01/07/2010 Log

16:30:02 Izzy-Iwamura had his moment of truth as it were: the conditions were right, and they were unlikely to be right-er for a good long while. Just left-er, and everyone knows the only time left is good is when you're talking about… nevermind. Anyway, it was the first day back from the winter break, the feast in which people were returning from the nowhere-land known as 'not Hogwarts', and far more importantly, Izzy had counted every single professor as present at the faculty table just now - from Flutey on down to the minor and unimportant classes like Transfiguration and Charms. So Izzy waited at the Ravenclaw table quietly, for the other people he'd need to spring the plan. Well, it was really just Xia that he needed, on the grounds she could take them a good length of the way there well outside the usual hallways, but there were a couple other people he had every intention of bringing along, either as a taunt or as a legitimate invitation. Regardless… he waited. And everyone who was already in >
16:30:51 Izzy-Iwamura < the Great Hall waited too, because no food had yet materialized on the tables, and Flutey was hemming and hawing in the way he did before he made a brilliant speech to the student body, drinking from a tall glass and clearing his throat and performing tongue exercises. Izzy had always found that a little strange, the tongue exercises…

16:39:16 [Gloriana`Boulstridge] || The past few months had gone without incident, which was a nice change of pace for the other, less informed, students. Unfortunately, it left Gloriana on edge. The calm before the storm. Currently, though, she was sitting at the Ravenclaw table in the Great Hall, sitting quietly with the suspicion that Professor Flutey was going to perform yet another speech. She groaned inwardly and shifted in her seat, leaning forward on her elbows and looking a little disheartened by the prospect of having to sit through another of Flutey’s announcements. ||

16:46:26 AvalonMarsh could easily be described as grumpy. It had been bad enough trying to pry her mother's arms off her on the train platform while her pacifying father stood by and giggled, and on top of that she hadn't even been fed yet! Her lunch on the train was long gone and she wanted her dinner, however it seemed Flutey was preparing himself for was sure to be his most thrilling speech yet. A fork in her hand, she tapped it in an irritating rhythm against the tabletop, wonder if, should she stare intently enough, she might just be able to ignite Flutey's head with her mind.

16:54:07 Xia_Lavine slipped into the Great Hall, a little late perhaps, but not late enough as Flutey hadn't started his most recent speech. She eyed the headmaster uncertainly as she walked over to Izzy, taking a seat beside him and then glancing around slowly, looking for others that she knew. She glanced back at Izzy, eyebrows rising for a moment and a smile breaking across her lips.

17:07:47 Izzy-Iwamura didn't really have to wait long. Xia wasn't ever particularly late to the Great Hall, and Flutey was really stalling as he prepared for his speech. Must have had something big in the works. Some sort of epic speech about the truly epic nature of Hogwarts, which would drag on into the wee hours of morning. Not that it particularly mattered, Izzy didn't plan to stick around and listen to it. It was fairly surreptitious, his method of alert, one he was actually rather proud of. Just a little scribbling on a napkin. And the words showed up on other napkins! To be precise, on Xia's, and on Gloriana's. Maybe on Avalon's too just to make sure she has something to do, or something? Yeah. Anyway, the message was pretty simple. It just had one word and a time on it: Courtyard. 7:10. Considering it was, oh, about 7:04 just now, that didn't give a whole lot of time to get there. Izzy took his time to rise, pointedly left his satchel there on the bench as though he was going to come right back, and made a >
17:07:55 Izzy-Iwamura < quiet exit from the Great Hall.

17:24:19 [Gloriana`Boulstridge] || She sighed and glanced down at the table, conveniently enough, and traced a flaw in the wood when all of a sudden… Tada! There was a message on her napkin that simply said Courtyard: 7:10. She glanced down at the watch on her wrist. It was now 7:05. That didn’t leave her with very much time to work with. Gloriana simply excused herself from the table, grateful for the opportunity to miss Flutey’s speech, and slipped out of the Great Hall (she didn‘t leave her bag, she never left her bag anywhere). It didn’t take long to get to the Courtyard, leaving her with maybe two or three minutes until ten after seven. She pulled out her wand and without so much as a word, a little light rippled from the tip. “So,“ she began, “While I’m pretty sure you just saved us from listening to another long and boring speech, I can’t help but feel like whatever we’re about to do is going to get us into some serious trouble, if we get caught.“ She quirked a curious eyebrow at Izzy and anyone else that <c>
17:24:27 [Gloriana`Boulstridge] arrive shortly thereafter. ||

17:29:51 AvalonMarsh continued to tap her fork, staring down at the little dents the prongs made in the wood. Surely these tables must be magic in some way to stand up to years after years of destructive students. It seemed like any damage she did to the wood was gone by the next meal. It was then she noticed the message scribbled over her napkin. Looking up, she noticed Izzy, as well as a couple others, heading out of the Great Hall. Seeing how she did, indeed, need something to do, she stood as well. Muttering a quick "Gotta pee…" to the girl next to her she slipped through the door, quickly jogging to the courtyard. She stood silently. For once she didn't have much to say. She merely looked curious.

