01/15/2011 Log

18:15:34 Kieran skipped on the afternoon meal, using the extra time to do a bit more sniffing about the forest. Most of the scents present at the beginning of the year had faded into mere memories. Specks in the cloud of color his olfactory painted for him. He also scouted around the small clearing Xia frequented to make sure he could recognize her particular 'color' should the need arise. Now after class, it was about time for him to head to Hogsmeade to meet with the others. He considered not going, but if part of this had something to do with Durmstrang then where could he go? He walked with his robe being held closed at the neck. Perhaps he should have worn his fur cap this time. The gusts from the lake were awful. At least there was still light out. He received a note between classes that they were to meet in the Hogs Head. He didn't go about Hogsmeade very much at all. That was unless the Slytherin team dragged him there for butter beer. It was such dreadful slop.

18:26:55 Izzy-Iwamura could already be found at the Hog's Head, seeing as how he'd asked everyone to come there at all. Izzy had done quite a lot of thinking over the night, some of it relevant to the plot at hand, much of it not, and he'd mostly skipped sleep, not that he really cared. He didn't look much worse for the wear, either. Hey, it wasn't like he was inexperienced in the art of going without sleep! And he still managed to dress up in his usual robes, plain as ever, with his usual metallic nail polish and silver barrettes. The spitting image of masculinity he was not… he'd ordered a butter beer, just to justify his continued sitting there, but Izzy hadn't actually touched it. He had no particular desire to drink any of it just now, and it would go cold before too much longer… oh well. He didn't have any new information, but he had… well, ideas that he needed to run by the other people in "The Group". Hopefully some of the others had ideas too. There was trouble coming, and Izzy desperately needed dependable >
18:27:58 Izzy-Iwamura < allies, because if he didn't have those, he was going to get himself killed. It was Xia's fault, really. She'd turned him into a regular adventurer.

18:33:43 Stella_Kira had been staying at the Hogs Head Inn for the past week and a half. The former professor had delighted in being so close to somewhere she had called home for a majority of her life. She would not go, however. Blast Radius! There was always a blast radius to stay out of. She did however wish there was more information traveling her way. Her being there was, in fact, something she'd told nobody. Had signed under the name Mitsy Blunderbottom when checking in. "Right place right time~" She sang to herself as she sipped tea in her room. It was where she needed to be! She had a feeling, and she needed to finish her tea soon so she could read it! "Big money Big money no Whammies!" She sipped carefully, not wanting to rush. All things in due time! She figured there was enough of it in the next few minutes! Sip sip sip! Sing sing si-"ACK aghh.." She coughed. No singing and drinking at the same time. Eventually her leaves were all that was left at the bottom. She looked down and raised a brow. Immediately she <c>
18:33:46 Stella_Kira <c> threw herself on the ground, pulling a knot out of the floor and peering at the tavern below. Huh… Well I'll be!

18:47:51 Kieran opened the door to the Hogs Head Inn, looking around to see Izzy seated already. He hadn't traded many words with the young man, and outside of this situation he probably never would have. War. There was likely going to be a war, and he had never felt more insignificant. It was an unpleasant feeling for someone whom the meaning of the word didn't happen to him. Insignificant happened to smaller people. He first went to get himself a butterbeer to appease the innkeeping Gods, and placed it on the table Izzy sat at, then pulled back his chair. "Allo, mister Iwamura." He finally offered. The two whom were both supposedly of little words might have had some sort of understanding in that regard. After a bit of waiting for others, he spoke up again. "Am… curious. All in group know each one other. What is reason include I?" After all, there was quite a bit of suspect from the others about him, and he sure as hell could feel it. He got it. They didn't trust Slytherin.

