01/21/2011 Log

17:21:25 Izzy-Iwamura could, remarkably, also be found at Tomes and Scrolls. Well… maybe not remarkably, because Izzy was pretty good at hiding around books when he wasn't being dragged off to adventures by Xia. Actually, he'd done a lot of the adventuring wholly of his own volition lately… blaming Xia, convenient an excuse though it may have been, was getting less and less accurate with every passing day. Regardless, he'd found a number of things that interested him, and was in the process of paying for them, when Izzy noted something strange. Indeed, it wasn't just Izzy - anyone at Hogsmeade would notice it unless they were blind, and kinda stupid on top of it. The darkness was unnatural, and fell far too quickly to simply be the advance of twilight. Nevermind that it was too early for night to be falling. Izzy raised both his eyebrows, leaving his stack of books - and a bit of money - on the front counter as he sort of wandered towards the door, quite transfixed by what was happening. He had no idea what it was, but it >
17:22:18 Izzy-Iwamura < surely demanded his attention. And he was hardly the only one whose attention had been captured by the sudden darkness. Others (we'll call them NPCs, pending PC actions) were also moving towards windows, doors, anywhere to try to get a vantage point at what was happening…

17:26:21 Huian ♥ He had a point. Secret passages weren't so cool when people knew, and she sighed. "Fine…no tell. Who tell anyway. No many friend." She shrugged. At least he was right, you know, he should probably go first, expecially mentioning the ability of traps, even as her hand trailed the walls the further they went in. The claw marks unnerved her…they didn't look fresh though, worn over with time, and she blinked. How long had anyone been here? She wasn't sure…"What if thing here?" If he was in front, she didn't want him to get hurt, and she moved to slip in front of him. But she stopped suddenly, her compact shinign and vibrating and her hand on her chest, rubbing. No…"Stop. Please." She wasn't scared, she wasn't…but something was wrong…she'd been sensitive. Shaking, and pale. She didn't look good, in fact, she looked like something was scaring her. Not the passage, and she shook her head. "Nevermind…keep going." She felt…cold. Storm…A storm? ♥

17:27:58 Aedan had spent the majority of the day looking for Calcifer, but to no avail, he’d not found hide nor hair or the girl, which was a blessing and a curse. A curse because he had a little something for her, it was certainly not a romantic gesture, but he’d gotten the girl a box of chocolates, and had wanted to give them to her, because, what girl didn’t like to get chocolates on Valentine’s day? The blessing however, was the fact that since he couldn’t find her, he wouldn’t have to explain the –probably – huge blush on his cheeks when he did see her. His dream the previous night had been…..intense, and he knew if he looked the girl in the eyes anytime soon, he wouldn’t be able to not blush. Of course, having not found her he’d decided to hop onto one of the carriages and head to Hogsmede. He probably shouldn’t go, not today of all days, it was, after all, the full moon tonight, but there was a few hours left of daylight, and he needed some more reading material. He wouldn’t mind browsing the rest of the town -
17:28:12 Aedan - either, since he hadn’t had chance the last time. His mind perhaps wasn’t where it should have been, he should probably have been thinking about girls, what with it being the day for romance, but there wasn’t anyone he particularly had his mind on, instead he kept returning to his dreams, and the fact that he hadn’t at all heard from Kaust. This worried him, especially with the lingering moon just beyond the sky; surely he should have heard from her, she usually would have set a time for them to meet besides the forbidden forest. But no…there had been no word. Strange. Ah well, he would go it alone when the time came, wasn’t like he hadn’t done that before. As it was he’d lost himself in thought as the carriage departed back to the school, leaving him standing amongst the rest of the students. And although his focus at first might have been his thoughts, as the darkness fell he couldn’t help but look. “What the….” He trailed off blinking and simply staring at the darkness, for now. Couldn’t be night…-
17:28:15 Aedan - just couldn’t be, but none the less the paranoia surfaced and he thought, if the moon were to rise now he might just go insane.

17:28:07 Xia_Lavine stared silently at the window as the darkness fell. She'd arrived in Hogsmeade late, and had just ducked into the Three Broomsticks to grab a butterbeer, still in the bottle so as to be easily portable. She intended to get on her way off to another store and track down Izzy, but she was distracted by the sudden darkness. Her eyes widened and she gazed up at the sky, pushing the door open just a little bit and then hesitating, wondering if perhaps she shouldn't go wandering outside just yet with that unnatural darkness falling. Xia's sense of self preservation, while weak most days, did occasionally kick in. Okay. It wasn't actually weak or anything. She just appeared as though she didn't have one. She peered up at the sky, then glanced around at the others who all seemed to be taking note as well. Instinctively, she wanted to turn and speak to Izzy. But he wasn't there. She'd lost him somewhere during the day and had yet to catch up. She bit her bottom lip, frowning up at the sky and twirling a strand of (c
17:29:04 Xia_Lavine (c) purple hair around her fingertip. She considered for a moment, wondering the best course of action. She didn't like what was happening. Not one bit.

17:36:36 [Gloriana`Boulstridge] || She strolled down one of the aisles and perused titles, sometimes gliding her fingers across a book or pulling it from its shelf to inspect it further. It was quiet, except for the occasional whisper of paper at the counter or a squeal of laughter from outside. Glori skimmed the pages of a book called Healing Hearts, Curing Colds, and Slaying Sickness by Priscilla Kettleburn. The title made her smile and the excerpts in the sleeve were amusing enough. She kept this one with her as she made her way back to the counter, where Mr. Penrose was just finishing up his appraisal of her books. He took four of them, but two he handed back. “Sorry, love, too many copies of those not movin’,“ he muttered. She nodded and placed the books back in her bag, completely oblivious to the fact that Izzy had even come in. Which was weird, since it was supposed to be so quiet, right? Ah well.. Whatever. Anyway! Mr. Penrose allowed Gloriana to keep the book in her hands and wrote a little note to himself about <c>
17:36:41 [Gloriana`Boulstridge] her remaining store credit. She smiled and thanked him before heading back out and onto the streets of Hogsmeade, just missing Izzy as he approached the counter. That was when it happened. The sky grew noticeably dark. Like…. Almost the kind of dark you saw after the sun went down. Gloriana glanced up to see if maybe.. Well there wasn’t explaining it. It wasn’t just like some cloud moved over the sun. It was legitimately darker outside. Like time had sped up or something. She rubbed her eyes, because.. You know… maybe it was her eyes that were the problem. Which might have been a plausible scenario, if other people hadn’t started murmuring about the sudden darkness as well. And then the air turned a bitter cold, not just the average cold of the season. This was what Glori imagined roaming the South Pole would be like… in your underwear! And she was wearing at least three layers of clothes already! This was all unnatural, and Gloriana didn’t like it one bit! ||

17:38:14 Kieran looked back at Huian. "Should not touch anythink. If are trap, you set them off." He continued but stopped when Huian protested that they continue. "No worry.. Stair is right here." He said as he indicated the end of the passage. If he didn't know better he would think it smelled rather earthy. He continued onward until feeling a draft of the outdoors. Normally light would have shown it's face though cracks from an entry, but it must have been sealed tight. When he exited, he held his arm in front of Huian. "No go further. Can't pass…" They were at the willow… it was a passage to Hogwarts, but it was of no use to them because the willow would likely murderize them as soon as they stepped a few feet out. He turned and headed back into the passage, making sure Huian came with him. What concerned him more was that when he looked at his watch, it was far too early for it to be dark. "How long have we been here?" He asked with a tinge of concern in his voice. Maybe his watch just… broke?

17:40:07 [Eduard] Hogsmeade was much like a relic and a playground in Eduard's mind—there was so much to actually seek out and explore! The best part was that the lone student didn't even know where he was. Contrary to whatever belief other folks may have had, Eduard, for one, loved getting lost. There was no such thing as "hopelessly lost" but rather "deviated from the original path". Ever the optimist, but he supposed someone had to be. Perhaps the visit to the town was a good thing for all of the students. Such strange things had been happening so much around the school that he wondered if perhaps it was weighing a little too heavy on everyone's minds (he really had no idea). Even a mini-vacation should have been enough to get someone cheered up, no? Then again…In the meanwhile, Eduard spent his time browsing from corner to corner, not really doing much more than "window-shopping" since there really wasn't anything in particular that he needed. Most of the things he wanted would have been of no use <c>

17:40:26 [Eduard] in the castle walls, anyway. It was, however, growing ever later in the hour, and when Eduard finally grappled the idea that perhaps it was time to turn back and at least attempt to find a way to the center of the maze town or hope someone else had better direction than he. He pivoted on his heels and made journey pass a molding tavern, keeping an eye out for anyone he might have at least recognized in passing.

17:41:46 Charlie_Gray looked down at her feet as she walked, eyes catching on the untied shoelaces of low-top Converse Chuck Taylors that dragged slightly over the ground. She looked up at the sky, blue, golden rays of sun shining down upon the earth. She shivered, it was a nice day, but still chilly of course. A long fur coat is over her muggle clothes. A pair of black leggings that cling to slender legs, and a deep purple tunic-length blouse made of a soft, flowing fabric. It might have been advisable for her to have worn some warmer clothing, but she didn't much mind the cold. She remembered now that it was Valentine's Day, a fact that she had conveniently forgotten until a moment ago. Well, that was sort of depressing. At fifteen years old, Charlie had not yet had a whole lot of crushes. But it was still disappointing to be alone on a day like this. She walked through the cobbled streets of Hogsmeade, humming quietly to herself as she did. She had no concrete plans today, she always just let things flow during trips to <c>

17:44:40 Charlie_Gray <c> Hogsmeade, though it was almost always a sure thing that she'd visit the sweet shop at some point. She has quite a sweet tooth. Something strange, then, a falling darkness. She looked around, and then back up at the sky again. This was not natural, not right. A darkness like that, so fast. Much to early for night and… ominous. She wrapped her arms around herself, brow furrowing. She looked around, heading for the closest establishment, the Three Broomsticks. She moved to the door, seeing Xia standing in it. "Hello." Still polite, though her voice had a nervous tone to it that it didn't often carry. Actually, that's innacurate. She's often nervous, but right now, she's scared.

17:48:57 [Archie] posting

17:49:02 Huian If there was atrap, he would probably have set them off, considering most places like this had a floor trigger, and her hand remained on the wall, trying to keep herself steady. Something was wrong, and she followed him, forgoing the wall to grab his sleeve on the way up the stairs, until he stopped her. They couldn't go up…why not? She tried to peer past him, but all she saw was a dark sky, and it sent trembles down her spine, and she was glad when he made sure she was back in the passage. Her compact was vibrating more violently, and she trembled. Her smile was actually gone. He was concerned, she heard it…and that did not help her at all. How long had they been down here…"Ten minutes." It was too dark…it was too scary. Her hand was back at her chest. "Storm." Not a storm storm…but…he would understand. It explained her subdued attitude…and she opened her compact, which stopped vibrating, but frosted over completely. Not good. She closed it…and her hand clenched his —
17:49:25 Huian — sleeve, looking for security. "We go?"

17:49:03 Archie exited Honeydukes Sweetshop with a bag full of candy, some he’d bought, and some others had bought for him in recognition of Valentine’s Day. He’d gotten several cards, parcels of candy, and invitations to Madam Puddifoot’s, which he had politely turned down. While the sentiment was nice, and he acknowledged in the 3 times he’d had to make the speech, he’d already gotten a Valentine, and he intended to do right by her by NOT going to romantic, Valentine’s Day dinners with other girls! Of course, the party in question had no idea she’d be the chosen recipient of his Valentine card and gift of sweets; in fact, he hadn’t seen her all day. This was somewhat beneficial as it gave him a chance to make a proper token of V-Day courtship, otherwise she’d have only received a card, and as expected of the vast majority of Hogwarts’ Romeos, a candle lit dinner at Madam Puddifoot’s. Then again, how overdone was a red, heart-shaped card bewitched to explode with pink and red rose-petal fireworks [c]
17:49:25 [Archie] that morphed into larger hearts in midair, that would eventually spiral in a magical breeze from the card to spell out the words “Will You Be My Valentine”? In the magical community, it had to be cliché, if not done countless times before. Then again, Archie was going for the classic, vintage sort of take – he assumed his Valentine wasn’t all too into everything else, so some good chocolates and other sweets, and a well enchanted card should do the trick. He was having second thoughts about the whole thing by the time he got outside, darkness already setting in. Granted he wasn’t all too keen on observing the time of day, he assumed off the bat that it was just night. He was extremely late. “Damnit, was I in there that long?” He checked his watch, noting it was too dark to see, so he pressed a button on its side and watched it light up red so he could see the numbers. It was then that a quizzical expression decorated his face, and he looked up towards the sky, finally acknowledging that it [c]
17:49:44 [Archie] was too early to be dark out, and it was too dark to be natural. His immediate reaction was to look around, and the following action was to step back into honeydukes hastily, unnerved by the sudden darkness. Of course, once inside, and watching others peer through windows, it became obvious he wasn’t the only seeing it. “What the hell?” Dun dun dun…

17:50:42 Izzy-Iwamura barely even noticed the cold until it fell in full force, but even through the door, it sent a shiver through him. That couldn't have been natural, either, and it didn't help much that Izzy wasn't really dressed for extreme cold. Sure, it was mid-February, but the weather hadn't been so violent of late, and Izzy only had the uniform robe and, well, a scarf for good measure. His wand slipped from his sleeve to his hand as he pushed his way out the door and into the street. He didn't like this, and his first thought was to find allies. He had a number of them at this point, thanks to a little over a year of active rabble-rousing… with luck, most of them would still be in Hogsmeade, and he could gather them together. There was strength in numbers. "Expecto patronum," the little harvest-mouse expelled from Izzy's wand and dashed in a beeline. It would seek out Xia, she being the first one who came to mind, with a simple message: Hog's Head. Useful magic, that… perhaps Albus >
17:53:14 Izzy-Iwamura < Dumbledore's greatest contribution to magic, at least as far as Izzy was concerned. He'd learned the finer methods from his mother. He'd made passing attempts at teaching them to others, as well… but regardless, with his destination in mind, he started in the direction of the Hog's Head. He would send for others shortly, he didn't want to be caught out in the street just now. Overhead, he noticed something else that caused him a bit of concern: though it was only early afternoon, the full moon was shining bright and ominous overhead, the only source of light in this unnatural darkness. Not even a wisp of cloud obscured it. Indeed, it looked far closer than the moon usually did, and there was something ominous about the coloration. Redder than a Harvest Moon, like someone had splashed fresh blood over it. Izzy didn't know much about omens, but he didn't like it at all.

17:59:17 Kieran could feel that the hall was growing just a tad bit colder. "Come." He said in a matter of fact manner. If shit was going down, he wasn't going to be trapped in that musty hall forever. "Somethink wrong." He grabbed her wrist and began walking very quickly until entering a jog for the other side. When they'd reached the Shrieking Shack, he darted out of the door quickly and immediately looked up. It was far colder than less than half an hour ago, and what was in the sky looked… like some sort of eclipse. It couldn't have been that, though. They would have known if something like this were going to happen. For the first time in a while, he was at a loss for what to do. Without knowing it, he was starting to squeeze at Huian's wrist. Just then, he'd realized - the others might have been in Hogsmeade as well. He could have apparated into town, but that would have left Huian alone… Damn him for having a sliver of a conscience. "Let's go." He let go of Huian's wrist and began running down the hill.

18:09:46 Huian She was not complaining…She didn't mind when he granbbed her wrist and dragged her along…though she was stumbling to keep up, his jogging had her running next to him to stay in step…out of the tunnel, into the shack, and slammed into him when he stopped outside the door, but a glance up and she understood why. The cold was infectious…the moon was terrifying. She felt him squeeze her wrist, and she bit back a squeak of pain, because she was thinking that this was a bad omen, and she couldn't figure out what to do. She was at a loss, until his voice broke through the frost in her mind, and his hand left her wrist. 'Let's go.' She was with him, though he ran fast. She sprinted after him, panic fueling her. The cold…nothing was this cold this close to spring…there was no moon ion the day, or that red. Evil…evilevilevil. She could feel it in her bones. She was scared. Terrified.