17:43:28 Xia_Lavine slipped out a few moments after Izzy, taking her time and making it appear as though she, too, would be right back, but the simple truth of the matter was that she was slipping off to the courtyard right behind Izzy. She appeared at 7:08, sliding her hands into her jean pockets and smiling brightly. Her hair was a dark shade of purple today, with streaks of white throughout. Something different from her usual…if she had a usual. "Oh Gloriana.." SHe said cheerfully, shaking her head. "Why ever would you think that?" She asked impishly, her smile lighting her eyes. "We would only get…well…maybe suspended…" She paused, considering. "I dunno." Again the cheerful smile.

17:51:23 Izzy-Iwamura flared his nostrils slightly, then grinned. And then there were four - which was, ultimately, as large a group as he was willing to take along on this sort of stuff. In the Great Hall, even from out in the courtyard, the beginning of Flutey's speech could be heard: "As we welcome a new year, eyes fresh and wide, hearts brimming with pride, ready to turn the page on recent struggles and focus solely on our glorious pursuit of achievement…" The man had a voice, Izzy could never deny that much. Either way, though, it wasn't his concern. "More likely expelled, Xia. We're breaking into Flutey's office. I'll explain more later, suffice to say I'd like all of your help." He glanced towards Xia. "If you can get us to his office, I know the password to get in… I'd rather avoid any unfortunate encounters with the groundskeeper or caretaker along the way, if you can manage." And, with that knowledge, why had he invited others? Well, Avalon was there as the sacrificial lamb in case anything went wrong, and >
17:53:51 Izzy-Iwamura < Gloriana was there because Izzy found it secretly amusing to involve the Head Girl in mischief that could potentially have them all expelled. "Just keep close for now. I'll explain what I want everyone to do along the way."

18:04:53 [Gloriana`Boulstridge] || While she couldn’t exactly deny the thrill that seemed to accompany troublemaking, she certainly couldn’t approve of it outside of their “cause”. There were answers to be had about this “Thin man” nonsense, and there were still questions lingering about the tattooed man’s tattoos. That being said, she went along with Izzy’s plan, albeit a little confused as to why she’d really been summoned to join them. It generally didn’t take very many people to break into an office, and Gloriana was always under the impression that, when sneaking around, less was usually better. Well now she was just plain suspicious of Izzy’s motives. But, for some reason or another, she followed along, regardless.||

18:13:56 AvalonMarsh blinked, raising her brows in surprise when Izzy revealed their plan. "We're breaking… into the Headmaster's office? I mean… I know Flutey is… well… Flutey, but isn't this still ridiculously stupid?" One didn't just break into the Headmaster's office. There were wards and charms and… probably guardian dormice for all she knew. "Cutting through all the obvious problems with this… What are we looking for? Won't he notice it's gone? What if the portraits see us and rat us out?" The dam had broken and she was really just monologuing all her concerns at this point, no matter how foolish. Avalon was not alright with being expelled. She liked Hogwarts, even when it was falling apart. She didn't want to be sent somewhere else, like Beauxbatons. She didn't know any French!

18:32:33 Izzy-Iwamura knew it was ridiculously stupid. He did. But then, he wasn't really stopped - or even given momentary pause by that. There was information to be had, and he wasn't going to give anyone a bit of rest until he had it, or until he was expelled. Whatever came first. So as Xia picked the quickest way to get to their destination, leading them all behind a currently-sleeping portrait of a large white cat, Izzy began categorically responding to Avalon's inquiries. "I'm just looking for a bit of information. Flutey is the Thin Man. I'm more or less sure of that. I think he knows the Blue Man, and it's my hope that there's something in his records to identify who that is. I've been in his office a few times before, and I have a good idea where to look…" He paused, shivering a bit as they turned a corner and the passageway suddenly became quite drafty. "I don't plan to actually take anything. Just a little look around. I invited the two of you," by which he clearly meant Gloriana and Avalon, "To help me deal >
18:34:19 Izzy-Iwamura < with some of those particular problems you've mentioned. There are portraits that might spy us breaking in. I want you to make sure they don't see us, Gloriana." And as for Avalon? Well, that was the last thing out of his mouth before Xia brought them back into the main halls. "There's a dog who patrols the halls around Flutey's office. It's known to be belligerent and aggressive. I'm reasonably sure it's a magical hound of some sort, but I've never been close enough to actually examine it. I need you to keep it distracted."

