01/14/2011 Log

18:41:48 Kieran raised a brow at Archie's change of tune. Spying wasn't really something you needed to do when in the middle of the courtyard, making a multicolor mystery Marquee in the air. The fact that it was Kieran, and not someone else was quite a bit of luck on his part. "Who had not? Was here after all." He said with a shrug. "But was monts ago and nothing. Seem like bad excuse for slippink game." In fact, the only bit you would hear about the mystery now was the normal 'hey remember when' anecdotes told by those to whom the years in Hogwarts seemed like ages. He noticed Gloriana's deteriorating demeanor and decided he had as much information out of them as he was going to get. Whatever part Archie had, she was involved as well. "Sorry to be pryink. Is just curious is all." Everyone was so hush, and he didn't blame them for being careful. Slytherin after all had quite the history, and it was easier for some to see the world in black and white.

18:46:00 Xia_Lavine drifted into the courtyard, looking distracted. Her hair was bubblegum pink at the moment, with a few hints of gold streaked through. She paused, drawing up short when she saw Glori, Archie, and Kieran all talking. People had tense, uncomfortable looks to them, and she frowned faintly, moving forward and stopping to stand amidst their group. "'allo!" She chimed cheerfully, smiling at everyone and tilting her head to one side as she folded her arms over her stomach. "You already met Kieran I see. He's our newest addition to the Scooby gang…or whatever you want to call us." She paused, frowning as she considered what they ought to be called, then shrugged the thought off. "Izzy invited him to the next meeting. Kieran, this is Gloriana and Archie. Guys, this is Kieran." She unfolded her arms and let them hang limply at her sides, fighting the urge to fidget with her cloak or something along those lines. She glanced at Kieran, then at the other two, then back again, clearly sensing the (c)
18:46:08 Xia_Lavine (c) tension and extremely uneasy because of it.

19:15:44 Archie wouldn’t see anything he’d done as stupid let alone revealing. He drawn images of everything everyone already knew as if taking the time, unlike everyone else, to go over the present clues. At best, Kieran could assume he had an added interest in the investigation, but even that wouldn’t get him anywhere unless he could catch Archie, or anyone else for that matter, in the actual act of investigating. If he knew everyone else’s thoughts, he might think them more paranoid than he was, and then be insulted they thought he’d slip up so horribly. He removed a hand from his pocket for the soul purpose of pulling back the hair at the top of his head, one of several tools for organizing his thoughts and keeping him focused. This kept him from actually answering anything Kieran said promptly, giving Gloriana a chance to yet again be rude if she so wished to take the opportunity. However, Xia soon arrived to join the fray in the cold courtyard, garnering a bit of a sigh from Archie before he [c]
19:16:18 [Archie] smiled towards her approaching form. “Hey, Xia,” he responded cordially, though when it was dropped that she apparently knew Kieran already, he simply scoffed. “Yeah, we’ve already been properly introduced, I think, though, I don’t know what you mean by Scooby Gang; were clearly missing a groovy van and a talking great dane… is there a Charm or transfiguration spell for that?” He was only half joking.

19:22:56 Izzy-Iwamura was a little late, but he didn't care all that much, because sometimes you have to be late. Also, because he'd been doing something important (i.e. reading) that had distracted him, and he'd kind of forgotten the time. Also, he'd missed dinner, but he didn't care all that much. The ever-drably-dressed Izuyo whisked on into the courtyard, a little spring in his step, neatly preened hair arguing a little bit with the silver barrettes, singing a bit to himself. "…there's a starma-" And then just as quickly he stopped, realizing that there were people there now. And of course there were, he'd told them to show up here… anyway. He cleared his throat, joining the group promptly, attaching himself to Xia rather quickly as she was the only one there whom he didn't have major personal space issues with. "Hello, everyone!" Cheery tonight, it seemed. Maybe he'd been reading about something totally awesome, like the rare New Zealand Rhymenocerous… "I trust you're all here because you're curious, right? >
19:24:48 Izzy-Iwamura < Because if not, I'm afraid I'm going to have Xia blast you with something unpleasant. Possibly spiders." He grinned, brightly. "And for good measure I might even loose Doc on you, but… I'm pretty sure that's been declared a crime on par with the unforgivable curses, so maybe not…"