18:10:20 Xia_Lavine was still watching the darkness descend when the bitter cold arrived, causing her to shiver and draw her cloak tigher about her body. This wasn't good in the slightest. She glanced up at the sky, eyes widening a little at what she saw now, and she was distracted enough that Izzy's patronus scared the bejeebus out of her, causing her to jump and step on a few people's toes. She murmured apologies and then turned her attention back to the patronus, catching the name of the location and then turning, about to head out when she heard Charlie. She looked to her, smiling faintly and then looking back outside. "Bad things are coming. I'm going to the Hog's Head. Izzy is there. Want to come with me?" She looked to Charlie, her entire body calm and relaxed despite the bad things going on. Xia didn't tend to express fear, even when things were scary…Izzy's patronus catching her offguard was sort of the only exception to the rule. It didn't mean she wasn't scared, just that she saw little point in expressing
18:10:28 Xia_Lavine (c) it. Or letting it affect her decision making process. She took a deep breath as she turned back to the door and then glanced up at the sky. She wasn't sure if she should leave yet or wait a bit longer, but when she felt as though it were the best chance she were going to get, she pushed the door open and stepped into the unnatural cold. It was February, so it was cold anyway, but this wasn't February cold…this was something worse than that. If Charlie came with her then she led the other girl along quickly and quietly, sticking to the very sides of the street, staying out of full view as much as possible. Xia didn't trust the unnatural dark and cold. Something wicked this way comes.

18:11:11 Aedan had already spotted several students that he knew vaguely. Izzy was one, and then of course there was Gloriana as well. He knew the Head Girl enough to make his way towards the girl. It was so unnaturally cold, so much so he could see the breath he breathed plume like smoke as he spoke. “What the hell is this I wonder?” he wasn’t exactly speaking to Glori, although he was close enough for the girl to hear him. As Izzy ran past the sight of the patronus made Aedan gulp. Usually a patronus being exposed could mean only one thing. And that, of course would explain the darkness, and the bitter vile cold. “But…they shouldn’t—-ugh…” Anything else he’d been about to say was chocked out of him as he felt a twisting, snapping sensation in his chest. “No, no…” Again those words were mumbled, spoken now through gritted teeth as he back peddled away from Gloriana. Oh this really…really could not be happening, but it was. He’d know that sensation anywhere, and bumping into a wall it spun him around so that he -
18:11:23 Aedan - faced the way the moon was shining. For a moment it reflected back in those pale blue eyes, but suddenly the colour changed, bleeding into a blazing gold “Think I’m going to be sick, ate something bad.” He wasn’t even facing any of the others now, and slowly, hopefully quite unnoticed, he slipped into the alleyway nearest to them. No one would disturb him, right? No one wanted to watch another student vomit. Muffling a growled he sunk to his knees in the alleyway, but even the dense darkness could not be hidden from the force of the moons harmful rays, and so soon again he felt the twisting snap of his bones. A gagging noise slipped passed his lips, but that could easily be attributed to vomiting. Grasping at the floor he’d pull himself forwards, scrabbling against the floor to dive behind something, anything, a skip, a barrel, anything big enough for him to curl behind where he could really let out a cry of pain. He couldn’t keep it muffled, even as he began to shed clothes. There was less and less -
18:11:27 Aedan - time to think clearly as body parts began popping and re-arranging themselves.

18:24:07 [Gloriana`Boulstridge] || She watched the silver mouse shoot past her and toward The Three Broomsticks. Which she only knew because so many wizards and witches had lit their wands in the sudden darkness. She followed suit and lit her own, rippling rings of blue emitting from its tip. But that wasn’t the only thing lighting the streets of Hogsmeade. There was a glow from above, but it wasn’t white like moonlight, instead it was crimson. She gazed up at the sky, and in place of the sun was now a large and very full, red moon. Her brow lifted in a moment of curiosity, but panic inevitably followed. “Bwhu,” she responded to Aedan’s sudden appearance. Obviously she wasn’t exactly… you know… paying attention to anyone on the street. The sound of the bell from Tomes and Scrolls (a very distinct sound that was planted in her memory), alerted her to Izzy’s presence. She wondered idly where Archie was then and bit her lip. With a flick of her wand, a silver fox appeared in the air and sped in Archie’s <c>
18:24:13 [Gloriana`Boulstridge] direction. Hog’s Head. Hurry. It was quick and simple, and she was certain Archie would know from whom the message was sent. Well… she hoped anyway. And as much as Gloriana hated The Hog’s Head, it was really the only haven for the Scoobies. Not to mention it was probably devoid of any Valentine’s Day decorations. And that was as good an excuse as any, right? She was caught up in a random thought process when she noticed that Aedan looked sickly and he was clutching his stomach, like he actually was going to be sick. Really, some people were just too sensitive. She almost started for him, but she really wanted to get inside before things got worse. Glori struggled with herself for a minute, finally giving in and letting her shoulders drop. She ran after Aedan. Something in her just couldn’t let him be outside when something awful was bound to happen. So she wasn’t that bad after all. She came upon him in an alleyway, stumbling over crates. “Haddon, we’ve got to get <c>
18:24:25 [Gloriana`Boulstridge] inside… What’s the matter,“ she called, approaching him with caution. The last thing Gloriana wanted, was to be covered in sick. Ew. ||

18:28:52 Cyrus`Valen a cold shudder wracked the Irishman’s spine and spread to the very tips of his extremities, forcing a violent cough from his lips as the sudden, inexplicable chill swept through his body with enough force to cause his hand to lash to the side and upturn a bottle of some mysterious (and probably scandalous) amber liquid that seemed to sizzle and give off a rather obnoxious odor not unlike that of burning tires. His mood soured by the waste of his drink and that all-too-familiar tickling feeling that began at the base of spine. It was coming…the curse. On a normal day, the burned patterns across his upper half appeared as just that: shiny, puckered flesh with a rather painful looking purple-pink tinge to its almost glassy surface. But now…it was as though smoke had been injected beneath his skin, whirls of ebony beginning to swirl into the scars and form their pattern. Carefully, slowly he rose from the table and collected his belongings as he began to murmur to himself in an odd, archaic language. It would
18:28:57 Cyrus`Valen not do to allow them to take him now, when trouble was obviously afoot. On carefully measured feet he journeyed, though to the casual observer he’d merely appear to be somewhat tipsy and attempting to hide the intoxication, rather than engrossed with keeping something at bay. Sweet salvation rose as he crossed the threshold of the Hog’s Head and dank, cold air blasted across his exposed face and cleared his mind. A hand slid to his wand as he ambled along in a casual manner, icy sapphire gaze sweeping side to side in furtive casts of suspicion. Students had gathered about the door of the pub he’d just exited it, and a slightly bemused snort tore from his lips at the scandal he’d probably caused by appearing drunken, especially to that…Boulstridge girl. The girl was so uptight that she put him to shame, though he’d never voice this opinion, of course.

18:30:21 Charlie_Gray was surprised at how calm Xia was acting. "Yes, I gathered as much." Bad things were always happening. But she felt a little better now that she'd bumped into Xia. She chewed her bottom lip before nodding vigorously. "Yes, I would like to come, if that would be alright." She had briefly seen the patronus out of the corner of her eye, but wasn't aware that it was Izzy's until she concluded so based on Xia's words. She gulped as they prepared to exit, then swiftly followed Xia along the streets. Her small stature made her feel a little better in situations like this, like it would be harder for bad things to notice her. She shivered, pulling her coat tighter around her. She felt goosebumps raise on her skin beneath her heavy coat, this cold was more than just strange weather, it was obvious that everyone knew that. She couldn't imagine what might happen, but there was a cold, dark feeling in her chest that made her dread the worst. Her wand clutched in hand.

18:34:37 [Eduard] Ignorance was not always bliss, but that nagging streak of optimism in Eduard's mind never seemed to grasp that fact. Getting lost at darkfall wasn't so glorious, either, and even with all of the boy's cheery disposition, he couldn't help but get an omnious…feeling. Almost like a cold pit dropping into his stomach and freezing the insides. It didn't feel too good, and the thoughts of something vaguely morbid elicted a shiver of discomfort. He didn't really know what in particular to expect, however, and did little more than quicken his pace. Shadows lept about him to and fro, and those little figments seemed to be the only creatures enjoying themselves in the dusk. The only source of light really left were from dimming embers from the indoor hearths of whatever buildings he passed…and of course, Eduard would never forget about dear mother moon, who was at her fullest on that eve. He rather liked the moon itself, silvery in color — the soft watcher of the night. That was enough to give him <c>
18:35:03 [Eduard] a little smile before he finally — successfully found his way back into…someplace. Really, he couldn't have been too far away and as far as he knew it was the general direction. Some sort of…another tavern? Just how many of these were there in town? Something seemed rather strange, however…not good, not good at all. Even from where he stood he could hear vaguely disturbing sounds, and even as he approached it carried that sickly undertone. A drunk, maybe? He wouldn't doubt it, though…poor fellow. He eyed a familiar figure in her approach…Gloriana. Strength was better in numbers with familiars, even if there were others surrounding the tavern area. "Hey" he called out, mustering the bravery to step closer to the normally less than cordial person. "What's going on?" Ew, down the allyway. <c>
18:35:19 [Eduard] "I think…" Oh, why talk it out when he could just move in closer? Step, by step into the dark enclosure of the allyway. "Hey…You, whoever you are, you alright?" Well, of course he wasn't. He may not have been as cautious as Gloriana…In fact, first instinct was the grope around into the darkness untill he found something akin to flesh. "You can talk, can you?"

18:40:53 [Archie] Someone else entered Honeydukes, trying to escape the darkness and the cold; a cold that seemed to intensify out of nowhere, as if the heat had been sucked from the whole village. The chill that erupted into the shop behind the nervous students chilled Archie’s spine to the point of forcing him to shiver and pull his hands into the long sleeves of his dark wool sweater. At first, it wasn’t cold enough for anything more than the sweater, and now he wished he had a jacket. The weather change was unnatural, the darkness was unnatural, and to add to that, the stain that covered the full moon was so much deeper than simply red; it was crimson; it was a shade of blood that made the sky look wounded. His instincts told him to stay inside – being caught alone in the darkness wouldn’t be a good situation. Furthermore, it occurred to him to think of Dementors. They brought the cold with them. That’d be even worse to end up surrounded by life sucking magical monsters in an unnatural darkness. He had no [c]
18:41:05 [Archie] intention of being this potential war’s second known victim. So, in Honeyduke’s he remained…at least until he could come up with a working theory, or some reason why running out into the dark like the Gryffindor he was would be advantageous. AND LOW AND BEHOLD AN INCENTIVE WAS PRESENTED! Just when he was itching for a reason to run out into the dark, it presented itself in the form of a corporeal patronus – a silver fox flitting towards him, passing effortlessly through the door to whisper to him the instructions presented by Gloriana. Whose patronus it was, he could only guess, but a devilish smile played upon his features as he rushed out of the door, his wand coming into hand from his back pocket to light up as a low “Lumos” was uttered; working flashlight. However, despite his desire to run out into the dark to investigate, he found himself unwilling to stay there long. The dark was simply scary, and granted a war was on their doorstep, being in the dark and prone to ambush, like a single firefly hovering over a dark lake, wasn’t looking good. So, as opposed to just fast walking, he ran; wand in one hand, V-Day card and candy in the other, he ran for Hog’s Head.

18:47:15 Izzy-Iwamura reached the Hog's Head, though he didn't enter. He remained outside. What, why wouldn't he remain outside? Izzy had nothing to find inside, and he was very interested in what was happening. Fear was a luxury for those who didn't have the power to do something about it; Izzy may not have been experienced, but he took after his mother in at least one way. He had this… pathological need to put himself in danger in favor of other people. No matter. Xia was there, and a teacher he hated (though he liked the class), and presumably some others as well… he gave a bare nod to everyone who'd arrived at the Hog's Head. Hopefully others would make it here as well. He didn't have a plan, but he liked everyone's chances a lot better as a group than wandering about alone in a likely hostile situation. The 'likely hostile' grew, abruptly, far more definitive - something struck the Three Broomsticks, and the establishment burst into a clearly magical, blood-red fire. It didn't take long to spread, either, >
18:49:41 Izzy-Iwamura < and it didn't take long for Izzy to realize it was something very dangerous. Indeed, anyone who'd been to Defense Against the Dark Arts this year was likely to know it as fiendfyre. A second burst of the flame struck elsewhere, and the Shrieking Shack was rather suddenly consumed with fire as well. Izzy gripped his wand a little tighter. They were under attack, but there was still no sign of what was attacking them. And, as anyone might have expected, it didn't take long for pandaemonium to break out. Panic spread like a virulent disease through students and residents alike…

18:53:23 Kieran looked behind him. Huian was having trouble keeping up with him, but there was something terrible happening. He was back amongst the rest of the shops, now, and looked at the amount of unrest the students were in. Had the darkness been more gradual, it'd cause just a bit less alarm to the others. So far nothing particularly horrible happened, yet, but he had such a terrible feeling simply crawling up his spine. He waited for Huian to catch up to him. "Stay close. Not know what is happenink, but can not be good." He wanted to change. Wanted to gauge the situation. Unfortunately he doubted anyone else would react too keenly to a giant bear running around town. Little did he know what was really coming for them. He tried to keep a sharp eye before noticing Xia and Charlie bursting out of Three Brooms, and making their way in the direction of the Hogs Head. If she was bringing Charlie, then there was no reason he needed to leave Huian behind. "This way." He followed after on the opposite end of the <c>
18:53:26 Kieran <c> street, his wand still clutched tightly in his hand. That was when behind him he heard the explosion. Oh no… The man with the tattoo that fell with the nurse earliar that year supposedly had a tattoo that looked like.. "Stay away from the buildings!!" He called out to Huian. He could recognize fiendfyre when he saw it, and when he made it to the hogshead he looked behind him. He realized that there was a fire on top of the hill where they had just been. "Must go open ground. Buildinks no safe."

19:04:05 Aedan Haddon, we’ve got to get inside! What’s the matter with you? those were the words he’d least expected to hear. Why the hell was she following him, oh dear God… this was going to go so very, very wrong! “Go….away.” the words poured from behind clenched, elongated teeth. At this point he’d curled himself up, his back to Glori, and his body bent forwards slightly. His hands, tight against the floor clenched further, and he heaved, his whole body rocking with the strength of it. Getoutgetoutgetou. His mind was screaming at the girl, she couldn’t know, couldn’t find out. With a gasp he’d haul himself to his feet, still not turning to look at her as he stumbled his way down the alley. “Be in…in…minute.” He gagged again, and hopefully, just hopefully that would be enough to convince her to leave, to get the hell away while she still good. And providing he hadn’t stumbled over anything too much he’d throw himself into the darkest recess of the alley.
19:04:10 Aedan - Here he hoped he couldn’t be seen, and if he could….well that was just too bad. Because he could no longer hold it back, the sound of snapping bones was too much, too loud, and as tendons stretched, organs and muscle reshaped themselves. He screamed then, a chilling sound that one would expect a male to make if they were being murdered, and…in a sense he was. Because as that hand blindly poked about in the dark, it wasn’t flesh that it grasped. It was the sleek, black and silver fur of the hulking wolf which now came rushing forth from the darkness. Aedan himself was gone, and if luck was on his side, they would think perhaps the beast had wounded him and he was back there in the darkness, and not the true story.
19:04:18 Aedan - A large left paw came sweeping in from that side, attempting to knock Eduard out of the way, and if the boy wasn’t careful, he’d find those razor sharp claws raking across his chest and from there the wolf leapt, gunning for Gloriana with a hooooooooooooooooowl that echoed across the streets. It was loud enough too heard for at least a mile or so as the black and silver tipped beast burst forth from the alley, about the time that red-fire was blazing. Poetic… or terrifying? Who knew?

19:04:09 Xia_Lavine kept an eye on Charlie as they moved, arriving at the Hog's Head quickly enough and giving Izzy an uncharacteristic, on-sight hug. She was worried, terrified even, but aside from that quick hug to let him know how worried she was, she seemed fine. She glanced around, then went wide eyed and gasped at the sight of the buildings catching fire. Fiendfyre. Her lips pressed into a thin line and then she hissed, moving away from the Hog's Head immediately. There were people still inside the Three Broomsticks! She'd just been there. She knew it was full to the bursting! Her eyes widened as she looked back to Izzy, then to Kieran when he shouted, biting her bottom lip and taking a sharp breath. "We're in trouble." She muttered, grimacing and then moving away from the building, her eyes narrowing finally as she glanced around. So many people. Faces she'd come to know rather well over the last few months, and some she'd come to dislike, and others that she had come to be ambivalent toward.

