’s thrown due to time constraints. Instead the heavy rock structured objects stationed at the ends of the net will power it forward with enough force to possibly hit Flutey’s thighs and tangle his legs up, a hopefully decent distraction to keep him from swinging that hammer again so quickly, and possibly knock him off his feet should he try to move any further. Meanwhile, Kaust will collide rather hard with the ground, having been closest to ‘ground zero’ and current shotgun of the day will be flung from her grip to spin out of control, still smoking, still glowing, across the Great Hall flooring. Kaust herself takes the time to breathe past the pain of a harsh landing and the horrific buzzing that consumes her hearing. If the students are shouting or flinging spells she certainly can’t hear it, even as she rolls over to hold onto her ears and curl, somewhat, into a protective ball while she looks for her gun. Soon as her vision stops swimming she’s gonna be all over that old bastard. Unfortunately, she’ll miss Cyrus entrance, more or less dealing with her stunned body and other possible hurts.

20:55:09 [McBride] || She trailed swiftly after Calutain. Her mistrust in Erik was not at all dissuaded by the fact that she was continuously boxed in by the crowd of Aurors he brought with him. When they finally made it to the doors of the Great Hall… well it was suffice to say the shit had hit the fan. McBride, and every other witch and wizard that entered through those enormous doors, suddenly found herself bombarded by hexes, jinxes, and all kinds of harmful spells. Thankfully, most of the children were not well-versed in nonverbal spells. That gave McBride a few seconds advantage, and a few seconds was all it took to cast Finite Incantatem, quite effectively ending each spell thrown in the direction of McBride and Calutain’s group of Aurors. “What in the bloody hell,” she shouted, aiming a furious glare at the children. Gloriana, sitting quite near Flutey, Kaust and Haruhi, aimed an enthusiastic “Protego!“ charm at Flutey, intent on keeping him out of harm’s way. No matter how crazy he’d become, death was never the answer! ||

21:06:18 [Ophelia-Wright] Instinct prompted her to crouch behind her table, hands pressed against her ears, shortly before Flutey’s hammer landed against Kojima’s barrier. Because of her close proximity to the confrontation, however, her hands did little to protect against the deafening roar that followed. She tentatively stood, reasons unknown prompting her to procure her wand. She didn’t place much thought into her actions, hence her decision to point her wand toward Flutey (or, if he’d been successfully restricted by Kaust’s firearm, a nearby Auror). “Incarcerous!” Not pausing to witness the results of her spell, she darted out from behind the table and neared the fallen Headmistress Kaust and Professor Kojima. It was shortly before reaching them that she spotted Kaust’s gun, her gaze widening. She crouched down and, after a split-moment’s deliberation, took the weapon into her possession. She didn’t have much (any) experience with guns, but she could at least hold it. Because the weapon required both hands, she was forced to press the length of her wand against the barrel and hold both simultaneously. Approaching the Headmistress, she cautiously crouched down. “Professor,” she murmured. If she didn’t respond, Ophelia would briefly turn her attention to Kojima before returning her focus to the blond. “Professor Kaust.” She allowed the shotgun’s barrel to fall against the ground, a single hand coming to rest against Kaust’s shoulder. “Hayden!” Shaking her shoulder (as it had finally sunk in that the Headmistress probably couldn’t hear her), she bit her lower lip before standing and, somewhat clumsily, placing herself before the Headmistress (and Professor Kojima, to an extent). Gun in hand, it would remain lowered until provoked.

21:21:46 Cyrus`Valen His late arrival caused him to miss out any opportunity to rectify the situation before all hell could break loose. And it did precisely that before his eyes as the hall grew alight with multitudes of flung curs…some his own. The first, at Stupefy aimed in Flutey’s general direction along with the other multitudes of restraints being flung in his direction, and quickly moved to stand before the fallen Headmistress as well. Eyes cut to Miss Wright as she tended to the blond, and his wand raised once more as the Aurors intruded. McBride he recognized, but not the others…and his wand began to glower with the threat of a spell should more trouble arise, though for now he merely watched, waited for something to happen, casting the occasional glance to make sure that nothing were coming for the cluster of students and professors at his back.