19:30:38 [Gloriana`Boulstridge] || The German boy— he was german, right? All the kids from Durmstrang were german… okay now that that’s all cleared up— caught on pretty quickly. It wasn’t very often that many students picked up on the “subtle” cues that body language had to offer. Although, in Gloriana’s case, it was very hard to miss. An almost smug expression took over her facial features when he finally took the hint. She opened her mouth to speak again, only to have been foiled again by Lavine’s sudden appearance. Her shoulders fell and whatever breath she’d saved up for telling Krum off was expelled almost comically. Russet irises veered away from their group, though settling on nothing in particular. “A little late, Lavine,“ she chimed with a certain air of contempt. Well now she was just plain pissed, and there was nothing keeping her from wearing that particular emotion on her sleeve. This was just getting ridiculous! Soon, the whole damn school was going to be in on it! And then where would they be?! She turned her <c>
19:30:44 [Gloriana`Boulstridge] glower on Archie and elevated an austere brow at him, “I think you’d make a swell dog, Archie.” Which was meant more as an insult, but she had a feeling Archie would turn that into some kind of positive remark, where she was mostly calling him a dumb puppet. Look, she was in a bad mood, alright? Besides, Gryffindors always did remind her of the canine breed, as it were, what with all of that loyal and brave crap. Her attention was caught by the sudden arrival of Izzy, to whom she next offered her loathsome expression. “This is terribly adorable and all but, in the interest of saving time, why don’t you go ahead and tell us all why we’re here,” she blurted. If she thought Izzy would listen to anything she had to say about keeping your group of troublemakers small, she’d have let him have it. But she was well aware that Izzy didn’t give a flying fuck what she thought. Then again, the thought had occurred to her to just do it anyway. Maybe with less people around. So he didn’t have an <c>
19:30:53 [Gloriana`Boulstridge] audience when he made her look like an ass. Since that was a very likely possibility.||

19:35:52 Kieran saw as Xia came into the courtyard, his stone demeanor softening slightly. "Xia, Hallo." He nodded to her. Hopefully someone found her where he left her the other night, and she didn't wake up out in front of Ravenclaw commons. "You… know them." puzzle pieces seem to click together, Xia indicating that they were ajoining pieces. His prying was simply in the interest of knowing everything that there was. He figured Xia would have been interested in what the other students knew after all. "Yes we made introducink earliar." He smiled politely at the other two. Not long after, the Iwamura boy showed up, and attached himself to Xia. He took this as a cue to step back and make himself a bit more sparsely visible. A hilarious notion, but the act did make him more comfortable. The boy hadn't been very energetic in the great hall when they met, so it seemed his first impression was off. Were they actually taking this as seriously as Xia had him initially believe? He was unaware that there were already so many<c>
19:35:53 Kieran <c> involved, but it was usually smarter to make sure those included were of actual value to the group. For all he knew, Izzy wanted to have someone large and intimidating around for the hell of it.

19:59:20 [Archie] Usually Archie would take Gloriana’s comments with a grain of salt, or, as she suspected, turn them into something positive. However, if it wasn’t obvious already that he wasn’t in his usual mood, then the mocking “oh ha ha” would have to suffice. That situation alone called for him to sit back down in the exact same spot he’d risen from. They hadn’t moved, so the action was easy. From there, he’d just look at the ground, practically ignoring everyone at this point. Izzy’s arrival was welcomed, because now he could steal the show, and they could all maybe get a little closer to closure with the whole ordeal. “Hey,” he said again, this time towards Izzy, lacking energy in his response.