19:09:55 Huian She was indeed having trouble keeping up, but keep up she did. Hogsmeade was in unrest, people were panicking, and she felt their uneasiness like it was her own. Sensitive, her mother called her. At least Kieran was waiting for her, not abandoning her…this was feeling familiar…very familiar, almost like before…she stood by him as he surveyed the area, reaching for her wand, gripping the wood hard enough for whisps of sliver to come out of the tip. And once again he led the way, and she followed, happy to have somebody she was sure she could rely on if shit went down, and she was sure it would, by that aching freezing feeling in her chest. She too had spotted Xia and Meimei, and was happy to see people she knew safe and well, right up until the explosion wiped the small smile of relief off her face. Fire…fire fire. And not natural. What the hell was going on. Why? No…now was not the time to lose her head, and she looked to Kieran, eyes wide and panicking, and looking back when —
19:10:17 Huian — he did. They…were just there. God damn, he'd saved her ass again! But the message was clear…and shouted to her. Buildings weren't safe…but if that echoing howl had any ring…neither were the streets! "Kieran! You hear?!" Not good…not at all!

19:12:56 Calcifer had, however stupidly, decided to go to Hogsmeade – but not as herself. No, she was in too much physical discomfort to manage acting normal, which would have been a key part of this trip if she’d gone with Aedan or any of the others. Calcifer didn’t think she had the ability to fake it today, not after what had happened… not after Kaust. No, not this day, so instead she’d snuck as close to the carriages as possible and, when under cover, changed into that creature which only one of them knew she was – Aedan. Not that she’d even let him get a glimpse of her, she wasn’t in the mood for him, let alone explaining why she’d chosen to be the least human among them ( for now, anyway ). Which was why, when shit hit the proverbial fan, Calcifer wasn’t with the main group, or in fact anywhere near anything – she was sliding around the edges of town, watching her fellow students laugh and joke until that fateful darkness took hold and the world turned into a fire blazed hell. Ears of silken gold fell flat >
19:13:06 Calcifer ~ against polished head at the artificial dark which lapped around the town and its inhabitants, sleek form crouching down amongst the shadows till the ‘girl’ was all but invisible to human eyes, her own riddled with nightmare visions of what lurked above and only the explosion of fire burned her retina’s into a dim of useless flashes – stupid cat eyes, but they’d caught sight of the moon and the very first, and last, thing she thought before that frightful howl issues was: Aedan, please don’t be in Hogsmeade… No such luck. ~

19:13:52 Stella_Kira wasn't in the Hogs Head, instead just now returning to Hogsmeade on her broom. She felt something awful earliar that prompted her to leave her lodgings the day before, but she decided to come back. Mazzy wouldn't have run. When she came upon the glow on the horizon… The glow of fire.. She knew why she'd been pulled to leave in the first place. She sped on ahead, seeing that Hogsmeade was burning. There was screaming coming from Three Broomsticks as anyone still inside would have been burned alive. "Oh god…" That was when the Shrieking Shack practically exploded. It was high enough for her to see it bright as day. Cmon Stella. Get a move on! There was a different sort of scream just then. A howl That luminescent gaze under the white hood fixated on the town as it grew closer, and she leaned forward, rushing down. There was little she could do about a fire, but if there was a werewolf on the loose in this pandaemonium, even more people would die.

19:16:48 [Gloriana`Boulstridge] || The blue light of her wand lit up the dark dank of the alleyway, and illuminated the face of another familiar student that had found his way there. Gloriana was more suspicious than worried now, the sound of cracking and the occasional cry of pain made her eyes grow wide. That sound… was very distinct. And from the reading she’d done in her spare time ( you know… years of breaks between classes and quidditch matches missed accumulated to some astounding study work), she was very certain that was they were witnessing… was a transformation. A transformation that was entirely too dangerous to be present for. Gloriana began to shake, her wand light trembling in the dark. “E-eduard… I t-think you b-better not t-t-touch him,” she suggested, slowly backing away. There was a sort of whooshing sound in the street behind her followed by perilous screams from children and adults alike. She wanted to know what was going on, desperately, but she could not bear to tear her eyes away from <c>
19:16:53 [Gloriana`Boulstridge] Aedan’s hunched frame. She let him stagger into a dark corner, reaching forward to grab Eduard by his shirt and pull him back. It was then that the beast lunged from the darkness. Gloriana shouted, “RUN!“ And very promptly cast a hurried “Confundus!“ at Aedan, before turning tail to do exactly what she’d demanded that Eduard do. It was his ass if he chose not to follow that particular order and Gloriana wasn’t stopping for anything, now. She hurdled onto the street and rounded the corner to head to the Hog’s Head. There was no time to stare in awe at the great fire that consumed The Three Broomsticks. She shouted at the top of her lungs and it didn’t matter who the hell heard her. The general public needed to be aware of this shit! “Werewolf! There’s a werewolf headed this way!“ Okay, so it was mostly directed at those in front of the Hog’s Head, but others would, hopefully, heed the warning anyway. She skidded to a <c>
19:17:13 [Gloriana`Boulstridge] halt in front of Izzy and began gasping for breath, but the warning she’d shouted was verified when the wolf tore from the Alleyway. Well… she hadn’t aimed to really hurt him. After all, it wasn’t his fault he was a ravenous beast! ||

19:18:51 Izzy-Iwamura was caught more or less off-guard by Xia's sudden hug, but it was quick enough he had no time to dwell on it. "Xia…" Yes, he was certainly glad she was alright, and better still, the message had gotten to her in time. The fiendfyre continued to come down - the next target to go up was Honeydukes, erupting as the others before had in a blast of the unnatural, vicious fire. Regardless, he glanced about at the group - whoever happened to show up. He wasn't sure anyone else was coming, and he didn't like the prospect of staying where he was, with major Hogsmeade institutions being rained with death from above. "Come on, we have to move…" He didn't apparate, though he could have. He didn't like the possibility of colliding with someone else, or something unpleasant, in this environment. And he didn't like the temporary lack of attention he'd have on the rapidly developing scene. He started off towards the Three Broomsticks. People needed help. Until he had a better handle on what was going on, that was what >
19:26:51 Izzy-Iwamura < jumped to mind. Limit the damage. Limit the…. more screaming came from somewhere near Tomes and Scrolls. And then more from elsewhere - on the far side of Hogsmeade, Archie's worst fears would come to light: dozens of dementors had fallen upon a fleeing mass of students and locals. It was an ambush, clearly enough. They seemed to be trapped in the village, like rats caught in a burning flask of oil. Well. At least there were more people joining his little procession. As long as they stayed calm.

19:20:51 Charlie_Gray kept close on Xia's heels, comforted by the girl's apparent calm. And while it was impossible for Miss Lavine to be feeling so serene on the inside, keeping it together on the outside was definitely helping Charlie. Nimble steps carried her over the ground, fingers flexing around her wand. Suddenly, a frightening noise. She looked over her shoulder. Now the crimson moon was not the only thing lighting the sky, it was accompanied by fiendfyre. Her eyes widened and heartrate increased. The Shrieking Shack was next, and she was just trying to stay as calm as possible in the pandemonium increased. Xia finally displayed some fear in response to the fire. She stepped away from the Hogs Head, staying near Xia. She then saw Kieran and Huian nearby, calling out to them, "Huian!" She said, trying not to think about how many people were in the Three Broomsticks when it had exploded into flame. She couldn't think about that, not now. And then, was that a howl? Oh, even better. Now, what, wolves? Or <c>
19:28:29 Charlie_Gray <c> something worse. Of course, it would be something worse, considering. It was mere seconds before Gloriana came skidding to a stop in front of Izzy and the others, having been yelling about a werewolf. Low and behold, the creature then rounded the alleyway corner. She looked behind her as a slightly stumbling figure came out of the Hogs Head, Professor?" She hadn't been expecting to see him here. He should have been in the slightly safer area of the castle. But, she should know that he wouldn't turn down the chance for a drink. But his presence here made things potentially much worse. Somehow, the werewolf had been pushed from her mind for a second during the confusion, though that knowledge came flooding back a second later. She followed Izzy toward the Three Broomsticks, presumably Xia was doing so as well. Strength in numbers, isn't that what they say?

19:29:14 [Eduard] He honestly should have realized. There was no mistaking it that Valentine's night was no heart warming treat, it was not more than a savory hallmark, and quite literally it was going to hell in a heartbeat. Even as he stood there in the dark his own chest was aflutter with suffocating feeling…Terror? Excitement? Something along those lines. Heat engulfed the air against his palm, and even as the sickening twists occurred in the head boy's body Eduard was determined to bite back the unease. Wait. "What do you mean? We can't just leave him he—" The moment his hand caught grip of that fur his eyes widened and his heart dropped down into his stomach. "Run…" was the simultaneous remark, but his came far too late. Even the spell just barely scraped by…but so did the claws. <c>
19:29:54 [Eduard] SLICE! The boy barely had time to hear it let alone feel the wolf's razors gouging into his paper thin skin. White scalding heat erupted instantly, outmatched by the sudden warning scream that erupted from Eduard's throat in accordance to the wolf howl. Gloriana was his saving grace, and just as she yanked him from that damned allyway he followed compliantly behind, albeit with a heavy stumble. That was more than a mere grazing to such a little body. Finally he found the weight in his legs and began running sluggish beside the prefect. "G-Glor…The town…" The gashes made crimson rivers and waterfalls along his flesh. The sudden halt before Izzy had Eduard tumbling forward to his knees. "W-wait!" For what exactly? Even he didn't know, but the word was puked out.

19:32:52 Xia_Lavine took a sharp breath as she looked around and then nodded once at what Izzy statement, moving with him and glancing to Charlie and the others, biting her bottom lip. And then Glori came rushing up with her information, and Xia exhaled heavily. Well things just kept getting better and better. If it doesn't rain it snows, right? She pushed a hand through her hair, drawing her wand from the depths of her cloak and then looking at the others, keeping silent as she moved forward. "Well shit." She muttered softly, with feeling, as the group arrived at their feet. Things just got better and better.

19:36:50 Kieran felt his heart pounding in his chest. "Yes. I hear." Everything was on fire, and something… something unnatural was prowling the streets… and then Izzy began running towards the fire. "Iwamura where are you..!? Meeenge.." He bursted after the young heroic, figuring the others would be close behind. That was precisely when he saw Gloriana running towards them and shouting about a… Werewolf? What the hell were they supposed to do about that?! It seemed as though the calamity wouldn't stop just yet. Of course… They had to attack Hogsmeade, didn't they? Flutey had assured them that Hogwarts was perfectly safe. There must have been a protection against dark magic spell around the entire campus. That didn't include Hogsmeade… and anyone who wanted to mass murder students would have a field day on Valentines when everyone was out with their dates on the weekend. It was planned perfectly. "Dementor!" One of them headed straight toward the group attempting to flank them, but was <c>
19:36:51 Kieran <c> suddenly driven away by a white flash which appeared to be some sort of… duck? That was extremely lucky for them, as straight ahead was the alley in which Eduard spilled from. Presumably the wolf would quickly follow.

19:36:56 Aedan gave a growl, which could have sounded victorious as the wolf felt those claws rip through flesh and cloth alike. The scent of the human blood as it arose into the air was enough to send the beast into a fenzy, and with that he lunged once more. The confundus charm hit the beast, and a yelp issues from its throat, that huge body backing up just a little, paw coming to scrape at its face as it to try and clear its vision. That, in all likely hood would give enough time for Glor and the now wounded Ed to make good their escape, and of course, soon after the wolf came bursting from the alley, claws scrabbling against the path seeking purchase. Soon enough it was found, and pushing off on those powerful haunches it flung itself forwards, saliva clad jaws snapping left and right, attempting of course, to snap at the heels, or arms, or anything else for that matter of anything which might dare to cross its path. In the light of the fiendfyre, those golden eyes blazed red, like the devil himself was present in -
19:37:00 Aedan - the beast. And perhaps he was. No one really knew. The only thing the huge wolf was aware of was that through the black and grey of his vision he could see people, could smell people. Bloodbloodblood was the only word which ran through its mind as it made its hellish way towards the Hogs Head. Wouldn’t it be frightening for those people to witness? This great hulking beast leaping through the ‘flames’ at them. Not quote at them, he was yards away yet, but if they didn’t get inside quickly, well…who knows what was likely to happen. One student had already been wounded after all, and of course…it was the scent of the blood the wolf was following as well as human flesh.

19:36:53 Cyrus`Valen Those eyes locked with Charlie, giving the unspoken command for her to flee as that violent howl tore through the night an added to the already boisterous din that had rose in the small village. His eyes widened further with a mix of fear, not for himself, but for the students and innocents that were to be caught in the crossfire of something much larger than any one individual. While he knew he’d be no match for a werewolf for too long, he’d have to at least try to divert the beast’s wily attentions elsewhere long enough for the others to get to safety. With a final glance to the retreating girls, he threw himself forward to the ground and began to change, muscles and ligaments realigning and strengthening as thick pads of gray fur spread across his expanse. The transformation took only seconds before the dire wolf was freed and Cyrus sank back into that cold, dark recess of his mind he’d learned to inhabit in those lost years. Those years spent in a void, cold, beaten…tortured. And he drew upon it,
48 Cyrus`Valen allowing the silent rage that had bubbled during those years to fill his muscles and empower. Thick, shaggy head was thrown back and a violent, answering howl tore from his own lips before claws skittered across stone and the beast launched forth, bushy tail swishing at the cool air as he tore along the street as the lumbering lycanthrope came into view. He paid no heed to the sudden heat of fiendfyre blazing about the area, though managed to slide in the hastily melting snow as paws tore through the slushy, muddy concoction forming under foot and the wolf rose, launching itself towards the lycanthrope in an attempt to temporarily send it sprawling backwards.

19:40:46 Archie was bolting down the path, unwisely taking a detour towards a howl, which was…unnerving, but then again, perhaps he should first address the buildings suddenly consumed in explosive fiendfyres! Or, to Archie’s chagrin, perhaps he should handle the cascading clouds of black that comprised the billowing, smoky forms of the Dementors now rushing into the village, swathing what little remained visible in an impenetrable darkness. People too slow or held back by the rush of fearful individuals would undoubtedly fall victim to the fast approaching Dementors on the other side of Hogsmeade. He didn’t know what to do. Should he help? It was, as he’d feared, am ambush – no one was safe, not even in the buildings. The fear of fiendfyre descending onto the buildings would undoubtedly scare out most individuals, and then the dementors would scare others inside – and the screams and cries of a loose werewolf made staying outside all the more dangerous. He continued in his mad dash for Hog’s Head, now with [c]
19:42:00 [Archie] more fervor than ever as the village came back to life again, but in fear. Archie simply knew many would die tonight. There was just no avoiding it. All he could think about, other than making sure his legs didn’t stop running till he reached Hog’s Head, was the fact that people were dying. Chaos was conquering. Panic and hysteria were prevalent everywhere he looked. Hell had broken loose. He was eventually predented with ultimatum, however – go to Hog’s Head, or go help fight the Dementors. Needless to say, he’d come down, and his two options were in the opposite direction of each other. He was panting, he was frantic to think of something to do. He ultimately chose to go towards Hog’s Head and rally whoever was there to help him fight of the Dementors. He knew not that a werewolf was running for Hog's head as well, and as far as he was concerned, he could probably be jumped at any moment, though he remained vigilant. If this was in fact an ambush, and the beginning of that war, then he had [c]
19:42:37 [Archie] to be. Anything less, and he could be dead. Funny, Defense Against the Dark Arts hadn't yet taught them the art of war. Was that even in the curriculum?