18:56:01 [Gloriana`Boulstridge] || Trudging through the thick layer of snow, Gloriana made her way into Hogsmeade along with her peers, lagging behind the few groups that had formed and taking her sweet time to enter the quaint little village. She sighed, watching children charge Honeydukes and The Three Broomsticks, and even the little Tea shop. Gloriana almost wished she was as oblivious to what was going on as they were. Her hands found their way into the pockets of her familiar blue coat as she strolled through town until she finally reached The Hog’s Head Tavern. She pushed through the door only to be horrified by the place’s appearance. Not only was it devoid of customers, it was dark, dank, and it smelled something awful. She imagined that no matter how hard she tried to avoid it, she would end up sitting in some sort of filth. With an exaggerated expression of disgust, she practically tiptoed into the establishment and toward both Izzy and Krum. “Yugh,” she groaned and took a seat at the table, the only interruption to <c>
18:56:04 [Gloriana`Boulstridge] Krum and Izzy’s current conversation. Her nose was wrinkled in dissatisfaction. Yeah, next time, she was going to pick the meeting place. Really, why would Izzy do such a thing?!||

19:07:52 Aedan was late. Not that anyone would be expecting him, and really, after his altercation with Kaust…he very nearly hadn’t made it, but he was here to represent. He’d made it on one of the later carriage to Hogsmeade. If he hadn’t been in such a rush, he might have appreciated the place a little more, the scenery was beautiful, the lay the snow lay on the ground, it made the place seemed illuminated. As it was though he found himself dashing through the streets and almost slipping, the first time he managed to catch himself, but the second? Well, he practically fell through the door of the Hogshead, only to find that…well it didn’t seem like the meeting had actually begun yet. His body ached, not from his run but from what had happened to him, but this was no time to dwell on it, and so instead, he silently made his way towards where Gloriana and the others were gathered and dropped himself silently into a seat there.

19:11:43 Izzy-Iwamura licked his lips lightly. The first to arrive of his little group was Kieran, the one whom… in perfect honesty… he liked least. But, ah, he wasn't terribly petty or anything. No, not at all. Izzy canted his head a bit at the question, pondering the boy's terrible accent for a moment before he responded. "Kieran," A bit late, but he said that by way of greeting. "Xia seems to trust you. I trust her judgment. More importantly, you're a very recent transfer. You haven't been wound up in the bickering and house politics at this school just yet. That… strikes me as valuable." There was also the 'giant meat shield' angle, and the fact that Izzy knew Kieran to be fairly competent magically. (Don't ask.) "And, if it turns out my trust is misplaced, I'm perfectly sure we can eliminate you. A well-placed memory charm can undo many poor decisions and indiscretions, yes?" It was a joke, it really was, but Izzy had never exactly been a master of conveying humor in a proper context. >
19:12:37 Izzy-Iwamura < Presently, he noticed that there were others filtering in. Gloriana first, then Aedan. Aedan..? Hadn't seen him show up for awhile…

19:15:45 Stella_Kira was absolutely positively sure, now. Look at them. NEITHER of them are interested in their drinks!! Hell yeah, Kira! You're a rock star! Yeah! No! Stop thinking so loud and try to hear what they're saying! Yeah! Fuck! She shut her eyes tight, then opened them once more. Her head was clear. But hyper! Man, caffeine was great! But he… He's so much like him! This cycle was a fun one to ride - well - aside from the mass murder part. That part was sad. So so sad. "Hee hee" she giggled. BUT QUIETLY!! Ohhh.. another one. How large of a group did this one manage to muster… and how long will it TAKE before they started talking about something important?!? She muttered to herself. Stupid stupid children are so slow. Yet faster than the teachers. They were the future, and the future spoke of death. DEATH!!!! And another…. Oh, he's gathering big boys isn't he? Yes he is! What a good boy!

19:19:40 Kieran understood it well enough, though raised a brow at Izzy's attempt at humor. Luckily they were interrupted before he could respond. He looked up as Gloriana had made her way into the tavern, and very disgustedly seated herself. "Hallo to you as well." He knew she wasn't making the remark at him, but poking fun at her dislike for him was about as much entertainment as he'd get right now. Another student joined them. One he recognized from his DADA class, and also as the only one close to his size. It had been a while, but there were a few others he had yet to see show up. Xia, the only one who didn't seem to look at him like the one that must have silently farted in the room, and somehow covered up the smell too - but they knew that he did it and totally was hiding it.