20:07:44 Izzy-Iwamura kind of looked from Kieran to Archie to Gloriana before glancing back at the uncharacteristically silent Xia, who seemed to be… well, she wasn't saying anything. He poked her in the arm curiously, but even Xia putting on a statue impression couldn't really dampen his mood, and he announced with all the cheery energy he'd shown before, "You'll all be glad to know that I have a fantastic announcement ready for… announcing. We shouldn't do it here, though. Let's walk." And he spun about on his heel, snatching Xia by the wrist and pulling her along in case she'd gone deaf and blind or something. Turnabout is fair play, she was always dragging him around. He started off in the direction of the lake, whether the others followed him or not was really a matter of personal discretion - either way, he started talking at those who kept up with him almost immediately. "The reason I asked you all here tonight is because I - with a little help from the lovely Lavine, Boulstridge, and Marsh girls - have discovered >
20:08:48 Izzy-Iwamura < the identity of the Blue Man." He paused. "That's not fair. It was more than a little help. Xia, Gloriana, and Avalon were all instrumental in the plan, and there is a very good chance I would be dead had Gloriana not performed her role so admirably. Thank you kindly for that, Glori. I do like being alive. It's… quite preferable to the alternative." This was probably as talkative as Izzy had been since… ever. Strange.

20:14:03 [Gloriana`Boulstridge] || If Izzy was, truly, adding people to the team for specific reasons, well she could list a few of them at least. Socially awkward Leader with higher sources for information, boisterous troublemaker who just so happened to know every secret passage in Hogwarts, Social outcast with a slight lean of authority, the hulking distraction and… well Archie was mainly there because he was pretty. Yeah. That was it. Archie was their poster boy. Well that settled some of it. Since there were, in fact, several other members of their little gang that weren’t accounted for just now. Her gaze shifted from each of the party members and settled on Archie again. Alright, so she did feel a little bad about being angry at him. After all, he’d just lost against Slytherin just a few days ago. And Quidditch was important to him. It wasn’t exactly fair to kick him while he was down. That, and her little crush might have compelled her to drop down beside him, if not for Izzy’s sudden need to take a stroll down to the <c>
20:14:16 [Gloriana`Boulstridge] lake. With another heavy-handed sigh, she shoved her hands into the pockets of her navy coat and followed along; trailing close to Archie, should he join the little troupe. While she didn’t exactly like being referred to like one of Charlie’s Angels, she certainly did appreciate his… appreciation. To which she gave a curt nod, though her somber expression didn’t fade. “So, Blue bloke,“ she muttered, attempting to get the conversation back on track.||

20:19:09 Kieran observed from what you could say was outside of their circle. Testing the waters so to speak. Looking at Izzy was a tiny bit of an eyesore, though the more he did the more he noticed that he matched Xia quite well. It was terribly annoying after you realized it. Give him fur hats and fur cloaks any day. Who cared if they looked like a bunch of commies. They looked sharp. When he that they should walk, he couldn't have agreed more. If he saw that he agreed with Izzy on more occasions, he could see to respect the boy dispite his… eccentricities. He listened intently as they walked, Keeping within earshot of Iwamura. The identity of the Blue man. That was something quite valuable to know. How exactly had they come across all of that information, anyway? His patience wore down a bit, and Gloriana spoke his thoughts when she asked him to get on with it.

20:29:14 [Archie] Archie remained silent, his hands lifting from his pockets to help him up by pushing off his knees. Immediately after, his hands returned to his pockets and he walked with the group, playing it safe by being distant, at least socially thanks to Gloriana walking so close to him. The news Izzy had proved helpful in stimulating his intrigue, and his diatribe about Gloriana’s helpfulness brought a small smile to his face before he turned his head to look Gloriana over as if he’d suddenly learned of a completely different side to her; as if he had to make sure Izzy and he were thinking of the same Gloriana. His gaze didn’t linger long, and soon he was back to looking straight ahead towards Izzy who everyone had given the lead to.

20:30:41 Xia_Lavine snapped out of her stupor abruptly, blinking and looking around at everyone as she realized they were moving. "Umm…I don't know what just happened, but I'm back in the world of the living, I promise." She glanced from person to person and then focused on Izzy for a moment, then shifted to the rest of the group. "Where are we heading?" She asked curiously, moving along with the group of her own volition now, her footsteps quick and quiet. "Oh! Izzy is going to tell us big news, right?" She smiled and tilted her head to one side.