19:48:03 Calcifer ~ The lowest of growls simmered out from the animagus’s jaws, a sound which might perhaps have doubled as a purr in some other circumstanced – but whatever it was, it seemed a comfort to the cat, a low rumbling comfort which slowly raised the animal up on all fours so it no longer crouched in the mud and dirt. Frightened and alone, that’s what she was but not defenceless, not in this form or any other and with startling determination blasting from behind blue as midnight eyes the cat moved in a streak to track that howl to its owner… she’d promised Aedan that she’d run with him tonight, and be it daytime in reality or not, to him it was very much time to sheds the sheeps clothing and run through the darkness. Screams came from all directions, flashes of spells and fire fell like rain from the surrounding chaos, but the cat seemed to go unnoticed… who would see a streak of gold and speed so close to the ground when everyone was looking up at the monsters above? One scream stood out among the rest, >
19:48:16 Calcifer ~ supernatural you could say in that it was Aedans growling mass which procured the sound, followed soon after by the pitiful scream of another, a boy ( loosely using this word here :P ) who’d fallen to the wolfs claw. Too late, shit, too late.. if that boy was infected, if he bore the mark of the wolf Aedan would never forgive himself and it was as the light from Stella’s wand engulfed the area that Calcifer, in all her kitty cat glory, sprung from the darkness that the wolf had come – she’d doubled back to run through the alley and position herself behind the beast, which was why the shattered vision of another, a wolf no less, launching itself at the front of the were came as such a shock. Not enough, mind, to throw her off course and while Cyrus ploughed into the front of tooth and claw, Calcifers glossy clawed form struck from behind, sharp as sin claws unsheathing to tear a blaze of crimson down her friends side in an attempt to keep him busy and for only a moment those sapphire eyes >
19:49:28 Calcifer ~ glanced to the wolf in questioning. Would it attack her too? Or would it, like she, realise that the werewolf was both of their targets. ~

19:48:04 Huian No…hell was on earth. Hell was on earth and raving for blood. werewolf…fiendfyre…and she was almost frozen. This…there was no excuse! Who wanted the young dead?! She was furious…panicked…furious, and kept close…good thing too, because that werewolf had burst out of an ally close by, and was toppled by another…she hadn't seen where it came from, and she only caught a glimps of a dementor before it was driven away by a duck. DEMENTORS?! She froze again, only long enough to be run into by people fleeing the area, knocking her on her ass…eeehhh! Don't trample her! She pushed herself up, but people were irrational, running every which way, shoving others in danger to get themselves out of the way…like a fiery, freezing sinking of the Titanic…She was crawling away, trying to stay out of the way, clinging against a wall out of the rush of people. Being trampled was a definate possibility for the smaller people…Meimei! She'd seen Meimei, and she was so much smaller! Oh..—
19:49:10 Huian — Oh…please, let her be safe! Don't let anything happen…no…but she looked around…she'd lost her safety net. Where was Kieran!?

19:49:47 Stella_Kira gripped her broom tightly in her hand, her wood duck patronus returning to her and circling the broom before promptly disappearing. She made her way towards Puddifoots - a speeding white gleam in the sky that flew with such grace and speed that you could not question the motives of her racing heart. "Expectum Patronus!" The wood duck shot out once more in a rush of white light as she weaved around the cloud of dementors. She needed to draw them away from the students - their souls the most important thing on her mind at that moment. "Cmon you ridiculous beasts! Try and catch me!" Her and her patronus flew in sync. Hopefully there were more students with a clear enough head not to panic and use their patronus. The scene was horrible. She knew people were going to die. It didn't mean she didn't care if they did. It didn't mean she wouldn't try her best to keep them from it as long as possible.

19:55:30 [Gloriana`Boulstridge] || Izzy was… what? Ignoring her? There was a werewolf for Merlin’s sake! Wandering around in their fiery cage of death, thanks to whatever was raining fiendfyres on Hogsmeade establishments. As concerned as Gloriana was about the werewolf, she knew that staying beneath the awning of the Hog’s Head was even more dangerous. Well, now they definitely had a reason to run like hell! That same werewolf was bounding toward them at a brisk pace. She clutched his shirt and pulled him back, pointing to the enormous beast heading in their direction. Glancing down, she caught Eduard by the arm and yanked him to his feet. The blood didn’t bother her. He was wounded, maybe because of his own stupid curiosity, but he was hurt and his wounds needed tending to. She wanted to get him out of the street, to remove him from any further assault from Aedan or the Fiendfyre… or the wave of Dementors that threatened them over near Madame Pudifoot’s. REALLY?! This was insane! She breathed a sigh of relief as <c>
19:55:41 [Gloriana`Boulstridge] she watched Archie approach. At least the one person she actually cared about, was safe. Gloriana carried (the term “carried” is used loosely, since she more or less dragged him over) Eduard over, restraining the desire to wrap her arms around Archie and squeeze the life out of him. Yeah, she was really that glad that he wasn’t inside The Three Broomsticks when it went up in flames. Anyway. Right! She was freaking out and Eduard was bleeding profusely. “Archie… I have to find a safe place for him. The werewolf.. It … he’s been injured!“ Gloriana was, officially, a mess! She didn’t know what to do or which problem to attack first. Her mind was reeling a mile a minute! ||

19:58:49 Izzy-Iwamura hadn't been ignoring Gloriana so much as it had taken him a moment to process all the many, many aural stimuli about him. And even as he realized the werewolf was there, it was assaulted by the professor - and then by another animal… creating a three-way melee of what Izzy presumed were all wizards, turned from one form to another. Eduard, Izzy didn't know him, but if he survived, that scar was going to last his entire life… he was only caught off guard for a brief moment. "Someone help me here!" He didn't care who, just somebody. "Everyone else, get to Puddifoot's, help them there…" There was so much going on. He didn't know what to do, really, but he had to do something - and the immediate problem, a werewolf… he didn't like the way that was being solved. And he wanted someone else as insurance in case it didn't work. It was a nonverbal spell, to Izzy's knowledge it had no verbal version - and he'd only tried it on animagi before. Regardless, he attempted the homorphus charm on Aedan, >
19:59:57 Izzy-Iwamura < and hoped it did more than just make him a target. And hoped it didn't change the wrong person. And a number of other things as well. All of this was speculation, right now. And then? Well, then another burst of fiendfyre lit Puddifoot's aflame, adding to the brewing chaos on that end of the little village.

20:02:58 Charlie_Gray had seen the look in Cyrus' eyes. She didn't know what was going to happen, but he was going to do something. Something that could very well get him killed. Everything was happening so fast, she had no time to try and talk him out of it. She was swept up in the growing group of people that followed Izzy. The werewolf had gotten someone and she looked over her shoulder to see a dire wolf lunging at it. But.. No, it couldn't be… No time to think about that now, she looked around frantically, noticing someone missing from the group. She searched the streets for Huian, seeing her being trampled by running students. She ran over, "Huian!" she reached for the little asian's hand, grabbing it and then yanking her from the ground with all her might. Her strength was surprising, "Are you ok?" She grasped Huian's hand, her other hand holding tightly onto her wand. Werewolves, dementors, fiendfyre.. Of course, things could always get worse. By now, she had lost sight of Izzy and the others, though<c>
20:05:03 Charlie_Gray <c> last she knew they'd been headed for the Three Broomsticks. If it weren't for the utter chaos, she might have heard Izzy's yells, but as things were, his voice was lost in the din. She held onto Huian, trying not to stay in one place. They couldn't go into any of the remaining buildings, as they were surely to be next targeted with fiendfyre. But they couldn't stay in one place, either.

20:06:56 Xia_Lavine watched silently as things began to unfold, her eyes narrowing as the fight broke out between the werewolf, the animal, and the professor. She took a deep breath and then glanced to Izzy, giving a small nod as he requested someone stay with him and someone else go deal with the Dementors. She looked from Izzy to the others and back again, her eyes widening. "I can stay with you, but if no one has a strong patronus, I'll go to Puddifoot's." Depending on the response, she stuck to Izzy like glue, or led the charge away and off to fight the dementors…but most likely stuck with Izzy.

20:10:30 Aedan – Archie would probably not know just how close he had come to being the wolfs next victim. Because, it was at the moment that the wolf had sprung, the other howl came drifting through the air, and in a suddenly flash of colour, wolf met wolf mid-air. There was a snarl which came blundering from the throat of the bigger wolf, but the creature had been surprised, and as those giant paws came up to try and shove the other wolf off, it was too late, and all of a sudden, they would come crashing to the ground. Snow and slush exploded around them, and shocked – for a moment the wolf could do nothing all a tangle of eight legs and two tails. But eventually he’d squirm, plowing those powerful back legs into the other wolf and shoving with all the might of the were, attempting to throw him backwards and away. And of course, should this work he’d scrabble to his feet once more. Whether or not it had worked, it didn’t matter because it seemed as soon as one animal had been thrown away from him, another struck. -
20:10:50 Aedan - There was a blinding flash of heat as more razor sharp claws struck his pelt, slicing open neat rows of flesh which dark blood poured from. The wolf howled again then, out of pain this time and tumbled onto his side, taken back by the double attack. Confused, it stayed down. But only for a moment before it sprang to his feet once more. Snarls and growls ripped from its’ throat, that oh so contagious saliva flying from the opened maw. Blazing eyes shifted first to other wolf, fur bristling. It was male…it was no use to him, he would kill it, yes he would. But first, the kitty. Those eyes snapped in its direction and a paw raised threatengly. But the cat….it looked…so familiar, and for a moment there was a flicker of recognition in those golden eyes… He’d taken enough wolfs bane over the last few weeks to recognize her at least. But recognizing, and being able to stop himself were too different things. So with a bloodcurdling howl, the wolf leap once more. Bad timing on his part perhaps, but good on -
20:11:00 Aedan - Izzy’s because that spell hit the wolf, knocking him sideways once more. Down, down, down the body went, until the….utterly naked, and now temporarily human body hit the ground. In such a position that the hands were over the head, covering the identity from view.

20:11:48 Kieran furrowed his brow as the werewolf showed it's face, then was promptly tackled by another, less humanoid wolf. He took just a moment to look behind him to see if the others were there, but there was a press of bodies as screaming, panicked students rushed into the streets. Everything was so loud he could barely hear or distinguish anything amongst the chaos. What he was concerned about now was that he couldn't see Huian or Charlie with the group. "Will find others!" He plowed through the press of people and eventually managed to see the two holding hands and making their way towards them. "Stay close! Dementors at Maddam Puddifoot.. Must go he-" He pointed in that direction… and it exploded. This was almost too much for him to handle. Why the fuck did he ever transfer to Hogwarts. "Come on!" He grabbed onto Charlie's hand and started making a path to the now burning Madame Puddifoot's. He would have done better if he had just picked the both of them up and ran with them on his back.

20:12:39 [Eduard] Suddenly, Eduard didn't like being lost anymore. Chaos erupted around him with the fury of the flames washing through…somewhere. He wasn't even sure where he was at that moment, in all honesty. He just knew that there wasn't a place safe at the time being. Cold, hot, was a patterned barrage on his senses. One shaking hand reached up to gingerly brush against the shredded skin only to feel like a festering under his touch. He winced. It was just a little too hard to think. Suddenly, his head was reeling once more as he was dragged to his feet again. He rocked semi awkwardly before regaining some semblance of equilibrium. The growls, the screams and agony drew closer, but even with as little common sense as Eduard lacked, he knew just what was coming eventually. "G-Glor it does—" The words were clamped back in his throat as he was dragged once again, and like a little rag doll he limply complied. As the scenery blurred by the only thing he could really think about was how late it <c>
20:13:44 [Eduard] rather seemed to act for anything. Eduard braced himself for another head spinning as Gloriana finally halted. He paid little mind to the man by the burning tavern, other than giving him a glance. Shame, he'd even forgotten to smile. "There isnt anywhere…" Eduard numbly stated. He remembered just that much from his defense against the dark arts classes, and just common nature of the primal beast was enough to give him a clue. "Blood…He wants it. I-if anything I'd just…and he's going to…get it from anyone if he can." This was starting to feel like it was all his fault. Why was it so hard to get the words out? He would much rather be more of a contributor to the prevention efforts but he was effectively rendered semi-useless for the time being. He'd just be a hinderance.

20:14:19 Archie made it just in time to circle around the insanity between animals and a werewolf, which he didn’t think would turn out well. Powerful the animals might be (save for the cat; he just didn’t see its survival), that werewolf was probably going to need more than just animals trying to subdue it. Unfortunately, Archie didn’t have any better ideas, he was immediately assaulted by Glori’s attention grabbing need for his assistance. His hands immediately found the side of her arms, unafraid to physically show he was glad she hadn’t been left to fight the Dementors by herself, or god forbid, died in one of the fiendfyre assaults. It was only then after the second long hug that he looked to Eduard in his unfortunate state, but Archie didn’t have any solutions. “No place is safe here! We’re boxed in by fires, dementors, and a werewolf! You need to heal him right now as best you can! I can throw up a few defense spells, but that’s it! Hurry!” Yeah – Archie conveniently happened to [c]
20:15:47 [Archie] be practiced in defensive spells – apparently his wand was good for that sort of thing. In case Gloriana hesitated, Archie was quick to give her a light shove and follow her, finishing the job of pulling him far enough off to the side to avoid him getting hit by fiendfyre in the dire event that the Hog’s Head be the next target, all the while ignoring Eduard's words which seemed to be just stating what they already knew. He blamed on blood loss. Archie was going to be sure to put Glori and Eduard in the protective magical shell, leaving himself out of it for the soul purpose of being available to act as a second form of defense himself if need be. Among his choice spells, a classic “Protego Totalum!”. Of course, he was going to need a minute to do it, and for good reason too. BOOOM! Another building goes down.

20:20:56 Huian There was nothing, nothing but the color red and people screaming so loaud she felt like she was going numb. She was gonna die she was gonna…her name…somebody screamed her name, and she felt like it took forever, trying to find who it was, until a wild haired girl came into veiw, and grabbed her hand, hauling her up and out of the way. Meimei…Meimei! Did she know how dangerous this was! But she was happy her little sister was safe, even if she was coming back to help her. Stupid, go to were it was SAFE! Pulled along a throng of people…and her hand tightened on Charlie's, afraid what might happen if she let her meimei go…worried more for Charlie than herself, and actually punching somebody trying to separate them, pushing them away. This would be much easier with…a glance around, trying to find others, and the welcome sight of Kieran came in her sight, and he was tellign them to stay close. NO SHIT! Another explosion, and Charlie was being dragged along, and so was she, -
20:21:21 Huian — apparently. Why in the world did people think England was any safer than China?!

20:25:22 Stella_Kira continued to drive dementors away as best she could with her patronus spell. The swarm was difficult for one witch to handle and she could just hope that there would be students to step up and join the fight. This was War and you don't win it by running around in circles like a chicken with your head cut off, damnit! Another bolt of fiendfyre flew down from the sky and struck. She was mere meters away from Puddifoots as it suddenly burst into flames. The heat was almost unbarable, and she flew up into the sky. A cloud of dementors followed in her wake like a dark cloak that trailed behind her. Who was casting this dark magic upon them? She flew high into the air before once again unleashing her patronus on the mass to slow them down. When she was at a certain height, she decided to see if the fiendfyre was being cast by someone above them. Someone that could see everything at once. "Homenum Revelio!!" If there was anyone watching them in the sky, she would be one of the first to know

20:30:51 Cyrus`Valen the sudden, powerful blow delivered in kind to his own sent the large, but still smaller wolf flying backwards with a series of pained yelps, rolling end over end until it collided with a drift of snow in a sudden, explosive spray of white powder before climbing free and shaking the excess from its fur with a quick, violent twist of its body. Already it’d begun to prepare a second assault when the short-lived but furious scuffle was interrupted by a brilliant flash of light and the werewolf laid upon the pavement, naked and detained. Within seconds, the wolf had shifted back into the aging teacher…while surprised it had been a student, he had not the time to mull over such matters and merely removed his cloak, laying its thick wool over Aedan’s form before turning to the cat. He knew it to be animagi, from the strangely intelligent gleam in its eyes to the sheer improbability of a cat of that species being found here, “Thank ye, lass…I tink ye should take this one somewhere warmer. Safer…” he
20:31:02 Cyrus`Valen murmured before nodding at the fallen boy. And off he went once more, gazing at the burning buildings before eyes scanned the hillside in an attempt to locate the source of the assault, but had no such luck. Instead he turned his attention to the dementors, racing down the street and nearly toppling along the icy grown before flinging his wand outwards with a sudden bellow, forcing a great, silvery wolf to rush from his wound and bound down the streets towards the clouded, dark mass of hooded figures gathering.