18:49:23 [Gloriana`Boulstridge] || She glanced at Marsh as she let go a flood of concerns, not entirely inclined to disagree. But her curiosity in regard to the Thin Man and the possibility that Flutey was that man pretty much did away with any hindrance involving their current course of action. “I’m reasonably sure we can avoid any…“ she fought the urge to say “Imperial Entanglements” and continued with, “run-ins with the staff. They’re all at the feast anyway..” Which did, in fact, leave them with the task of distracting the portraits. And, thanks to Izzy’s fine leadership skills (note the sarcasm), Gloriana would have to devise some kind of decoy to divert their attention from the raiding of the files. Well, this might not have been as easy a “mission” as she’d have thought. The room was, after all, filled with some of the most clever wizards known to wizarding kind. And Gloriana, after all, was only a seventh year student who was really only book-smart when it came down to it. She groaned and followed Izzy and Xia <c>
18:49:34 [Gloriana`Boulstridge] through whatever passageways were required to make it to the Headmaster’s study.||

18:58:10 AvalonMarsh was horrified. Well and truely horrified. She stumbled and everything. Yup. "I'm the dog bait!? DOG BAIT?" Somehow she managed to get across how outraged she was while still maintaining a sneaky volume. She had enough experience with sneaking to know that one shouldn't be loud when trying to be sneaky, but enough of that! She was angry! Her hands were itching to grab her wand and throw some curses. However, for a reason even she didn't really understand, she accepted her fate, crossing her arms, grumbling, and stomping perhaps a little harder than she had been before. "Dick." She muttered under her breath.

19:08:05 Izzy-Iwamura actually had a fair bit of faith in Gloriana's ability to distract portraits. He could think of a half-dozen ways he would have handled it himself, but he figured she was perfectly capable, and didn't offer suggestions. (Besides, it wasn't very nice to start casually flinging conjunctivitus curses at unsuspecting paintings, which was Izzy's first response.) "Yes, Avalon, you are the dog bait. I also need you to be our eyes on the outside, to give us an alert if anyone's coming. The signal to run, as it were." With the little staircase up to the headmaster's office ahead, Izzy forged onward boldly. Three different doors demanded three different passwords - Izzy responded to each one rather confidently: "Achievement." The first seemed obvious enough, right? "Circuitous." The second was less obvious, but still seemed somehow spectacular appropriate. As for the last one… "Funducational." He didn't know exactly what that meant, but he liked the word anyway. Flutey's office waited beyond that third door, >
19:09:39 Izzy-Iwamura < furnished with a half-dozen portraits and two suits of armor, all of which turned and stared at the door as it started to open. Flattening himself against the wall to stay momentarily out of sight, Izzy grinned at Gloriana. "I just need a few minutes. Can you give me that?" Aside from the portraits and armor, the office contained a large and very cluttered desk, a larger and more cluttered filing cabinet, two bookshelves, overflowing with old dusty tomes, and a bright pink throw rug right at the center of the room, embroidered with a thoroughly cute dragon chasing it's own tail.

19:24:45 AvalonMarsh continued to grumble under her breath as she secured herself behind the gargoyle statue marking the staircase to the Headmaster's office. "Bloody Ravenclaws, bloody dogs, bloody thin men…" She muttered to herself as she peered attentively up and down the corridor. She wouldn't be letting any evil demon dogs sneak up on her, no she wouldn't! Gripping her wand in her hand, she sighed and chewed her lip. She was permanent dog bait. Maybe some day she would get promoted and people would no longer look at her and think <i>Yup, that's the girl we'll throw to the wolves so we can all go have exciting adventures while she gets eaten.