19:29:14 [Gloriana`Boulstridge] || She nearly responded to Krum’s faux friendly demeanor with one of her famously snide remarks, but she couldn’t even muster that in the filth of the old tavern. Gloriana tried her very best to keep as close to her own body as was humanly possible. Any shifts in movement would only dirty up her coat and pants that much more. And, as it was, she was already sure that she was going to have to cast Scourgify on her coat at least three times before she felt it was clean enough to go out in again. Her Head Boy counterpart was offered only a brief glance before Gloriana returned her attention to Izzy. “Can we maybe get this started? If I stay here any longer, I think this seat’s going to attach roots to my coat and use me for a trellis.”||

19:34:59 Aedan took the opportunity, - as he quietly took a seat next to Gloriana, the only student here he’d really spent any time with – to look around the group that had gathered. There was another one, the one from Drumstrang, he was almost as big as him, but while Krum was broad, Aedan was not, in fact, he probably appeared somewhat frail. And the color had all but drained from his thin cheeks, despite his run to the Hogs Head. There were others he recognized and he offered them a small smile now, and a nod towards Izzy, the groups appointed leader. He hoped that he hadn’t missed too much of the important stuff, and he’d really wanted to catch up on what he had missed while he’d been out of the loop, but that could be saved for after the meeting itself was over.

19:38:14 Xia_Lavine slipped into the Hog's Head perhaps a little belatedly, glancing around at everyone and then moving to take a seat somewhere between Izzy and Kieran and then tilting her head to one side as she glanced around at everyone. She smiled faintly, but didn't speak, looking a tad worse for the wear. She had bags beneath her eyes and a few twigs and leaves in her wildly purple hair. She rested her elbows on the table and then looked from person to person, biting her bottom lip as she waited listened patiently…pretending she wasn't running late or anything.

19:44:43 Izzy-Iwamura had, in fact, been waiting on Xia's appearance before he moved on to the important bit of the meeting, and with her arrival he considered it the appropriate time to start. After all, she was as much a 'leader' here as he was, yes? He did have time for a glare at Gloriana first, though. "Don't complain so much, Boulstridge. There's fewer people to spy on us here." Then again, Izzy never really worried about spying - indeed, it was only shortly after saying that that he produced his wand for a judicious application of muffliato. Izzy just didn't like the crowds that accompanied a meeting at the more POPULAR establishments in Hogsmeade. "We know a lot more now than we did a week ago. The trouble is we still don't really know what's coming. It's difficult to prepare for what you don't know…" He paused. "But we do have reason to believe that Professor Kaust is untrustworthy. And Flutey certainly knows more than he wants to tell us." Izzy folded his hands on the table before him. A glance towards Xia, >
19:46:07 Izzy-Iwamura < fleeting, trailed back to the table quickly. "We need ideas. Both Kaust and Flutey have information we may need. How do we go about getting it? Alternatively, what would any of you propose we do?" It was unusual for Izzy to ask for help, and ideas, so directly. He was pretty confident in his plans most of the time.

19:49:27 Stella_Kira shakes a fist. Yes! Listen to the moody one! Speed up the talkie talkie! This floor is cold and I think there are spiders in my hair! She pressed both palms to the ground as she continued to spy through the knot hole. It was harmless spying. She really just wanted to know so she could help. She just didn't want them over there in the castle to know that she existed in the area at all! Too dangerous, yes yes! A threat. They kill those! Five… perhaps there were more, but five already was a pretty ok number. Maybe only one or two of them would die. Maybe none of them would? It seemed as though they were about to get to the important bits. Hopefully he didn't speak in as roundabout a way as other certain leaders liked to. I know I have to help them Mazzy, my friend… timing is everything. GET OFF MY BACK! She wasn't so much speaking to the spirit world as she was trying to honor the memory of her lost friend… in her own way at least. She at least considered him a friend. She cried<c>
19:49:29 Stella_Kira <c> bitterly in privacy after his sacrifice had been honored. Back to spying! She concentrated again only to see the spell cast, and her chances of hearing the meeting without making herself known was thwarted - unless… "Hee hee!" She picked up her wand flicking it and nodding as she grew smaller and smaller and smaller and furry! Squeak! Hee hee!

20:01:02 Kieran was a bit more at ease now that Xia had arrived. As long as someone didn't hate him there, he could speak without somehow feeling like an asshole. The meeting thus began, and much to his dismay, there wasn't any new information being presented from the Iwamura boy. "Perhaps I can be helpink in the way of Kaust." He offered cautiously. "Am not sure precisely how should go about.. but have heard much in way of history at Durmstrang. Rumor and heresay." He had more ideas, but he was very reserved as far as putting his neck completely on the line just yet. "Is added truth that skool does not have most clean history in regard to… dark magic."