20:38:11 Izzy-Iwamura wrinkled his nose as Xia abruptly started talking again. That was good. He responded to that by pausing just long enough to scruff her hair. Since, you know, constantly color-changing hair needs to be scruffed and all that. He whistled for a moment, innocent-like, and then leaped right back into his high-quality dramatic exposition, after a suitable dramatic pause of course. "Flutey is many things. He's obnoxious, a terrible speaker, a little bit eccentric, and possibly brain-damaged. He's also an extremely brilliant wizard, and an obsessive-compulsive former Ravenclaw. His records are very thorough." He paused, grinning a little wider. "As we've suspected for… rather a long time, Flutey is the Thin Man. That was a name he went by when he was a student, back in the fifties. It seems our Headmaster has a history of association with rather unsavory sorts, as a student he fell in with supporters of Kali rather early on." The lake was ahead now, placid and quiet, giving no sign at all to the >
20:41:15 Izzy-Iwamura < vicious creatures Cassaday had released into it with the merfolk now absent. "The Blue Man was a classmate of his, the name adopted by one Eric Calutain. Eric was a Gryffindor, and one of Flutey's only contemporaries who routinely got better marks than he did… since graduating, Calutain has worked at several Ministry posts - most recently heading the Department of Investigation. He was behind a recent purge in the Auror Department, where he removed several ranking Aurors from their posts for supposed treasonous associations." Spinning about on his heel, Izzy grinned at everyone brightly. "Is everyone else starting to see the same picture I am?"

20:47:09 [Gloriana`Boulstridge] || The occasional glance directed at the members of the group allowed her to catch the tail end of Archie’s smile. She couldn’t tell why the mention of her “heroics” had that effect on him, but her response was to push into Archie’s shoulder with her own. Her cheeks grew pink and she murmured, “Shut up.” It didn’t matter that he hadn’t said anything, whatever he was thinking needed to be silenced. After all, she couldn’t have people thinking highly of her or anything. That was just ludicrous! She conveniently ignored Lavine’s momentary lapse in brain function. What Izzy had to say was supposed to be important though, right? So she didn’t feel like a jerk or anything for ignoring Xia. Well… Gloriana rarely felt like a jerk anyway. It came with the territory of being… whatever it was that she was. Back to the topic at hand! “Sure. My question right now is: why was he called The Blue Man? What exactly does that mean,” she blurted. That was really kind of beside the point. The “big picture” was <c>
20:47:31 [Gloriana`Boulstridge] that this Calutain fellow was involved in some nefarious goings on inside the ministry. Or supposedly anyway. This was all assuming that Izzy had his story straight, which she desperately hoped was the case. Come to think of it, Glori was putting a lot of trust in someone that she probably wouldn’t otherwise. She became a little queasy at the thought. ||

20:51:26 Kieran eyed Xia as she seemed to have spaced out practically immediately after Izzy touched her. Maybe she didn't want to be grabbed and dragged around! How rude of Izzy. He should have brought Sasha along. She'd know who to bite. His brow knit as he thought this. Eventually his concentration got back on track. After all, he needed to be listening. When Izzy let loose this recent bomb of information, first he slowly translated it all in his head. Then he thought about it carefully. It did make sense, and he commended the group of youngsters for gathering that much information, and drawing those conclusions. Gloriana spoke up, to which he added: "Also, if he is can get rid of Aurors, then what is plan to do with what know?" Nobody was untouchable, but if you were dealing with someone bumping off Aurors…

20:57:23 Archie responded to the shoulder nudge with one of his own, seemingly forgetting that he was slightly displeased with Gloriana just a few moments before. Whatever thoughts Archie had on Gloriana’s heroism, however, were moved to the back of his mind as Izzy began explaining his findings. Archie was quick to catch on to what everything meant in relation to the prophesy – that was the most pressing matter as far as he was concerned, and with its realization, his jaw dropped, eyes widened, and with his gaze settled on Izzy. He wasn’t sure he was on the same track as the other, but it was… one hell of a revelation indeed. He chimed in quickly, dismissing Gloriana’s question not to be rude, but because he thought of it as only minorly important compared to the fact that Flutey was in danger. “Woah! Forget why he’s called the blue man! If this Eric guy is The Blue man, and Flutey is Thin, then Calutain is the one whose supposed to kill Flutey!” His words were directed mainly towards Izzy [c]]
20:58:16 [Archie] who’d provided the information, and Gloriana who’d heard Quinn’s the prophesy along with him, and she should remember since she was the apparent trigger to the vision. Archie didn't even have time to question why they were at the black lake again, he was too busy synthesizing all they knew about Mr. Blue Man.