19:47:06 [Gloriana`Boulstridge] || Gloriana definitely didn’t envy Avalon being charged with distracting to the dog that guarded the corridor to Flutey’s office. In fact, she was rather thrilled that Izzy hadn’t been so vindictive as to give her that particular errand since it was all too clear, especially from the night in the Forbidden Forest, that Gloriana was not a fan of animals in general. So to put her up against a dog… and a vicious one at that… well let’s just say Glori was ridiculously thankful that Izzy wasn’t that hateful. However, she still had to divert the attention of dozens of former Headmasters from Izzy and Xia’s poking around, which would prove to be terribly easy. She nodded to Izzy’s request and slipped into the office quietly. Swallowing harshly, she flicked her wand and whispered, “Nebula.” A thick sort of mist filled the room, then, obscuring the paintings from view and hopefully vice versa. The grumbling voices of quite a few older men (and women) told her that it was successful, at least for now. <c>
19:47:26 [Gloriana`Boulstridge] Another flick of her wand and the word “muffliato“ would protect them from any listening ears. She turned to Izzy and nodded for them to continue. If she had to, she’d use more offensive maneuvers to keep their “mission” under wraps.||

19:56:24 Izzy-Iwamura happened to know that Gloriana didn't like animals. He also knew that Avalon was, at the very least, not quite so terrified of animals, and that made all the difference in assigning tasks. Also, Gloriana was somewhat more experienced, and more likely to be able to maintain a distraction through setbacks than a younger student. Izzy happened to need someone quite competent to do that, to make sure he wasn't disturbed. Once she nodded, he flashed her a bright grin, slipping into the office and beginning to sort through the filing cabinet. There was immediately a raucous bout of shouting from the portraits as they realized something was amiss, and there was a creaking sound as the suits of armor began to move. Ah… that didn't sound good at all. The creaking grew more pronounced, and ultimately, thunk, a dull metallic clank announced the first footstep. Another followed. Hopefully Gloriana would deal with those…. || Meanwhile, down in the hallway, the promised hound did not take long to show up. To >
20:00:06 Izzy-Iwamura < call it a 'dog' was probably a gross miscarriage of justice, as the hulking beast that padded around the corner and into the noted hallway stood at least seventeen hands tall at the shoulder, as large as a rather impressive stallion, and the heavy, boxer jaw looked strong enough to crush an oil-drum with barely a second thought. Despite the great size, the shaggy dark-furred beast moved with a silence and alacrity that was quite disturbing… until it caught sight of Avalon. At which point it growled, low and guttural, at the back of its throat…

20:10:49 AvalonMarsh was totally happy to sit behind her gargoyle, ready to signal the two the office at a moment's notice, but otherwise content to just hang out. Until, in her very watchful watchfulness, she noticed that beast that could in no way be called a dog turn the corner. She gulped, her eyes wide, and tried not to squeal. Squealing was definitely a bad idea in the face of horrible animals that were not dogs. Stepping out from behind the statue, she gripped her wand, and was entirely surprised when her voice came out level and firm. "Now, you know you're not allowed to eat students." She gripped her wand tighter to prevent her hand from trembling, her palms clammy. Care of Magical Creatures prepares you for nothing! "I'm gonna kill him. I'm gonna cut him into pieces and feed him to the not-dog…" She muttered.

20:17:24 [Gloriana`Boulstridge] || The resounding clank of metal to stone elicited a sharp glare from Glori to Izzy. Damn him for handing her this responsibility. Just once she wanted to be responsible for something less…. Complicated. She squinted through the fog, which was now proving to be more of an imposition than anything remotely helpful. Well, she’d just have to rely on her excellent hearing to assist her in pinpointing the direction the suit of armor was coming from. And calling her hearing excellent wasn’t exactly true, either. But hey, it was all she had to work with. Another loud clank sounded and Glori spun to her lift, wand at the ready. Then another at six o’clock. Really… this was just silly. They were, after all, just suits of armor, right? ||

20:53:54 Izzy-Iwamura really did have to force himself to focus on the task at hand, and not worry about the armor. He had to trust Gloriana to not let animated suits of armor crush him into a fine pink paste suitable for spreading on toast. The first drawer in the filing cabinet proved useless, and he quickly moved on to the next. The armors, initially sluggish, emerged from the haze of the mist with somewhat more alacrity than one would expect, the heads swiveling about as they searched for the intruders who had clearly found their way into the Headmaster's office. His eyes shifted up, but only for a moment. Trust, trust. He searched back through the badly organized folders. Why couldn't Chester Flutey have been one of those obsessive-compulsive types, with everything exactingly and painstakingly placed in order? || The dog growled rather louder at Avalon, saucer-sized eyes leveling upon her dangerously. It padded slowly closer to her, leering threateningly, drooling something foul-smelling onto the floor beneath it. It >
20:54:56 Izzy-Iwamura < didn't attack her, though, instead laying it's ears back. The growl grew louder for several seconds, before it burst out barking. It wasn't exactly normal barking, though. It was much louder even than a dog of that size would have suggested - a series of cries that might have been mistaken for gunshots, had this been a major muggle city.