20:06:33 [Gloriana`Boulstridge] || With another wrinkle of her nose in distaste, she folded her arms across her chest and pulled herself inward as much as possible. She was, however, incredibly thankful that Izzy chose to start up just as Xia arrived, which was not long after herself and Aedan had. At his suggestion that they toss him their ideas about how to resolve the “situations” with Flutey’s impending death and the possibility of Kaust’s involvement in all of it, Gloriana just stared blankly at Izzy. As much as she wanted to help them prevent Flutey’s death, she couldn’t think of anything useful that would help them protect him that wasn’t already in place at the school. The only thing she could imagine doing was spending more time with those professors. And she certainly wasn’t willing to take time out of her schedule for the beast, Kaust. She idly listened to Kieran’s suggestion, nodding in response. “Pretty short on ideas here. The only thing I can come up with is sticking close to both of them in some way or another. <c>
20:06:39 [Gloriana`Boulstridge] Keeping tabs, maybe? Finding ways to spend more time with them,” she offered tentatively. It wasn’t anything spectacular, but really… what else was there? ||

20:08:12 Aedan glanced up and smiled slightly as Xia joined the room and took a seat amongst them, it seemed now, they would get down to the more serious of business. Gloria’s complaining was ignored, mostly because it wasn’t aimed at him, and instead, he let his aching body rest against the chair, all by melting against it. That was until Kaust’s name was mentioned, and then he visibly winced. He took a fleeting moment to see if anyone had noticed - which he doubted because most people would be focused on Izzy – and then composed himself, teeth gnawing at his lower lip slightly. Why would Kaust be untrustworthy? Surely her methods left a little to be desired, and after what she had done to him earlier….but no, that had been for his own good, to calm the beast, make it more manageable. His teeth clamped down on his lower lip and he flinched again, this time out of pain, he’d bitten through it and caused a slight bleed. It was dealt with, licked up as he turned to glance at Izzy, and idea had come to him. -
20:08:15 Aedan - “Maybe… maybe I can help with professor Kaust.” He’d never really spoken up at any of these things before, but well…Kaust had a special interest in him, didn’t she? It would only really make sense if he could help. And maybe find out more information at the same time. Kaust seemed to trust him to a degree, but…well, could he really go against her? She knew his secret after all, had helped him, hasn’t she? Although, maybe his offer would be in vain, because the Drumstrang one had spoken up about Kaust too, with this in the air he leaned back once more, drawing into himself to listen.

20:18:34 Xia_Lavine sat quietly beside Izzy, considering what he was asking for, and glanced at him, smiling faintly when she noted the glance he gave her and then looking to Kieran as he spoke up. She tilted her head to one side, glancing back to Gloriana and then to Aedan. She bit her bottom lip lightly, chewing it gently as she considered what they ought to do. "Ummm. Aside from infiltrating more file folders and such, I have nothing right now…except maybe spying. But I don't know how we'd manage that except for maybe…" She paused, going quiet for a moment as she considered, then she glanced at Izzy and shrugged, a small sigh easing across her lips. "As far as protecting Flutey goes…well…" She shrugged lightly and rested her chin in the palm of one hand, canting her head to one side. "It's not like we can run around casting protective spells on him."

20:20:11 Archie walked into Hog’s Head with his scarf covering his nose and mouth, not to hide his face, though it wouldn’t be good if someone noticed him of all people walking into the seedy little pub. It was suspicious to say the least. His scarf was over the lower half of his face to weaken the bad smell – the smell of goats. Archie wasn’t particularly fond of the scent of livestock, or at least, he didn’t expect to be able to handle it for the whole of the meeting he was late for. He stepped inside the dark pub, feet scuffling over the dirty floor as his head turned around looking for familiar faces. It wasn’t difficult to find the Scooby Gang off to the side, discussing things in hushed tones. His shoulders rose and fell with his sigh, and he prepared himself to walk over and join the conversation. His feet lightly stepped across the floor out of a conscious attempt to slide into the background and go relatively unnoticed. He didn’t take a seat, and instead just existed at the back [c]
20:20:24 [Archie] of the congregation, silently entering into the conversation, though thanks to timing, he didn’t know what they were currently talking about. Something about Kaust…