21:00:53 Xia_Lavine squeaked and ducked her head as Izzy ruffled her hair and stuff, laughing and glancing at him, shaking her head slightly and nudging him playfully. She looked ahead, then glanced over her shoulder at Kieran, Gloriana, and Archie, tilting her head to one side as she listened to everything. She frowned thoughtfully, biting her bottom lip and then nodding ever so slightly. "It makes sense, yes. It's all coming together." She mumbled, glancing around at everyone and then looking back to Izzy, waiting quietly for the rest of the information even after Archie started talking about Blue man killing Thin man and stuff. She figured that was self evident, but then maybe it did need to stated.

21:07:43 Izzy-Iwamura couldn't help himself - he beamed a little as the gravity of the revelation sank in. Archie was the one who really burst out, something he had been hinting at - and Kieran mentioned something else worth noting. "Calutain does, indeed, seem to be the one… fated to kill Flutey. And he's been in a position where he can eliminate Aurors from their authority. He was rumored to be an agent of Kali during the war, but none of the charges were ever proven…" Izzy leaned down, picking up a small, smooth pebble and rolled it about in his palm absently. "It seems to me that we're seeing the opening stages of another war. The pawns moving, if you will." He wrinkled his nose and hurled the pebble out into the lake. "I don't have any hard proof of it, but I have a suspicion that there's moles in place in the school. What led me to that… something Evangeline told me. She had a little mission of her own, and she discovered some… unpleasant bits of Professor Kaust's past. It seems she was declared dead for a time, >
21:09:09 Izzy-Iwamura < before resurfacing. More importantly, in every position she's held since, her predecessor has… vanished, usually without explanation, or died." Let's not even mention the other signs of a traitor in the faculty, such as the infiltration at Halloween. "My mother's been on edge lately. I think something's coming. We all need to be ready when it does. Last time the Aurors went to war, the school didn't survive, and most of the casualties were students."

21:16:03 [Gloriana`Boulstridge] || Whatever Krum had said had pretty well passed right over Gloriana’s head. Too bad she didn’t speak German. Archie, too had piped up. Although he was dismissive about her question, she couldn’t exactly call it “rude”. Gloriana had way more experience with being uncouth than Archie, or at least she thought so, and he was far from that. However, she didn’t feel quite as… excited as Archie did about the whole thing. She was pretty certain that, in the two seconds it might have taken Izzy to answer her, Calutain wasn’t going to murder Professor Flutey. Now Izzy was talking about moles in the school, and the possibility that Professor Kaust was one of them. “Why am I not surprised? That woman’s got evil written all over her face,” she muttered glumly. It was a well known fact that Professor Kaust was a real bitch, and Gloriana hadn’t missed the train on that one, either. She’d had her fair share of run-ins with the austere German woman before. And then Izzy’s last words sunk in. School
21:16:31 [Gloriana`Boulstridge] didn’t survive. Casualties mostly students. A shiver ran down her spine and she dropped her gaze to the snow covered ground. “In other words… if there is a war coming… some of us won’t survive,” she murmured. It was a grim fact indeed, but one that needed to be stated. That made their mission a great deal more costly. Before there was only the slightest chance they would have gotten themselves hurt, now the possibility of death was staring them straight in the face. She swallowed harshly and pulled her hands out of her coat pockets to cross them over her torso. Suddenly, Gloriana felt very cold. More so than she’d been before.||

21:22:53 Kieran resisted the urge to bring a palm to his face as Archie had what the other Slytherin might have chalked up as a pure Gryffindor moment. Yes, the Headmaster was in danger. In fact, there probably was little they could do to help him at all. It wasn't as though Flutey was with them now for them to make a human chain around. Such a high profile assassination meant that they had other plans, and were unlikely to let a group who readily called themselves the 'skoobie doo' gang stop them. Whatever the hell that was. When Izzy continued on, he folded his arms in front of his chest. A bit more serious of an expression painted his face. "Why is it remain here? If we are in danger we should make to leave from here. Hogwart is no safe." He was especially disturbed at the mention of Kaust. She taught at Durmstrang beforehand. In fact, she'd taught him before he transferred, and was initially happy to see a familiar face so far from home. He hadn't much contact with her, and it didn't even seem like she recognized him.