21:02:19 AvalonMarsh flinched at the sound, but refused to cover her ears. She needed her hands if the not-dog decided it wanted to eat her. Wrinkling her nose at the terrible smell, she shifted her weight, widening her stance. After getting over the initial shock of the size and horribleness of the not-dog, Avalon felt much more confident. After all, they wouldn't let a creature roam the halls if it was at risk of devouring innocent young, cute red-headed students, would they? Narrowing her eyes, she stared (c)
21:04:17 AvalonMarsh (c) back, pursing her lips as she usually did when she was very determined. "Grrr!" She may have been extremely foolish to call the bluff of a beast who's head was the size of her torso, but foolish was easily a key adjective in Avalon's life.

21:05:55 [Gloriana`Boulstridge] || It was a little bittersweet, in all honesty, when one of the two (or possibly more) suits of armor appeared through the thick smoke, startling Gloriana. She nearly screamed at its sudden emergence from the fog. Instead, she flicked her wrist and a slew of ropes flew from her wand and coiled around the suit. It wasn’t anything amazing, but it was something. And it did its job, sending the Armor to the ground with its next step. Alright, one down, one to go. There was a moment of silence before the clanking began again. However, it was moving in the opposite direction… toward Izzy! She stumbled through the clouds of mist and in the direction of the clatter, running into the sharp edge of a desk a time or two. That was going to bruise, but at least she was getting closer. Albeit a little clumsily. ||

21:12:17 Izzy-Iwamura actually found what he was looking for, a particular bit of paper. He'd known it was there, not exactly where, but he'd known it existed because of a conversation with Flutey over the course of the break, when he'd seen it there on his desk. It was actually three pages, neatly stapled together, and Izzy quickly snapped them out of the cabinet, spinning about in time to see the armor lurching towards him. His plan hadn't been to actual take anything from the office, but plans change, obviously. There was no time to read this just now, so he folded it quickly, scrambling away from the armor and tucking it into his sleeve at once. A shout to Gloriana to get out - he had what they needed, and there was no need to keep fighting against the armors - or to wait and see what other apparitions might wait for them in Flutey's office. || The hound responded to Avalon's challenge be squaring it's shoulders and glaring at her, then let out another long chain of gunshot-like barks. The main trouble with this was >
21:13:24 Izzy-Iwamura < that somebody was sure to notice the kind of noise the thing was making. The second problem was, when the barking subsided, it launched itself at the poor girl, fangs bared, dinner-plate-sized forepaws leading the quarry leap. This, certainly, could end badly if she didn't get out of the way in time.

21:32:47 AvalonMarsh had noticed the problem with the loud barking, and so raised her wand and opened her mouth to cast the necessary spell when it came at her. Caught by surprise, she jumped to the side with a cry, but wasn’t entirely fast enough and cried out again when its claws grazed her side. Hitting the floor and sliding to the wall, she pressed her hands against her waist, wincing when blood touched her fingers. Tears welled in her eyes, but she grit her teeth, groaning as she reached for her wand. “Sunnuva bitch!” Turning to the dog, which was totally not a dog and Izzy would hear all about it if she lived, she yelled, “Stupefy!” It was difficult to choose a spell that would not maim that damn horse-dog-thing. She was already in enough trouble, she didn’t need to get herself even more punishment by harming Flutey’s demon-pet.

21:39:48 [Gloriana`Boulstridge] || Before Izzy shouted that she was “free to leave”, she had already cast Immobulus on the metal body only a few feet in front of her. Well that took care of that, now all she had to do was navigate back out of the office without making too much noise and/or breaking anything on her way back out. Easier said than done, right? She managed it pretty decently, until she tripped over some strange metallic object that went crashing to the ground and into pieces. “Shit,” she whispered aloud. After removing herself from the wreckage she flicked her wand, “Repairo,” and whatever the thing was had been restored to its previous condition… she hoped. After briefly struggling to her feet, she joined Izzy, wherever it was that he was now, which was hopefully near the door. “C’mon, C’mon,“ she urged, nudging at him frantically. The sooner they got to the door, the sooner she could cast finite and leave this behind her. ||

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