20:33:03 [Gloriana`Boulstridge] || After the brief hug she endured (and she really wished he hadn’t chosen now to show his affection), she stared at Archie, obviously a little… okay a lot worse for wear. There was so much chaos, she had no idea what was going on! Behind her was a werewolf fighting off a cat and a dog, presumably animagi, all around her fires were burning and they weren’t going to stop any time soon. And, while the Dementors were, hopefully, being taken care of, there was still the probability that they’d have those to contend with! Gloriana closed her eyes and took a deep breath for a few seconds. The fiendfyres weren’t controllable, but she could certainly try to get people to safety… or … well she could try to help, couldn’t she?! It seemed Izzy and the others were handling the werewolf situation, and that crazy woman from the Hog’s Head was fighting off the Dementors near Puddifoot’s… which was now in flames as well. She was tempted to help there, but others had already gone in that direction. <c>
20:33:09 [Gloriana`Boulstridge] Alright, protect the townsfolk it was. Gloriana tugged Eduard up and gazed back up at Archie, “Fine. I’ll stay here with Eduard, but I need someone to help me get everyone together! There could be more injured out there and we can’t leave them with fiendfyres blazing at every corner!“ She gave him the most desperate look. She needed him to do this for her, if nothing else. People were taking care of the werewolf and the dementors. They needed to see to the other children, and what adults were already injured by the fires. Glori gently guided Eduard to the snow covered floor of the street, laying him on his stomach. “It’s going to be alright, </b>Eduard</b>. Just… try and relax,” she muttered. Right. Relax. Who the hell could relax with the chaos that soared all around them, much less the lacerations on their back? Yeah. Probably wasn’t going to happen. But she didn’t know what else to say. All she could do was bandage the wounds, she needed potions to actually <c>
20:33:19 [Gloriana`Boulstridge] heal it. And even then, it would take some time. Gloriana bit her lip and flicked her wand across the wounds, bandaging them as best she could. The nurse would have to see to it when they returned to Hogwarts. If they returned to Hogwarts. ||

20:36:22 Calcifer ~Had it been anything else, any other time, those lethal claws would not have been unsheathed, they wouldn’t have been attempting to rip a line of slashes down Aedans side… she’d have used brute force on the impact, but this was not a time for playing – a werewolf loose among this many students could have only one conclusion: someone would die. Calcifer, for the sake of her friends sanity and perhaps her own, would rather bare the pain of having hurt him than allowing him a chance to hurt anyone else. She could already smell the blood on his body, it was like a blast to the senses when she’d collided with him and that, if Calcifer could help it, would be the very last he’d draw on a student tonight… then again, she might just be adding herself to the list of injured. An option that, once that first blow had been made, became more than probable. She didn’t stay put for long, having struck first then pushed with all four limbs till she barrel rolled away to skid in the snow and dirt a meter from the >
20:36:38 Calcifer ~ downed were and there she stayed, hackles rising while teeth as white and deadly as her claws bared towards the beast of a wolf - snarls of utter animalistic origin flew from the cats maw, and it was then perhaps that Aedan’s recognition sparked and for the briefest of moments Calcifer paused. Streamline body crouched in the brown sludge of snow and muck, ready to pounce, but not quite managing it, not even when the larger animal moved to strike her – she’d frozen. A saving grace came in the form of Izzy’s spell and perhaps, if it hadn’t been for that the girl would have perished then, but alas the werewolf fell and in a flash Calcifer moved to slither that jungle cat body closer to the human Aedan and with her blocking his form, lower at least, entirely from view she hissed – a soft sound of warning to keep anyone who might try anything at bay. No one was touching this werewolf, not while he was in human form, not defenceless… not unless they planned to subdue him in a humane way rather than >
20:36:47 Calcifer ~ attack while his pants, quite literally, were down. Catlike head tilted while the wolf phased back to its human shape, she’d thought perhaps this was a student like she, but no – a teacher! And she’d hissed at them? Yee lords, mistake, but at least now that she’d gotten a good look at the wolf animagus and would, in fact, allow him to come close enough to lay that blanket on her friend. It was only when, hopefully, the male departed that Calcifer turned to nudge feline jaw against Aedans chest, pushing him feebly in an attempt to perhaps awaken him and get him to move. She wasn’t likely to morph back any time soon, she didn’t want Izzy or any of the other students knowing who the cat really was, so, she’d have to do the moving with Aedans hopefully conscious help? Little did she know he might be turning back soon… that spell Izzy had used was, after all, not meant for werewolves on a full moon right? ~

20:40:34 Izzy-Iwamura was relieved to see the werewolf turned human again - he hadn't been certain it would work. But he just glanced about quickly. Everything was still going to hell, there were surely problems he couldn't begin to imagine, but at the very least this one was solved. For the moment. He glanced at the cat, still nudging the chest of the former-werewolf, but he didn't have much time to waste here. There was too much going about, far too much… he just gave a nod to the cat. He didn't know who it was, but he could have fathomed a handful of guesses. And it didn't matter just now. He cut around, on the outside of the main Hogsmeade road, heading for the Three Broomsticks. There were now two adults - and likely several others besides - working to contain the assault of the dementors, and the situation at the far side of town was increasingly worrisome, with the fiendfyre spreading all too quickly from house to house. And then, behind him, the Hog's Head exploded into a torrent of flame like so many buildings >
20:43:22 Izzy-Iwamura < before it, which caused him to pause in his footsteps. He glanced towards Xia, presuming she was still with him… it was getting to the point that there would be no saving this place. They had to get out. And they had to get as many people out as they possibly could. "Expecto patronum," used for the second time with no aim at dementors. This time, the little mouse streaked for Gloriana. Its message was as simple as his first, to Xia, had been, though the instructions were different: Get out while we can. Again a look towards Xia… then he started for the Three Broomsticks again. Someone was attacking from above. There were still dementors wreaking havoc. Evacuation seemed the best option, unless they got a good look at who was behind the assault.

20:45:21 Charlie_Gray was glad she had found Huian, it was a small relief in all of this insanity. She held tight onto Huian, a nervous laugh bursting from her when the Chinese girl actually punched someone. Worth it though, she didn't want to get separated from her again. Huian was one of her few friends, and she wanted to do what she could to keep her safe. Before she realized what was happening, Kieran had grabbed her hand. He dragged her toward Madame Puddifoot's, Huian in tow as well. But she didn't want to get closer to the dementors. She'd rather be near the werewolf than the dementors. She was trying to keep an eye on everything at once. The increasing amount of fires, the werewolf fighting Valen and the.. cat. The dementors. Too much, too much all at once. But she had to try and keep her senses about her. As much as she wanted to just scream, she knew she had to be able to think as clearly as possible.

20:47:12 Kieran watched as a large portion of the dementors followed after someone dressed in white on a broom. He could hear people still inside of the sweets shop, and threw off his robe before moving toward the door. It was blazing hot even being close to the building, and he could hear the bangs on the front door which had broken and sealed itself in place. "Stand back!" He aimed his wand at the threshhold by the hinges. "Confringo" The hinges burst off, and the door fell forward with the weight of coughing students. He quickly grabbed the both of them and dragged them away from the building. "Help them." He said as he looked at the two girls he dragged along with her. His attention turned towards the professor that suddenly showed himself there to help with the dementors. One that had been headed right for him was driven off by a wolf patronus, and he quickly joined in on the fight. "Expectum Patronus!" A Kodiak bear began it's assault, silently roaring in the direction of the<c>
20:47:13 Kieran <c> dementors. He didn't know if he would live through this day, but it all looked like a losing battle. It didn't seem like there would be a stop to any of it.

20:49:37 [Eduard] The longer Eduard was kept inept, the more frustrated he became. The blood that hadn't soaked through his clothing and painted his body was boiling at his own weakness. Such a reaction was quite a first for the boy, but he really had no way of helping the situation or stopping himself. He stepped forward, a dizzy swagger in his movement and tingling sensations rushed through his heavy limbs. Blood loss, maybe later he could blame that factor but at the moment he was more focused on the internal. Maybe he should have left the werewolf alone? He should have known better, but…"Yesss bu—" It wasn't the time for him to be complaining about anything, and he instantly shut up the moment Gloriana drew him back for the healing process. "Doesn't feel so bad…" He commented, dumbly.<c>
20:50:03 [Eduard] Oh he felt as amazing as he could for a meat rack! The pain was just about gone but so was every other feeling. He remained still as Gloriana tended to his wounds, instead turning his main focus on the blurry form of Archie. That was worrying, that the man had taken such a bold step as to take on the defense mechanisms himself. Curses for being so weak, again. When Gloriana spoke again, Eduard snapped his gaze to back to her, a little too quickly for his liking, maybe. The world swam around just behind her. He snorted, almost with amusement. "What are you talking about, I'm fiiine" he mumbled, native accent more prominent than ever. "Just a little…tired…Feel kinda queasy too…" he continued while letting his eyes droop. Gloriana wouldn't mind if he took a little nap would she? "Go worry about someone else for awhile…"

20:50:28 Aedan – The explosion was not what worried the wolf presently, although the fire was initially something it would want to avoid, right now though, there was no chance of that. As the other wolf was sent spinning into the snow, there was a growl of victory from the large of the males, and it would only have the audacity to snap at the air, missing – by only mere inches – snapping the other wolf’s leg or something. Alas, luck was on the teacher’s side, and that roll had sent him out of the way of the beast’s jaws. This left him with just one opponent for the time being. The cat, and of course that wasn’t exactly an option. Because as soon as he’d recognized he had done his best not to attack, but again the beast had overtaken, and then it leapt, maw opening wide o attempt to close one of the cats forepaws, and well…if that happened, it would just add to his list of atrocities wouldn’t it? But it would also no doubt break one of those paws, or at least cut the pad with those sharp teeth. Luckily…very luckily the
20:50:42 Aedan - animagus were immune from the were’s venom in their animal form, so it was a damn good job that Cal didn’t plan on changing back anytime soon. Whether or not his bite had taken a hold, it would of course have released the moment Izzy’s spell hit him, flooring the student, and making the blackness final, if only for a few moments. Consciousness came in the feeling of fur pressing against his blood matted body, - the liquid from the claw marks was still dribbling from his side, and for a moment, Calcifer might catch a glimpse of those raw tattoo’s Kaust had carved into his skin –and he groaned, unaware of much except for the feeling of first the cat, and then the thick woolen coat which covered him. He half opened his eyes but then winced at the cold nose which pressed against his chest. “H…ha…ugghh.” with a grunt he tried to help Calcifer to move him, crawling a short distance away. But it was no good, that spell was only ever temporary, and soon enough the poisoned rays of the moon took their hold -
20:50:47 Aedan - once more. “Get….away…” the growled word was tapered off into another howl as his body twisted at a seemingly impossible angle. The change was coming again, thicker and faster than ever. Fur sprouting, nose and ears elongating until once again the black and silver tipped wolf was present.

20:50:40 Xia_Lavine looked relieved when the spell worked and the werewolf turned back into a human. A human she recognized, too. She frowned faintly, shook her head, then turned and moved with Izzy almost automatically. She trusted Izzy's judgement in where to go almost more than she trusted her own. She rushed alongside him, then glanced sideways as he glanced to her, frowning and shaking her head. "Hogsmeade is pretty well lost, Izzy Izz. We need to get out of here." Apparently Izzy felt the same way. She watched as he sent the patronus out with a message, then began toward the Three Broomsticks once more, keeping pace with him as best as she could. She was a little shaky, but her wand hand was steady, and that was all that really mattered. If she could still stun and shoot with the best of them, she was pretty well golden.

20:59:25 [Archie] The hug was more than likely more for Archie than it was for Gloriana. Damnit, he needed a hug! Who cares about how Glori feels?! For all his claims to being famous one day, and contributing to the magical world, oh yeah, and wanting to be an Auror, he was terrified at the moment. Perhaps fear hadn’t set in yet for everyone else, merely adrenaline pumping through their veins – that was great, but even with the excitement he felt, and the adrenaline, he still had it in him to register and acknowledge that he was holding back the urge to simply lose his eyes and wait for it to all be over. Or, hope for it to all be over soon. He did the later even now as what Glori asked of him registered in his mind. She wanted him to rush back into the thick of the chaos to retrieve the wounded. He thought it a suicide mission. But, if not for that moral compass that had likely gotten him into Gryffindor in the first place, he may have said no. Instead, he sighed, finished his spells for Glori and [c]
20:59:49 [Archie] Eduard, and then took off behind Izzy and Xia. There journey together may have been temporary, though it seemed there was a mutual consensus to get the hell out. “I’m going towards Puddifoot’s to check for survivors,” he spoke as calmly as possible. He would attempt to get back to the castle as quickly as possible, but first he had to do as Glori had asked him; find the wounded and surviving. He took off again, wand flicking, the words “Expecto Patronum,’ flying from his mouth as a rushing wisp of silvery smoke erupted from his wand, morphing to take the shake of his corporeal patronus. The beagle ran with enough speed and power to carve wide pathways for Archie to run through if Dementor’s barred his path, but assuming a good majority of them were chasing the white clad figure on a broom, hopefully his job would be made easier.

21:01:23 Huian The fire was spreading. Panic was spreading, and she grew frustrated, her wand whipping out. She was muttering under her breath, her spells in chinese, spells for clarity, aimed at others. Get a GRIP! Eyes spotted dementors swarming…and a Patronus was about to be casted, but she was pulled back in the motion for the spell, word choked in her throat. But she see why the large man did so…people were pouring from the now on fire shop, and she nodded at his order. Her english was gone, she was barking at the people in her native tounge. Did they understand? No, probably not, but give her points for trying, letting go of Charlies hand to almost run into the building, looking for others that were injusred or trapped, but being held back from the heat before she could get in much further. Not that it didn't hlep, because somebody was lagging behind, and she grasped their hand, pulling them out. She couldn't do much else, ushering people to get away, hurry! Before turning —
21:02:11 Huian — wand flashing, and her voice audible above the chaos. "Expecto Patronum!" A rabbit burst forth, darting in the air and trying to keep dementors away from this group of people. Not her group of people! Not until they got away. Head to the castle…"Castle! GET ON GROUNDS!"

21:03:05 Stella_Kira narrowed her golden gaze. There wasn't someone above. There were more than just someone there. There were four of them. Four dark mages now clear to her senses. She couldn't take them all on her own, but she sure as hell could make their presence known. "Lumos Solem!" She aimed it at them, a devious grin gracing her pale lips. When the spell went off, a bright light - bright as the sun briefly cut through the darkness of the sky. It would draw attention just as easily as the fires below. "I seeeeee yooou." They were moving so quickly, there was probably no way that she would be able to catch up to them. They must all have had top of the line brooms, likely made by Suisei. God she hated those with a passion. It was unlikely she would need to catch up to them however, and she began to bolt in the other direction anticipating a chase. She quickly cast a protection spell upon herself, but was completely unprotected from the unforgivable curses. She just needed to rely on her <c>
21:03:09 Stella_Kira <c> stylish flying abilities to keep herself from outright dying. "Come and get me BITCHES" she leaned forward on her broom, becoming streamline with her wand clutched tightly in hand.

21:08:23 Calcifer hadn’t moved in time to avoid the full extent of those jaws, powerful maws had in fact clipped her right paw and a strangle cat like cry joined the symphony of screams in Hogsmeade town, high pitched and angry it sounded but soon enough the cat continued with her plans – she’d be by Aedans side only a few seconds later, limping for sure, but up and ready for what might or might not be coming next. Izzy was offered the most subtle of purrs, a sound probably lost on the boy as he darted away and sure enough the rebel cat found herself torn. Should she turn and leave her friend? Help those who were left within the town or stay and remove him from this fiery hellhole? The decision was made when the Hog’s Head exploded in fire and brimstone, wood and mortar blasted apart to shower them in heated embers – a few of which caught the cat unaware and brought forth a stream of snarls which would no doubt translate into curses had she been able to voice them in English. Tattoo’s were the least of her worries and >
21:10:09 Calcifer ~ though she noticed them she dare not think of where they’d come from – Kaust, that name sent chills of utter terror down the kitteh’s spine. No, focus on the here and now. A single shake of sleek head was given in response to Aedans plee: Get away. No. Seemed she didn’t need to speak for that to be known, and as he transformed she gave one final lick to his cheek while he was human before darting, a little haphazardly, apart from him. The cat may not have been leaving but there was no way in hell she’d stay within swiping distance of her friend, not now, not ever but she didn’t vanished, she waited in the shadowy remains of that alley for him to become the beast and once that was done… she’d lead him the hell out of this place. She chose the opposite way from everyone else, and once ( and if ) the werewolf followed she’d run, as fast as physically possible without losing the beast, behind the Hogs Head and toward Dervish & Bangles… which would, after a time, lead them to exit >
21:10:23 Calcifer ~ the town behind Madam Puddifoot’s if everything went to plan. Then again, with all the survivors and injured around that area something was sure to lead them into trouble, right? ~

21:14:26 Izzy-Iwamura had, certainly, gotten just the idea Xia thought he had. And, since he'd sent the message to Gloriana and presumably anybody who was still in her group. Hogsmeade was lost. They had to get out, and get everyone out that they possibly could. The panicked group of wizards near the Three Broomsticks seemed to be having troubles of their own as Izzy - and Xia - made it there. There was little else he could do but try to grab their attention and direct them to flee. Some had already gotten that idea - and Izzy saw that the road to Hogsmeade Station was unobstructed, at the least. That could serve as a rallying point. He wasn't sure anyone heard his yelling and directions over the din, but it was about all he could do. Stella's discovery of the hidden wizards also complicated matters just a little bit… when she made it obvious she knew they were there, they abandoned all pretext of concealment - one chased after her, but the other three did not. Instead, a new bout of fiendfyre rained down, even as the other >
21:17:17 Izzy-Iwamura < three, those not chasing Stella, descended into the town. There was an inky blackness and a sense of dread that accompanied them, and their dive drove the masses into fits of screaming. Izzy felt a wave of horror wash through him, but he steeled himself… he wasn't sure everyone could, or if there was something more at work, but there was momentarily an urge to drop his wand and flee. He held it back. One of the broom'd wizards was diving at the group at the Three Broomsticks, one towards those at the Hog's Head (werewolf, presumably, included), and the last had turned to make its assault on those still being terrorized by the dementors (poor souls). Four people had caused a lot of chaos already, with more on the way. Izzy could only react to one of him. Hopefully, Xia would prove resilient and help him as well - "Deprimo!" And what came next? Well… we'll all find out soon enough.