20:36:55 Stella_Kira did a shabby job in the way of reading lips. Expressions she could do well enough, and there was uncertainly all around the table. Were they stuck, or were they realizing what exactly they had gotten themselves into? Stupid smart kids not letting me… She was in the process of changing the color of her hair to a very drab grey, and her eyes to brown. Her white robes were made into a very ugly shit green. </i>Fucking boy probably thinks he's clever, making me miss out on whatever stupid things they're coming up with right now.</i> She flicked her wand in her hand and it became a rather gnarled cane. With that she began to make her way out of her safe little room at the inn. Before exiting the door she looked at her trunk and moved to retrieve something from it. "Should do the trick" She tapped it with the handle of her cane, and it shimmered for a moment before becoming positively normal looking again. As she was leaving the room, she took a great deep breath. "Fuck all.."

20:45:39 Izzy-Iwamura wrinkled his nose. "I doubt protective charms would help even if we could. There's nothing we could do that Flutey couldn't do himself, anyway…" He trailed off, glancing between Kieran and Aedan. That was more helpful. "Anything you can learn about Kaust… anything you can get from Kaust will be helpful." As there was little else in the way of suggestions just now, Izzy realized he was probably back on the spotlight. And so he took a deep breath and offered his own thoughts on the matter. "Flutey said something, back in early October, after we captured Steve." It had actually really annoyed him, the 'happenin' dudes' speech, but Izzy remembered quite clearly something he'd been told during that speech. "He knew what we'd done, he made that very clear. He wasn't angry that we'd violated curfew and imprisoned an extremely dangerous spirit to question it. He just wanted to be told." Izzy canted his head to the side, well-prepared to get a very bad reaction for what he was about to say. He didn't >
20:46:00 Izzy-Iwamura < really care about that, though. "I think it's time we talk to Flutey, rather than tiptoeing around him."

20:52:41 Kieran was glad the others were being realistic about this. He was interested in how Aedan could help with Kaust most of all. After all, if he didn't need to be in contact with someone he'd heard of as being a harpy from his upper classmen, and also probably a zombie, he would like not to. He nodded, thankful at least that the work there would be divided amongst the two of them. He would need to have a chat with Aedan on that perhaps later. Izzy once again took over with the information of his own. He had no idea what they had done beforehand regarding the spirit, but it seemed to make a lot of sense. How they went about it was a different story. "If there is mole, there may just not be one we suspekt. Goink to him out of ordinary circumstance will draw eyes." He wasn't suggesting that they didn't go to him, exactly. "Need way get to Mister Flutey without seemink suspekt. Even if is just make to break rules in purpose."

20:58:37 [Gloriana`Boulstridge] || She trained her gaze on Aedan, having caught the twitch of his body out of the corner of her eye. But by the time she looked over, he was speaking. So it wasn’t exactly obvious that she’d noticed the flinch at Kaust’s name. However, her expression did turn curious at his suggestion that he stay close to her. Considering he’d just recoiled at her name, Gloriana imagined he wouldn’t want to remain in her presence. But she wasn’t particularly keen on fighting him on that topic. If he wanted to spend time with Kaust, well so be it. Better him than Glori. Although she did think to add, “<I>Well if either of you intend on hanging around Kaust, you better be damn good performers. Someone with a suspicious past like hers is bound to notice someone playing both sides of the field. The cry of the Pub’s door prompted Gloriana’s gaze to snap in that direction. She watched as a familiar pair of eyes peered over a scarf and smiled as Archie made his way over. If anything improved her poor moods, even in the <c>
20:58:46 [Gloriana`Boulstridge] dingiest of places, it was Archie. Izzy’s sudden suggestion that they go straight to the source and actually talk to Flutey seemed to cheer her up even more. Now that was the spirit! She really hated this sneaking around business, and she trusted Flutey, on his own, to be understanding of the situation. And, really, it was never Flutey she was frightened of when it came to expulsion. It was the other staff members, like that monstrous Kaust. “I think that’s actually quite a superb idea, Izzy. Flutey seems like a reasonable enough man, amIright,” she added. She opened her mouth to add more, but Krum beat her to the punch. “We could definitely use a big Hulkink Distaction,“ she mocked Krum, though not in quite the mean spirited way she had the night before. “ And we’ve got two of those,” she exclaimed, nodding at both Haddon and Krum. “That, and I’d wager our friend Mop would just adore some heavy troublemaking opportunities. I could talk to him when I <c>
20:58:59 [Gloriana`Boulstridge] see him next,“ she offered with a shrug. ||