21:33:20 [Archie] Everyone seemed caught up at this point, on the same page, however in finding the answers to practically all their questions, Archie wasn’t so thrilled anymore. Flutey was in danger of being murdered, the possibility of moles running around the school had now arisen, and worse it was all in preparation for a potential war. If the things happening at Hogwarts weren’t overwhelming now, the trade of the foreboding sense that something bad was going to happen for the knowledge that something bad was already happening and going to get a hundred times worse was far beyond simply unsettling. To be honest, Archie, being the sole Gryffindor, did in fact believe Flutey could be saved. While everyone was busy accepting the idea that they were powerless to do anything about it, Archie was already considering what they could do; the man wasn’t dead yet. Yet his thought process was thrown off completely thanks to the gloomy conclusion that a couple of them if not all of them would die in the upcoming war.
21:34:53 Xia_Lavine went very still and quiet as she considered the idea of both Flutey's assassination and the implications of Izzy's mother's disquiet. She bit her bottom lip and glanced around uneasily, then shifted her weight and looked down at her feet. She was a direct descendant of those who had been affected the last time Izzy's mother had been uneasy. She took a deep breath and let it out slowly, uncertain what to think now. They'd unmasked most of the mystery…now what were they going to do about it was the big question.

21:44:30 Izzy-Iwamura licked his lips and let out a slow, steady breath. "Obviously, this is a lot to take in. Some of it is conjecture. Some of it I have hard proof of. We have to remember that we have an advantage over the students in the last war… we have some idea what's coming." And this was true - Izzy knew, as his mother had told him, even Kojima had been shocked by the assault on Hogwarts. They did not have all the pieces, they didn't know what was coming, but they had a good idea that something was on the way… "I'd like you all to meet me in the courtyard again tomorrow. If you learn anything, if you have any ideas, please… don't hesitate to bring them up. I've included all of you in this for very particular reasons…" He didn't elaborate on that. It was hard to elaborate on that sort of thing. "If there is a war coming, we should be ready. And if we see an opportunity to avert it… we have to take it. Flutey is obviously far more involved, far more knowledgeable, than he's let on. He seems to be at the center >
21:48:10 Izzy-Iwamura < of everything…" And that… that would have shocked Izzy a year before. He'd never really credited Flutey with much intelligence, or competence, but increasingly it was seeming that he was very capable, and just struggling with secrets and troubles well beyond anything the students understood. "Keep in contact, as much as you can. Information is the best weapon we have right now. I'm… thank you all, for your time. For listening to me." He shifted a little uncomfortably. "We should be getting back to the dormitories, though… it's late. We'll start attracting attention if we're out much longer."

21:50:35 [Gloriana`Boulstridge] || She cast Krum a disdainful look, a little annoyed at his readiness to cut and run. Regardless of whether or not he was new to the school, she was terribly disappointed that he was showing, what Gloriana considered to be, cowardice. It was true, in some situations the case was “those who fight and runaway, live to fight another day”. This, to Gloriana’s mind, was not one of those times. She may not have particularly enjoyed the company of most people, but she certainly wasn’t alright with genocide or some kind of totalitarian reign on the whole of humanity. That’s how these things worked you know, very “domino effect”. They’d take Hogwarts, then every wizarding school in the world, each of their communities, and muggle society would crumble next. Bigger Picture. Stop it from the source and you could stop the killing and the suffering before it got out of hand. Of course, then you were saddled with allowing some death. That did not, particularly, mean that she felt that Flutey’s death was <c>
21:50:52 [Gloriana`Boulstridge] written in stone. They could attempt, at the very least. And suddenly she felt like she was on that muggle television show about the alien man and his blue box. Very much so. And having been recently afflicted with grief from her own mother’s passing, she certainly wasn’t going to allow that kind of heartbreak torment the souls of possibly millions of people. After some contemplation, she spoke up. “Krum… some of us have a little bit of compassion for the rest of humanity. So, if you’d like to go crying back to your mum, go on right ahead. No one’s exactly keeping you here,” she said, her voice laced with venom. She turned to Archie next, placing her hand on his arm, “That doesn’t mean we can’t help Flutey, Archie. If there’s even the smallest chance that we can keep people from dying, I’m up for it.“ Her mouth curled into a pitiful sort of half smile. And with Izzy’s most recent addition to the conversation, she had a renewed faith in their “leader”. They would fight this <c>
21:50:57 [Gloriana`Boulstridge] thing together, as much as they could anyway. If that meant Glori’s life… well then so be it, but she’d die knowing she did what’s right. She nodded at his final suggestion and headed off in the direction of the Castle, but not before bravely taking Archie’s hand and tugging him after her. ||