21:22:22 Charlie_Gray The werewolf had been handled, at least for now. Good, that made things almost a whole modicom less perilous. Professor Valen, where was he, was he alright? She looked around frantically, but it was hard to see through everything. She nodded to Kieran before moving to the door of the shop. People spilled out, and she did her best to help the ones who were stumbling, more seriously wounded. She too pointed her wand in the direction of the dementors that were approaching she, Huian, and the others. Expecto Patronum!" She did not have a corporeal patronus, not yet. She was working hard on it, and would reach that point soon. But what did come from the tip of her wand was fairly powerful, despite not taking form like some of the others'. It helped to keep the dementors at bay. She looked up as a bright light speared through the darkness, momentarily blinded. Someone up there had cast something, and against the light, she could see the silhouette of four figures. Charlie ushered the people <c>
21:26:53 Charlie_Gray <c> towards the path to Hogsmeade Station, having actually been able to hear Izzy this time, luckily enough. It was hard to wrangle the frightened and screaming students, and the task didn't get any easier as the four broom'd figures descended on the village. Well, this just keeps getting better and better. She raised her wand, brow furrowing. Deep breaths, concentration. She locked her sights on the flyer closest to her group of people and Huian, "STUPEFY!" If the spell connected, it would likely knock the man from his broom, sending him falling to the hard stone ground.

21:27:32 [Gloriana`Boulstridge] || She cringed and folded over Eduard’s body, attempting to shield him from the blast of The Hog’s Head. They were, luckily, in front of the building just next door to it. So they’d been lucky enough to avoid any debris. What Gloriana did was more out of instinct than anything. When she looked back up, the silver image of a mouse spoke to her in Izzy’s voice: “Get out while we can.” Her shoulders fell and she stared back up at Archie. She hated to leave so many people behind. As much as Gloriana disliked the company of her peers, and even the company of some of her elders, she didn’t like the idea of leaving them to fend for themselves or die. She glanced down at Eduard as he began to lose consciousness. He didn’t have a concussion, so maybe it was better that he just passed out. Then maybe he wouldn’t feel anything. And then his insistent blabbing about being left alone would end. Yeah, Eduard passing out was sounding like an awesome idea. <c>
21:27:44 [Gloriana`Boulstridge] But with things turning for the worse, the only good she could do now was get Eduard safely out of there and grab Archie back up. Well the rescue mission was already a bust. Gloriana made one of those decisions. The “save what you have or all end up dead trying to save the others” decision. She cast “Mobilicorpus“ on Eduard’s nearly unconscious body and got to her feet, pushing off into a run and levitating Eduard up after her. They didn’t have time to wait for him to recover and drag him back to the Castle, she needed to get a hold of Archie head for school. Her preferred mode of transportation was Apparition. She spotted Archie and made for him, narrowly avoiding one of the other broomed wizards that were terrorizing Hogsmeade. Eduard’s body fell a couple of feet as Gloriana dove for the ground. She scrambled back to him, hovering over him on her knees, “Are you okay?!“ Really, she hadn’t meant to do that. ||

21:28:44 Aedan – The lick to his cheek was that final slot of comfort before the burning pain came again. This was so, so very bad. The transformation was painful enough, but when you had to do it twice in one night, no…he would surely end up in the hospital wing, if they all made it out alive, that were. And it seemed there might just be a slim possibility of this when the wolf hauled itself to its feet. A deadly snarl rose from pulled back lips and in a flash, it was off after the sleek cat. The animal’s blood was on its lips, and it seemed it liked what it was tasting, and very much wanted to sample more of this. Unfortunately, as he was following, Calcifer had unwittingly lead them into survivors of the blast. One these happened to be Jeden Culmo, a known aurora who did not know what was coming, until it was far too late. The man had no time whatsoever to react as the hulking form of the wolf slammed into him, and instantly those teeth sunk into the exposed flesh of the man’s neck. One small mercy in this was that,
21:28:58 Aedan - Culmo himself would not be diseased, but the downside was that those bone breaking teeth had almost severed the man’s head. As wolf and corpse hit the ground, the wolf buried his maw into the soft flesh of the man’s stomach. This brutal act however was disturbed by the utter feeling of terror which not only seemed to affect the humans, but him as well. There was an evil seeming aura which was stinking up the approaching wizard. Those keen wolf eyes had locked onto the presence as the wizard, raising his wand, had pointed the ebon wood at the cat that was yards ahead of him. There was a mutter and the flicked his wand, aiming to take a hit at Calcifer, but it was not to land. Because the second that blast had left from the tip of the wizards wand, the wolf had leapt once more, those teeth aiming to wrap around the wizards wrist, knocking the wand, - hopefully- from his hand and breaking the man’s wrist in the process with any luck.. He’d hang on briefly, powerful hind legs kicking at the air before it -
21:29:06 Aedan - dropped to the ground, and had Cal paused, no doubt she would again, once more catching the wolf’s attention, and he would soon follow on once more.

21:29:17 Xia_Lavine grimaced as she looked up at the sound of Stella's shouting and such, biting her bottom lip and then shaking her head as she headed for the Broomsticks with Izzy. She didn't bother shouting, she just began grabbing people and shoving them in the right direction whenever they cut across her path, narrowly avoiding getting hexed once or twice.She looked to Izzy, tilting her head to one side and then giving a vague, uneasy smile. "All the adventure one could want in a day." She murmured quietly, shaking her head slightly and then turning her eyes upward as the wizard descended, her eyes narrowing. "Stupefy!" Rudimentry spells at best, but sometimes the most rudimentry worked the best…at least she liked to pretend they did.

21:30:29 Kieran didn't see Huian rushing into the burning building behind him. He would have stopped her if he had, which was a miracle as that coincidense managed to save just one more person's life. For now at least. His patronus managed to dwarf him when it stood next to him before disappearing. "We need get out!" he shouted. Many other people had already gathered that much, and the people that were left behind now were either seriously wounded, or dead. He ran up to Huian and Charlie before the flash of light came into the sky. He looked upwards as the wizards were now in plain sight, one of which was now descending upon them. For the first time in a long time he felt.. terror… It was unnatural, and he resisted the urge to simply break into a run. No. He couldn't leave the others. He held out his arms, making sure Charlie and Huian knew to stay right behind him. Brown eyes were now fixated upon the darkness. "Do not worry… Am h-here.." He was clenching to his wand tight, his fist shaking. With enough <c>
21:30:31 Kieran <c> force of will however he managed to become steady. It was the dark arts that did these sorts of things. To his surprise, Charlie was the first to react with a spell from just behind him. He would be ready to follow up just in case she'd missed and he decided to retaliate.

21:36:23 [Audric] ][ > It was a two part battle: Trying to combat the deadly flames and keep the horrid, ghastly figures at bay. Audric's cane that he apparently depended on had been long snapped in half, the length of it hastily thrown to the side, revealing the extraordinary material of the wand underneath, the intricate shape of the hawk's head at the handle being taken firmly in his worn, tired grip. His jacket had been discarded, the tails of it having been caught by the lapping embers, and he continued without it, the black button up underneath being damaged in it's own right. The entire scene was a disaster — but, he had to keep a clear mind. Find any survivors, order people to head back to the Castle, the safe haven. But there was someone who caught his eye. Running … Running … And of course, the lone figure was Archie. The over-zealous Wizard would be surprised to have Audric suddenly intercept his path, and with a firm jerk at [. C .]

21:36:52 [Audric] [. C .] at the collar of the boy's shirt, he was immediately pulled to the former Auror's side, giving the student — his protégé — his back, steel-like eyes glaring as the scene played out. "Are you out of your god-damn mind?! Go back to the Castle! This is no time to play hero!" Audric rolled his wand in his grip, and with an expert snap of his wrist and a roll of his shoulder, extended it out in front of him in a wide arch. "Expecto Patronum!!" The proud, powerful light tire form the tip of his wand, quickly coming in on itself to form a figure with a pair of large, angled wings, and a dangerously curved, sharp beak. The summoned creature was quick to perform it's task demanded of it's master, barreling into an oncoming troupe of Dementors, before pulling itself up at an angle to dispose off a few more that threatened to descend. Audric's eyes narrowed like daggers when Gloriana appeared with an unconscious student in tow. [. C .]
21:37:11 [Audric] [. C .] With a nod of his head in her direction, Audric ordered Archie over to her, "I'll cover you! Hurry up!" < ][

21:40:19 Huian Her eyes were wide…people…these people were causing this mayhem…nevermind the bright light, makign her eyes smart and water, her urging…the able bodied were already leaving, and she noticed the vanisghing of the large silver bear patronus…yeah, a voice in the back of her mind squeaked at her she could tease the large man more…if they survived. But he was trembling, even as he was trying to sheild her and Charlie. Who reacted at the nearest dark wizard zooming to them with a stunning spell, and she was right after, her spell hitting the stunned and falling wizard. "DEPRIMO!" Her spell aimes true, and the falling man slammed into the ground, and she continued to cast it, smashing the attacker further and further into the ground until bones shattered, or she was stopped. She was furious…this was not war, this was a slaughter! Unforgivable, unforgivable! "<i>Deprimo, deprimo! EXPLUSO!" That last curse was directed to the ground at the fallen wizards —
21:41:05 Huian — torso, sending him blasting back. Fuckwit should suffer! Yes, she was furious…but the man should be out for the count, right? Hopefully…

21:43:04 Cyrus`Valen should Charlie eventually find the professor, she’d likely be horrorstruck that he’d engaged in a vicious duel with one of the toppled assailants. Light flashed, spared, collided and whipped about their makeshift ring as the two circled one another and flung every manner of hex, charm, and curse…and strangely, the professor seemed more alive than ever, an arrogant little smirk dancing upon his lips as he parried, thrust, slashed, his wand a constantly weaving mesh of light as the continual clash and richochet of spells lit the area with an astonishing array of colors…though he could never quite seem to push his way past his opponent’s defense. There was no denying that Cyrus was a talented duelist, but it was as if his opponent knew every move seconds before he made it, and likewise, that kept the two at bay…and then it happened. A slip in his defense was just long enough to allow a sudden burst of agony to leap up his left arm…and then numbness. A particularly nasty spell had caught his arm just
21:43:17 Cyrus`Valen above the elbow and tore flesh, leaving only a smoldering nub. Thankfully, rather than finish the job, the dark wizard had chosen to retreat, leaving the now crippled professor on his knees amidst the flames welling about. Fighting through practically blinding agony, he rose and began to stagger his way towards the castle, and should he stumble upon Charlie as well as any other students, attempt to persuade them to come with him.

21:45:48 Stella_Kira suddenly broke out of her flight path, swinging upside down so that she was now flying directly beneath and slightly behind the one wizard that followed after her. She quickly pointed her wand, not aiming for the wizard, but for his broom. "Accio Suisei!!" Most wizards didn't enchant their brooms against accio strictly for the fact that being able to summon it was far too useful. That was why if he hadn't in fact thought that this specific situation might occur, his broom would suddenly be ripped out from under him with great force and fly towards Stella's hand leaving him broomless in the sky. Whether or not he would be plummetting to the ground, she would direct her wand towards him again, ready for retaliation.

21:47:22 Izzy-Iwamura became vaguely aware that people were moving, a full-blown retreat from the burning, crippled village. And he was vaguely aware that he was no longer in the path of a diving wizard… had his spells, and Xia's, driven him off..? It seemed unlikely. An assailant with such mastery of fiendfyre shouldn't have been phased much by what they'd done. But it wasn't just there - it was everywhere. From the opponent Cyrus had taken on, to the one pursuing Stella, to the one caught between Aedan and other students, to the one that had made the attack by the Three Broomsticks where Izzy had been… they were gone. Apparation, most likely. It seemed the only sensible solution. And the light seemed to be returning, the unnatural chill and darkness receding, replaced with something that should have been overwhelming long before - the scalding, dry heat of the fiendfyre. "Let's go," it was cast desperately back at Xia. They had to get out. Everyone was making their way out, everyone he could see, and he saw no other >
21:48:41 Izzy-Iwamura < recourse. The first sign of resistance, and they'd run… cowardice, or orders from a higher authority, or something else besides? He didn't know. Right now, he didn't care. With such a volume of fiendfyre consuming Hogsmeade, everyone was left with one very real choice: get out, or burn to death. Izzy chose the former, with no reservations.

21:49:27 [Eduard] There were few times when Eduard ever felt so helpless or even…hopeless, yet that was exactly what the situation called for. Maybe later when he could muster the energy for it, he could count his silver linings in the clouds. Bloody red moonlight glared from above over the inferno and destructiontraitorous bitch-moon. He sucked in a breath as Gloriana moved to act as his shieldhe could feel that, the sickly press of cold sopping clothing to his sticky skin. The only thing he could do was damn the depravity of it all. Hogsmeade was in ruin, and it'd take a long while for the city to lick its wounds. Happy Valentine's Day. He closed his eyes for a moment but he'd yet to pass out—he was just willing the spinning to stop. A brief moment of panic gripped him as he realized he felt as though he actually were floating. No! He couldn't lose consciousness, or else they'd all be dead, probably…Unsound logic from a befuddled brain. When he slowly opened his heavy lids, it dawned on him <c>
21:49:52 [Eduard] that he actually was up in the air. Something by Gloriana's doing, no doubt. It didn't quite bother him that she was in control, it just meant he had less to think about like…moving. The journey didn't last for too long, however, as another strike resounded from somewhere closeby, the spell was broken and Eduard immediately flopped to the ground like a wet noodle. Lucky for him it was on his back and not on his chest, and unluckily, it was on his back, and then there was a blossoming of pain across his shoulder blades and wrapping around his chest in a pain bear hug. He hissed on a sharp intake of breath through clinched teeth. Gloriana's question went unanswered for a moment before he cast a glance on her. "Definately not a theme park ride…" he commented before adding, "I'll be…okay…Really…I owe you for this, ya? Won't complain 'bout your methods…"

21:50:28 [Archie] Would they all be so lucky as to make it out alive and unscathed? The ashes from the blazes filled the air, coating everything, the fires leaving nothing untouched. It would all burn, and as Archie rushed towards the establishment to check for survivors, he was blocked, yanked, and then held at bay from descending dementors, the combination of the unrelenting heat of the surrounding flames and the frosty chill of the dementor’s presence disturbing Archie and throwing his body’s grasp of balance haywire. “I’m not jus’ gonna leave people to die, Benoit!” Hero or night, it was simply the right thing to do. Help as much as he could – Benoit of all people should have expected to see Tolbein hustling to do something. Afterall, Benoit had spent more time in Archie’s head than anyone – the intimate knowledge the other had was always unnerving, but at the very least Benoit’s knew Archie’s personality, and knew in situations like these, he was always on the front lines. Of course, he [c]
21:51:42 [Archie] wasn’t the only one, and thank god Archie had managed to conceal those important faces. In any case, Archie had no intention of running, though his plans were altered when Gloriana hit the ground with Eduard. Archie didn’t even dare turn to look at the mutilated body the werewolf had left. He instead bolted for Gloriana, wand at the ready, prepared to baseball slide next to her and help her up. “C’mon! We’re getting out of here!” If Benoit did as he’d said, then Archie would have no problems…right? Forget the dark wizard ready to come down on them with the full force of dark arts; ignore the werewolf now done boring into the gut of a student who was undoubtedly deceased, and forget that dementors were everywhere. The new mission was to just get out, and of course…get Benoit out too. Then again, Archie almost saw the other as superhuman.

21:52:40 Xia_Lavine stared uneasily at where the wizard had been, eyes wide as she grasped Izzy's free hand gently with hers. She looked to him, then looked around and took off with Izzy as they made to escape the village. She shuddered. "Bad, bad, bad." She muttered darkly, grimacing as she moved with Izzy, disappearing into the crowd of people.