21:04:40 Aedan – Archie’s arrival was greeted with a wider grin, he liked the guy, their conversations, - while brief – always seemed to be interesting. Now, however he nodded as Izzy spoke and licked his lips. “I’m not promising anything, but whatever I can find out, I’ll be sure to relay it back.” Maybe he and Kieran could work together on getting something out of Kaust. Or maybe that would be too dangerous to his own secret. Lips were pressed together into a thin line for a moment as he dismissed the idea, no; separate would be better, yes. Safer. When Izzy mentioned speaking to Flutey, he found himself nodding again, more sharply this time. “Yes… I think that’s wise, but do you think…maybe he already knows? He was there when the prophesy was spoken, maybe he would have recognized something?” he frowned slightly, not really thinking he was on the right track, but something had compelled him to say it. Kieran had a point; going to Flutey would perhaps raise suspicion. “He has a point. But maybe there’s a way we -
21:04:45 Aedan - can work around things…” How he didn’t exactly know, maybe someone else would have a suggestion. As Gloriana spoke he glanced up at her for a moment, biting his lower lip once more. “Don’t worry too much about that.” It was really the only thing he could say, after all, he couldn’t really explain why he spent a lot of time with Kaust, and wouldn’t, unless he was forced too, which he didn’t think anyone would do. He grinned at Gloriana’s mention of hulking distractions and leaned back to look at her again. “Can never have too many tall people.” He drawled, though the look in his eyes knew she had perhaps caught a little of his flinching. She hadn’t brought it up though, and for that he was grateful. Those pale blue eyes turned back to Izzy and the rest for a moment. “How about a fake fire drill?” It would perhaps be an excuse to get most students out of the way while a small group of them made their way to Flutey.

21:06:43 Xia_Lavine paused at Izzy's suggestion, considering it for a moment and then breaking into a smile. "Brilliant." She said, grinning at Izzy and then glancing at the others. "Of course! I'm glad you remember that speech, Izzy." She murmured, frowning faintly. She looked to Kieran and then smiled, nodding slightly. "We…can get to his office discreetly, though, yes Izzy?" She asked, glancing at him and tilting her head to one side. She glanced at the others as they made their suggestions, then shrugged slightly at those as well. "Or that could work, I suppose." She murmured quietly, biting her bottom lip and then rubbing her fingertip against the tabletop, grimacing at the grime that came up when she did. She shrugged it off, though, and looked back up at the others.

21:10:33 Stella_Kira slowly made her way down the stairs. Cane. Step. Step. Cane. Step. Step. Maybe I should have been less.. old. She didn't look all that old, but bones got brittle, yada yada. They didn't know any better. She threw it in for flavor. As she made it to the bottom of the stairs she took a look around. There was one more than had been there when she started making her way down. He was tall, too! This boy knew how to pile on the meat shields, alright. Her green hood hung low over her normally radiant features, and she walked slightly bent. She made her way closer and closer to the group as though she were very slowly making her way out of the tavern. As she made to pass them she paused, her head turning and a kind smile spreading across her lips. "What beautiful barrets young man." Cane. Step. She leaned slightly against the table. "You.. remind me of someone." She sounded weathered by experience rather than time. "Would you mind if I read your palm for you?" She held out her hand, eyes briefly meeting<c>
21:10:36 Stella_Kira <c> Izzy's. Please trust me She wanted to put it in his head, but that would have quite the opposite effect. If he was anything like she hoped, then he would have the knack for guessing when to take a blind leap of faith. After all, what was the harm in having his fortune told. Especially when you wanted as much information possible. "All in good fun, lad. You have the look of an adventurer"