21:27:40 Izzy-Iwamura couldn't have said exactly what went down in the chaos. Spells were thrown from so many sources, and in so many directions, some negated, others not, that he could at no point be sure who had accomplished what, or whether it had been what they intended. A few things, though, were certain: the Aurors in Calutain's entourage turned on Piper and Duncan, with a handful of stunning spells to the back; something exploded near the door to the Great Hall; Flutey was the target of a number of spells, and at least one of them proved to be a shielding charm - leaving him rather a good deal less restrained and stunned than one might have liked. Flutey, despite the net, simply raised the hammer again with a strangled cry. There was another hex-blast somewhere near the Ravenclaw table, and then a third near the Slytherins. Flutey's hammer never fell - there was a flash of sickly green light, and though amidst the dust and rubble it was hard to say where it came from, it was hardly a stretch to say what it was. Izzy felt a little knot in the pit of his stomach, even as his physical body diminished, turning him to a form better suited to trying to make sense of everything. He went after a better view, even though he was already fairly sure… he knew what happened. There was no hammer when the dust cleared, and there were neither Aurors nor Calutain on the scene - Flutey remained, though one could not exactly mistake him for alive. There were other casualties, though at a quick glance there didn't appear to be other dead - injuries from the concussion of the hammer, and from the shrapnel and stone fragments of the floor had both taken their toll. Most students had, at least, been canny enough to duck for cover after the collision of the hammer and Kojima's shield charm - that had spared a lot of damage that might have otherwise been devastating. And speaking of… Kojima was nowhere to be seen either. But there did seem to be one unrecognizable face in the bunch, a fallen Auror resting right by the fractured doors, apparently unconscious and bleeding lightly. Not that that was of immediate help…

21:34:53 Huian Danger. That was screaming in her head right now, and she gasped as her feet almost left the ground at the tug, her spell going wide and striking the stone above the door, blasting and sending stone raining down. Stone and dust. She actually glared, and darted back to where she could see. Taking cover? Low on her priorities. Actively getting into trouble…um…well…it wasn't a priority, but it was something she just…did without thinking about. Second nature, and she slipped over to Izzy, still glaring at the bigger man. Especially with MacBreede (that was her name right? She really didn't know. The short dark woman! Yeah, with the fluffy hair!) canceling out the spells. She didn't know what to do now…not at all. The headmaster was still crazed, and there was still some pandemonium about, but something was wrong…the flash of green seemed to cancel out all other colors, and she flinched. It gave her the creeps, that flash, even if she'd never seen it before, and she wanted to hide…but she didn't, it wouldn't help…she moved closer, trying to make sense of what exactly happened.

22:02:52 [McBride] || Before she had a chance to sort things out with the children, Piper was bombarded with a horde of offensive spells… by Calutain’s men! A fierce Impedimenta struck her square in the chest before she was able to defend herself, sending her out into the Entry Hall and into a wall with a sickening thud. Duncan managed a Protego before a blinding green light lit up the Great Hall. And suddenly, Calutain and his men were gone. McBride picked herself up off the floor, grimacing at the pain that still burdened her from the knock-back jinx. Her body ached, causing her to move somewhat slower than usual. She leaned against the massive door frame of the Great Hall, surveying the damage. Her gaze fell to Chester Flutey, sprawled across the floor and staring lifelessly at the ceiling. She swallowed hard, staring blankly at the body before someone finally let go a blood curdling scream. Chester Flutey had been shot with a killing curse in front of the entire student body and Professor Kaust still lay unconscious on the floor of the Great Hall. And Haruhi was nowhere to be found. Slowly, McBride made her way to the center of the Hall. It had already grown noisy and children were clamoring to either see exactly what had happened, or trying to get away. She lifted her wand to her throat and cleared it before it became terribly loud, as if she were speaking into a megaphone, but still clear as day. “Silence! I would ask that the Heads of House escort their respective houses back to their common rooms. The remaining staff I request remain here to assist with the injured. That is all,“ she said, her wand falling from her neck and limply to her side. And with that, the Faculty members came to the aid of the children, leading them back to their houses and helping those that incurred injuries. Piper stared gravely down at the dead Flutey, pensive and almost unresponsive. Gloriana gawked at the lifeless body of their recently reigned Headmaster, moving along, albeit a great deal slower than Professor Cassaday encouraged. 3-3-93: The day the Thin Man died… by the Blue Man’s hand. Calutain had needlessly murdered Flutey. She was certain of that. ||

22:07:04 [Kaust] Things were still spinning and the sensation of wet liquid against the sides of her face and fingertips was concerning. It was this she focused on for a time, barely jerking when chaos broke out across the Great Hall. Were she in her right mind she might have been beyond pissed, but at the moment she was finding it impossible to even formulate a simplistic thought. In her slightly hunched over turtle position she’d remain, hands still over ears until the shadow of Cyrus and Ophelia fall over her. She can’t hear what the woman is saying and only stares toward her, mildly out of it, when she shakes her. It’s as if she’s listening to something else, rather than the yells of the girl (which can’t be heard over the high pitched buzzing anyway). Eyes follow Op as she moves to stand before her, and she won’t even catch the sight of the extras let into the castle, but eyes will follow the trail of green among the other colors as it easily infiltrates the chaos caused by those idiotic students thinking that they’d been helping. The most they did was make it easier to come upon the ending conclusion… which was the fallen Flutey as the dust cleared. Then a sudden wave of dizziness, and she has just enough time to reach for Ophelia and tug on her robes before she collapses at her feet, lost to the darkness, familiar by this point, and the oddity of dreams.

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