21:53:15 Charlie_Gray knew that Kieran was trying to protect them, but she could tell how scared he was. And he should be, very scared. It would be a miracle if they made it out of this alive. What Gods would she praise if her friends survived with little injury. She had been fast to react, but the broom'd wizards were too advanced, which wasn't surprising. She did her best, slinging spells at the closest one still, though now she started using protection spells as well to keep them from, oh you know, being blown up. Huian was going crazy practically, mad with rage, and with good reason. But she had to stay calm. "Huian, deep breaths. Don't go crazy on me." She called out over the noise. Suddenly, the assailants disappeared from the air. The sky lightens, temperature rising a few degrees. The still burning fiendfyres hurt her eyes, the heat was intense. But in the new light, she looked around at the carnage. It was horrifying. She saw a familiar figure nearby, heading towards it, stumbling through the snow and bodies.<c
21:55:46 Charlie_Gray <c> "Professor? Professor Valen?" The tone of her voice becoming frantic once more. She could see as she got closer, that he was now missing an arm. He was heading toward the castle, though not moving very well. She didn't even know what to say.

21:57:36 Calcifer had moved with such speed and stealth that she hadn’t noticed the Auror really, she’d danced past him in a blaze of gold and brown only to regret it a second later – she’d almost forgotten about the werewolf on her tail and as she turned around to do something, anything to save Jeden… she found herself late again. The mans neck snapped, gone in an instant behind powerful jaws and the sight made her inwardly cringe, that could so easily be her at some point tonight and the vision hardened her heart – no more treating this beast as if he were her friend, he was not, if they were both to survive this she needed to keep him on his toes and an eye out for everything else around them. Despite the fear and pain which churned in her stomach and paw, no, this was no time for games, something she’d realise as the wolf lunged again… but not for her! What the… yelp! the damn cat had been so distracted with Aedan that she’d completely missed the incoming wizard, that spell of his barely >
21:57:47 Calcifer ~ missed the ‘girl’ and in fact slammed into the wall behind her, which caused once sleek fur to raise into a hackled mess of spitting and hissing till Aedan was done with the wicked man. At that she was left, once again, to deal with a fully grown werewolf ( thank you fellow students ) and with startling precision she was off again, darting through the fire and bodies till they reached Madam Puddifoots’s, the building was no doubt a mess, as was the street before it, but Calcifer had no time to worry about anything except the wolf and wizard hot on her tail. She’d skid onto the road and about turn so her back was to Dervish & Banges, eyes as deep as the ocean glancing around at the chaos that stretched out in all directions before she darted for the only way left to them – she’d have to run past the —- Shit, a snarl from behind her and all together too close alerted her to the fact that Aedan had caught up and just like that she took off again, not bothering to look at what was coming >
21:58:04 Calcifer ~ and instead glanced behind her just as Archie took it upon himself to ignore the Auror and instead lunge for the downed Eduard and almost overwhelmed Gloria. The cat skidded, or tried to skid, to a stop when it came around the corner to confront the group of three students, but no such luck – the four collided, big cat whipping out Archies legs from beneath him if he’d not been able to move in time, Gloria and Edmund too would find themselves hit by the speeding bullet that was the cat, and at the same moment… the werewolf would appear. A scrambling of limbs and hissing with annoyance the girl shifted from entanglements with everyone ( if they’d in fact collided ) and milliseconds later was on another collision course with the pouncing werewolf, who was headed straight for the bundle of student… surely they would find themselves stunned, a jungle cat leaping over their heads, a werewolf plummeting toward them from the front and the smothering fires surrounding it all – that had to be enough to stun >
21:58:15 Calcifer ~ anyone, right? ~

22:02:43 Kieran blinked for a moment. It was gone. The cold was gone. The Dementors were gone. "Move!" He didn't know where Charlie had gone off, but he wasn't going to allow them to get separated. He followed after her "Come! Must get..!" He then noticed the potions professor. His potions professor was missing an arm. He could imagine others may have been even worse off, but to see it with his own eyes… He immediately moved to support the professor by moving to the side that was still mostly in tact. It looked as though the werewolf had gotten to him. He'd almost forgot how chaotic the day had been. Here some kids had been worried about not having a Valentine. It put things in perspective about how insignificant they were making their lives out to be. He moved wordlessly now as they moved as quickly as possible for the castle.

22:10:36 [Gloriana`Boulstridge] || Not far behind Audric came the slender form of one Piper McBride, her long black robes trailing along behind her in a dramatic flare. Well, they’d just arrived in time for the end of everything. Nice. Now all they could do was gather up survivors and get them back to the castle as quickly as possible. Gloriana winced and tried to pull Eduard to his feet, “I’m sorry.” And she really was sorry. She moved to grab him up, just as Archie slid next to her. “I know! I know!“ She shouted at him. She wasn’t stupid yknow! Then, in a sudden… well it was fucking mess is what it was, she was buried beneath Archie and a very large predatory cat. The same cat she remembered seeing at the throat of the Werewolf. Oh God. That could only mean… And in the quick span of time, Mcbride flicked her wand in Aedan’s direction, ropes flying from its tip and twirling around the Werewolf. He was, for now, unable to claw, but his feet and his mouth still worked. So, with that, McBride pulled at the arms of Archie and <c>
22:10:52 [Gloriana`Boulstridge] Gloriana (who pulled on Eduard), and shoved them in the Castle’s direction. “Go! We’ll handle the werewolf and the refugees! You get out of here and that’s an order,” she shouted, swinging her wand in the direction of the castle. Gloriana wasn’t going to fight the woman. She was, after all, a Minsitry Appointed Auror. So, she tugged roughly at Archie’s shirt. No point in being brave now. ||

22:13:21 Huian They were gone, the dark was gone…the cold was gone, replaced by the burning of the fiendfyre that was still raging. Her target was gone, and she…blinked, Charlie's words to breathe echoing, and she shook her head, gaining her perspective back. Wait, wait, MEIMEI! She'd gone, and Kieran was running after, telling her to follow. She would have anyway, to not follow would be…uh…what was the word? Stupid? Yeah. Stupid. She tore after them with the adrenaline pouring through her veins, and nearly ran into them. Oh! Master Valen…his arm…his fucking ARM! Okay, she resolved to cry when she was safe again…Right now, she put her wand away, hands also supporting the fallen Potion Master.

22:18:49 Aedan gave one last warning snarl as the dark wizard promptly vanished. Had he been more aware, he supposes he could have concentrated on the fact he had just given someone he had sensed as evil, a possibly evil parting gift. He had, after all bitten the man, or so he thought. But he couldn’t have allowed the wizard to strike. Once safely back on the floor, and once again in pursuit of Calcifer he pounded along the street once more, catching scent of blood was clear as day up ahead. The same blood he had tasted earlier, although his lips were not stained with the dark wizards blood. Nonetheless the sight of the students, and Benoit ahead made the wolf’s hackles rise once more, and that snarl ripped from his throat as powerful hind legs once again launched him into the air. Aimed directly at the group of huddled people and the tangled limbs. But his strike did not land, because instead of meeting with the soft flesh of humans, the wolf collided with the jungle cat. Their tangled forms rebounding away from the -
22:19:43 Aedan - students in that particular group. During their ariel stunt though, the wolf again swiped a paw, this time to rake those claws across the cats ribs, no doubt, if the clawing worked before those ropes came, it would leave a nasty gash on the kitty. Either way there was no time to do anything else other than give a growling yelp of frustration, his body toppling from the air, - probably with Calcifer attached – to crush into one lone student. A Rafer Saint-John, unluckily under the weight of the bound - and unbound – animals, he stood no chance. The student was propelled forwards, his head striking the corner of one stone wall, and the corpse dropped like the dead weight it was, blood pooling out of the ears, and the neck hanging at an awkward angle. Yet another casualty as the animals hit the floor. Those ropes were good to bid the wolf, but only for a short period of time. Fright had taken over the animal now, fright and exhaustion, and as the flames licked at them, he all but shrugged those ropes off
22:19:47 Aedan - and growled once more. Hopefully these humans wouldn’t stop him from doing what he wanted, which was, at this point, to escape!

22:22:52 Cyrus`Valen at the sudden call of his name, he turned and squinted at Charlie before giving her a weak wave with his good arm…and then felt himself supported by a bear of a student, one he was somewhat familiar with. As the duo dragged him to the castle he began to babble, “I almost got the ruddy bastard…but then he disarmed me…know what I mean?” and amazingly, the Potions master began to snigger uncontrollably, even as he was on the urge of blacking out. He was clearly delirious, or just plain relieved to be alive after the events of the night. Still, he continued to laugh to himself until he began to choke, coughing violently before dissolved into rather uncharacteristic giggles…and then darkness as the pain finally overwhelmed and he blacked out.

22:26:06 Charlie_Gray had not heard Kieran calling for her as she ran to Cyrus, but luckily, he and Huian had bothed followed and were now helping her to assist Cyrus in walking. Charlie herself was really not even injured. She was exhausted, and she was still shaken up from it all, but she had to keep it together. Just for a little longer. She wasn't sure what would happen when she was alone once more. But for now, she had to keep her tears from falling. She rolled her eyes at the Professor's wretched pun, "I think he's delirious." She muttered, shaking her head. This would have been funny if it weren't for the circumstances. She was worried when he started choking, but he managed to move past it quickly enough. She sighed as his body went slack, glad that Kieran was there to support most of the teacher's body weight. "We have to get him to the infirmary.. Obviously."

22:33:37 Kieran had a dull look in his eyes as he now carried the full weight of Valen. He hadn't said much after getting to them, silent the whole way towards the castle. When they got there, he hefted the teacher up so he was no longer dragging - but some of the blood from his clothes had migrated onto Kieran's. He shuddered. "Will take to medikal wing." His voice sounded small. It was deep, but with a deep realization on what had just occurred. They would be back. It wouldn't be the last time they had a dissasster, and he was sure as soon as they felt as though maybe they might be safe again - they'd come back and do something worse. "Can come with if wantink." He carried the teacher along with him to the medical wing. It would be crowded, but he heavily doubted there would be as many in there as there were still at Hogsmeade. Class would be more sparse from now on. If He had company with him on the way to the infirmary he would speak his thoughts. "Is funny… For moment, was worried I die on Valentine without date."

22:34:32 [Eduard] Eduard passively mused on what Gloriana could have been sorry for? She'd literally saved his life and was now taking care of his incapacitated form while everything else went to shit. Archie was, thankfully, safe and sound, he realized as the warrior man came to view. He took Gloriana's help in getting back on his feet, albeit wobbily and no where near a decent reaction speed. After a moment or two of shaking out the tame, it was time to get knocked back down once again, only with the pleasure of added weight from massive animagus feline, and possibly the limbs of his fellow students. The impact was rough, and the pain sqaured back around his chest and ribs once again. The bullet force of impact was enough to leave a nice little owie, maybe. The night wasn't going too well. The pressure squeezing on his flesh sent a fresh uprising of blood through the wounds. There wasn't room in his lungs to do much else but hold in the slowly staling oxygen and sigh when the feline released back onto the werewolf. <c>
22:34:53 [Eduard] . The paths just seemed to keep crossing. The auror (possibly aurors) to the rescue! He really didn't have to be told twice to get going (didn't have a choice, really), and so the protests died away as Gloriana began her relentless tug once more. The school should totally plan trips more often. One for each day of the week that doesn't suck. "Gone…"

22:38:19 [Audric] ][ > He'd be lying if he said he wasn't relieved to see McBride. Lowering his wand when she momentarily handled the possible threat the werewolf could pose, Audric glanced over to the group of students and the … jungle cat. Someone at that school would have some questions to answer, or he'd just get them himself. As Archie learned, he had his methods of getting information. He gave Archie a stern look when McBride ordered their retreat, and he soon found his attention hovering over the werewolf, steadily rolling his wand in his hand, considering options despite the flames that roared around them. The way he saw it, they could let the Fiendfyre eat the animal away, kill it themselves, or knock it out and drag it back to the Castle on the chance that it was a student. "If we have my way, I'm just going to execute the poor bastard now. So, I'll let you choose what to do with 'im," he said, glancing over to McBride. And by this point and time, he [. C .]
22:38:46 [Audric] [. C .] was more than ready to question Kaust about her interest in the Forbidden Forest. < ][

22:42:42 Calcifer ~ Another frightfully high pitched scrowl of pain fled the cats lips after the collision, the raking of wolven claws rising obscene amounts of pain through the girl as they fumbled in the air – her own claws and jaws tearing into whatever was offered up to them as they spiralled and unlike the wolf, Calcifer had the edge of superb agility with which to attack – each scratch and bite of her limbs bringing a plume of blood and pain for the wolf until they both collided with the ground, and one bloody unfortunate student. The ropes, hopefully directed with skill, missed the cat and bound the wolf, giving that animagus time to push off with all four paws from the beast and land – haphazardly – a few meters away from him, a discernable limp plaguing the once brave cat before she stumbled and collapsed into the strangely cold sludge below. Heavy breaths left the animal as it regained its strength, in no way was the girl out of the fight, she just needed time to breath and direct a hiss which clearly >
22:42:52 Calcifer ~ said: Run at the remaining students before struggling onto all fours, she turned to face off the wolf beside the Aurors and gave a yelp of something close to annoyance before checking to make sure all the students were gone – when they were, she morphed back into Calcifer shape and groaned, arm instantly going to her side as the bleeding began from clawed wounds. “He’s… he’s a student, don’t kill him, I’ll lead him to the forest, please, just… let us leave.” she begged before giving them, well, no choice. She’d once again taken that battered feline form and ran for the wolf – giving him a quick swipe of devilishly sharp claws to remove the rope before darting off through the fires – a dangerous path, but it would lead the wolf and the cat out of the village and away from everything human, including the Aurors… if they’d let the two leave. ~

22:43:03 Huian So much blood. Her silk jacket was ruined anyway, and she removed it as they moved along to the medical wing, using it to try and stem the flow…but too late to stop some bleeding from transferring to Kieran. She was keeping a straight face, her lips trying to smile, desperately…because she was alive, her friends were alive…but…this shattered. Kieran's words had her bursting into tears along the walk, silently, only choked sobs. There were so many dead. There would be funeral…a mass funeral…and on the day that so many were celebrating a day of love…but her laughter broke through her tears, nervous, almost hysterical. "You no worry, you no be alone in dead." She would have been dead several times without him alone, trampled to death without Charlie…"In fact…if you no around, I die first. I without date too!" Gigglecry. Yes…Giggles and crying.

22:49:15 Charlie_Gray was able to contribute a little, just a little help to Kieran in the task of carrying Valen. She was small, so she couldn't do much, but she certainly tried. Kieran was very quiet, and with good reason. But Charlie felt a need to be talking. Some sort of comfort and respite from everything that had just happened. She chewed her bottom lip nervously, Kieran seemed badly affected, she wasn't sure what to say. The obvious choice was to accompany Kieran to the medical wing, and she was glad Huian came along too. She wanted to be sure that Valen was safely put into a bed. Kieran's words actually made her laugh, though it was a choked laugh, nervous and pained. She took Huian's hand, squeezing it gently. "Are you ok?" She asked softly, still holding her tears in.

22:49:38 [Archie] The cat was large enough to do more than just tangle up his legs. Archie’s forward momentum practically sent him hurtling forehead into the snow covered pavement as his legs were taken directly from under him. His wand thusly left his grasp, flung forward a fair distance behind Glori if it didn’t strike her on its way. It was by sheer luck that Mcbride arrived to save them, otherwise they’d all be dead. Archie was disarmed, and Gloriana was just in a bad place altogether. As the werewolf and the large feline went careening off to the side, away from the huddled group of Archie, Gloriana, and Eduard. Archie was quick to grab his wand, scrambling across the ground to pick it up before he righted himself, determined to get out as quickly as possible – out before something else bad happened. With wand in hand, sitting upright, he’d grab Gloriana’s had and have her place it on his aarm. “Don’t let go,” he stated simply, though the importance of this direction was conveyed through his eyes. [c]
22:49:56 [Archie] With his free hand grabbing hold of Eduard, a suction sound would occur as their visage’s bent to the whims of bending space As Archie apparated them to the gates of Hogwarts, a subtle crack resounding once they’d disappeared. Archie, at the given moment, had no problems with determination. Thanks to his worry alone, he was probably more determined than every to apparate them all safely out of the village and to the school.