21:15:53 Izzy-Iwamura nodded once, curtly. "If we need to create a distraction to justify an encounter with Flutey, I'm sure we can manage that… but it'd be just as easy to catch him after class without a great deal of fanfare. As long as we know where all involved parties are before we move…" He paused. "…I think that's the most important thing. So long as we can keep track of locations… even actions, in as much as that's practical…" Izzy trailed off there. "There's one other thing. If you know anybody at another school, make contact." Izzy knew that he was far from the only transfer student in his immediate circle of confidantes. "Last time Kali's followers set to work, Hogwarts was not the only focus. There may be something that can help us, or we may be able to help prepare others. It's no guarantee, it's a hunch, but I think it's worth following up on." Finally looking towards his now very cold butterbeer, Izzy decided to take a single small sip before setting the mug back down. "That's all I wanted to discuss >
21:17:23 Izzy-Iwamura < tonight, but if you have anything else f-" And then there came Stella. He looked up a little abruptly, uncertainly. Beautiful… barrettes… there was a crazy woman complimenting her barrettes. Still, he could humor her, so long as she didn't touch him for too long. "…I was just leaving, actually, miss. But I can spare a moment, I suppose…" There couldn't be much harm, right? Just something on his way out.

21:28:04 Kieran practically turned his nose up at Gloriana's failed imitation of his accent. He wasn't German for gods sake. Of course he couldn't count on any of them to tell the difference here. Izzy spoke up again, and there was in fact something he COULD help out with. It would have complimented any further investigations when it came to asking his friends back at Durmstrang about what they knew of Kaust. It was easy enough to disguise either ordeal as simple catching up about things. "Shall do." The woman that approached them was… odd to say the least. Old women always were. The fact that Izzy did let her read his palm was quite surprising considering the condition she might have been in. "Twice three, then ninety three. Perhaps an important day? Tis darkness… death…" She looked up at him and smiled again. "Do take care of yourself, boy. She held out her hand, a gold feather on an earring. <i>"Take it and you may find yourself protected". The woman left, and he couldn't help but feel as<c>
21:28:05 Kieran <c> though her being there was a bit odd. "Well…. That was… Weird"

21:35:29 [Gloriana`Boulstridge] || Aedan’s Fire Drill, was adorable, but probably a lot less feasible than it might have been in a Muggle Intermediary School. “I think it’s going to take a hell of a lot more than just a fire to put Kaust and whatever other moles might be hiding in the school off of our scent. And as much as I hate them, I’d be more inclined to set all of Professor Cassaday’s animals loose on the school… or something like that…“ she replied. What they really needed was something chaotic and more distracting than just a “fire”. Although… the fire in the Forbidden Forest had been enough to distract the teachers. Then again, as much as she hated the damn place, she couldn’t rightly agree to destroying any more of it. Should the centaurs or the acromantulas return, they’d have much less of a home to come back to. Gloriana shuddered at the thought of both sets of creatures and shrank inwardly again, stuffing her hands between her knees like a nervous child. That was when the old lady approached and Gloriana recoiled <c>
21:35:32 [Gloriana`Boulstridge] even more. If there was anything worse than a dingy, disgusting old pub, it was the miscreants that regularly occupied such a dilapidated old place. She quirked a brow at the “hag” and watched her wander off with a particular curiosity about her. Another seer? Did they actually need anymore prophecies? Shaking her head with a sigh, she rose from her seat, “Well then… until next time.” She offered a passing glance to each of them before heading back out of the old tavern feeling just about as filthy as she ever had in her entire existence! ||

21:39:47 Aedan was almost glad to hear this ‘meeting’ of theirs was drawing to a close, he ached, and was in pain, and all he really wanted to do was go back to Hogwarts, take a nice, long, relaxing bath, clean his wounds and then go straight to bed. He didn’t even really have the energy to pick up any chocolate, - something he loved. Maybe he’d ask someone else to bring some back for him, then again, that might open up a line for questioning, and that was something he was not in the mood for. He listened intently as Izzy spoke and nodded. Yes, he was sure less fanfare was a better idea, maybe not best to do something that could draw attention to them. Gloriana, as she spoke was given a glance, and he smiled, somewhat relieved that she seemed to have caught on his not wanting to discuss his little spazzing, especially not right now. He knew she was right about the fire though, it wasn’t the best of ideas. “I’m sure we’ll come up with something if needs be.” He said, and followed suit of his fellow Head Girl. -
21:39:50 Aedan - He slide from his seat and, glancing back at the old woman and Izzy, and the rest of the group for a moment, frowned. “I’ve got a bad feeling about all of this.” And he did, he really did, but it wasn’t something he could entirely put his finger on. With that said, he tugged the collar of his coat up against the bitter wind and made his way into the bleak snow covered outsides.