21:59:31 Kieran looked to Gloriana, whom seemed quite upset with what he'd said. It was true. Nobody was keeping him there, and honestly he had little to no connections there. He looked at Xia - perhaps the only one there who'd spoken to him as a person since making the transfer. Just because he wasn't there, didn't mean he couldn't fight it. There were different places to be than the front lines. He was just a kid. What could he do in the face of a war far bigger than him? He looked to Izzy, then back to Xia, sighing. They both knew all of it, and they were going to at least try. He churned an idea around in his head before saying it out loud. He needed to find out for himself first. If Kaust was as dead as he said she was, than whatever was walking and talking like her was an imposter. As they began to dispurse, he moved up towards Izzy and Xia. "What is plan to do for Kaust?"

22:12:05 Archie commended Gloriana for her words towards Kieran where he’d tried to be patient with him, and when she reassured him that they’d try to save Flutey, this too pleased him. For all her faults, she had a great deal of redeeming qualities. Archie nodded towards her, and then towards Izzy and Xia before silently following behind Gloriana. On another note, Archiehad long since ignored Krum – even implying running away was enough to permanently sour his view on the newest student. However, Archie couldn’t act surprised; he was new, so he wasn;t really that connected to the school, and he was also a Slytherin. It was in his nature. If anything, it only reaffirmed how untrustworthy Slytherin’s were, which Archie found contemptible for another reason altogether. However, his question about Professor Kaust was one worth noting, and so he paused momentarily to listen to it, and in light of what Izzy had just said, he struggled with the idea of completely ostracizing the other. But, in any [c]
22:12:31 [Archie] case, they parted ways, Archie following behind Gloriana, though he had no idea where she was leading him – assumedly back towards the school. And yet, he still couldn’t drop the topic. He had so many more questions, he couldn’t but to bounce a few off Gloriana. “I can’t help but to think that if we just knew what each puzzle piece was for, we might be able to find out whose moving them and who might want to start another war. And, who was it that helped Flutey fight off Calutain the first time?” Now he was beginning to ramble. “God, even with this there is just so much we still don’t know. Now more than ever, I feel like we have to figure out what’s going on.” Gloriana wasn’t required to answer any of his musings. He was simply throwing his concerns around in his head and looking to get them out in the open. All of a sudden, he didn’t want to be a hero anymore.

22:13:06 Xia_Lavine took a deep breath and nodded to Izzy as he explained and asked them to meet him in the courtyard the next day. She smiled and gently disentangled herself from him for a moment, murmuring something in his ear before he headed for the dormitory. That was when she noticed Glori going off on Kieran. She frowned, resting her hands on her hips. "Glori. Would you please stop bitching at him for making a somewhat logical suggestion. It's mean, and unnecessary. He's just stating the option that makes the most sense to him. That doesn't mean he wants to cry to his mum or abandon the rest of the school." She sighed heavily, pinching the bridge of her nose with her fingertips. "I'm sorry if you don't like him, but he's included in this now. Can we please be civil?" She looked at everyone, frowning, then turned slightly and glanced at Kieran as he asked about Kaust. She shrugged. "We'll…think on it, yeah? Things still haven't come completely to light yet." She shrugged, then turned, glancing (c)
22:15:27 Xia_Lavine (c) at Glori's retreating form. "Oh…Hey Glori!" She caught up to her and Archie, and passed Glori a book that had been in a pocket in her robe. "I remembered to grab some extra books over the holiday, since we talked about lending them to you that one time. Enjoy it, mkay! It's one of my favorites." And with that she turned and looked back to Kieran, apologizing for her abrupt departure. Xia…may not have the best awareness of everything transpiring between Glori, Archie, and Kieran, but then she'd been rather distracted, so perhaps it was understandable.