22:54:17 Kieran could hear the crying. It sounded so foreign in the hum around the castle. He looked down at Huian, wanting her not to cry. It made him wonder why he wasn't doing the same thing. "Now know must be listenink to me." There was a distinct smell coming from the infirmary. Most of the kids were suffering from burns. Some had large wounds from the flying glass and wood and stone. There was at least one student in the infirmary who was long gone - his soul sucked out by a dementors kiss. He handed over the professor who was immediately taken by the other professors and students. He took a look around the infirmary, then down to Charlie and Huian. "Am… glad you are safe." He had blood all over him. He was slightly at a loss for what he was supposed to do in this sort of situation so he just walked out of the infirmary. He was barely harmed himself, only slightly caked in soot from the burning candy store.

22:56:32 [Gloriana`Boulstridge] || McBride stepped toward the girl and the werewolf, ignoring Audric’s jibe about killing the beast. She made to call after the girl before she took off into the woods with the wolf, but gave up as they were soon out of sight. She turned to Audric, “I know it’s been a long time since you’ve been an Auror, but you should keep in mind that we don’t kill Werewolves on sight. Especially if there’s a chance that it’s a student.“ McBride pointed off in the direction they had escaped in, “That thing is a person, Audric. That could very well be someone’s little boy or girl. Keep that in mind.” She was none too thrilled with his little joke about killing the werewolf. Too many people had died tonight alright, some of them students. “Now, let’s get this damn fiendfyre under control and look for survivors,” she ordered. —- Gloriana clung to Eduard as firmly as she did Archie, nodding at his instructions. She couldn’t guarantee Eduard a <c>
22:56:34 [Gloriana`Boulstridge] sick-free journey, but she felt safer apparating to the school’s gates. POP! And they were in front of the gates. She took a deep breath and regained her bearings before she caught Archie by the hand. And she did something she actually never thought she’d have the courage to do: she leaned up… and kissed Archie. It was just a little peck, nothing serrrious or anything. And she followed it up with a sincere, “Thank you“ Never once letting go of Eduard, she turned and began the trek back to Hogwarts, wondering if she should cast Mobilicorpus again… just to lighten the load. ||

23:00:17 Aedan gave harsh yelps as the sharp teeth and claws of the jungle cat ripped into his skin and fur. Both students were, no doubt, going to be in bad shape for a while come morning. Both would probably end up in the hospital wing for a spell, if of course, their wounds were not dealt with in other ways. Such as other magic’s. He was now bleeding from several places, and as he too struggled to his feet and glanced between the aurors that were left, a whine left his lips. Tongue poking out to curl around his muzzle and wipe blood from there. He was giving Benoit a look, and perhaps the man could read the animals mind. Read now that the lust for blood was gone, and self preservation was its only concern. Its tail had curled around those hind legs, the silver tip almost to the animal’s nose, but the hackles were still raised, fur puffed and stiff, matted with blood here and there. But there was no time to await his fate, the morphing, and then sudden scratching from the once-again-catted Calcifer was enough to make
23:00:22 Aedan - the wolf growl, and off again in pursuit it would go. Age old enemies,canine chasing feline, all the way back, more than likely, to the forbidden forest. It might be safe there, for the moment.

23:04:11 Huian She felt the hand on hers, and squeezed it. So tiny…Meimei…she turned her head towards the girl, and she smiled softly. "I fine…" Liar, but she hugged the girl close, running a hand on her head. She was glad Charlie wasn't hurt. So glad, because those in the infirmary were worse off than the dead, and she couldn't bear it…She actually let the younger girl go and was retreating from the medical wing, her hand sliding out of Charlie's. She didn't know if the girl was staying or going…but she herself was going…leaving the wing after Kieran, though, right about now her leg was hurting. She slumped on a nearby wall, checking. She'd been injured. Burned and slashed in the same spot, her dress torn. When she ran into the burning building, no doubt. But she wouldn't seek attention for it, there were others worse off.

23:05:37 [Eduard] Hold tight? Where were they going besides towards the ca — Oh. The moment that Archie took hold, Eduard grimaced. He'd never taken too well to that sort of travel, but he had no say in the direction as his body felt to literally flip itself inside out in the most unpleasant sensation to add to the mix. His eyes squeezed shut while the rest of his body liquified, counting the seconds until they were back at the castle grounds. There was no stopping the gut churning feeling. Eduard wrenched back from the two students and wobbled forward. One hand clamped to his stomach while he doubled over to retch up any sort of half-solids and bile he had in his stomach. Yuck. It did nothing to soothe the pain in his chest but it gave him something else to chew on for awhile (ahaha). At least Gloriana was there to hold his hand — and as it turned out, a student did get sick that night. He pulled back, pale and licking the sour taste away from his lips. At that point he really just wanted to pass out for real, <c>
23:05:55 [Eduard] but continued to say or do anything distracting as Gloriana tugged him along.

23:09:23 Charlie_Gray didn't want Huian to cry either, but sometimes, people needed to just let go. She wanted to cry, she wanted to cry a lot. But she couldn't do it in front of other people. She'd already done that too much recently. She sniffled quietly, but didn't cry. No, not yet. She waited until Cyrus was safely in the infirmary before leaning against a nearby wall and sighing deeply. She cleared her throat, trying to think of what to say, but she was at a loss for words. When Huian hugged her, she hugged back, wrapping her thin arms around the other girl. It was nice to have someone who cared if she was ok. She hadn't noticed the rip in Huian's dress, she was too dazed from everything. It was funny how it seemed to go in slow motion, but at the same time, move so fast. She closed her eyes, rubbing her temples. She had a headache. Her whole body ached, and she felt nauseated. She was dirty and covered in soot, a hot bath would be heaven right now…

23:14:12 [Audric] ][ > He wasn't joking — he never joked about an execution. "I'm sorry if I don't give two-shits about how someone's parents will feel about their child — who has the potential to spread his infection to the populace, might I add — being killed." He snorted, before giving a roll of his slouched shoulders. "Save an entire student body, get a small group of people pissed at you until they're under the dirt. I'm sure I'll live, if those were the circumstances." He watched as the animagus and the werewolf darted through the flames, heading towards the Forbidden Forest. You could say his view on life was cruel and demented … But that was why he'd been so good at his job. He took steps most men were too afraid to move into. He glanced at his former school mate, before going off to the opposite side of the now battle-worn street to battle the roaring flames, "Nice to see you too, by the way." < ][

23:16:54 Kieran heard footsteps as Huian seemed to be following after him, and turned to see Huian behind him. She had been behind him for most of the day whether by choice or dragged along. He noticed a light spattering of blood on her shoe and the small stream running down her leg. "Stupid.." He nearly swooped down on her, finding his wand which he'd tucked in the back of his pants while he needed to carry the professor. He rather forcefully grabbed hold of her ankle so that she didn't move or tried to hide it, and moved his wand along her leg until finding the gash wound. "Episkey" The minor healing spell would reverse the effects of the burning and exposed flesh. "Should say somethink. Charlie would be sad she find out later." If she had been burnt by the fiendfyre directly, then it would leave a scar as dark magic rather liked to. He let go of her ankle and stood up. "Please take care of self…" He sounded exhausted as one would expect. With that, he turned away, intending to go to his dormitories.

23:25:22 [McBride] || She wanted to punch him, right then and there. Audric was so bitter, McBride found herself annoyed at his new perspective on things. “I don’t care what you think is for the greater good. We don’t add to the death toll unless it’s in the line of our defense. And you know damn well that that thing can be controlled and kept from harming others. Your solution is stupid,” she put it bluntly. Yeah! That’s right! STUPID! Fuck him and his stupid ideals. That was a person. You don’t just kill people all willy-nilly when you’re an auror! Oh right… Audric wasn’t an auror anymore. So, did that mean he could go around killing people willy-nilly? HELL NO. Piper gave him a stern look and began putting out the fires herself. It took a few tries, but with… extensive firefighting knowledge of the Gods, she put out the fire at The Three Broomsticks. Her eyes held a sort of sadness in them. This place meant so much to her as a child and now it was completely destroyed. So many <c>
23:25:25 [McBride] memories burning up, curling into smoke and disappearing into the cold night air. The Valentine’s Day Massacre. This was, indeed, a tragedy. ||

23:31:20 Huian She'd left Charlie in the infirmary, yes, because she couldn't stay, but she'd find her later…she figured her meimei needed time alone as well. Though, her mind was in a fuzz, tears still running down her face…she'd barely noticed Kieran was infront of her until he'd swooped down like a bear on a pot of honey, grabbing her ankle and holding her in place. When had he? Why was…oh…he'd noticed her leg?! The spell healed her gash, but her leg was scarred…a light one, but definately a scar. She'd hand't noticed…she really hadn't. "Meimei no need know…she close to break." Said calmly, for a girl as disraught as her, but it seemed most of it was hidden again. He stood though, and told her to be safe. That…No. "You…you be okay?" She was genuinely concerned…"I…want thank you…you save me…often."

23:36:49 [Audric] ][ > "We'll see." That could mean a few things, but it was clear Audric wouldn't pursue the topic any further. She could think his solutions were "stupid", but … They were sill solutions. By then, he wandered over to Puddifoot's, and after a few moments of strenuous concentration, veins beginning to pulse along his brow and the base of his neck, he managed to calm the disastrous flames, steadily depriving them of their might and luster, until he killed the last ember on the last random slab of wood, feeling sweat begin to drench the collar of his shirt. He didn't show remorse, he didn't show … Anything. His face was a mask etched from stone, and his eyes were just as stoic. Whatever "good times" he had in this place, or any "warm feelings" he should have felt, had been shut off tightly over the course of his work as an Auror, and the years following. Now, all he resembled now was a man at work. < ][

23:49:34 [McBride] || In putting out the fires, she manages to recover a few survivors. Her position in the Ministry gave her the power to “override” the school’s security and apparate onto the grounds. More specifically, she apparated to Hogwarts Hospital Wing. Where the nurse took the refugees from her. There was a CRACK and she was back in Hogsmeade and putting out fires. She continued this little routine until she crossed paths with Audric again. She sighed and gave him the once over. He looked terrible, like he’d let himself go. Well, not completely. He was obviously fit enough to defend himself and run without losing his breath, right? But other than that, he looked like a mess. And, from the sounds of things, he’d given up on the altruistic ideals that Aurors often held; considering their body of work, it wasn’t entirely unheard of. “You’re different,” she remarked solemnly. There was a brief pause before she continued, “The man I knew wasn’t so quick to pull the trigger.“ He was so bitter, and <c>
23:49:38 [McBride] Piper hated to see him that way. What had happened to Audric? Why had he let himself become… this? ||

23:59:56 [Audric] ][ > He managed to recover the length of his cane, reattaching it to the base of his wand. He didn't need it as much as he used to, but it held sentimental value. He was performing the same routine as McBride: Putting out flames, pulling together survivors, and quickly carrying them off to the Hospital Wing. When they did cross paths — once the fire was pretty much dealt with — Audric gave a grunt before he lowered himself onto a chunk of debris, giving his aching body a rest. "You know why I quit being an Auror. That should be enough to answer your questions." He reached down to his waist, lifted a flask, and took a quick swig from the liquor inside, his cheeks glowing red with the exciting taste. He needed that after tonight. He really did. < ][

00:07:43 [McBride] || She nodded, her face grave, and leaned against an abandoned carriage. The horse and driver gone or dead, one or both. For as long as she’d graced the halls of Hogwarts, not once had she actually run into Audric, or tried to see him at all. After he left the Ministry, she pretty well thought to leave him alone. She never wanted to, but she thought maybe, for once, she’d listen to Audric for a change. If he didn’t want her company, she wasn’t going to force it on him. But leaving him to his own devices had turned him into this. So, so bitter. He was still so young, and yet… he wasted his life away, letting the guilt consume him, to fester and rot away at him until there was nothing left but an empty shell of a man. Piper hated that idea and she blamed herself for not having forced her company on him. But it was all too late now. Audric was the man he had become, and Piper was exactly the same as she always had been… as she always would be. She sucked in a breath, as if she was endeavoring to make <c>
00:07:46 [McBride] conversation, but only breathed a sigh. What was there to say? ||

00:20:56 [Audric] ][ > He let the silence settle in, and with the recent plague of death and despair that gripped the area … The tension in the air didn't fix anything. After a few moments he sighed, and beckoned her over with a wave of the hand. "… Sit, please." He said, sliding over on his mantle to make room for her. If she sat, she'd feel as he leaned backwards, letting his back meet her own, his steel-like gaze glancing down to the ruined ground. "What do you want me to say? I became an Auror. I cost a few good men their lives. I fell off. And here we are … Only thing different now is that I'm not an Auror anymore." He wasn't completely heartless. Someone steadily reminded him that good people still did exist: Archie. Reminded Audric of … Him, in his younger years. Maybe that's why he agreed to tutor the boy? Or maybe he just hated to see talent wasted? "A lot of special students 'ere this year, isn't it?" He asked, taking another swig from his drink. < ][

00:36:06 [McBride] || Piper obliged him with that much, taking a seat on the burned perch. She slightest twinge of a smile tugged at the corner of her mouth as he leaned his back against hers. Her gaze roamed the decimated buildings and the snow covered ground and settled up on the stars. “Those people knew what they were getting themselves into a long time ago… they signed up for that when they became Aurors. And you know what? Their deaths don’t fall on you. People are responsible for their actions. None of that blame or guilt should be taken on by one person. They knew what they were getting themselves into…“ she reiterated that last bit, as if she was trying to make herself believe it. She didn’t blame Audric, and she never would. That kind of burden shouldn’t rest on anyone’s shoulders. But she didn’t pry anymore, she wouldn’t force him to listen to another of her diatribes. He’d heard enough of them after it had actually happened. That and very lengthy discussion about why he shouldn’t leave. That was <c>
00:36:34 [McBride] all in the past. She couldn’t change him now anymore than she could then. So, she went along with the subject change. “Mm. Though I’d wager there are special few like that in every class at Hogwarts. Little heroes and aurors just waiting to be unleashed,<I>“ she said, practically smiling. She recalled that same feeling when she was in school. When all sorts of exciting things were happening all around her. Although none of them were quite as “exciting” as tonight. She sighed again and lolled her head back against’ Audric’s shoulder, “<I>Whatever is coming… I need to know I can trust you to fight it with me. To fight for the lives of these children, these people. I need to know that you’re still on my side.” ‘My side’ could have meant anything. Hell, the ‘good side’ could have been against McBride from a certain point of view. But no, she meant on the side that wasn’t going to allow these children to die, to become cannon fodder for whatever was coming next. She needed to know he would help <c>
00:36:57 [McBride] her save as many lives as he could or die trying. And she didn’t ask any more of him than she expected of herself. ||

00:54:05 [Audric] ][ > He felt her head lay against his shoulder. The former Auror shifted in his seat, letting his former classmate lean against the scope of his chest, his heartbeat being calmed, heaving paced itself after the that night's events subsided. He leisurely let his hand move around the shape of her hips, before letting their hands interlace, raising them both in the face of her request. "I know they didn't request my presence here at the school out of coincidence. If that were the case, they wouldn't have been so quick just to give me the job of Groundskeeper when I qualify for something more. The whole reason why I'm here is to protect these students." For the first time in a while, he let a bare trace of a smile form along the corners of his mouth. "Takes you back to when I started to tutor you, doesn't it?" By that point in his life, it'd become clear that Audric would become an Auror. Maybe Piper had always been more fit for the job than he had? < ][

01:03:57 [McBride] || “Mm,“ she agreed. She leaned against him for a spare few minutes, happy to be there, sitting with him and staring up at the stars as if not a single day had passed. But they couldn’t stay this way. They were adults, and the only people really qualified to deal with the recent circumstances that so fatefully brought them back together again. And, as much as Piper longed to sit with Audric, to stay with him until the sun came up, laughing and talking about old times and possibly drinking together, she knew she couldn’t. There was still so much work to do and by now the Headmaster had called the students together and made his announcement. Their curfew was set and it would be strictly enforced by herself and the staff, watching the castle in shifts. And they’d taken a moment of silence to mourn the dead. The casualties had, thankfully, been few. But there was no telling how high the body count would be when this was all over. With that thought in mind, Piper pushed herself up to stand, freeing her<c>
01:04:14 [McBride] hand from his. She faced him, gazing down at his careworn face and allowing her index finger to trace from his cheek to his jaw. Leaning down, she placed a kiss on his forehead and pulled away to reveal a pleasant smile, “It’s good to see you again, Audric.” With that, she parted ways with him, apparating back to the school to help them sort things out there. The battle was won, but the war was far from over. ||

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