21:44:54 Xia_Lavine got up as Izzy dismissed them, nodding once and then glancing between the group and smiling at people…She moved toward the door and drew up short as the woman came in, eyes widening slightly as Stella harassed Izzy. She called it harassing because obviously Izzy didn't want her touching him, but what could one do? She shifted slightly, standing between the groups of people as everyone began leaving, looking a tad uncertain what to do. Which was odd. Xia always knew what to do! Or at least pretended to. She shifted slightly, seeming to clear her head, and watched as Stella gave Izzy the charm. She frowned at the charm, but didn't comment, instead just studying it for a moment.

21:55:33 Archie may or may not have gotten the important points in the conversation. He decided that a muffling charm was up, and as opposed to trying to get closer or use his earring to hear better, he absorbed what he could and opted to ask Gloriana later. On another note, he secretly decided he was going to confront Benoit. Unlike the rest of them, he wasn’t particularly wary of the man anymore – he’d thus far proved reliable and trustworthy, despite the fact that he often threatened to delve deeper into his mind than the simple training allowed. Granted, the man could pry open any one of their minds any time he wanted to, it was somewhat pointless to try and hide all their secrets from him; he didn’t seem to care much for ethics either, especially given the latest developments. Archie rummaged around in the pockets of his p-coat before procuring a piece of candy he’d gotten from his shopping. He put it in his mouth as he shuffled out of the dirty pub, glad to be leaving. He didn’t pay any mind to the [c]
21:55:44 [Archie] strange woman badgering Izzy, and was instead determined to just get out of the pub and get a butter beer from the Broomsticks. It was much easier to enjoy a warm drink when the smell of goats wasn’t bothering you.

21:58:04 Kieran stood from his seat, downing the slop of butterbeer in one gulp. He paid for it, didn't he? Nobody seemed to have much concern for the fortune, though Xia seemed quite a bit less than energetic today. He turned his mug in to the barkeep, and hastily made his way up to the small girl. "No need worry. Fortune teller is usually fraud. She is obvious have problem in head." He hoped at least she might brighten up. It was supposed to be a joke. Fucking nuances. "If want, when get back Hogwart you can take Sasha. Sasha for certain keep safe." He said with a nod . She just seemed so lighthearted a few days ago.

22:07:45 [Gloriana`Boulstridge] || She followed Archie to the Three Broomsticks, paying little mind to Xia and Kieran as she left. What she needed was a warm place to sit and a butter beer to drown out the dreary nature of their recent meetings. Since Izzy’s suggestion that some of them wouldn’t make it, she’d been conflicted with some weird sense of heroism and the desire to shut it all out and bury herself in her studies. This is what socializing had gotten her: smack dab in the middle of a possible war! If she survived this whole ordeal, maybe she’d finally wise up and learn not to be so nosy… or such a pain in the ass… or waste her time on being so obsessive compu— okay, so the list was long. But she probably wasn’t going to make it through her seventh year anyway, right? She kept her arms folded tight across her chest as she entered the Three Broomsticks behind some random student and even as she ordered a butter beer. Her gaze fell to the old, stained wood of the bar, focusing on nothing in particular, while she waited for her <c>
22:07:48 [Gloriana`Boulstridge] drink and contemplated everything that had been discussed. ||

22:24:51 Xia_Lavine looked up at Kieran as he spoke, smiling and shrugging at his joke, though it did eventually get a soft giggle out of her. "True. Her hair.." She motioned around her own head as though to imitate the wildness, then shrugged and looked around as everyone left, sighing softly and shoving her hands into her pockets, moving toward the door. She smiled as he offered for her to take Sasha, giggling softly. "I'd like that." She murmured quietly, tilting her head to one side. "But wouldn't you miss her?" She smiled a little more, moving to step outside but waiting for him.

22:32:31 Kieran followed after Xia when he noticed she was in fact waiting for him. He smiled and continued. "Would feel better knowink she take care of you. You get self in trouble I think more than I." he winked at her. If anything, the weasel was good at sensing danger as most animals are. Things that were amiss always irked the stoat. "And think Sasha likes better you. Only so friendly to me when have egg in hand." He was probably defeating himself going about like this. After all, it was obvious Izzy was far too concerned with the possible war to see much else that was right in front of him.

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