22:31:55 Kieran couldn't exactly help what house he'd been sorted into, and less so the qualities that put him there. He didn't know exactly what they were thinking, but their disregarding him without the slightest idea of who he was would have certainly tarnished his opinion of them. Caution was a priority, and to be really, he honestly did want to know why they weren't getting themselves the hell out of there. It perplexed him. They knew they were in danger. He had no intentions of going back inside just yet, and watched the others make their way back towards the castle. " I am big boy. Do not need you stick up for me. I am greatful anyhow" He turned towards the forest and began walking. In the end, they didn't need to like him. If they let that get in the way of the bigger picture, however, they would be defeating themselves.

22:32:50 [Gloriana`Boulstridge] || If Xia had known any better, she probably would have been aware of the fact that… well Gloriana didn’t exactly care how valid Krum’s reasons were for wanting to avoid the situation altogether. In fact, Glori didn’t usually care about the feelings of others, not right off the bat anyway. And as far as she was concerned, Krum had solidified himself in her mind as a coward. She took the book from Lavine with her free hand and glanced it over briefly before tucking it safely in her bag and turning her attention back to Archie. She released a long sigh and tightened her grip for a few fleeting moments, “I don’t know, but… if this is anything like the Auror War, then it’s very possible that the same people are involved. Maybe more of Kali’s followers. I’m more concerned about the Kaust situation. She was… dead? But we see her every day, right? I mean… she’s not some kind of elaborate illusion. And bringing people back from the dead… and even possession, those are really dark forces to be <c>
22:32:58 [Gloriana`Boulstridge] messing with. You don’t just snap your fingers and bring someone back to life.” Her tone was brimming with concern, a vulnerability she didn’t show to just anyone. In fact, the way she was with Archie was very much the way that Izzy was with Xia. It seemed like socially awkward types tended to lean toward the butterflies. Maybe it was some weird balance thing. Well regardless of that little side note, she was definitely more distressed about Kaust’s impossible existence. And leave it to the aspiring healer to focus on “resurrection”, instead of the possible death of their Headmaster. ||

22:38:31 Xia_Lavine sighed softly and folded her arms over her stomach as Kieran spoke, shifting back a slight step and glancing around, suddenly unsure. "Sorry. I won't do it again." She mumbled, biting her bottom lip and then fidgeting with a strand of hair. She drew her wand, changing the colors from the bubblegum pink and gold to silver streaked with black. She seemed to enjoy streaking the colors of late. Her skill with color change charms was improving. "If you think of something…to do with Kaust? Come tomorrow, talk to Izzy, yeah?" She shifted, scuffing her foot on a stone and then exhaling heavily. "I should go to bed or something. I'm off today."

22:48:15 [Archie] “Well,” he began, for some reason treading cautiously with his word choice; “she may have faked her death. I don’t know, whatever the case, there is powerful magic working here, and we’d better be extra careful now that we know moles are in the school. Now we have to worry about death as much as expulsion.” That thought was going to make sleeping tonight difficult. All the information was just asking for him to be paranoid; asking for him to sleep with one eye open and begin wondering what ulterior motive might be behind every action the faculty takes. Of course, no one knew that Archie had been somewhat buddy-buddy with the groundskeeper. Of course, he didn’t divulge everything he knew, and he’d grown as an occulmens to avoid the former reading his thoughts, which was now even More of an asset. He wasn’t even sure he could trust Benoit now. “Damnit…” he swore under his breath. His thoughts would continue much the same for the duration of their walk to the castle, and [c]
22:48:31 [Archie] regardless of danger and all that jazz, he was likely to walk Gloriana back to her dorm for safe measure. When Archie became truly concerned, he didn’t joke around.

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